Investor Referral Program – Terms and Conditions

To be eligible to earn money, you’ll need to have received an email from StartEngine inviting you to this promotion. 


How do I invite friends?

  • Users will register for our referral program and link your paypal account to receive payment
  • Send your unique link to your friends
  • When they sign up with your custom link – the referral will be tracked!
  • You’ll receive $20 via the paypal within 30 days of us verifying your referral
  • The person you referred will also receive $20 via paypal within 30 days of us verifying the referral
  • You can refer up to 250 Friends, but they must be eligible for a StartEngine account and not already be a StartEngine customer. They must fulfill the eligibility requirements below.

What do my friends need to do?

Sign up to a StartEngine account using your unique referral link

Verify their identity and confirm their account

Don’t forget to nudge your friends to complete all the above steps so you can earn the reward.

What other legal information should I know?

  • If you think you’re owed a reward that has not yet been granted, please reach out to
  • We may, at our sole discretion, suspend, terminate or change the terms and requirements of the Referral Program – we will provide a notice period of 30 days before changes in terms take effect.
  • Each member can refer up to 250 friends
  • A referee:
    • Must not already have an account with StartEngine
    • Must be 18 years+
    • Must be a US Citizen

Verified Qualified Referrals

Rewards are subject to verification. StartEngine may delay a Reward for the purposes of investigation. StartEngine may also refuse to verify and process any transaction StartEngine deems, in its sole discretion, to be fraudulent, suspicious, in violation of these Terms and Conditions, or believes will impose potential liability on StartEngine. All of StartEngine decisions are final, including decisions as to whether a Qualified Referral, or Reward is verified.


Referrers may participate in the Program made available by StartEngine in order to refer their Friends to StartEngine as potential new StartEngine customers. To do this, Referrers must submit personal information about themselves and their Friends, such as name and e-mail address information, so that StartEngine can send communications to the Friends on the Referrers’ behalf. The personal information will be collected, processed and used in accordance with StartEngine Privacy Statement, which can be found at Referrers understand that, in addition to the initial communications to Friends, StartEngine may also use the personal information to send to Friends additional follow-up communications on behalf of the Referrers in order to encourage or remind the Friends to complete a purchase. The personal information may also be used by StartEngine to contact potential referrals with regards to their participation in the Program and to send to potential referrals additional communications from StartEngine.

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