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Refer a Company & Earn $5K

Know of a company looking to raise capital?

Intro them to StartEngine and earn $5,000 in cash if they work with us. And better yet – we’ll give the company you refer $1,000 to use on their campaign marketing. That’s what we like to call a win-win situation.


What is StartEngine?

Anyone can invest in companies on StartEngine. We help companies raise capital from their customers, their fans, their community and from StartEngine’s 500,000+ prospective investors. 


How the Program Works?


Fill Out the Scout Form

Sign up for the StartEngine Scout Program by filling out the form above.


Introduce StartEngine

We’ll reach out to you for an e-introduction to the Founder.


Receive $5,000

When your referral signs with StartEngine, you’ll receive $2,500 within 30 days, then another $2,500 once they go live on StartEngine.


Founder Receives $1,000

When your referral launches on StartEngine, we’ll give the founder $1,000 to spend on marketing their campaign.


Over 1,500 companies have been referred by StartEngine Scouts to date!

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Why Did You Refer a Company?

With the coronavirus pandemic causing economic uncertainty, startups and small business are having an incredibly hard time accessing capital, so you’re going to see a material increase in interest in crowdfunding companies like StartEngine that are solving that problem. We’re going to look back on this period as the start of the rise of equity crowdfunding, and I think it’s an industry that StartEngine is going to win.

Why StartEngine?



StartEngine has hosted more than 500 successful raises on its platform.



StartEngine has a community of over 500,000 users.



StartEngine has raised its companies over $350,000,000.

What Makes StartEngine Unique?

Our leadership has a proven track record.

Our Co-Founder & CEO, Howard Marks, previously co-founded the video game company Activision, which has a multi-billion dollar market cap. Our Strategic Advisor, Kevin O’Leary, or “Mr. Wonderful,” is a renowned businessman and investor.


We lead by example.

StartEngine itself has raised over $30M from the crowd, and we allow our 20,000+ shareholders to trade. We use that firsthand experience to help our customers raise capital.


Seed funding to trading, all in one place.

Companies can raise their first funding round on StartEngine and later give their shareholders the opportunity to trade, all on the same site.

What Founders are Saying

I like the ease of use of StartEngine and that I didn't have to handhold the investors through the process...It's like going to Amazon and buying something, but you're investing in a company.
Dawn Dickson,
Working with StartEngine has been great. I'm amazed by how accessible everyone is, including all the way up to the CEO, Howard.
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Earn your $5,000 reward and help an entrepreneur raise capital.

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