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Equity Crowdfunding in Review: September 2019

October 11, 2019 2 min read


Equity Crowdfunding in Review: September 2019

The following data covers Regulation Crowdfunding raises between May 16, 2016, and September 30, 2019. Data is sourced from all publicly disclosed Form C filings with the SEC, as well as public websites.

Standard Analysis

Index: 2447

In September:

  • Companies raised $12.1M
  • 63 companies launched Regulation Crowdfunding offerings
  • The Index grew 5.2%

In total, companies have raised $244.7M via Regulation Crowdfunding.

By State

Capital Raised via Reg CF in September by State

In September, California companies raised $3.8M. New York companies raised $2.3M, and Texas companies $1.2M.

By County

Capital Raised via Reg CF in September by County

Companies in San Francisco County raised $1.49M in September. Companies in New York raised $1.43M, and Los Angeles companies $1.17M.

By Industry

Capital Raised via Reg CF in September by Industry

Technology startups raised $3.1M in September. Food & Beverage followed with $2.5M, and Mobile Apps with $876K.

StartEngine in September

Capital Raised on StartEngine via Reg CF in September

Coffee delivery service Goffee raised the most capital in September on StartEngine, with $564K. Flower Turbines, a wind turbine company, raised $236K, and AquaVault, which produces travel safes, raised $233K.

Did You Know?

24% of Regulation Crowdfunding offerings have a female (co-)founder.

Raising in Los Angeles


campaigns in progress, up 4 from the previous month


new offerings filed with the SEC, up 1 from the previous month


raised in September

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