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StartEngine Founder’s Summit: Raising Your Next Round with StartEngine

April 30, 2019 < 1 min read


StartEngine Founder’s Summit: Raising Your Next Round with StartEngine

Vice Presidents of Sales & Business Development Allen Jebsen and Josh Amster walk the audience through the StartEngine platform and how equity crowdfunding works at the StartEngine Founder’s Summit in Los Angeles.

Over the course of their hour-long presentation, Allen and Josh touch on the following topics:

  • A history of the JOBS Act and StartEngine’s role with the first ever Regulation A+ and Regulation Crowdfunding offerings
  • The key elements of Regulation Crowdfunding, Regulation D 506(c), and Regulation A+
  • What StartEngine’s platform brings to the table to help companies raise capital
  • A run through of different StartEngine alumni successes from a variety of industries
  • Which industries and counties have raised the most capital via Regulation Crowdfunding
  • The most popular types of securities sold via Regulation Crowdfunding
  • The unique advantages of raising capital from the crowd, and more

You can watch Allen and Josh’s presentation in full here:


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