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StartEngine Founder’s Summit: PopCom’s Dawn Dickson

May 1, 2019 < 1 min read


StartEngine Founder’s Summit: PopCom’s Dawn Dickson

In the second keynote presentation of the day, PopCom’s founder & CEO Dawn Dickson took the stage after lunch to talk about her recent $1M raise on StartEngine at the StartEngine Founder’s Summit on April 12th.

Dawn Dickson is a serial entrepreneur with over 18 years in business development and has launched 6 cash-flow positive businesses since 2002. On April 10th, two days before the summit, her company PopCom, a kiosk and vending machine technology company, crossed $1M in funding on StartEngine.

During her keynote, she shared the story of PopCom and her experience as a founder, a story which begins in 2012 and details how she became one of the first 40 black women to raise $1M or more in the US.

You can watch the keynote in full here:


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