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Equity Crowdfunding in Review: July 2019

August 9, 2019 3 min read


Equity Crowdfunding in Review: July 2019

The following data covers Regulation Crowdfunding raises between May 16, 2016, and July 31, 2019. Data is sourced from all publicly disclosed Form C filings with the SEC, as well as public websites.

Standard Analysis

Index: 2210

In July:

  • Companies raised $9.7M
  • 60 companies launched Regulation Crowdfunding offerings
  • The Index grew 4.6%

In total, companies have raised $221M via Regulation Crowdfunding.

By State

Total Capital Raised through Reg CF by State

In a little more than three years, California has shown itself to be the hotbed of equity crowdfunding (as it is also the hotbed of venture capital). Companies in California have raised $72.5M via Regulation Crowdfunding. Texan companies have raised $24.6M, and those in New York $22.2M.

By County

Total Capital Raised via Reg CF by County

If California is the state in which equity crowdfunding has been most successful, it makes sense that the three counties that have raised the most are in the Golden State. Los Angeles County has raised more capital than any other, with companies raising $22.6M. San Francisco County follows with $12.8M and San Diego County with $12M.

By Industry

Total Capital Raised via Reg CF by Industry

The Food & Beverage industry has leveraged the crowd most successfully to date and has raised $47M. Technology companies have raised the second most capital, with $19.5M, and Media & Entertainment companies third, with $17.9M.

StartEngine in July

Capital Raised in July via Reg CF by Company

In July, innovative wind turbine company Flower Turbines raised the most capital via Regulation Crowdfunding, raising $156K. El Tinieblo International, a mezcal distillery, raised the second most, with $150K, and Franny’s Distribution, a CBD wholesale and ecommerce distribution company, raised $145K.

Top Raises

Largest Reg CF Raises Active in July

In July, companies on StartEngine accounted for 5 of the 10 largest active raises in Regulation Crowdfunding!

Did You Know?

There are now 50 regulated funding portals where companies can raise capital through Regulation Crowdfunding, but only 10 of them (including StartEngine) have raised more than $1M.

Raising in Los Angeles


campaigns in progress, up 6 from the previous month


new offerings filed with the SEC, up 4 from the previous month


raised in July

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