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Who we are

About StartEngine

StartEngine enables everyday people to become angel investors and venture capitalists by giving them access to startup investment opportunities.

our history

Launching the First Campaign

We’ve been in the equity crowdfunding business since the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC) enacted Title II of the JOBS Act in June 2015, which allowed everyday people from the US and around the world to invest in small US businesses through public crowdfunding campaigns. In fact, we launched the first equity crowdfunding campaign ever and specialize in Regulation Crowdfunding and Regulation A+.

We’re in the business of helping other businesses raise capital from the crowd—their customers, friends, and the adventurous investors that are a part of the StartEngine community—and no one’s been doing this longer than we have.

Pioneering the future

Industry Leadership

Under the leadership of our co-founder & CEO Howard Marks, a co-founder of video-game giant Activision, we have established ourselves as industry leaders and a viable alternative source of capital for businesses. In fact, StartEngine is the 10th fastest-growing private company in California, according to the 2020 Inc. 5000 Series list.

To date, we’ve raised over $200M on our platform from the 300,000+ StartEngine users. We’re good at what we do, and it’s why we use equity crowdfunding for our own business too.

A New Age of Fundraising

Why Businesses Need the Crowd

Access to Capital

There are nearly 6 million businesses in the US that employ staff, and the majority of them need capital to grow. There’s no reason that a great idea should fail just because they can’t raise the money they need to develop into a profitable business.

Finance is Outdated

Existing financing options, such as private equity and venture capital, can’t fund all of these businesses. There needs to be an alternative. That’s where we come in.

Democratizing Capital

We believe that any driven entrepreneur with a great idea should be able to raise capital, and so we’ve built a platform where they can pitch their business and the investment opportunity to the crowd.

Meet Our Team


Howard Marks

CEO of StartEngine

Before co-founding StartEngine, Howard co-founded Activision and was the Chairman of Activision Studios from 1991 until 1997. As a former Board Member and Executive Vice-President of video-game giant Activision, he and a partner took control in 1991 and turned the ailing company into the $37 billion market cap video game industry leader, selling millions of games.


Howard was also the founder and CEO of Acclaim Games, a publisher of online games that was later sold to The Walt Disney Company. Howard is the 2015 “Treasure of Los Angeles” recipient, awarded for his work to transform Los Angeles into a leading technology city, and a member of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s technology council. He is bilingual and a triple national of the United States, United Kingdom, and France.


Kevin O'Leary

Strategic Advisor

Kevin O’Leary is a renowned businessman and investor. He founded SoftKey, an educational software company, that he led to a $4B acquisition. After the acquisition, Kevin eventually found himself on television, quickly becoming a sought-after host and personality on a range of shows – including Discovery’s Project Earth, CNBC, and ABC’s Shark Tank.


Kevin has since launched O’Leary ETFs; O’Leary Fine Wines; and a best-selling book series on financial literacy. In 2014, Kevin founded O’Leary Financial Group – a group of brands and services that share Kevin’s guiding principles of honesty, directness, convenience, and above all, great value.


Kevin has joined StartEngine as a Strategic Advisor. He is a StartEngine shareholder and a paid spokesperson to help bring awareness to equity crowdfunding and StartEngine’s platform.

Meet The Team

Johanna Cronin

Chief Marketing officer

Allen Jebsen

Vice President, Sales & Business Development

Josh Amster

Vice President, Sales & Business Development

Jon Reyes

Director of Compliance & Due Diligence

Teddy Rounds

Director of Campaign Strategy

Meagan Holmes

Director of Investor Services

Ryan Deslauries

Director of Trading

Diana Ciraulo

Senior Account Manager

Chase Klyn

Business Development Representative

Max Crawford

Content Marketing Manager

Ali Jafri

Software Engineer

Gabe Beitcher


Andy Chung

Director of Client Marketing

Joe Mathews

Director of Technology

Ryan Kim

Software Engineer

Doryn Fine

Account Executive

Daniella Mohazab

Account Executive

David Maliglowka

Campaign Strategist

Rob Creaser

Chief Compliance officer

Jay Chen


Rachel Walker


David Leonard

Investor Services

Matthew Quan

Issuer Services Representative

Rose Weinmann

Business Development Representative

Amir Sedghi

Software Engineer

Becca Rogers

Issuer Services Representative

Aren Fakhourian

Senior Software Engineer

Iñaki Pedroarena-Leal

Head of partnerships

Devender Gollapally

Staff Software Engineer

Josh Chu

Sr Manager, Growth Marketing

Katie Hasman

Business Development Representative

Sophie Mekjian

Business Development Representative

Kenrick Ong

Staff Software Engineer

Audrey Small

Campaign Strategist


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