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The StartEngine Index: July 2018

August 14, 2018 4 min read


The StartEngine Index: July 2018

July 2018

The following data covers Regulation Crowdfunding raises between May 16, 2016, and July 31, 2018. Data is sourced from all publicly disclosed Form C filings with the SEC, as well as public websites.

Standard Analysis

Index: 1279

As we move into the final days of summer, investors showed no signs of lethargy in the heat. In July, businesses raised over $10.7M via Regulation Crowdfunding, a record high in 2018! In total, Regulation Crowdfunding offerings have raised a combined $127.9M to date. The Index grew 7.9% this month.

Top Campaigns in July

The Full Raise Amounts as of 7/31 for the 10 largest active Reg CF Campaigns in July 2018

The top 10 campaigns this month came from strong showings on SeedInvest, StartEngine, and Wefunder. Filed at the end of June, Inc., an email newsletter company founded by investor Jason Calacanis, is looking to raise $3M from a concurrent Regulation Crowdfunding and Regulation D 506(c).

Keezel, with the second highest raise and on StartEngine’s platform, is a technology company with a product that secures and protects a user’s WiFi, creating a safer and more open internet. Coming in third is Altcoin Exchange on Wefunder, a cryptocurrency exchange.

Industry In July

Total Capital Raised by Industry in July

In July, the Food & Beverage industry raised $3.3M via Regulation Crowdfunding, nearly 1/3 of the capital raised in July. Hospitality came in second with $1.04M raised, and Technology in third with $1.01M.

Funding Portals

Offerings Filed with the SEC in July by Portal

StartEngine had 24 companies file with the SEC in the month of July, accounting for over 46% of July’s filings. Wefunder and SeedInvest both had 7 filings each. In total, 52 offerings were filed in July.

State of Operation

Total Amount Raised via Regulation Crowdfunding by State of Operation in July

In the month of July, California and Texas continue to be leaders in Regulation Crowdfunding with $3.1M and $2.8M raised respectively.


Total Capital Raised by County Via Regulation Crowdfunding in July

In July, Harris County (Houston, Texas) led the country in terms of capital raised with $2.1M raised. Los Angeles followed with $1.5M and San Diego with $1M.

Momentum on StartEngine

Capital Raised in July on StartEngine by Company

This month, the American Ultimate Disc League, a professional ultimate frisbee league, had the most momentum on StartEngine as their campaign comes to a close, with $189K raised in July. Mycroft, an opensource voice assistant, came in second with $164K raised, and Atlis Motor Vehicles, an electric pickup truck, came in third with $110K raised.

Raising in Los Angeles


campaigns in progress — up 5 from last month


new offerings submitted to the SEC, down 3 from June


raised in July

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