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The Remittance Market is Huge, But Inefficient

Traditional money transfer services are painfully old school, requiring both senders and receivers to come in-person.

The global remittance market is enormous.  World Bank estimates that over $600 billion per year is being transferred globally by immigrants to their loved ones back home).  However, the technology to support this market hasn't evolved very much. Migrant workers still have to take time off from work, drive to a brick-and-mortar remittance location, wait in long lines to fill our tedious forms and pay expensive fees to send money home during office hours. Meanwhile, the recipients back home (often elderly family members) have to trek into the city, look for a cash pick up location and wait in lines to collect their money. The whole process is very slow, expensive, and inconvenient for all involved.

The Problem With Traditional Methods

  • Require sender to visit brick-and-mortar stores & wait in long lines
  • Recipient has to find transportation into the city and carry large amounts of cash on their person
  • Fees are expensive, making it only cost-effective to send larger amounts of money in fewer transactions
  •  New mobile transfer operators use the same old SWIFT technology that brick-and-mortar ones, hence their costs are still high

The Solution: Combine SWIFT & Blockchain

ZipZap' proprietary Currency Router technology enables us to efficiently transfer money using either traditional SWIFT banking rails OR global Blockchain currencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Alt. Coins, or ZED) whichever is cheaper and faster. ZipZap uses both SWIFT and Blockchain technology to safely, and quickly, transfer money.  With both options available, we're able to automatically distinguish what the best payment option is and help customers send remittances back home more affordably.


Convertible Note

Note converts to Common Stock when the company raises $5,000,000 in a qualified equity financing

Maturity Date: December 31, 2019

$20M valuation cap

5% discount rate

5% yearly interest rate

Maximum ($100,000) of Convertible Notes

Minimum ($10,000) of Convertible Notes

ZipZap Utilizes Multiple Ways To Move Money


This is the traditional means of sending remittances used by banks wordlwide


ZED Network enables instant transfer of money worldwide using ZED Cryptocurrency 


Bitcoin is the first and largest global cryptocurrency, providing us access to hundreds of markets.  

OK Coins

OK Link enables instant transfer of money to dozens of countries using Bitcoin or OK Dollars

Customer Journey & Funds Flow

Our App Makes Sending As Little As $25 Easy

Low income migrant workers can't afford to send thousands of dollars at once. 

That's why we make it easy and affordable for them to send micro remittances frequently.

ZipZap combines international money transfer technology with a burgeoning social platform. 

Think of it as Venmo for global micro remittances. That means that you can send money as needed and as available. $50 this week, $75 the next.

Create an account and Login securely to your ZipZap mobile app from anywhere at anytime

Keep track of all your transactions in one place and monitor your activities in real time.

Multiple payout options such as

Bank Transfer, Cash Pickup & Door to Door Delivery

Easily add or edit recipients with just a few taps on your mobile phone.

Already Active in Some of the Largest Remittance Countries

Users can currently send remittances from Canada to India, China & Philippines.

We have bank connections and activity in some of the largest remittance-receiving countries of the world.

$62 Billion

Remittances Sent to India, 2016 (WorldBank)

India was the world's largest recipient of remittances in 2016 

$61 Billion

Remittances Sent to China, 2016 (WorldBank)

China was the 2nd largest recipient of remittances in 2016 .


Remittances Sent to the Philippines, 2016 (WorldBank)

Philippines was the 3rd largest recipient of remittances in 2016

Plus dozens of countries and payment options in Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, currently scheduled to be launched in Q1/ 2018

Target Markets for Expansion in 2018

Because of speed to market, we started by initiating remittances from Canada, 

with plans to expand to even larger remittance markets such as the U.K. and U.S. in 2018.


$138 Billion

Estimated Remittances Sent From the U.S, 2016 (WorldBank)

United Kingdoms

$25 Billion

Estimated Remittances Sent From the UK, 2016 (WorldBank)

Marketing Plan - UK

Below is a portion of our Marketing Plan that we will execute upon launch in the UK in Q1/2018:

I- Consumer Marketing (Migrant Workers):

Consumers are divided into Senders and Receivers.

Senders are usually from a developed country such as Canada, US, UK, or Europe while their Receivers are in developing countries such as India, China, Philippines, Nigeria and Pakistan.

Our strategy is to target the Senders in the developed countries using online marketing channels such as Social media (Facebook, WeChat, Google) as well as as well as rate comparison sites such as WorldBank , RemitRate , ExchangeRateIQ.

Consumers can also be reached through alternate advertising such as ethnic TV stations, Radio stations, Cable TV and print publications as well as sponsorship deals and ethnic/religious festivals. In addition to the above, we also incorporate an aggressive referral program whereby existing customers receive a Personal Promo Code that they can send to their friends and family, awarding both the referrer and referees one month of free remittances upon the first paid remittance.

  • College Ambassadors: College Ambassadors are intern advocates that blog about ZipZap on social media sites and help recruit customers for ZipZap to get referral fees of £5.00 / new referral. College Ambassadors are recruited from local colleges and earn school credits as well as the above commissions.
  • Retail Ambassadors: Retail Ambassadors are small retailers in ethnic communities (Indian, Filipinos, Chinese) that have great relationships with local migrant workers but that do not wish to become a full fledge Western Union or RIA agent due to banking issues and/or operational flows in their queues (former Western Union/RIA agents who have lost their bank account due to remittances are prime targets). Retail Ambassadors get paid £5.00 / new referral for which they display ZipZap flyers, banners and decals in their stores and direct consumers to download and use ZipZap app and receive one free month of remittances.
  • Community Ambassadors: Community Ambassadors are business development professionals from various ethnic minorities with experience selling to the ethnic retail channel. They recruit Retail Ambassadors and partner with local community leaders to promote ZipZap brand in the local communities. Community Ambassadors earn modest salaries, bonuses, commissions and stock options depending on their achievements. 
  • Affiliates:Affiliates are corporate clients, charities and nonprofits that wish to refer their employees and members to use ZipZap services either as a perk for the company or as a way to fundraise for the charity. In the case of the latter, Affiliates get paid referral fees of £5.00- £10.00 per each new, paid customer.

II-  Consumer Marketing (Expats):

We plan to market to Expats primarily online through:

  • Facebook (mostly Filipinos)
  • Linked-In (professionals)
  • Google Adwords (all)
  • Bing (all)

We will also have online affiliates (bloggers, content providers, non-profits, charities, corporate clients, etc.).

Online Affiliates get paid referral fees of £5.00- £10.00 per each new, paid customer that they refer to ZipZap.

How We Make Money

Transfer Fee

$2.00 - $4.95

FX Conversion Fee

up to 3%

Membership Fee (opt.)

$5.00 - $25.00/Month

Prior Funding History

Convertible Debt - May 2011

Total raised: $1,075,000

Valuation Cap: $5M

Interest: 5%

Discount: 20%

Maturity: Dec. 31, 2014 (extended)

Conversion to Equity: $5M+ 

Convertible Debt - June 2014

Total raised: $1,084,500

Valuation Cap: $10M

Interest: 5%

Discount: 15%

Maturity: Dec. 31, 2016 (extended)

Conversion to Equity: $5M+ 

SAFE Note - July 2017

Total raised: $134,750

Valuation Cap: $15M

Interest: 0%

Discount: 0%

Maturity: N/A

Conversion to Equity: $5M+ 

A letter from our Founder


As an immigrant from Iran, who left the country just prior to the 1979 revolution, I have seen firsthand the difficulties facing immigrants sending money home to their loved ones.

However, I did not realize how much more difficult and expensive it was for low-skilled migrant worker that typically hold down 2 or 3 jobs (usually at minimum wage) to send money home. The problem was universal across the world but even worse in poorer countries where the remittance fees spiked from a typical 8% to 20-25%!

World Bank reports that even a 1% drop in fees could create millions of jobs and add to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of these developing countries. This would have a ripple effect of enhancing quality of life, healthcare, education, clean water and food for millions of people.

I thought something had to be done to help low skilled immigrants that are already at the bottom of economic scale, keep more of their hard earned cash while making a positive social impact worldwide.

I travelled the world for a couple of years and spoke frequently at industry conferences about the unfair remittance prices, sharing stats from World Bank and World Health Organization.

The response from the community was unbelievable and led me and my team to refocus the mission for ZipZap to help build a simpler and less costly remittance solution for the millions of migrant workers worldwide.

I would like to ask you to join us in this journey by making an investment in ZipZap to help us build the the largest and most trusted remittance company with a mission to enhance the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Thank you,

Alan Safahi
Founder & CEO

ZipZap, Inc.

Investor FAQs


What is ZipZap?

ZipZap is a mobile money transfer app.

What is your current status?

We are licensed and live in Canada with remittances to India, China and the Philippines.  We are launching in the U.K. and are expanding to dozens of  receiving countries around the globe in early 2018.

Who are the people that use Zip Zap?
Migrant workers in Canada (and soon UK and US) who send money to Philippines, India and China (and soon dozens of other countries)

How many active customers do you have today?
We currently have 300+ active users in Canada and hundreds of recipients in India and Philippines

 Do you have customer testimonials?
Yes. Please see the reviews on Google search engine and Google Play Android  app.

What are your stats in 2017?

  • Total Registered Senders: 3,331
  • Total Registered Recipients: 1660
  • Total # of Transactions: 1842
  • Total $ Volume Sent: CAD $1,028,930
  • Average Remittance Amount: CAD $414

How does ZipZap work?

This diagram shows the typical transfer between a Sender in Canada and a Receiver in the Philippines with the remittance via our Currency Router using either digital currencies like Bitcoin or traditional bank-to-bank payment.


What are your key differentiators?

  • ZipZap is the only remittance company we know of to utilize a Currency Router with both Blockchain technology and traditional payment rails, resulting in the lowest possible FX cost for the transfer.
  • ZipZap markets to the low skilled workers which is the largest segment of the 215 million migrant community pyramid, instead of fighting over the same high skilled workers that all our competitors try to reach online at ever greater customer acquisition costs of $100/person or more. 
  • ZipZap employs a group of interns called College Ambassadors as well as ethnic retail outlets called Retail Ambassadors for a truly grass roots marketing campaign to reach these low skilled migrant workers in the environment that they feel most comfortable.
  • ZipZap offers its customers one free month of service for each paid monthly subscriber referred (which at $10-415/mo is less costly than the competitor’s  customer acquisition costs).


Why did you start your company? 

We wanted to simplify and streamline remittances so that we can reduce costs and leave more money in the pockets of the migrant workers and their loved ones.

Describe your customers / users: who will benefit from your solution? 

Low skilled migrant workers who work 2-3 jobs to send money home to their loved ones

What is the problem you are solving and why is it a big problem? 

Remittances are costly due to inefficient ways that current providers acquire customers, perform Know Your Customer (KYC) validations and Anti Money Laundering (AML) rules.  We have streamlined all these processes and created a proprietary Currency Router that automatically selects the most efficient way to move money between traditional payment rails such as banks/SWIFT and Blockchain gateways and exchanges worldwide.

How is your customer solving the problem today and why is your solution better? 

Migrant workers currently use brick and mortar locations that are inconvenient for them to use (expensive, long lines, paper forms, open during business hours only,...).  They pay $8-$10 per remittances that could take 1-3 days to clear.  They also pay currency conversion fees of 6%-8% in addition to transfer fees mentioned above.

ZipZap customers use a mobile app that takes less than a few minutes to register and initiate payment, pay $10/mo or $100/yr for unlimited remittances that usually arrive within a few minutes.  The process is very transparent to both Sender and Receiver. Behind the scenes, we use sophisticated algorithms to KYC the Sender and Receiver, detect fraud and money laundering, and reduce transaction friction, costs and delivery times.


What is your go-to-market strategy? 

  • Create a super easy mobile and web apps that are convenient for the consumers
  • Integrate with ZED to outsource all back office operations in order to focus on sales, marketing and customer acquisition
  • Acquire customers through innovative marketing efforts, retain them with superior service and encourage referrals to friends and family
  • Launch with Canada-Philippines and Canada - India corridors and quickly expand to dozens of countries worldwide 
  • Launch in the UK and obtain licensing to expand presence to the rest of top remittance sending countries: U.S./EU/UAE /Saudi Arabia

What is your revenue model? 

  • Transfer Fees: $2.00-$4.95/transfer depending on the corridor
  • FX Currency Conversion Fee: up to 3%
  • Membership Fees: $5-$25/mo (launched in early 2018)

Explain why your team has what it takes (roles and past experience vs challenges)? 

We are migrant workers ourselves.   Our team members are either first or 2nd generation immigrants that understand the pain point and have a passion to help improve the lives of other migrant workers. The team consists of experienced management led by Alan Safahi (CEO), USC MBA with over  30 years of experience and 5 startups in technology, telecommunications, payment processing and FinTech.  

Herbert Magbanua, Managing Director, Canada, is a seasoned manager with 25 years of experience in international management including Philippine Long Distance Company.  

Ben McSweeney, Managing Director, U.K., is an Oxford MBA with 7+ years of leadership experience including at American Experience.


Is ZipZap registered in all sending and receiving countries?

We are registered with FINTRAC in Canada and FCA Sandbox in the U.K. We work with banks and licensed money transfer companies in India and Philippines to remit funds to recipients using their money transfer license.

What are your transaction costs and fees?

We pay about $1.00-$2.50 for payouts through banks and cash pickup locations through traditional payment rails and 0.25% - 1% through OK Link and ZED.  We charge between $2.00 - $4.95 per transfer and up to 3% in FX Currency Conversion Fees.   We plan to offer membership plans starting in Q3/2018 that range from $5/mo- $25/mo which unlock exclusive features and benefits for members as follows:

ZipZap Membership Benefits

     Pay As You Go

Basic Membership

Premium Membership

VIP Membership

Trx Limit
24 hour Limit
30 Day Limit
Locked-In Rate
1 day
2 days
4 days
7 days
Fast Delivery
Cash Pickup (where available)
Bank Transfer
Door to Door Delivery (where available)
Recipient Send Request
FX History Chart

Flex Send – Post Date
Flex Send – Set Rate
Recurring Transfers (credit/debit cards)
Planned for Q4/2018:

Mobile Top Up
Mobile Top Up Discounts
10% off
15% off
20% off
Bill Payment
Bill Payment Discounts

10% off
15% off
20% off
Send now, Pay later (on approved credit)
ZED Rewards Loyalty Points
Vote on new features

What are the barriers to entry in this market?

The barriers to entry include;

  • Customer Relationships - ZipZap has been operating in Canada since 2016 and enjoys a solid base of happy customers that contineously refer their friends and family to ZipZap
  • Licensing - ZipZap has license in Canada through FINTRAC and a sandbox license agreement with FCA in the U.K.
  • Banking- ZipZap has USD, CAD, INR and PHP bank accounts (most banks will not support new remittance companies due to exposed risks)
  • Payment processing- ZipZap has partnerships in place with bank transfer, Debit and Credit card processing in Canada and U.K.(most processors will not support new remittance companies due to exposed risks)
  • Blockchain Technologies - ZipZap has partnered with Blockchain based companies such as OK Link and ZED for payments and integrations to gateways and exchanges globally for quick to market and low cost remittance solution
  • Currency Router- ZipZap has created a proprietary platform to automatically find the most efficient
  • Payout Networks - ZipZap has partnerships in place to pay recipients in India through ALL banks and the Philippines through all banks and 10K+ cash payout locations.  ZipZap is in integration phase to expand payout partnerships to dozens of other countries around the globe in Q1/2018
  • Application - ZipZap has a fully functional iOS, Android and web apps which are robust, yet very user friendly
  • Membership Plan- ZipZap offers exclusive features and benefits including higher transfer limits to members based on their membership levels

Who are your competitors and what makes you unique/ gives you a sustainable competitive advantage? 

  • Legacy Providers such as Western Union, MoneyGram and RIA have an entrenched network of agents that they need to keep happy and thus they do not actively promote their mobile apps that take away revenues from these agents
  • New age mobile and internet remittance companies such as Azimo, Remitly, Transferwise, WorldRemit and Xoom do not currently utilize Blockchain technologies such as our Currency Router technology that provides us a significant cost advantage.
  • Blockchain based remittance companies such as ABRA, BitPesa, ReBit rely on Bitcoin which has a higher cost and transfer delays due to mining fees versus other crypto currencies also offered by ZipZap like OK Coin and ZED which have virtually no costs and/or delays

Is ABRA a competitor?

ABRA is trying to build a peer-to peer-remittance network in addition to a large global distribution network, two major undertakings which take a very long time to accomplish.  Although we will likely compete with them in direct customer acquisition, it is also possible that they will need to partner with companies like ZED to scale in order to have enough volume to keep their “agents” happy.  

How is ZipZap different than Transferwise?

  • Transferwise is a peer to peer network, enabling tech savvy consumers to trade "currencies" with each other instead of using banks while ZipZap primarily targets migrant workers who often work 2 jobs to send money home to maintain their family
  • Transferwise uses Currency Cloud as their back up currency provider in case of lack of liquidity. ZipZap uses ZED which utilizes a network of traditional banks and remittances companies in addition to a global network of Blockchain exchanges and gateways to find the most efficient way to move funds.
  • Transferwise charges a transfer fee of $10 for each transfer in Canada (0.9% for US-India or $9 for a $1,000 payment) while ZipZap charges much less Transfer Fees and FX Fees
  • ZipZap plans to offer a membership  model  that unlock significant benefits and feature for members such as higher transfer limits and better FX rates

What are your FOREX conversion costs and fees?

We charge up to 3% above the bank-to-bank rate (well below 6-8% charged by traditional remittance companies to consumers)

Are there any taxation or federal regulation compliance issues?

There are no taxes for remittances in Canada. Local banks and remittance partners will handle the receiving countries’ taxes, if any. We are in full compliance with all regulations in all jurisdictions that we operate in.

Are there any currency hedging requirements?

We use a proprietary Currency Router that routes the transaction to the least expensive option, whether through traditional banking rails or Blockchain gateways and exchanges. We carry minimal risks for currency fluctuations if we decide to hold currency amounts in excess of our daily needs which risk we can reduce through hedging practices if needed.

What happens if the government shuts down Bitcoin or ZED?

ZED is launched  in compliance with both US and Canada securities regulation so the likelihood of  them getting shut down is very low but even if they are shut down, the ZED currency will still be processed as ZED is built on top of Stellar network with a distributed network of multiple gateways and exchanges worldwide.

Please note that we use a Currency Router that routes the transaction through a hybrid of traditional payment rails as well as Blockchain currencies (Bitcoin, ZED, OK Coin, etc.). The reason we chose this hybrid approach was so that we are not dependent on any single payment option or currency.

Therefore, there is no threat to ZipZap even if Bitcoin or ZED is gone tomorrow because the platform would then simply use another payment option including traditional banks.

What is the advantage that ZipZap has in the case that Bitcoin is shut down?

Our currency Router is capable of routing transactions through unlimited number of options, so if Bitcoin fails, we can route the transaction through banks/SWIFT, remittance companies or other decentralized currencies such as ZED, OKCoin, etc.  The advantage is that we are not locked into only one option - we will select the BEST option no matter what the circumstances are. This provides the maximum flexibility and the best rate for our customers.

What are Investor entry and exit strategies?

This is a convertible debt round  with a $20M Valuation Cap with 5% discount and 5% interest.  Investors can participate through StartEngine by paying a minimum of $500 and we pay the closing costs.  Investors can exit by converting to equity at a  $5M+ Series A round or upon sale of the company. 

What is your valuation? 

The Valuation Cap for this round is at $20M.  The Valuation Cap for the last round in 2017 was at $15M before we had any significant traction.  We have since greatly increased our customer base, transaction volume  and revenues.

What do you attribute the initial lower margin gains to? 

Remittance business is all about scale and therefore, it makes sense to sacrifice margins initially for rapid growth.

What is the history of funding and development at ZipZap since inception?

ZipZap was launched in 2011 with $550K investment from Founder Alan Safahi.  We also raised $1.075M from early stage VCs (Blumberg Capital, TriplePoint Ventures, in 2011 to build a global cash payment network to process payments for online merchants and crypto currency exchanges.


We raised another $1.0845M in June 2014 fr0m Blockchain Angels and VCs (500 Startup, AngelList, Blumberg Capital, Cryptocurrency Partners, etc. )  to build our Currency router based on Blockchain technologies and access to crypto currency gateways worldwide. 

In 2014, we began to build a remittance app on top of our cash payment network and Blockchain assets that was beta launched in October 2015.  

We launched in October 2016 with remittances to Philippines and added India and China in 2017.  

We raised $134,740 in a Regulation Crowdfunding round in July 2017 to test various marketing plans and perfect the product/market fit.

We are now growing rapidly and need additional funding to continue to scale up in preparation of a Series A funding.

Please see above section titled Prior Funding History for more details.

What's the status on Bank tie-ups both in Philippine & India? 

We are live with all banks in the Philippines and India. In addition, we offer cash pickup at over 10,000 locations in the Philippines and are in the final steps of integration with payment partners that allow us to grow to dozens of additional markets worldwide.

What are the regulations around this business & the status of ZipZap compliance?

Remittance companies are required to be licensed in the countries they initiate payment (i.e. collect funds from consumers) and work with other regulated bodies in the countries that they remit money to. We are licensed in Canada and a licensed Agent for 30 states in the US. We work with banks and licensed money transfer companies in India and Philippines.


In the Press

ZipZap and Rebit Team Up on the $2 Billion Canada-Philippines Remittance Corridor

The Philippine's oldest rebittance service,, the flagship service of Satoshi Citadel Industries, recently announced a partnership with mobile money transfer app ZipZap, in order “to tackle the $2 billion Canada-to-Philippines remittance corridor with blockchain technology.”

SoCal BitCoin Angel Brock Pierce Leads Investment In ZipZap -

Brock Pierce, the Southern California angel investor who is one of the most active proponents and investors in Bitcoin and its startups, has made another investment in the space, leading an AngelList syndicate funding of ZipZap.

ZipZap Raises $1.1 Million to Grow Global Bitcoin Payments Network

California-based global transaction network ZipZap has announced $1.1m in new funding that will be used in part to fund the expansion of the company's cash-to-bitcoin services and wire-transfer purchase option to new global markets.

Bitcoin for the Underbanked

Global remittance flows top $550 billion a year, with $20 billion flowing between the U.S. and Mexico alone. The typically lower-income people who send money to friends and relatives in their home countries pay 8.14% in average transaction costs, spending a total of $3.5 billion in remittance fees

Interview with ZipZap CEO Alan Safahi

ZipZap expects digital currency to reduce poverty, create jobs, improve healthcare, and a couple more.

ZipZap's Alan Safahi: Remittances are the best use case for BTC right now

In recent weeks, the Coin Telegraph has run into ZipZap founder and CEO Alan Safahi on a couple of occasions. We took the opportunity to ask him a few questions regarding ZipZap, Bitcoin and the future of money.

Does Western Union need to watch out for bitcoin?

Bitcoin evangelists and startups like ZipZap envision international workers sending money home for nearly free. But the remittance industry isn't ready to die yet.

Let's Talk Bitcoin! Episode 68 - The Bitcoin Wave

Alan Safahi is the CEO of ZipZap, a company that in a perfect world you’d never hear about because they blend seamlessly into the background. Andreas is at the Latin America conference talking pre-paid cards, remittance and the slow creep of progress in a regulated world.

Ripple Labs now taking cash following deal with ZipZap and SnapSwap

Payment system and virtual currency Ripple is now taking payments in physical cash, thanks to a deal with ZipZap, and SnapSwap. ZipZap, a service that allows people to complete online transactions by paying in cash at selected locations, has partnered with SnapSwap, a gateway onto the Ripple Networ

Will Migrant Workers Drive Bitcoin's Mundane Future?

A certain seediness seems to be a necessary element in getting people’s juices flowing about virtual currencies: speculative fervor, some international crooks, the Winklevii, the demise of sprawling online black market fueled by Bitcoin transactions.

Alan Safahi, Zip Zap - The European Bitcoin Convention - 2013 Amsterdam

Alan Safahi, Zip Zap - The European Bitcoin Convention - 2013 Amsterdam Recorded By IamSatoshi. Interviewer: Angel RaRa

New Ripple U.S. Network Makes Sending Cash Globally Fast and Inexpensive

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Oct 7, 2013) - Ripple Labs today introduced ZipZap and SnapSwap as a combined cash-in, cash-out network that enables users in the U.S. to fund a Ripple Wallet either in-person using cash or online via a bank account.

US: MoneyGram joins ZipZap's payment center network

Global money transfer company MoneyGram has joined ZipZap's network of payment centers in the US.

CoinReport: An Interview with ZipZap CEO Alan Safahi

Global cash transaction network ZipZap has recently partnered with PayZone, a UK-based payment processing service, to offer its services in the UK.

Offering Summary

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000:

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Most recent fiscal year-end:
Prior fiscal year-end:
Total Assets
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A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.


WorldBank recognition for ZipZap

over 3 years ago

Dear Investors;

We are happy to report that World Bank has voted ZipZap as one of the least costly options for remittances from Canada to China (ahead of Western Union, MoneyGram, RIA, Scotia Bank and Bank of China in both small and large remittance categories).  See details below:

For a typical $500 remittance, ZipZap transfers cost $7 vs $31-$35 for Western Union and MoneyGram! 

This independent study proves that our unique proprietary solution, which combines traditional SWIFT payment with blockchain cryptocurrency options,  reduces costs significantly which translates to more hard earned cash staying in the pockets of the ZipZap customers!

Alan Safahi, CEO

ZipZap, Inc.

Notice of Funds Disbursement

over 3 years ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, ZipZap has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in ZipZap be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


Notice of Funds Disbursement

almost 4 years ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, ZipZap has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in ZipZap be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


ZipZap Review on Crowdability

almost 4 years ago

Here is an unsolicited report  and recommendation for ZipZap from Crowdability, an educational site for individual investors:

Introducing ZipZap 

ZipZap is in the $600 billion “global remittance market” — in other words, it helps people send money to their family in another country.

Traditional solutions like Western Union use outdated technologies and charge outrageous fees.

In contrast, ZipZap uses modern technologies — including “blockchain” technologies that are used by leading crypto-currency companies — so it can charge low fees and still earn a profit.

ZipZap’s business model is ideal for its target customer: the 215 million “migrant” workers who live and work in a different country than their family.

These workers don’t have the wherewithal to send thousands of dollars at once, so they’re forced to send many small transactions. But because of the high fees of companies like Western Union, this places a huge financial burden on them.

ZipZap aims to solve this problem — and it looks like it might be succeeding...

Progress Made 

Currently, ZipZap enables workers in Canada to send money to China, India, and the Philippines, which are the three largest countries in terms of remittance transfers.

Just in Canada, ZipZap handled about $1 million in transfers last year.

But now the company is planning to expand to the U.S. and Latin America, which could really help it take off.

But to fund its expansion plans, the company needs capital — which is where you come in….

A Potential Investment in ZipZap

ZipZap is raising $100,000. The valuation is $20 million, and the minimum investment is $500.

Should you consider an investment?

Well, as you’ve learned today, the company has a lot going for it — for example:

ZipZap is tapping into the global remittance market — the same market that turned Western Union into a Fortune 500 company with a $9 billion market cap…

Its proprietary technology enables it to offer a high-quality product at a low price…

And M&A in this market is booming, which creates opportunities for investors like you to make big, quick profits.

On the negative side, there’s a major risk to consider: competition.

Competitors include 800-pound gorillas like Western Union, and start-ups like TransferWise, Remitly, and several others.

But ZipZap aims to differentiate itself with its low fees and a new product:

A remittance subscription that enables customers to send an unlimited number of small transactions for a flat monthly or annual fee.

And If ZipZap succeeds, early investors might receive a “remittance” of their own — a remittance of profits!

To learn more, visit the company’s funding page here

Happy Investing

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ZipZap Update - Lucky 13!

almost 4 years ago

Dear Friends;

I am happy to announce that ZipZap just launched the following ten (10) new market  for our Canadian customers to send remittances to:

- Australia

- Hong Kong

- Indonesia

- Japan

- Malaysia

- Nepal

- Singapore

- South Korea

- Thailand

- Vietnam

We are extremely excited to be offer these new markets, in addition to our previous markets (India, China and Philippines) for a total of 13 remittance corridors for our Canadian customers!

What this mean is that we can now serve more migrant workers in Canada than ever before which, we hope, will translate to larger volume for ZipZap in the coming  months.

Thank you for your interest in ZipZap and your continued support.

Alan Safahi, CEO

ZipZap, Inc.

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