Finance your company while you build it.

Entrepreneurs have two jobs: running a business and finding capital. We know juggling both can be tough. Believe us. We know it firsthand. Even when everything's going right and your business is headed for greatness, there’s that nagging sense that you don’t have enough capital to sustain.

With StartEngine, you can finance your business while building it. Investments come from everyday people, both from your community and in ours, who believe in entrepreneurship. They look forward to reading your story and to sharing in your company’s potential.

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Small Online Public Offering

Raise up to $1.07M per year. Start a campaign from scratch, or sign up for our Premium Program to receive direct support from a specialist.


Large Online Public Offering

Raise up to $50M per year. Hosting with a platform is better than going it alone. Our full time customer support team will let you focus raising capital.

No starting cost

Initial Coin Offering

Raise through digital currency. If your coins are securities, the SEC requires that they are registered. We can help you navigate the regulations.

On StartEngine

No starting costs
It's free to launch. You only pay our 6% rate if you raise money.
No lawyers required
We'll file your Form C to the SEC for you.
No accountants required
For raises up to $100K, you don't need to hire a CPA.
No marketing agency necessary
You can create your own campaign with our custom-built editor.
No worries
Our platform and team are the most tenured in the industry.
No slowing down

In just a few years, more than 150 companies have raised nearly $60M on StartEngine.

Recent Success Stories

Building Your Own Campaign Page

You can build your own campaign page with our user-friendly editor.
  • No need for an HTML guru or designer.
  • User our template to build your compelling pitch.
  • Include videos anywhere on the page.
  • Make your press shine.
  • Build a timeline in no time.