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Updates to StartEngine’s Platform and the Owner’s Bonus

May 30, 2019 3 min read


Updates to StartEngine’s Platform and the Owner’s Bonus

This week, we rolled out some changes to the StartEngine platform, and we wanted to share those updates with you here on the blog as well. First and foremost, we revamped the StartEngine Owner’s Bonus.

For context, the StartEngine Owner’s Bonus is a bonus that investors earn when they invest $1,000 or more in StartEngine’s raise, or invest in StartEngine for the second or third time. This bonus is active for one year following the investment and allows investors to earn a 10% bonus on their investment in companies raising capital with Regulation Crowdfunding.

For example, if a user invested $100 in a company offering shares at $1 per share, for example, they would receive 100 shares plus 10 bonus shares at no additional cost with their Owner’s Bonus.

As of this week, we have changed that bonus in a significant way: for all upcoming campaigns investors will be able to earn that 10% bonus when investing at any time during the course of all Reg CF campaigns. Previously, investors could only earn that 10% bonus when investing during the first 24 hours of companies that participated in the bonus program. Note: this change only applies to upcoming launches and does not apply to the companies that are currently live and already raising capital on StartEngine.

Secondly, we have also updated our platform to give investors with the Owner’s Bonus priority if they are waitlisted on a company that has surpassed its maximum funding goal. This means that they will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available, in the event of cancelled or failed investments. Similarly, this change only applies to upcoming launches and does not apply to the companies that are currently raising on StartEngine.

The third update we made to the platform is that you may now notice badges next to usernames in the comment section of campaign pages, which you can see in the image below:

A sample comment with all of the new badges

We have introduced three badges, and those are:

  • “Invested,” which means that the user has invested in the company whose page they are commenting on
  • X Investments,” which signifies how many investments that user has made on StartEngine
  • “SE Owner,” which means that the user is a StartEngine shareholder

We made these changes to improve both the experience on StartEngine’s platform as well as that of StartEngine’s shareholders. We hope you like them. If you aren’t a StartEngine investor already, we encourage you to look at our campaign, invest in us, and earn your bonus to take advantage of its new features, including earning a 10% bonus on your investment when investing at any point during a campaign and receiving priority on the waitlist.

To learn more about the Owner’s Bonus, visit this web page.

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