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2018: StartEngine’s Year in Review

December 21, 2018 2 min read


2018: StartEngine’s Year in Review

StartEngine has come a long way since the beginning of 2018, including hiring a Digital Marketing Manager who happens to be particularly savvy with Photoshop. Is the above photo real or photoshopped? You decide.

The StartEngine team is thankful for the growth we’ve had this year, and we wanted to share that growth with you. Here are some of the statistics (as of December 18th) that represent us best:


263 companies launched offerings on StartEngine this year.

Amount Invested

$30,552,152 was invested in companies on StartEngine.


280 companies were invested in, and 181 successfully disbursed funds.


16,954 investors believed in a company on StartEngine and invested. On average, investors put capital in 1.74 campaigns.


There were 29,502 total investments, and the average investment was $1,035.


The StartEngine team is now 32 people. At the beginning of 2018, we were just 20.

Company Clubs

Employees at StartEngine like to get together for more than just work, and 2018 saw the birth of 6 clubs. Golf Club, Book Club, Ping-Pong Club, Coffee Club, and Pizza Club all saw their start this year. The club whose name doesn’t give away its purpose? The Sous-Vide Club, in which StartEngine employees would gather to cook different meats with the office Sous-vide and try them during lunch.

Slack Messages

Slack is our favorite office app, and this year we sent 658,270 messages. You could call us slackers. You wouldn’t be wrong.

Youtube Watch Time

Viewers watched 393,644 minutes of video on our YouTube channel. That’s 273 days of video.

Summit Attendees

2,017 people from around the world came to attend our two summits in 2018.

Did you ever decide whether that team picture was photoshopped? Maybe this one from Halloween will give you a hint:


Happy Holidays from the StartEngine team!

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