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Power Your Life. Independently.™

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Clean Technology
YouSolar created the PowerBloc®, a solar nano-grid that delivers reliable and clean power with little or no reliance on utility power. Our first customers are high-end homes in Northern California. The PowerBloc uses a patented modular and highly scalable power architecture. To accelerate sales and take the PowerBloc global, we are developing a stackable PowerBloc that is plug-and-play. The PowerBloc allows people to power their lives independently and accelerates the transition to a clean-energy world.


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Wonderfully crafted, stackable model of the PowerBloc® for your desk. (Works as a "stress toy" or paperweight.)

Reasons to Invest

  • We sold and installed six residential PowerBloc®s with customers in Northern California. Our customers want to power their entire home with little or no reliance on utility power. They are concerned about power outages and utility rate increases or choose to be off-grid. We are now selling the next-generation PowerBloc, and our pipeline is growing. 
  • Our oversubscribed 2020 Reg CF crowdfunding campaign caught the attention of an energy investor who subsequently invested over $3 million into YouSolar. The investor added to our Reg CF investment by 3x and allowed us to break out as a company.
  • We believe that a plug-and-play PowerBloc® is critical to achieving rapid deployment for maximum impact on people's lives and the Earth's climate. Our solution, the stackable PowerBloc, is easy to ship and even easier to assemble. It will accelerate global sales and allow rapid deployment by disaster relief organizations or the military. We believe it will be a game-changer.

One of the World's Most Advanced Solar Nano-Grids Is Here.

Watch and Learn how the PowerBloc Works. This video features computer generated animations of PowerBloc modules.


The World Needs a New Paradigm of Power

Electric Utilities, significant contributors to climate change, cannot support the amount of renewable energy required for a clean energy future. Also, the centralized power grid cannot withstand increasingly frequent weather extremes.  

Meet the Modular PowerBloc®. The PowerBloc comprises modules for different functions. The above animation provides an overview of all modules. Modularity delivers ultimate flexibility in configuration and size and is key to PowerBloc's success in the market.

We need a new paradigm to deliver reliable and carbon-free electricity to everyone. We believe that solution must be a primary power supply with little or no reliance on utility power and outside the control of utilities. The YouSolar PowerBloc® is such a system. It is a fully-integrated and intelligent solar nano-grid that powers an entire home or business and requires no utility approval.

A PowerBloc® Easily Scales to Meet any Customer's Needs. A PowerBloc comprising three cabinets at a customer's home in Vallejo, California.

To accelerate sales and take the PowerBloc global, we have built and patented stackable PowerBloc modules that are plug-and-play. These modules will make the PowerBloc easy to ship and even easier to assemble. This innovation also allows rapid deployment of the PowerBloc by disaster relief organizations or the military. We believe the stackable PowerBloc will be a game-changer.

Meet the Revolutionary and Patented Stackable PowerBloc®: STACK™. We believe STACK is a 

game-changer. The image is an engineering rendering of STACK module prototypes in testing.

The Problem

Complicated Solar Systems That Depend on the Grid

Today’s residential solar and battery systems are a mix of legacy and new technology that were not designed together and depend on stable grid power to function. All leading solar-battery systems are grid-tied and require utility approval, making incumbent utilities the gatekeepers of the entire solar industry. This is not the blueprint for a paradigm shift, especially in critical international markets where unstable grids cause technical problems for grid-tied systems and where utilities view distributed solar as a threat to their business.

Most Solar Batteries Are Very Heavy. Installation is complicated and requires trained personnel with tools, dollies, and lift jacks. The photo shows a solar-battery of a competitor moving to an installation site.

These systems have little flexibility and very limited scalability. Installation requires trained personnel with tools and dollies and lift jacks to handle large and heavy batteries. These systems are primarily designed for energy arbitrage and use simple algorithms to manage power outages. 

The solution

A Fully-integrated System that Works Independently of Utilities

The PowerBloc® is a fully-integrated nano-grid using a proprietary and patented power architecture. The PowerBloc is modular and highly scalable. By design, the PowerBloc is the primary electricity supply, not a backupTherefore, the PowerBloc’s inverter creates AC power that energizes an independent grid for the house.

PowerBloc Modules Are Easy to Transport. PowerBloc® modules, or “blocs,” in a crate on their way to a customer installation. On-site, the modules are installed into the cabinets. The modular nature of the PowerBloc makes dollies and lift jacks unnecessary.

The PowerBloc can also incorporate and store energy from the grid, a generator, or any other electric power source. All power sources blend seamlessly on the efficient high potential direct current bus that is the core of our patented power architecture. YouSolar sends a real-time hourly solar production forecast to each PowerBloc so that its energy management system can make intelligent decisions optimizing its use of solar energy. 

The PowerBloc® Nano-Grid is Highly Scalable.

The picture above shows a four-cabinet PowerBloc. This image is an engineering rendering of modules and cabinets used in customer installations.

For customers with a utility connection, the grid contributes only energy to the PowerBloc but does not connect, directly to the load. Therefore, there are no glitches when the grid goes down, and the PowerBloc operates as an off-grid system wherever there is no grid. It’s as simple as that.

Our Customers Find the PowerBloc's User Interface Intuitive. The Power Flow screen shows how power blends seamlessly on the nano-grid. The image shows a screenshot of the tablet user interface.

YouSolar delivers sustainable and affordable power for the modern world. Customizable and scalable, the PowerBloc is a private power system that meets many needs and can be connected to the grid or off-grid. The PowerBloc can integrate any generator to “extend the range” of the batteries. We simply cannot think of anything the PowerBloc cannot do.


Our First Market Is High-End Homes in California

YouSolar has sold and installed six residential PowerBloc®s with customers in California's wine country. We also have two off-grid systems operating in Big Sur and the Sierra Nevada, CA.

Our First Customers Are Owners of High-end Homes in Northern California. These homes are subject to frequent power outages because the local utility can no longer deliver reliable power and because the threat or presence of wildfires requires shutting down the electric service.

Our customers are affluent, self-reliant, and uncompromising homeowners who are unwilling to tolerate power outages and want a reliable and clean power supply with little or no reliance on utility power.

These Are Modern Homes with Large Electric Loads. Our customers have central air conditioning systems, electric stoves and ranges, pools, electric vehicle charging, and often well pumps which are large electric loads requiring high power.

Learn More About Our Product

The PowerBloc Is a Fully-integrated Solar Nano-grid

YouSolar sells a fully-integrated solar nano-grid that includes everything the customer needs, including advanced solar panel electronics, called a micro-converter.

YouSolar’s Proprietary Advanced Solar Panel Electronics. The YouSolar STEP™ micro-converter steps each solar panel's potential from about 35 to 400 Volts DC. This video explains the STEP micro-converter and shows its application at a vacation home in the Sierra Nevada, CA, backcountry.

The PowerBloc®'s energy management system uses solar and load forecasts to decide when and how fast to charge the batteries, which helps the nano-grid perform at its best. The forecast increases solar utilization for grid-connected systems, while for off-grid systems, it reduces the chance of power loss.

Understanding and using the PowerBloc energy management system is easy. Information and system control are always at the customer’s fingertips on YouSolar's custom tablet interface, which our customers love.

Our Customers Love DIYA™, the Intuitive PowerBloc User Interface. The DIYA interface provides all the information the customer needs and allows the customer to control the system. This video features a demonstration of the application.

Here's more on the key features that make the PowerBloc® work:

  • New Standard - Uses 400V DC used by server farms, EVs, and LED lighting.
  • Parallel - All components operate in a parallel and independently. New components can be added easily.
  • Modular - The battery system breaks down into lightweight modules for hand installation.
  • Multi-Source - Easy integration of multiple power sources, including utility or generator power.
  • Safe - Solar array and system's high potential shut down rapidly when the emergency stop is pushed.
  • Automatic - Intelligent controller for fully automatic operation of the system.

The Market

Delivering Power Wherever the Utility Power Fails or Does Not Reach

Based on our research, the United States has tens of thousands of upscale residences with property values in excess of USD $1M built in unincorporated areas. Most of these homes rely on their own private water well. These customers lose power due to wildfires, heavy winds, and snow. Analysis commissioned by YouSolar showed that there are over 1,500 such properties in California’s wine country alone. The PowerBloc can deliver constant and high power for an uninterrupted lifestyle and the ability to run a well pump, allowing homeowners to water down the property and put out flying embers during a wildfire.

*Engineering drawing of the functional prototype of the new stackable PowerBloc®

After devastating wildfires caused power outages in our home state of California interest in the PowerBloc surged. This development presented an immediate and large market for YouSolar's technology. But wildfires are not the only natural disasters that result in a failure of utility power systems. Widespread and persistent outages occurred during an ice storm in Texas. Tropical storms and hurricanes are the main reason for power failures in Florida.

We have a constant stream of prospective customers. At present, 50 new customers have received or are awaiting proposals. Our early success in the market validated our analysis, and we are clearly meeting a need.

We are now selling the next-generation PowerBloc, which will be capable of powering even the largest homes and businesses. Opportunities are everywhere, and our pipeline is growing.

How We Are Different

As a Solar Nano-grid, the PowerBloc® Can Be Customized and Expanded to Meet a Customer's Needs

The PowerBloc is a customizable and scalable system. This means customers can choose the size and number of power modules (“blocs”) that fit their needs. Our experts can help customers choose the system that is right for them. Customers can start small and expand their system as their needs grow without any design changes, which is particularly important in emerging markets where power needs change with rising incomes.

Our groundbreaking patented stackable cabinet, STACK™, will make customization and expansion even easier because modules stack and no attention needs to be paid on how to fit modules into a rack or cabinet. The STACK modules are now in prototype testing and are planned for market introduction by the end of 2024.


How We Sell and Deliver the PowerBloc® and Make Money

We have a growing pipeline even with no marketing. Builders of luxury homes are currently our prime partners for lead generation. We also have strong interest from operators of critical facilities. Our database of over 1,500 potential customers from in northern California overlaps very well with the location of our first six residential installations. 

We Design and Make the PowerBlocThe PowerBloc’s TWIN™ Bi-directional Converter steps up the battery pack’s 50 Volt potential to the 400 Volts of the direct current bus. The photo shows a TWIN during assembly.

At this time, we still make the sale, but we will soon begin working with partners and give them the tools to design, size, and sell our systems. Customers will also be able to purchase the PowerBloc directly through our website.

We partner with solar installers and electricians who install the solar array and connect the PowerBloc to the house. YouSolar technicians install the PowerBloc cabinets. Customers can choose the solar panels, or YouSolar can include the solar array in the proposal.

Commissioning, start-up, and operation of the PowerBloc are automatic. We remotely monitor and troubleshoot all systems.

Monitoring of Customer Systems in the CIRRUS™ Cloud. YouSolar monitors all PowerBlocs remotely.

By developing most power electronics and all controls, firmware, software, and hardware in-house, we have a low-cost structure that allows us to offer a competitive solution with a 40% target margin. The average price of a PowerBloc solar nano-grid, including solar panels, for a modern U.S. single-family home, between $35k to $50k. For the high-end home system cost is between $125k to $150k.

Our revenue stream derives from initial system sales and battery replacements every ten to fifteen years. We also offer monitoring and service contracts to generate recurring annual income.


Changing the Game

In the PowerBloc®, the power flow and communication of each module, or "bloc," are parallel and independent, allowing YouSolar to deliver the PowerBloc as a stackable, plug-and-play system. After years of research, we have developed a revolutionary stackable module, and the PowerBloc STACK™ is now a reality.

The Stackable PowerBloc STACK™ Is Plug-and-Play. We believe It Is a Game-Changer. The photo shows Baxter Smith, Product Specialist at YouSolar, with the stackable PowerBloc®.

The STACK assembles in a breeze and is easy to use. It has unprecedented flexibility in system configuration and sizing. Even the order of the modules inside the STACK does not matter. But when assembled, STACK's interlocking modules create a nearly impenetrable monolith. After a one-button boot-up, the power is on. 

The Stackable PowerBloc STACK™, Assembles in Minutes. Arnold Leitner, Founder and CEO, demonstrates how easy it is to assemble the stackable PowerBloc®.

The Vision

Bringing the PowerBloc® to People Everywhere

YouSolar has a big market at our doorstep in California and the rest of the United States. However, people living in emerging markets account for most of the world’s population, and in the next decades 90% of electricity demand will be coming from these countries.

Grid-tied Solar Systems with Net-Metering do not Work in Emerging Markets. One of the solar arrays at the Greenschool in Bali, donated by YouSolar, its investors, and its East Asian partners.

How are we going to generate electricity without killing the climate? Today's industry does not have a solar solution. These countries are untapped markets for solar and the crux to meeting the climate challenge.

Emerging markets have unstable grids or no utility power at all. Of course, few people in these markets need or can afford a $50k or $150k PowerBloc solar nano-grid. But our success here in the U.S. allows us to perfect and lower the cost of the technology that goes into the stackable PowerBloc, STACK. 

There are few, if any, trained installers, and logistics can be challenging. That is why it is so important to have the stackable and plug-and-play PowerBloc. The stackable PowerBloc, STACK, is an efficient and practical power solution for these markets. It can be shipped and installed almost everywhere. It can be installed without dollies or lift jacks, and assembly is plug-and-play. We want the PowerBloc to become the world's trusted and affordable source of clean power everywhere, in a school in Bali, on a farm in Peru, or in a suburb in India.

The PowerBloc® Gives Hope. The PowerBloc is a perfect power solution for disaster relief. The image shows a rendering of prototypes of  stackable PowerBloc® modules.

Our Team

A Team of World Class Experts

The team at YouSolar comprises world-class experts in energy markets, solar technology and power electronics who share a passion for building the world's most advanced solar nano-grid and changing the world for the better.

It Started with a Vision. Arnold Leitner, Founder and CEO, with his friend and business partner, Gene Krzywinski, CEO of eIQ Energy, with the very first prototype of the PowerBloc®.


A Clean Energy Solution That Impacts People's Lives and the Climate

We don’t have much time left to fight a changing climate with its devastating effects on Earth. We need to throw everything at a transformation of our world. Our mission is to bring solar everywhere and change the power infrastructure in its course. 

The Battle for the Climate Is Fought and Won in Emerging Markets. Rice fields in Bali, Indonesia.

We believe The PowerBloc® can help people everywhere to have reliable power in a world where electricity delivery is no longer certain or never has been.

The PowerBloc provides a scalable and practical clean energy solution for the emerging markets that will account for most of the growth in electricity demand in the coming decades. The PowerBloc has the potential to play an important role in solving the climate problem.

With demonstrated successes already deployed and more projects in development, now is the perfect time to be a part of the clean energy revolution and invest in YouSolar.

YouSolar 17b Disclosure

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The Weekly Calistogan

Fed up with PSPS events, Calistoga couple opts for home microgrid


Are High-Power Home Solar + Battery Systems A Game-Changer?

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A Rock in a Hurricane | From Babcock Ranch to "Mesh" Micro-Grids

1 day ago

 A few days ago, CNN reported that Babcock Ranch, a 100% solar community in Florida, endured Hurricane Ian with no loss of power and minimal damage.

A microgrid powers the planned development of 2,000 homes with energy coming from a central solar solar array. Everything about the ability of Babcock Ranch to ride out the storm is a reason to celebrate.

Babcock was built using "old school" technology which comprises a utility-scale solar array and a centralized microgrid. It still stood like a rock.

The solar array at the Babcock Ranch. This solar microgrid is a success, but YouSolar's "mesh" microgrid is the future.

YouSolar, in contrast, is working towards microgrids in a mesh network of distributed PowerBlocs.

Modern "mesh" microgrid comprises networked nano-grids, like the YouSolar PowerBloc®, which is even more resilient than the microgrid design at Babcock.

In a mesh microgrid, every house is powered independently by a PowerBloc nano-grid which, given enough solar energy, can run the home indefinitely.

In a mesh grid, the purpose of the interconnections between homes is to "trade" energy with each other.

Aggregating multiple homes averages out the energy demand and reduces the chance that an individual home runs out of energy.

But the interconnections do not need to carry peak power. This reduces the cost of interconnections by about a factor of 10 x as compared to a central microgrid like Babcock Ranch.

Technology disruption occurs when a solution is better and cheaper. This is why the PowerBloc is the future of power.


Better, Cheaper, and Green.

Invest in "Mesh"-Grid Technology.

Invest in YouSolar.


500 Strong | YouSolar Welcomes its 500th Investor

4 days ago

On Saturday, we welcomed our 500th investor.

We have raised over $680,000 in this campaign. Fantastic.

We are ready to win the next 500 investors by driving a great campaign with pure power.

Invest in the Power from the Sun.

Invest YouSolar.

Cookies, Milk, and Solar Power | 5th-Grade “Tech_Bears” Visit YouSolar for a Show-and-Tell

5 days ago

Excitement was high when the "Tech_Bears," six students of Guadalupe Elementary School in San Jose, CA, came to visit YouSolar in Santa Clara, CA.

The Tech_Bears are participating in Superpowered of the First® Lego® League  to “Explore where energy comes from and how it is distributed, stored, and used to work to innovate for a better energy future.”

We had been contacted the week before by Pallavi Vatti, their team mentor who asked if we would be willing to tell the Tech_Bears about our work at YouSolar. Of course.

So, the Tech_Bears arrive on Friday afternoon. Bolt and energized.

We explained how solar energy would power the world. We showed the PowerBloc, measured a solar panel voltage and currents on a battery, and watched the Power Flow screen of the DIYA user interface change when we turned on an air conditioner.

Baxter Smith, Product and Support Specialist, explains the PowerBloc® to the "Tech_Bears."


Here are some of the sun facts we covered: 

  • What is the strength of the sunshine on the top of the atmosphere…? About 1,300 Watts per square meter.
  • … and on the Earth’s surface? About 1,300 Watts per square meter.
  • How much is that? The power of a hair drier or a water kettle.
  • How much of that can solar panels convert? About 18-20%.
  • If we powered the entire world with solar, we only need a very small amount of land? Correct, and that "land" is called a roof.
  • Why do we need power electronics? Because electrons are like 5th graders. They all want to go where the fun is (lower electric potential). You must manage how many run out the door at the bell (current). And you have to make them sit still at times (battery).

Then it was time for cookies and milk.

 Meet the Tech_Bears (from left to right): Kiana, Kayla, Keenan, Elliott, Manith, Ethan


These young, bright, and happy children are why we go to work, stay at work, and take our work home. Because what we do today will become their future.


Invest in the Future of 5th Graders.

Invest in Clean Power. Invest in YouSolar.



The Bliss of Abundance, Independence, and Peace of Mind

7 days ago

In a recent article in WIRED magazine, “After Going Solar, I Felt the Bliss of Sudden Abundance," Clive Thompson, a contributing editor, writes about his experience of going solar:

“My rooftop panels showed me that a world powered by renewables would be an overflowing horn of plenty, with fast, sporty cars and comfy homes.”

Clive is not the only person feeling abundance, relief, and a sense of hope, after going solar.

But even greater bliss lies ahead.

The solar system the author praises is a grid-tied solar system. Even if you charge your electric vehicle during the day or do laundry over lunch, much of the solar electricity is fed into the grid. There it displaces coal or gas power, which is great. Then at night, that "net-metered" power typically comes back, unfortunately, as coal or gas power.

A modern home can be independent of the grid with a PowerBloc®.


Customers who add a battery to their grid-tied solar system can store some or all of their solar energy for later use, which explains their popularity.

Still, except for the ability to keep a few lights and the fridge running during an outage, nearly all solar batteries rely on the grid for the rest of the power — and they need utility approval.

The ultimate bliss comes with an independent power system, such as YouSolar’s PowerBloc, with no or little reliance on the grid  and no utility approval required.

The PowerBloc runs the home at all times. Utility energy is secondary; during the summer, the system may not use utility power for weeks or even months. Some PowerBloc customers live entirely off-grid.

Living "with fast, sporty cars and comfy homes" but being able to do it independent of the rest of the world is exhilarating. There is also the incredible peace of mind that no matter what storm is in the forecast or what earthquake may surprise you, you and your family are safe and sound with power from a PowerBloc.


Invest in Abundance, Independence, and Peace of Mind.

Invest in YouSolar Today.

Plumbers, not Artificial Intelligence, Will Change the Game

11 days ago

The Boston Consulting Group took out ads in U.S. news last week claiming that artificial intelligence (“AI”) will be a game changer for climate action. Sorry, it won’t.

The ad proclaims that Al can be used to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions “equal to 5% to 10% of an organization's carbon.” First, this reduction is not even close to what we need. If anything, we need 90-95%. Second, how does AI reduce one-quarter of emissions from agriculture, forestry, and other land use?  


If anyone may change the game, it might be plumbers. California is poised to ban natural gas furnaces and heaters by 2030.

This could make a huge difference. First, it will reduce the emissions of CO2 from the furnace flue. Second, it will reduce the amount of methane, which natural gas is, from leaking from drill rigs and distribution systems into the atmosphere. Methane is more than 25 times as potent as carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere.

In California's future, electric heat pumps will heat the water for the morning shower and the air of homes and offices.

Using heat pumps running on renewable electricity, we cut 100% of the CO2 emissions from heating water and air.

The electrified home is the future.

Who will deliver the renewable energy and the high power required to run heat pumps? You guessed it, a YouSolar PowerBloc, for example.


The Future Is Electric.

Invest in the Future of Power.

Invest in YouSolar.

YouSolar Everywhere | Send Us Your Photos Featuring YouSolar Merchandise

14 days ago

Happy Friday, YouSolar Enthusiasts!

Crowdfunding is not only about allowing everyone to invest in promising start-ups, like YouSolar, but also about building a community—and having a bit of fun.

Which is why you get a YouSolar-branded T-shirt or trucker hat at certain investment levels.

We also give away YouSolar goodies when we hear of someone who can use a little perk.

For example, we heard that an investor's wife was undergoing chemotherapy in a hospital in Singapore. So, we send her a pink YouSolar women's T-shirt to give her a moment to smile. (Her chemo was successful!)

The other day one of our investors, Michael Gallop, sent us a photo wearing a YouSolar T-shirt while vacationing in Baja, California.

Micheal wrote,

"I've chosen to be a YouSolar investor because I believe this is the way of the future, and I like YouSolar's commitment to being a good corporate steward and citizen... which, I believe is also the way of the future.”


YouSolar Investor Michael Gallop in Baja, California, wearing our Organic Men’s YouSolar Emblem T-Shirt in Midnight Navy.


If you have a photo of yourself wearing or using YouSolar merchandise, please send us an email with the image.

We would love to create a collage of the pictures and share it with our investor community. Please include a message if you like of why you invested in YouSolar. Unfortunately, SEC rules do not allow us to leave a contact email address in an update, but you can go to the contact section on our website and find it there.

So, put on that YouSolar T-shirt or hat, stretch your arm, and take that selfie.



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When a Black Hole is Our Brightest Star | A Personal Note from Arnold Leitner, Founder

16 days ago

I have been a scientist once. I studied superconducting films at ultra-low temperatures below 500 millikelvins.

If you want to know why, please watch the documentary “The Edge of All We Know,” which documents the incredible achievement of imaging a black hole at the center of a giant elliptical galaxy called Messier 87. This 2020 documentary is now streaming on Netflix, but you can find it on other platforms.

The black hole at the center of Messier 87.

What I loved most about being a scientist was the sense of working on something important and much greater than yourself while acknowledging and celebrating the humanity of us scientists.

The documentary shows both beautifully.

I feel the same purpose at YouSolar in building a resilient zero-carbon power system that positively impacts people's lives and the world's climate.

I believe that many, if not most of us in the cleantech industry, feel that way.

I see the nearly impossible feat of imaging a black hole as a metaphor for our daunting task of saving the world's climate.

The image of the black hole at the center of Messier 87 thus becomes a bright star of what humans can accomplish when they are the best they can be and collaborate.

Invest in the (Im)possible.
Invest in YouSolar.

All of Puerto Rico without Power – Again | PowerBloc is the Solution

18 days ago

Five years after Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico in 2017, the island was hit again by a hurricane.

On Sunday, Hurricane Fiona knocked out power all across the island.

Nearly 1.5 million utility connections were left without power: households, businesses, and other accounts with multiple people who receive electricity.

With about 3 million residents, that means nearly everyone lost power.

The island could be out of power for days.


As we say in our campaign video,

Utilities are becoming overwhelmed by the changing climate and can no longer provide reliable power. 

In 2017, Puerto Rico began to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in repairing and "hardening" its grid. It almost awarded a $300 million contract to a company from Whitefish, Mont., with connections to the secretary of the interior but only two full-time employees!

Puerto Rico should have invested in independent power systems like the PowerBloc instead of pouring $300 million into powerlines that were blown over again.

As the heating of the atmosphere fuels severe weather not just on this island in the Caribbean but everywhere, we will witness power failures like the one in Puerto Rico play out, again and again, with increasing frequency.

We need to fight climate change and build resilient infrastructure at the same time.

Because if you are without power and have no roof over your head, it is hard to take action on climate.

PowerBloc’s power architecture scales to power home or a clinic. It is designed to work on the worst of grids or no grid at all.

We can fix Puerto Rico’s power problem. We even have more than two employees!

Power Grids Are Failing.

Invest in Independent Power. 

Invest in YouSolar.



When Solar+Batteries Installations Fail | YouSolar Is Asked to Help

20 days ago

Many companies offer solar storage solutions. Below is a photo of an installation of a Panasonic EverVolt system. This system has an estimated 45 kWh of energy storage and 15 kW of power.

This grid-tied battery backup system made it through one outage and then failed during the next one. It does not operate now. The installer is bankrupt.

The problem is not necessarily that Panasonic's technology does not work but that it is too complicated to install. 

Who even wants to look at this system below to figure out where the problem is?

An EverVolt solar-battery system that does not work.

The new owner of the building does not even want to deal with the system and plans to replace it with a PowerBloc.

A PowerBloc replacement will have 70 kWh of energy storage and 25kW of inverter power. It will occupy ¼ of the wall space and have almost 2 x the power and energy!

The picture below shows one of our current systems, but a 25 kW/70kWh next-generation PowerBloc will look the same.

No clutter. No error. Just pure power.


The next-generation 25kW/70kWh PowerBloc will look like this current installation.


Invest in the Future of Power.

Invest in YouSolar. 

Be Inspired | Arnold Leitner, Founder and CEO of YouSolar, interviewed by Ross Palmer, Host of “Beat the Often Path."

22 days ago

We hope you will be inspired by the fantastic interview of Ross Palmer, the host of the podcast "Beat the Often Path", with Arnold Leitner, Founder and CEO of YouSolar.

The conversation between Ross and Arnold explores Arnold’s personal and professional path that led to the founding of YouSolar, the ideas behind the company's PowerBloc® solar-nano grid, and technical, environmental, and social issues that drive or slow a transition to a clean energy world.

Images and footage are overlaid to emphasize points made in the interview, making it not only informative and inspirational but also beautiful to watch.

Click this link or the image below to listen to or watch this podcast.

Be Inspired by What Is Possible and Invest in YouSolar Today.

From Nano-Grid to Micro-Grid and Beyond

24 days ago

Spiking energy prices and increased concern about climate change have led to a dramatic increase in news coverage this year about alternative ways to power homes and businesses with renewable energy.

We have seen much attention and reporting, particularly on how the electric grids are being strained and how buildings can become less dependent or even entirely independent of the grid.

With names of new terminologies like Nano-Grid and Micro-Grid being thrown around, it is easy to get confused. So we’d like to provide some clarification.

Here are two common definitions of Nano- and Micro-Grids with some adjustments, highlighted in bold face, by YouSolar:

  • A Nano-Grid is a power distribution system for a single house/small building, with the ability to connect or disconnect from the utility grid or a Micro-Grid.
  • A Micro-Grid is a small network of electricity users or Nano-Grids with a local source of supply that is usually attached to a centralized utility grid but can function independently.

The PowerBloc nano-grid can be entirely stand-alone, a.k.a "off-grid," or connect to utility power like many customers do or to a Micro-Grid.

YouSolar Micro-Grid concept. Under development.

The graphic above shows a cluster of PowerBlocs, which are not connected to utility power but a 750 Volt direct current Micro-Grid.

In the Micro-Grid, the homes can exchange or "trade" energy with each other. All homes can also trade power with the Utility Trading Platform, a large central battery, and inverter that can sell to or purchase power from the grid.

Many companies are pushing into Micro-grids.

These companies look to capitalize on an opportunity that has just multiplied in size with the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act. For example, Sunnova has announced that it wants to develop communities with Micro-Grids, and Emera Technology already has a Micro-Grid operating in Florida.

While we are currently focused on the PowerBloc as a Nano-Grid for individual customers, our technology platform is so versatile that it can expand into a Micro-Grid.

We have our first project in the pipeline, which we envision using our new Micro-Link™ Module (under development), which allows us to network multiple homes.

In this project, we are starting small, and YouSolar proposes to network two homes using a 750 V direct current connection. But this project will prove the concept and put us on the road to a Micro-Grid.

From Nano-Grid to Micro-Grid and Beyond.

Invest in the Future of Power. Invest in YouSolar.




YouSolar Signs $180,000 PowerBloc® Contract for High-End Home

29 days ago

YouSolar signed a $180,000 contract to build a PowerBloc® Solar Nano-Grid for a high-end off-grid home in Big Sur, California.

This new stunning home is built by one of Northern California's premier builders and sits high on a ridge overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The PowerBloc will power the home and support electric vehicle charging.

The system's specifications are impressive.

  • 30 kW of Solar
  • 162 kWh of Energy Storage
  • 50 kW of AC Inverter Power
  • 9 kW Generator

The customer had a choice of paying to connect to the local utility, PG&E, or being off-grid and going for an independent power system.

Given the choice of connecting to PG&E, which has been facing constant outages and becoming a "ratepayer" of electricity for decades with no control over pricing, the customer chose a PowerBloc with commensurate upfront cost but with no future electricity cost.


YouSolar signed a contract for a PowerBloc® for a high-end home on the wild and scenic coast of Big Sur.

The builder, advised by its electrician with deep experience in off-grid systems, chose YouSolar’s PowerBloc over solutions by Tesla and others.

Only YouSolar could offer the scale, performance, flexibility, and price of the PowerBloc.

The advantage of the PowerBloc starts with its proprietary solar panel-level STEP™ DC-DC Micro-Converter. Using STEPs, YouSolar created a cost-effective solar array that optimizes energy harvesting during the winter.

YouSolar delivers large amounts of energy storage at a low cost. Next, the PowerBloc can provide awesome power, seamlessly integrate a generator, and easily expand if another electric vehicle is purchased.

There was one more important deciding factor. YouSolar makes, services, and guarantees the entire power system. The electron stops with us.

Our service team will identify the defective module and send a replacement module—end of service.

We are also excited that this home will feature our next-generation PowerBloc. This PowerBloc will be more efficient, powerful, and competitive. With ample storage and 25kW "power modules," we believe it will be the premier choice for large homes and small commercial applications.

Invest in the Premier Provider of Solar Nano-Grids.

Invest in YouSolar.

How the PowerBloc Will Change Schools in the Himalayas – and the World

about 1 month ago

When the generator stops running because it is out of fuel, the school in a mountain village in the Himalayas has to move outdoors.

Generators are noisy and dirty and produce some of the most expensive electricity in the world, at around $1 per kilowatt-hour.

Why do these schools not use solar battery systems? It is because traditional battery systems are impractical–even useless–in these situations.

In a way, they are like simple keypad phones – though cheaper than smartphones, they are not helpful for people in emerging markets: You cannot access the internet or send money on these phones.

An outdoor school may be romantic but it is not conducive to learning.

We cannot solve the energy crisis with outdated technology. The greater the challenge, the better the solution has to be.

This is why we have developed the PowerBloc. It operates at the same efficient voltage as, for example, a Tesla car, and it breaks down into modules that can be hand installed.

The PowerBloc allows plug-and-play assembly and can produce power that otherwise requires a utility lineman to deliver safely.

Arnold Leitner, Founder and CEO, assembles the next-generation stackable, plug-and-play PowerBloc.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot mess it up or kill yourself assembling and operating the PowerBloc. You can’t even steal it.

We are very excited about the systems we are currently delivering to high-end homes in California. Turning large, high-energy homes carbon-free is important, but the real battle for the global climate and social justice is to be fought and won in emerging markets.

It is people in emerging markets, such as the children in a school in the Himalayas, for whom we have designed the next-generation PowerBloc as a stackable, plug-and-play system.

Our vision and long-term goal are to power the world with affordable clean energy from the sun.

Our journey has just begun.

With your help, we can build a better future!

Big Dollars Are Flowing Into Independent Power Systems | Let the Race Begin

about 1 month ago

Last week, Silicon Valley start-up Lunar emerged from stealth mode, announcing that it has collected USD 300 million in financing over the past two years.

The company is reportedly working on an "end-to-end home battery system which will be a combination of battery modules, power electronics and software, all designed from the ground up, rather than the cobbled-together systems common today," according to founder Kunal Girotra.

The existing mix-and-match ecosystem can confuse homeowners and installers. There are a lot of boxes on the wall, they’re not integrated, and they come from different manufacturers.”

We could not agree more with this assessment and vision.

We applaud Lunar for raising both awareness and significant capital for accelerating the transition of the residential market to green renewable energy. This transition will be such a monumental effort that there is room for many players to bring it about.

The excellent news for YouSolar investors and customers is that we have been working on this problem for years and have already achieved all of the above and more with a fraction of the investment. 

YouSolar’s PowerBloc is exactly the elegant, integrated system that Mr. Girotra describes. It is already operating in six homes in Northern California and two off-grid homes in Big Sur and the Sierra Nevada.

We designed the PowerBloc from the first principles to be the ultimate nano-grid. It operates on high-voltage Direct Current, which is used in electric vehicles, and emerging as the standard for future all-electric homes.

We even access NASA satellites to deliver our own real-time solar production forecast.

YouSolar covers everything from photon to electron.

Arnold Leitner, Founder and CEO, explains a new PowerBloc to its owners.

And we are going big now.

We are in the final proposal stages of multiple high-end homes that are entirely off-grid or use little utility power. Two of the off-grid homes have chargers for multiple electric vehicles. These PowerBloc systems will each deliver 40,000 kWh per year and up to 50 kW of power.

YouSolar is not just in the pole position in this nascent industry; we are already a few laps around the course.

We have tried-and-true machines out in the field, delivering clean power 24/7.

The race is on, and we expect to win!



Invest in the Industry Leader in Independent Power.

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Team Member Profile | Gene Krzywinski, Technical Advisor, Diver, and Excellent Cook

about 1 month ago

YouSolar was founded on the vision to build the world’s most advance solar nano-grids.

A company called eIQ Energy seemed to have key technology to help realize this vision. It had developed a revolutionary DC-DC micro-converter that steps each panel's electric potential (voltage) to 380 V DC, an emerging electrical standard now used in server farms and electric vehicles. Gene Krzywinski was its inventor. So, when Arnold Leitner, Founder and CEO of YouSolar, executed the vision, he contacted Gene. When Arnold and Gene met for the first time at eIQ’s offices in South San Jose, it was a meeting of the minds.

With Arnold’s first sentence, Gene understood and bought into the vision of a plug-and-play solar battery system that has high power and works anywhere.

A system that not only overcomes the limitations of current technology but also creates entirely new possibilities. A system that later got the name PowerBloc.

This meeting was the start of a friendship and collaboration. 

YouSolar and eIQ have worked closely together over the subsequent years. Gene's team delivered power electronics, while YouSolar focused on controls, firmware, software, system design, and everything else. Today, both companies have their office next to each other in Santa Clara, California. Gene and his team also bring tremendous experience constructing microgrids and other DC power systems.


It Started with a Vision. Arnold Leitner, Founder and CEO, with his friend and business partner Gene Krzywinski, CEO of eIQ Energy, with the very first prototype of the PowerBloc®.

Gene is an expert diver and loves spending time on Kauai. If you go to the local dive shop in Poipu, the dive master knows Gene. Gene has dived in many places, but his favorite places are Kauai, Niihau, and the kelp forest near Monterey, California.

Diving is a way for Gene to connect with the wonders of the natural world.

When not diving, Gene is an excellent cook who loves Ghost Pepper.

Before founding eIQ, Gene was VP of Sales and Marketing for Impala Linear Corp, where he turned the company around and led its sale to Fairchild Semiconductor. Gene has a BSEE in semiconductors from Rutgers College of Engineering.

Invest in a Vision Come Reality.

Invest in YouSolar Today.


The Loon, not the Canary, Is Alerting Us to the Imminent Danger of Climate Change | A Note from Arnold Leitner, Founder and CEO

about 1 month ago

Our civilization has relied on a stable climate for animal husbandry and agriculture for thousands of years.

There was a certain predictability in the weather. But herding and farming are just domesticated nature.

Wildlife also needs a stable climate.

Even the simplest experiment will show that adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere will result in a warming of the Earth's atmosphere. We used the word "Global Warming" to describe the effect. Over the past decade, the word "Climate Change" has become popular. Global warming is still the better term.

A Common Loon with a Chick

But even that belies the problem. Well before, heat will result in outside air temperatures in the Middle East or India that are not survivable by humans, their life stocks stock, and wild animals! Well before coastal flooding will wash over Florida. Before all of that.

“Unstable Weather” will have catastrophic impacts on man and nature.

I was back in Minnesota's Boundary Waters this year, a vast expanse of lakes near the Canadian border. Every year I see the Common Loon with a few chicks. But this year, I only saw one chick with a pair of adults.

There appears to be a near complete loss of the breeding season of the Common Loon in Minnesota in 2022.

An unusually wet spring resulted in a massive black fly population and flooding. Too many black flies can be an unbearable nuisance for a bird sitting on a nest. Rising waters swamped the nests. We believe these are the reasons why.

Yes, weather has been variable, but unstable weather and weather extremes are now increasingly frequent.

The Common Loon and not the Canary is alerting us to the imminent danger of climate change: unpredictable, weird, and often extreme weather. 

Nature Needs a Stable Climate. Invest in It.

Invest in YouSolar

We believe that if Steve Jobs had ever purchased a solar-battery system, it would have been a PowerBloc | Elegance Matters

about 1 month ago

During a speech to Apple team members on 23 September 1997, shortly after returning to Apple, Steve Jobs explained and introduced the “Think Different” marketing campaign that included the famous and iconic video “Here’s to the Crazy Ones.”

The video features visionaries, from Albert Einstein and Buckminster Fuller to John Lennon and Martin Luther King Jr.

Referring to the people featured in the video who were no longer alive, Steve Jobs quips (8:26), "You know if they'd ever used a computer, it would have been a Mac." 

We believe that if Steve Jobs had ever purchased a solar-battery system, it would have been a PowerBloc.

We know that Mr. Jobs valued elegance because beauty or style are not ornaments of a product but instead reflect the discipline and perfection that went into its design.

Elegance arises from excruciating attention to detail, not from using pretty colors and shapes.

You cannot easily see the perfection of our power electronics or controls. But you can easily see it in the elegance of our DIYA user tablet interface. Its Power Screen is stunningly beautiful because everything is simple and clear. Every shape, color, or icon was chosen to communicate the status and performance of the PowerBloc and anything that was not needed was left away. Therefore...

We believe that if Steve Jobs had ever purchased a solar-battery system, it would have been a PowerBloc.


Elegance Matters.

Invest in YouSolar today.

Stay Invested in YouSolar | Reconfirm Your Investment

about 1 month ago

We have had a great run since we updated our campaign video and page a few weeks ago. Our campaign has now raised over $600,000! Thank you to everyone who has invested so far! You are amazing.

We recently extended our campaign by 60 days.

Such an extension is considered a material change to our original Form C.

Therefore, anyone who is not an official investor has to reconfirm their investments.

If you fall into this group of investors, you should have received a notification from StartEngine to reconfirm your investment.

Remember to reconfirm to stay invested in YouSolar.

If you were unable to reconfirm your investment, do not worry. You can simply again invest in the campaign.

If you have any questions about your investment status, you can reach out to the StartEngine Investor Services Team at

Thank you for being a YouSolar investor.

Notice of Material Change in Offering

about 2 months ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the YouSolar offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

Issuer is extending campaign end date.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

Wow! Dual Inverters | Largest Residential PowerBloc Installed

about 2 months ago

Last week, YouSolar installed its largest residential PowerBloc® yet. It will power a gorgeous new home in Calistoga, CA.

It has 11.1 kW solar, 51 kWh of energy storage, and dual 18 kW inverters for 36 kW of AC power to the house.

This PowerBloc features our all-new PowerLink™ Module, which allows controlling and reading data from multiple inverters and transfer switches. The inverters and transfer switches can even be different makes and models. The home will also feature a small super-quiet generator that seamlessly blends energy on the PowerBloc during extended power outages when there is little sun.

The PowerBloc with its cabinet doors closed.

This PowerBloc demonstrates the versatility and scalability of the PowerBloc, but this system is only the start. 

We are now selling even larger residential PowerBloc systems with 30 kW of solar, 100-150 kWh of storage, and 50 kW of inverter power.

But the PowerBloc can go even further. One of our commercial PowerBloc proposals has 100 kW of solar, 500 kWh of storage, and 150 kW of inverter power. But the magic of the PowerBloc is that it can also scale down, such as the PowerBloc at this beautiful mountain refuge in the Sierra Nevada.

The inside of the PowerBloc.


All PowerBloc systems are built with the same modules. Creating a more powerful system simply means adding more modules which is why the PowerBloc received the endorsement of Bill Nussey, Career tech CEO and author of Freeing Energy.

“When I was researching my book, Freeing Energy, I envisioned the future of local energy as ‘plug and play’ solar and battery systems that assembled like LEGO bricks and were as simple to own as a washer and dryer. It’s so exciting to see YouSolar’s product and long term vision—the company is delivering on the promise of local energy years earlier than I ever imagined possible.”

Bill Nussey, Career tech CEO and author of Freeing Energy

The possibilities of the PowerBloc are nearly unlimited. Modularity and scalability are effortless because the PowerBloc was designed to be the ultimate nano-grid from the ground up. It is its patented power architecture that makes it all possible.

Technology Matters.

Invest in the Future of Power Today.

Invest in YouSolar.

Summer Time is Swag Time | Make Your BBQ Special with YouSolar Lifestyle Wear

about 2 months ago

There is no better time than a BBQ with friends on a summer evening to wear your favorite YouSolar T-shirt, hoodie, or trucker hat. 

Not only will you be definitely cool and trendy, but wearing our lifestyle wear may also be a conversation starter: “What is YousSolar? I can power my life independently? Tell me more."

Then pull out your smartphone and show your family and friends the future of power at WWW.STARTENGINE.COM/YOUSOLAR.

So how do you get to our swag?

You can purchase it in our store or get your favorite swag by investing in YouSolar.

Go to our campaign page and check the Offering Summary section to see what YouSolar lifestyle items you will receive for your investment.

Savor Summer. Get Your Swag.

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Team Member Profile | Bob Rutter, a CTO Who Wants to Fly

about 2 months ago

Bob Rutter is YouSolar’s Chief Technology Officer and a member of our board of directors.

Three things are non-negotiable in Bob's life: Lunch, flying to lunch every other week, and elegant and safe electronics.

Watching Bob work on the PowerBloc is to watch playfulness and perfection simultaneously.

There are no surprises in Bob's work, only disciplined steps towards a working system.

Bob Rutter flying to lunch.


Bob has over 40 years of experience in automotive, aviation, industrial, and consumer product development. He worked for over twenty years for Motorola/Freescale in various roles, starting as a device design engineer in the Semiconductor Research and Development Laboratories in Phoenix, Arizona, to finishing as European Director of Analog and Mixed Signal Division Product Development in Toulouse, France.

Bob holds eight patents covering various engineering disciplines, from power device design to silicon process development.

Bob also seemingly owns every Hawaiian shirt ever put to print.

He lives with his wife and 9-year-old son in San Jose.

Invest in Perfection.

Invest in YouSolar Today!

What to do? | The Artic Is Super Heating

about 2 months ago

The New York Times reported on Thursday, 11 August 20022, that new data shows that

The Artic is warming 4-7 times faster than the rest of the globe.

We have known that the Artic would see effects of global warming earlier and faster. This is the reason why in the early 2000s all attention was on the Artic and its polar bears in an attempt to bring awareness of climate change to people.

An iceberg from the Greenland ice sheet near Pituffik, Greenland, last month.Now it is clear that the Artic is not just warming, it is superheating.

A temperature of 38°C (100.4°F) in the Russian town of Verkhoyansk on 20 June 2020 has been recognized as a new Arctic temperature record by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

What to do? Act!

Act by buying less of what you do not need. Act by speaking with neighbors. Act by voting. Act by investing in YouSolar and other companies that work on solutions.

Take Action. Invest in YouSolar Today.

Woohoo! YouSolar Raises $600k | Let's Keep Raising!

about 2 months ago

Woohoo! YouSolar hit the funding milestone of $600k.

Thank you, StartEngine community, for investing in YouSolar. You are amazing.

With your investments, we can bring the PowerBloc to people everywhere. As an investor, you are also now part of our company. Now we are building the future of power together!

This is the great thing about investing.

By investing in companies like YouSolar, you are a green warrior, a change maker, a visionary.

If you are an optometrist and want to fight climate change, please do not quit your job! A lot of us needed glasses or contacts. But you can be just as powerful in making a difference by investing in YouSolar as those of us here at YouSolar who are soldering resistors or connecting wires.

Together We Can Build a Better World.

Invest and Become Part of YouSolar.

Big Dreams in Big Sur | The Original PowerBloc® and New Customers

about 2 months ago

Skills and knowledge are essential, but you also need imagination to create a new product.

You have to dream—and dream big.

We were dreaming big when we built the first PowerBloc in Big Sur in the summer of 2019. When we launched our first crowdfunding campaign in 2020, you believed in our dream. Our campaign reached $ 1 million and was oversubscribed.


Arnold Leitner, Founder and CEO, at the original PowerBloc in Big Sur in 2020.


Two years later, sophisticated second generation PowerBloc systems are powering customers in Northern California.

The PowerBloc is a technology marvel and the world's most advanced solar nano-grid. It is a hit with our customers.

We are now selling the next generation PowerBloc which will power even the largest homes and businesses.

A new off-grid home, also in Big Sur, will have over 150 kWh of energy storage, 30 kW of solar, and 50 kW of AC power.

It will be able to charge an electric vehicle and power all-electric appliances.


Watch the video from our 2020 campaign for a trip back in time and to beautiful Big Sur.


We have taken a quantum leap with the controls and operating system since building the original PowerBloc. It means that system in Big Sur is ready for an upgrade. So, two weeks ago, Baxter Smith, Product Specialist, and Arnold Leitner, CEO, went to Big Sur and got the system ready for the upgrade.

Over the summer, we are also using the site to test a new, highly compact PowerBloc design. That compact design will find its way into special applications of the PowerBloc for RVs, tiny homes, and boats.


For three years, the original Big Sur PowerBloc delivered reliable power to the home. Its solar array had grown over the years, making the supplemental generator obsolete. It was a fantastic and nostalgic day to rebuild the system.

Dreams come true.

Help us dream even bigger.

Invest in YouSolar today.

Everybody Welcomes More Power | POWER-LINK™

2 months ago

Everybody welcomes more power!

On Friday, we introduced the new POWER-LINK™ module. What is POWER-LINK, and why is it another big step for YouSolar?

As you may recall, all modules or bloc's in the PowerBloc connect in parallel. Therefore, you can add modules just like LEGO blocks. You can add more batteries or more solar power, for example.

Now you can also add more than one inverter. Two inverters, for example, as shown in the graphic below. This means more AC power to your house.

The module that allows multiple inverters is POWER-LINK™. This module not only enables using multiple inverters on the PowerBloc, but these inverters can also be different.

One inverter could deliver the standard 120/240 V single-phase, while a second inverter could have three-phase power. And there could be a third inverter or a fourth.

The simplicity and flexibility of the PowerBloc make it such a success with customers because whatever the needs of the home or business are, the PowerBloc can meet them.

It is also why the PowerBloc has received the acclaim of the leading expert in the field, Bill Nussey, Career tech CEO and author of Freeing Energy.

The PowerBloc is the future of Power.

Invest in YouSolar today.

Founder Profile | Dr. Arnold Leitner

2 months ago

Arnold Leitner on Garrapata Beach in Big Sur during the filming of YouSolar’s 2020 StartEngine campaign video.

YouSolar Founder and CEO, Arnold Leitner, was born in Vienna, Austria, but grew up in Germany in a beautiful countryside famous for Grimm’s Fairy Tales. As a teenager, he volunteered in wildlife conservation, working with many species, including peregrine falcons and amphibians.

He designed one of Germany’s first super-efficient passive houses, which his family built in 1991. Arnold later moved to the United States to get his doctorate in physics at the University of Colorado at Boulder. During his experimental research on superconductors at ultra-low temperatures, he developed his passion and skills for building technology.

After graduation, he worked as a consultant for S&P Global, where he authored the seminal and influential study "Fuel from the Sky" for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), demonstrating the potential and feasibility of large-scale solar power development in the Desert Southwest.

As a result of his work for the DOE, Arnold received an “extraordinary ability” green card. He later became a U.S. citizen. He used the privilege of this unique green card to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams.

SkyFuel’s Parabolic Trough at the SEGS II solar thermal-electric power plant in Daggett, California.

While attending Columbia Business School, Arnold founded SkyFuel and re-invented concentrating solar power technology. SkyFuel’s high-precision parabolic trough uses mirror film technology licensed from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) instead of glass mirrors. The technology won an R&D 100 Award and on its 40th anniversary, NREL featured SkyFuel’s parablic trough as one of the major clean-tech accomplishments. SkyFuel exited in a sale in 2015.

A two-cabinet PowerBloc®.

After leaving SkyFuel, Arnold founded YouSolar. He recognized early that lithium-ion batteries would not only provide cost-effective energy storage but could also deliver high power. When combined with solar panels, you have energy, storage, and power, which is everything you need for an independent power system. The vision was then to turn this insight into a revolutionary product. The result is the PowerBloc® solar nano-grid with a highly innovative power architecture that is modular and scalable. The PowerBloc now powers multiple homes in California. Aside from growing the company, Arnold's next goal is to deliver the PowerBloc in modular, stackable enclosures and to take the PowerBloc everywhere.

Arnold holds a Ph.D. in Physics from C.U. Boulder and an MBA from Columbia. He lives with his wife and two kids east of San Francisco, CA.

"Delivering on the Promise of Local Energy Years Earlier than I Ever Imagined," Bill Nussey, Career tech CEO and author of Freeing Energy.

2 months ago

We are delighted to share with you the endorsement of Bill Nussey, Career tech CEO and author of Freeing Energy, for YouSolar’s PowerBloc.

“When I was researching my book, Freeing Energy, I envisioned the future of local energy as ‘plug and play’ solar and battery systems that assembled like LEGO bricks and were as simple to own as a washer and dryer. It’s so exciting to see YouSolar’s product and long term vision—the company is delivering on the promise of local energy years earlier than I ever imagined possible.”

 Bill Nussey, Career tech CEO and author of Freeing Energy

We caught up with Bill over the past months. We explained to him the details of the PowerBloc and shared our progress with him. Bill was convinced by what he saw.

Bill Nussey spent most of his career as a tech CEO. Later, he spent several years as a venture capitalist with Greylock. He is the author of “Freeing Energy: How Innovators Are Using Local-scale Solar and Batteries to Disrupt the Global Energy Industry from the Outside In."


He details his vision further on his website, Freeing Energy, where he makes the case that the transition to clean energy is moving far too slowly and that it will require mobilizing the talents and energies of entrepreneurs, policymakers, and communities towards a cleaner, cheaper, and more resilient local energy future. 

We share Bill's vision of the future of energy.

At YouSolar, we work to provide an uncompromising and practical solution to address the converging energy and climate crisis.

Join us today and invest in YouSolar. Invest in local energy!

Be Amazed | New Campaign Video and Page

2 months ago

PowerBloc®s Delivering Power to Customers. In the past months, we have installed YouSolar PowerBloc® solar nano-grids with multiple customers in Northern California. The YouSolar PowerBloc is a solar nano-grid that delivers reliable and clean power with little or no reliance on utility power. The systems work brilliantly. We have delivered everything we hoped for and developed revolutionary technology in the process.

Come and See our New Video and Campaign Page

PowerBloc—a Solution with no Limits. For customers who are concerned about grid outages, want to protect against rate hikes, or choose to be off-grid, the PowerBloc is a dream come true. The PowerBloc uses a patented modular power architecture. As a result, the PowerBloc can meet the needs of a home or scale to power a business. Powerful, independent, and flexible. There is nothing the PowerBloc cannot do.

Power that Can Move. As an independent power system, even when connected to the grid, the PowerBloc requires no utility approval. This means less red tape and a faster path to realizing your energy future. With climate change and energy reliability urgent and converging challenges, the PowerBloc is the answer.

Notice of Material Change in Offering

2 months ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the YouSolar offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

Issuer is adding new Director and updating campaign page.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

Why Summer at YouSolar Feels a bit Like Maytag

3 months ago

Now that our installed systems are up and running, it’s back to building more systems for future customers looking to also independently and reliably power their lives. We are busy with design and production.

It is, however, a little boring in the systems monitoring group because, just like Maytag, once installed, a PowerBloc hardly needs our attention. Here is a 1988 Maytag commercial to make our point. Enjoy.

Get Ready to Pay $37.5 Billion For Dirt | California’s Main Utility Plans to Bury 10,000 Miles of Power Lines in Response to Wildfire Threats

3 months ago

In 2021, PG&E announced a program to underground roughly 10,000 miles of powerlines located in or near high fire-threat areas. The idea is that this would prevent swaying or downed lines from sparking wildfires.

PG&E writes, “While we are continuing to develop additional details on our 10,000-mile undergrounding program, our goal is to significantly increase our underground miles annually. We've set a goal of completing approximately 1,200 miles of undergrounding per year, but it will take several years for that ramp-up to occur.”

Let’s do some simple math. Assume PG&E can bury 1,000 miles per year beginning today. Then it would take until 2032 to bury these 10,000 miles of lines in the best of all worlds. Given the ferocity of wildfires, this seems a little late. Moreover, as California continues to dry out in ten years, another 10,000 miles of lines will likely be in "high fire-threat areas." The utility is chasing its own power line.

Burying one mile of power line will cost an estimated $3.75 million. So, ratepayers will be footing this effort's $37.5 billion bill.

Let’s assume that a PowerBloc with a solar array costs $50,000. $37.5 billion would buy 750,000 PowerBloc systems. PG&E serves 16 million people. Let’s further assume that four people live in a home or occupy a business on average. Then we have 4 million locations. For $37.5 billion, nearly 1 in 5 homes or businesses could have a PowerBloc! These systems would likely cover 99% of all current and future “high fire-threat areas" if distributed outside urban areas.

It would also provide clean energy to 20% of PG&E’s customers.

So, PG&E plans to invest $37.5 billion to dig in the dirt with backhoes and make ratepayers pay for it.

How about instead investing $37.5 billion in next-generation solar nano-grids that deliver resilient, uninterrupted, clean power and the industry that makes and installs these systems?

If you do not want to pay for dirt, invest in YouSolar today.

Invest in the future of power now. 


We Need More Than A Sprinkler to Save a Grizzly

3 months ago

Another wildfire is burning in Yosemite National Park, fueled by an intense mega-drought affecting the American West. This time the "Washburn" fire south of the valley is threatening the Grizzly Giant.

This Sequoia tree is one of the oldest and largest trees in the world. To preserve this iconic tree from burning, the National Park Service is watering the area around the tree, as shown in the video below released by the Park Service.


National Park Service attempting to save the Grizzley Giant sequoia tree from the Washburn" fire.


I would do the same. But at the same time, a sprinkler is not going to save the Grizzly Giant. It may not burn today, but it will dry and die tomorrow. When and if tomorrow arrives, it is up to us. It is not clear that we can save the Grizzly Giant, but if we radically shift to solar energy, a "Little Grizzly" can sprout in the Sierras.

Then in 2,995 years, the estimated age of the Giant Grizzly, a group of Girl Scouts can hold their arms again to measure the thickness of Little Grizzly's trunk and then have a picnic in the shade of a magnificent tree.

That is the future we want. That is the future we are building at YouSolar.

If you want to plant a seed for our energy future, invest in YouSolar today.

Summer in the Sierras | Celebrating Independence

3 months ago

In 2021 we installed a PowerBloc with a dual 50/400 Volt bus for a customer in the Sierra Nevada. We chose to pair the PowerBloc with a 50 Volt inverter because the summer cabin only has lights and few electrical appliances, and we only needed a small inverter. The primary reason for the customer to choose YouSolar was our ability to produce solar energy from an array subject to heavy shading. The video below shows the solar array at this cabin and explains the benefits of the STEP™ micro-converter.

We also decided to leave the batteries over the winter. The previous year, the customer had installed a thermometer that logged the winter temperatures. The data showed that the temperatures inside the utility room where the PowerBloc is installed never fell below the storage temperature of the batteries.

When we arrived at the cabin a week ago, we found the solar array in perfect shape with no damage from winter snow. Also, when we restarted the batteries, we found them full. There was no noticeable self-discharge during the past nine months. YouSolar brought the PowerBloc back into operation for the 4th of July holiday when the family gathered in this remote cabin to celebrate the country's independence.

The solar array delivers about 1.5-1.7 kilowatts of power when fully illuminated. It gets full sun for about four hours with partial sunshine at other times. Conservatively, we get 4 hours x .1.5 kW = 6 kWh of energy stored in 10 kWh energy storage. That is plenty of energy for this mountain refuge: enough to charge laptops, have some light, and run laundry after the small mountain community's baseball game on the big meadow in the valley.

The Independence that a modern solar-battery nano-grid brings is another reason to celebrate!

YouSolar's PowerBloc is an advanced solar nano-grid that can

power a mountain cabin or small clinic.

Invest in energy independence; invest in YouSolar now!

Inside YouSolar | Founder, Arnold Leitner, Shows and Explains a PowerBloc

3 months ago

We are back with another video of “Inside YouSolar”. Today Arnold Leitner, Founder and CEO, shows and explains a PowerBloc that is being assembled and tested before installation.

This is the largest residential system that we are installing this summer. Two 18 kW inverters will connect to the PowerBloc’s 400 V high voltage direct current core.

In this video, we show how the patented parallel architecture allows us to run and test a system that is only partially completed!

The PowerBloc we show in the video has two cabinets, but it can scale to 10 or even 15 cabinets with more batteries or more solar, etc. The ease with which the PowerBloc is customizable and scalable is unparalleled.

The modularity and scalability make the PowerBloc the choice of homeowners who want to power their homes with little or no grid dependence. This is why our pipeline has grown into the millions.

If you want to be part of the energy revolution and invest in the leading nano-grid company, go to YouSolar on StartEngine and INVEST TODAY.

What makes the PowerBloc® Solar Nano-grid so Special?

4 months ago

There are many solar-battery systems on the market. So, the question is, what makes the PowerBloc® solar nano-grid special? The primary clue is already in its name. The PowerBloc is not just a solar-battery; it is a nano-grid. It is not a single item that hangs on the wall inside a garage and runs a critical loads panel during an outage. A solar-battery is like a one-person band. It serves a need, but there is only that much it can do.

Instead, the PowerBloc is a flexible and highly scalable system where every module connects independently and in parallel. That starts with individual solar panels using our STEP™ micro-converter and continues to our EXTEND™ AC power input module.

  • Independent means that, for example, a solar input module does not depend on any other module for its functionality.
  • Parallel means that all modules add power to the system, and power simply adds up.

Now the controller, which we call TRAFFIC, coordinates all modules and makes sure they all do the right thing at the right time. Just like an orchestra director, it tells each module when to play and how loud. The modules themselves are all trained musicians who know how to perform.

And just like a small orchestra can add members and a skilled conductor can direct a larger orchestra, as more modules are added, the TRAFFIC controller integrates these new modules into the PowerBloc.

That is what makes the PowerBloc special. And we can do this because of our patented power architecture and the design of the entire system. Now that it is something to chime about.


Team Member Profile | Galen Torneby, COO

4 months ago

Galen Torneby worked for forty years in the energy industry before joining YouSolar. His first 20 years focused on large biomass and natural gas and later solar and wind.

Galen noticed that utility-scale solar and wind have a significant environmental impact. 

When he learned about YouSolar's nano grid, he recognized that it was a clean energy solution with few of the problems.

A solar nano-grid generates and stores energy locally and then powers the home directly instead of transmitting renewable energy over long-distance transmission lines.

 Galen's background in fisheries biology, floating rivers, conducting stream surveys, and his childhood history of fishing, hiking, lots of skiing, and hunting have allowed him to understand the living world and how much it depends on us.

Galen and his wife Enikő live in an all-electric home near Calistoga, CA, powered by solar.

They eat a plant-based diet and buy locally. Their home sits in a vineyard, where they grow Malbec wine grapes, fruits, nuts, and vegetables using a no-till, pesticide-free methodology.


Galen is an accomplished fisherman. Here he is shown with a Taiman, which he caught and released on the Onon River in Mongolia.

Galen has worked internationally for many years and met YouSolar founder and CEO Arnold Leitner in Abu Dhabi in 2008. He now runs the operations at YouSolar, where he is responsible for everything that gets a PowerBloc from a proposal into a customer's home.

Galen looks forward to growing YouSolar and scaling up manufacturing to thousands of PowerBlocs, and distributing them worldwide to bring local energy to everyone.

 Galen has a Bachelor of Science in biology and an MBA from the University of Washington in Seattle. Galen holds a General Contractor's license and is an experienced builder.

Technology | The PowerBloc® Runs on Silicon Carbide

4 months ago

The New York Times recently reported that silicon carbide power transistors are powering the booming "electric economy," primarily driven by electric vehicles and solar nano-grids like YouSolar’s PowerBloc.

If you ever wondered what knocks you back into the seat when you floor the "gas" paddle in your electric vehicle—it is silicon carbide technology.

While all attention has been on lithium-ion batteries, silicon-carbide power conversion devices are the other game-changing technology.

YouSolar is proud to be a very early adopter of silicon carbide MOSFETs.

A MOSFET is a type of transistor, and when it uses silicon carbide, it goes by the acronym, SiCFET.

We work closely with Wolfspeed, one of the leaders in silicon carbide technology.

The performance of PowerBloc’s sophisticated energy storage technology would not be possible without Wolfspeed SiCFETs.

SiCFETs will also be at the core of our new PowerBloc 600, which will have a dual bus at 400 and 600 Volt, and deliver "insane" amounts of power in a 25kW module for up to 200kW.

We at YouSolar firmly believe that to solve the world's greatest challenges, we need innovative and extraordinary technology first and then deliver it as a perfect solution to our customers.

This is why we at YouSolar did not throw together existing technology and tried to make it work. Instead, we built the power electronics from the ground up.

Then we gave it an incredible energy management system, a gorgeous user interface, a satellite-based solar forecast, and plug-and-play stackable modules that make the PowerBloc easy to move and even easier to install.

This is why we believe the YouSolar PowerBloc is the ultimate solar nano-grid.

Moving Ahead. Stay Invested in YouSolar | Re-Confirm Your Investment

4 months ago

YouSolar is moving ahead.

Earlier this week, we filmed new promotional materials which you will soon see. We hope you will love it.

We are also continuing to perfect the PowerBloc, build our pipeline, and plan for the next phase of our company.

We had recent changes considered material changes to our original Form C. This means anyone who is not an official investor has to re-confirm their investments.

If you fall into this group of investors, you should have received a notification from StartEngine to reconfirm your investment. Please look for that notification and reconfirm.

If you were unable to reconfirm your investment, do not worry. You can simply again invest in the campaign.

If you have any questions about your investment status, you can reach out to the StartEngine Investor Services Team at

Thank you for being a YouSolar investor.

Notice of Material Change in Offering

4 months ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the YouSolar offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

Issuer is disclosing the resignation of a board member, disclosing a concurrent SAFE offering, and extending the offering end date by 60 days.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

THE GAME-CHANGER | The Stackable PowerBloc®

4 months ago

The stackable PowerBloc® under development will be a game changer. We will bring the PoweBloc 600 to customers first, but the stackable PowerBloc®, or STACK™, is second to none.

To take the PowerBloc global and unleash its enormous potential, we need the STACK.

It will be completely plug-and-play. It will be easy to ship and even easier to assemble. Customers can build a small PowerBloc or scale it into a formidable system.


 YouSolar’s stackable PowerBloc is plug-and-play and assembles in minutes.

We are not the only company with the idea of stackable battery modules.

But not all stackable systems are the same.

Just stacking batteries is easy. What makes YouSolar' STACK a game-changer is that not just the batteries stack, but that every module, such as the solar-input module or the inverter stack, and that the order of modules does not matter. There is even more to consider, but today we focus on the plug-and-play connection of the STACK.


A stackable solar battery system by Lithium Valley and the PowerBloc STACK.

The picture above shows a stackable battery system by Lithium Valley—a typical stackable design. The 50-Volt batteries stack mechanically but are then wired by hand. Tools are required, and wires can shear off. Also, all battery modules must be in the same state of charge when connected. Otherwise, the batteries will discharge into each other with high currents.


The PowerBloc STACK is scalable. Customers can build a small PowerBloc or scale it into a formidable system.

In contrast, connecting the PowerBloc STACK is entirely plug-and-play.

STACK assembles in minutes. Assembly requires no tools.

There are no wires. The connectors are recessed, which is crucial because the STACK batteries and all other modules connect at 400 V, which is significantly more efficient. And in the PowerBloc STACK, it does not matter what state of charge the batteries are in because batteries connect with power electronics to the system.

So, the next time you see a stackable system, look closely.


If you want to invest in game-changing technology, become a shareholder in YouSolar today. Go to the top of our campaign page and INVEST TODAY.

Inside YouSolar | Watch Baxter Assemble a PowerBloc® Module

4 months ago

Happy Wednesday, YouSolar Investors:

We are back with another video of “Inside YouSolar.” Today you will meet Baxter, our product and support specialist.

Our contract manufacturer makes our power electronics in Monterey, California. Dozens of smaller boards for measurement, control, and communication are built by Lyla here at YouSolar. You met Lyla in a recent “Inside YouSolar” update.

We build our modules still in-house, and today we show you how Baxter assembles the TWIN™ Bi-Directional Converter.        

Baxter is in charge of assembly and testing at our facilities in Santa Clara, California. He also leads the installation of our systems for our customers.

We are still making small changes from one project to the other. Assembling the modules in-house allows us to include updates quickly.

In the morning, we discuss which modules we need, and Baxter coordinates with Lyla, our technician, which local control units and sensors are required. By early afternoon, Lyla drops off the assembled boards. We then pull the required chassis from inventory, and Baxter assembles it. We have detailed assembly instructions for each module, TWIN™ Bi-directional Converter, STEP-IN™ Solar Input Module, or the TRAFFIC™ Controller. After assembly, the modules undergo a functional test before putting them into our test rig for overnight testing.

Once the modules are tested for 12+ hours, we get them ready for delivery to the customer.

PowerBloc manufacturing will soon move to high volume production by our local contract manufacturer in Monterey. That manufacturer already makes and tests our STEP™ Micro-Converters and delivers them ready for installation.

We design, build and program the PowerBloc here in Santa Clara, California. If you want to invest in clean tech innovation, become a shareholder in YouSolar today. Go to the top of our campaign page and INVEST TODAY.

Team Member Profile: Andrew Conley, Putting Science into Action

4 months ago

Nothing motivates more than understanding the magnitude of problem.

Andrew Conley, YouSolar’s Senior Programmer, spent the last twenty years of his career at the National Center For Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado.

While at NCAR, Andrew worked on climate models. Over time his responsibilities grew from analyzing climate simulations to developing a new atmospheric chemistry model. The climate models at NCAR run on some of the largest parallel computers in the world.

Over the past years, these supercomputers have been predicting catastrophic changes in the Earth's climate with ever greater accuracy and less and less uncertainty. Last year, Andrew concluded that he knew enough--in fact, that we all know enough.

So, last year, Andrew quit his career at NCAR and joined YouSolar to work on a solution to the problem—the PowerBloc®.

Here at YouSolar, Andrew helps us with the software and data architecture of the PowerBloc. He is famous for his "Soft Notes," a weekly software development status report.

Andrew loves nature and is interested in how cultures have used and reshaped the land over time.

For that reason, he loves the pace and reflection that comes from hiking in Europe. Most recently, he walked across Spain from France to Portugal. Andrew plays the guitar and is interested in Jazz music, the arts, and dance.

He lives in a house below the majestic Flatiron rock formation that is to Boulder what the Matterhorn is to Switzerland.

Customer interview | Meet Mr. Peter Kay from Calistoga, CA

4 months ago

Earlier this year, we installed a PowerBloc at a house in Calistoga, California.

Galen Torneby, COO, sits down with the customer, Peter Kay, and asks him about his experience with the PowerBloc and working with YouSolar.

Let’s listen in…



Power outages like those described by Mr. Kay in the interview are becoming increasingly common in Northern California.

The blackout which Mr. Kay experienced was caused by a severe hailstorm.

But in the past years, many outages were due to wind events. Swaying or downed power lines can spark wildfires and the local utility, PG&E, preemptively cuts power to prevent that from happening. Power was also out for days as wildfires burned around Calistoga.

There is no end in sight for these outages because PG&E’s plan to bury power lines to make them less vulnerable to extreme weather will take decades.

The costs of paying for past fires and these upgrades have already resulted in substantial rate hikes for customers and more are on the way.

But customers like Mr. Kay are not only interested in having the resilient power from a PowerBloc and saving money on rising rates. They also want to be part of a solution to climate change. 

The PowerBloc solar nano-grid, with its high power and large amounts of storage capacity, no longer draws peak power and does not send solar energy to the grid in the middle of the day when the grid does not need the power.

As a result, the PowerBloc takes stress off the grid and allows unlimited penetration of distributed solar energy.

Understandably, many of our customers are not happy with their local utility, so they also like that, as an independent power system, the PowerBloc does not need utility approval.

We at YouSolar believe that we cannot rely on utilities to solve the climate challenge.

Independent solar-battery power systems like the PowerBloc are the key to a resilient and carbon-free power system. 

If you believe in our vision,

become an investor in YouSolar today. INVEST TODAY.

Stay Invested in YouSolar | Re-Confirm Your Investment

5 months ago

Our campaign is on a roll.

Thank you to everyone who has invested so far!

We recently extended our campaign by 60 days. Such an extension is considered a material change to our original Form C. This means anyone who is not an official investor has to reconfirm their investments.

If you fall into this group of investors, you should have received a notification from StartEngine to reconfirm your investment. Please look for that notification and reconfirm.

If you were unable to reconfirm your investment, do not worry. You can simply again invest in the campaign.

If you have any questions about your investment status, you can reach out to the StartEngine Investor Services Team at

Thank you for being a YouSolar investor.

Climate Change | A Beekeeper’s Records – A Note from Arnold Leitner, Founder and CEO

5 months ago

My grandfather was a beekeeper in the Austrian Alps.

He and my grandmother had a large vegetable garden and an orchard—and, of course, beehives. What needed to be done in the garden and with the bees depended much on the weather.

Josef Wagner in his orchard in St. Veit, Austria, around 2000.

Every morning my grandfather noted the temperature on a thermometer in front of the house.

On 1 January 1959, he made his first entry, -3° Celsius. He then continued to do so for every day for the next 50 years. Over eighteen thousand times! After my grandfather passed away in 2008, these temperature records ended up with me.

I wanted to know what truth these records would tell about the climate in the Southern Alps during the past half century.

I entered the measurements into a spreadsheet: The 1980s were much cooler than the other decades, but a trend emerged.

The temperature was rising—and rising a lot. 

As if to make its point, the temperature of the last year of data, 2008, was the highest in the 50-year record.

Average Nightly Low Temperature, St. Veit, Austria, 1959-2008.

My grandfather’s record held a powerful warning. But today, 15 years on, it now seems like a quaint story. The world was still mostly whole in 2008. You had to look to the artic where temperatures were rising much more rapidly to see the effects of global warming.

In the last years, the weather has taken off the gloves.

This week Germany where I spent most of my youth, was hit by a powerful tornado, an unprecedented event. We need to live with and combat climate change. The PowerBloc delivers resilient and carbon-free electricity to do just that. We installed the 5th PowerBloc on Friday. Soon it will be 50, then 500, then 50,000.

We will need to sell millions of PowerBlocs to make a difference in the climate.

It sounds like a lot. But consider that it takes a bee hive two million flower visits to produce just one pound of honey. 

Some things are worth the effort.

If you want to act on climate, invest in YouSolar and become a shareholder in YouSolar today. Go to the top of our campaign page and INVEST NOW.

Inside YouSolar | Meet our Technician Lyla (and her cute dog, “Fern”)

5 months ago

Happy Friday, YouSolar Investors:


We are back with another video of “Inside YouSolar”. Today you will meet Lyla, our technician, and her cute dog, "Fern".

Our power electronics are made by our contract manufacturer in Monterey, California, but a PowerBloc has dozens of smaller boards for measurement, control, and communication. Lyla is the person who builds these boards here at YouSolar.


Having Lyla in-house allows us to do rapid prototyping and quick changes in our board designs.


We can say with certainty that Lyla loves her job. Every time we ask her about work, she answers, "I just love it." Lyla is also happy that she can bring her puppy, Fern, to work, who lounges by Lyla’s feet and happily greets all visitors.


We are still building the PowerBloc here in Santa Clara.


In the morning, we discuss which modules we need. Lyla then picks the components from the bins in our inventory and drops off the assembled boards in the early afternoon. We then load the firmware and place the boards into the modules, whether a TWIN™ bi-directional converter or STEP-IN™ solar input module. The modules go into our test rig for overnight testing by the end of the afternoon.


Building the first PowerBloc systems involves extraordinary engineering and true craftsmanship.


Soon, PowerBloc manufacturing will move to high volume contract manufacturing, but Lyla will keep busy because we just got started when it comes to innovation.

If you love what Lyla does and want to support clean energy innovation become a shareholder in YouSolar today. Go to the top of our campaign page and INVEST TODAY.

“Insane Power” | Introducing the PowerBloc 600

5 months ago

Hello YouSolar Investors:

You can never have enough power, right? This is why we are introducing the PowerBloc 600. Built on the proven PowerBloc, the PowerBloc 600 delivers 25 kilowatt (kW) per power module, shown above. You can parallel 8 x power units for an “insane” 200 kW power.

Or is this actually a reasonable amount of power? To answer this question, consider this:

As homeowners replace natural gas-fired furnaces with heat pumps, switch to electric ranges and ovens, and add electrical vehicle chargers to replace natural gas and oil, the power demand of these homes increases significantly. Most contemporary homes have a 200 A or about 50 kW connection, but the “electrified” home will demand 75 kW or even 100 kW.

So, if you need or want to power a modern home independent of the grid, you need the PowerBloc 600!

But the PowerBloc 600 is not only ideal for homes but can also deliver clean and resilient power to businesses, clinics, or other critical facilities. We are finding strong interest in this market, and these commercial loads can easily reach 200 kW.

Our research suggests that there are very few if any, companies that can deliver a cost-effective, resilient power solution in the 50-200 kW range. As of now, it appears that the market is ours.


If you are just as excited about the PowerBloc 600 as we are,

Invest TODAY and become a shareholder at YouSolar!


P.S. If you want to learn why high-power solar nano-grids will disrupt the power industry watch our webinar "The Last Three Miles to Disrupt the Trillion-Dollar Utility Industry”.

YouSolar | Designed and Made in America

5 months ago

We design and build the PowerBloc right here in America. For example, our power electronics are made by a contract manufacturer in Monterey, California. Our user interface is programmed in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are located within five miles of the maker of our modules. Our controls and system engineer sits next door.

We move with such speed that sometimes we update a design we sent in the morning later in the afternoon. The proximity of our manufacturing partners in Northern California allows us to get in the car to drop off or pick up samples or products. It could not be more efficient.

Yes, we still can and will always build amazing products in America.

Inside YouSolar | Testing a PowerBloc before Delivery to a Customer

5 months ago

Happy Friday! We are starting a new series of videos to give you a look inside YouSolar.

Today, in a 2-minute video, Arnold Leitner, CEO, and Baxter Smith, Product and Support Specialist, go over the testing of a PowerBloc, which is going to the home of a StartEngine investor. So, this is an “extra-special” PowerBloc!

You see Arnold and Baxter in front of our test rig with multiple batteries. To test the system, we insert the PowerBloc modules, such as the TWIN™ bi-directional inverter or the STEP-IN™ solar input module, into the test rig.

Arnold and Baxter are recapping what system we are testing over the weekend. This will be a PowerBloc with 5 x TWIN™ bi-directional converters and 8 x batteries, which means some TWINs will have two batteries connected to them. We call this arrangement a “two-on-one.”

The system will run our newest EDISON™ management system, including four recent updates.

Not shown in the video is a load center with heaters, a dishwasher, an air-conditioner, and many other household appliances, All these appliances are on timers to simulate the load in a house.


NOTE: In the video, you see a meter that measures the electric potential at nearly 400 V. Please note that there are no high electric potentials in the front of the PowerBloc. The batteries connect to the TWIN bi-directional converter in the front at 50 V, posing no safety risk. The 400 V connections are on the back of the PowerBloc .

Hail Storm in Calistoga Causes Power Outage | PowerBloc® Stands the Test

5 months ago

Late in the afternoon yesterday, Tuesday, 10 May 2002, the city of Calistoga, CA, and the surrounding area experienced an intense hail storm. According to PG&E, the storm caused a power outage for 3,800 customers.

Hail on solar panels near Calistoga, CA, and a map of the power outage resulting from the storm.

Power was out for hours—but not for one of our customers who sent us a text message after the utility restored power:

“Grid power back up at our address. The PowerBloc performed well during the outage. No interruption in power to the house. No need to change anything usage wise. We just went about our lives normally.”

A PowerBloc customer is always off the grid. Utility power primarily acts as a secondary energy source after solar. This is why there is not even a glitch when utility power fails because the PowerBloc’s inverter forms the grid to the house. The inverter is also powerful enough to run the entire house, not just a “critical loads” panel.

This is why customers love the PowerBloc.

The World Needs the PowerBloc® | Case Study India

5 months ago

The future of our climate lies in India, home to 1.4 billion people. 75% of its electricity is produced by coal. Every kilowatt-hour of electricity emits about 2 pounds of carbon dioxide.

Electricity demand in India has been growing by 5-6% per year for the past decade. According to Reuters, it has grown a dizzying 15.2% during the reporting year that ended March 2022. This is the fastest pace in at least 38 years.

Climate change is scorching India and other parts of South Asia. Air-conditioners use drives up power demand until after midnight. Truckloads and trainloads of coal are flying into the furnaces of coal-fired power plants to keep rooms cool.

However, it is not enough. Power outages have plagued and continue to plague India, affecting people’s lives and economic development. Lights go out, and production stops.

YouSolar’s PowerBloc® is perfect for India. When we created the PowerBloc, we designed it for countries like India. We know India and its needs very well. We have been there many times, and we have investors from India who believe in our product.

The PowerBloc works with the worst grids. It delivers resilient power no matter what. It works anywhere in the world. With its stackable modules, it ships easily in small units but can still build a mighty power system. And, of course, it stops the burning coal for every kilowatt hour it delivers.

Every person in the world has a desire for self-development and prosperity. The PowerBloc can play an important role in immediately providing resilient power and put India and other countries on a path to reducing and ultimately eliminating the emission of CO2 from power generation.

You, our StartEngine investors, make it possible. It is an enormous task, but we start with the right idea. Thank you.

Watch the Webinar “How YouSolar's Technology Succeeds the Market Leaders Enphase and SolarEdge”

5 months ago

We had an amazing turnout for our webinar, " How YouSolar's Technology Succeeds the Market Leaders Enphase and SolarEdge " yesterday.

In this webinar, YouSolar founder and CEO, Arnold Leitner, explains how the company's STEP™ DC-DC micro-converter creates the ultimate solar array for integration with battery nano-grids and enables the unprecedented controls of the YouSolar's PowerBloc® solar nano-grid. As battery systems begin to dominate the solar industry a technology succession will occur. 

If you had to drop off early, joined late, or could not attend the webinar, you can watch it online. We have posted the webinar on our YouTube channel.  Click the image above to watch the webinar.

Thank you, StartEngine community, for your support! We plan to host another webinar again soon.

Last Chance to See a Black Swan

5 months ago

A “Black Swan Event" is a metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise. This analogy was created in reference to European voyagers who discovered a species of black swans in Australasia. Until then, the white plumage of the European swan elevated this bird in arts and culture into a symbol of grace and purity. It was "unthinkable" that it could have a black cousin.

Is YouSolar’s PowerBloc a Black Swan Event for the solar industry? See and decide for yourself by joining us during our webinar.

"How YouSolar's Technology Succeeds the Market Leaders Enphase and SolarEdge."


YouSolar founder and CEO, Arnold Leitner, explains how the company's STEP™ DC-DC micro-converter creates the ultimate solar array for integration with battery nano-grids and enables the unprecedented controls of the YouSolar's PowerBloc® solar nano-grid. As battery systems begin to dominate the solar industry a technology succession will occur. Join us for this pioneering webinar.


Thursday, 5 May 2022 at 11 AM PT/2 PM ET



Description automatically generated with low confidence

Last chance to register!


We will send you a calendar invite with the webinar access information shortly after signing up.

Welcome to a Northern California Home with a PowerBloc®

5 months ago

Today we like to welcome you to a Northern California home with a PowerBloc®, a beautiful house in rural Napa County, near Calistoga. When YouSolar got involved, the customer had recently purchased this beautiful home, a classic Frank Lloyd Right-inspired home, built in 1991, with all the original, now 30 year-old, appliances. 

The customer wrote to us:

Total energy consumption is probably between 5,000 and 10,000 kWh per year. This home is in a wildfire zone subject to PG&E outages, hence our particular interest in your product.”

This home made a perfect candidate for our PowerBloc to prove its ability to handle the loads of older, less efficient appliances. As with all homes in rural Napa, the house has a deep well pump, an essential high-power load. The home has a central air conditioner which the customer wanted to work even during a power outage. 

During our site visit, we found that the basement and shop area, immediately adjacent to the grid feed and main electrical service panel, provided ample space for the PowerBloc cabinets within a dry semi-climate-controlled environment.

We designed and supplied a system consisting of

  • 6 kW of solar 
  • 41 kWh of energy storage
  • Integration of a small 5 kWh ultra-silent generator
  • Grid connection 
  • 16 kW inverter

All sources of power blend seamlessly on the PowerBloc’s nano-grid. The system does not export solar energy to the grid but instead uses its large batteries to store all solar energy on-site for consumption during the night or even a later day. A small fraction of solar energy may go unused at times.

As a primary power supply to the home, there is no interruption, or even a glitch, when utility power fails. The customer enjoys complete energy resilience and significantly less dependence on the grid. The generator can make up energy during a power outage if solar energy falls short.

Early customers like this allow us to validate the PowerBloc in real-world situations and improve the PowerBloc. We are learning more about the consumption patterns of homes and the high power demands that come from older and large appliances like a 30-year-old well pump. At the same time, we provide peace of mind for our customers. It is the definition of a win-win situation.

REMINDER! YouSolar Webinar | How YouSolar's Technology Succeeds the Market Leaders Enphase and SolarEdge

5 months ago

YouSolar's STEP™ DC-DC micro-converter steps up each solar panel's electric potential to 380+ Volt direct current. STEP combines the best of Enphase's DC-AC micro-inverter and SolarEdge's DC-DC optimizer:

1. Parallel Solar Array (Enphase)

2. Stable DC Potential (SolarEdge)

3. Panel-level Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

4. Rapid Shutdown for Firefighter Protection

5. Panel-level Performance Monitoring


But STEP has important additional features:

6. Unprecedented Control in a Battery Nano-Grid

7. Three Times Less Cabling (Enphase)

8. Works with any Inverter (SolarEdge)

9. Simpler, Cheaper Electronics (Enphase)

YouSolar founder and CEO, Arnold Leitner, explains how the company's STEP™ DC-DC micro-converter creates the ultimate solar array for integration with battery nano-grids and enables the unprecedented controls of the YouSolar's PowerBloc® solar nano-grid. As battery systems begin to dominate the solar industry a technology succession will occur. Join us for this pioneering webinar.


Thursday, 5 May 2022 at 11 AM PT/2 PM ET

 Register now to attend. The number of attendees is limited.

We will send you a calendar invite with the webinar access information shortly after signing up. We will also send you reminders and other information ahead of the webinar.


The speaker, YouSolar, founder and CEO, Arnold Leitner, is a cleantech leader. He is the author of the seminal 2002 Department of Energy study on utility-scale solar in the Desert Southwest and founder and former CEO of SkyFuel. Arnold has a Ph.D. in experimental superconductor physics.

Customer Projects Are Going Green

5 months ago

During the past weeks, we commissioned three PowerBloc® solar nano-grids with customers. Every time a project becomes operational, one of the dots on our map of PoweBloc projects turns green! Of course, it also means that another customer generates “green” solar energy on the roof of the house and stores it locally in batteries. Because the PowerBloc is not grid-tied, it never “stores energy on the grid,” which really means that your local utility returns your “solar energy” at night from coal or gas-fired power plants. Of course, with the PowerBloc, you also power your home independently. When grid-connected, the PowerBloc only uses utility power to supplement energy, but the utility does not power the house, and the PowerBloc does just fine without utility power. Independent solar nano-grids are the future of power.



YouSolar PowerBloc® project in California. Most projects are in the California wine country.


YouSolar has customers across the United States, including a project in Key West, Florida.

Notice of Material Change in Offering

5 months ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the YouSolar offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

Issuer is extending the campaign and updating their financials per the most recent fiscal year.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

“Gong!” We Have Hit the $500,000 Milestone

6 months ago

Dear StartEngine Investors:

We did it. On Earth Day, we have raised $500,000 on StartEngine. But it is not about the money; it is about what this funding can do. When you invest in YouSolar, you are sending resources. You are injecting fuel into an engine. You are putting your hand in the effort and helping to accelerate it. You are making it happen.

We have a lot left to do at YouSolar. We know that. We have a list. But it is a list of how we make something great, even better. It is list of customers to help. It is a list of opportunities.

We started with a great idea and technology and it just gets better from here.

Thank you for being part of our story. We hope you find our updates that share this story informative and inspiring.

Power on!

The Team at YouSolar

YouSolar Webinar | How YouSolar's Technology Succeeds the Market Leaders Enphase and SolarEdge

6 months ago

YouSolar's STEP™ DC-DC micro-converter steps up each solar panel's electric potential to 380+ Volt direct current. STEP combines the best of Enphase's DC-AC micro-inverter and SolarEdge's DC-DC optimizer:


1. Parallel Solar Array (Enphase)

2. Stable DC Potential (SolarEdge)

3. Panel-level Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

4. Rapid Shutdown for Firefighter Protection

5.Panel-level Performance Monitoring

But STEP has important additional features:

6. Unprecedented Control in a Battery Nano-Grid

7. Three Times Less Cabling (Enphase)

8. Works with any Inverter (SolarEdge)

9. Simpler, Cheaper Electronics (Enphase)

YouSolar founder and CEO, Arnold Leitner, explains how the company's STEP™ DC-DC micro-converter creates the ultimate solar array for integration with battery nano-grids and enables the unprecedented controls of the YouSolar's PowerBloc® solar nano-grid. As battery systems begin to dominate the solar industry a technology succession will occur. Join us for this pioneering webinar.

Thursday, 5 May 2022 at 11 AM PT/2 PM ET

Register now to attend. The number of attendees is limited.


We will send you a calendar invite with the webinar access information shortly after signing up. We will also send you reminders and other information ahead of the webinar.


The speaker, YouSolar, founder and CEO, Arnold Leitner, is a cleantech leader. He is the author of the seminal 2002 Department of Energy study on utility-scale solar in the Desert Southwest and founder and former CEO of SkyFuel. Arnold has a Ph.D. in experimental superconductor physics.

Stupidity, for Lack of a Better Word, Is Ruining Earth. Don't Allow It to Happen. – A Personal Note from Arnold Leitner, CEO

6 months ago

The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970, by 20 million people. It was the largest single-day protest in human history. Apollo had just landed on the moon the year before, and two years later, Apollo 17 would take the first photo of Earth as a planet—the famous "Blue Marble" photo. It was a time of awareness of Earth as our precious home.

The YouSolar Booth at the Earth Day Fair in Palo Alto, CA.

Jimmy Carter assumed office in 1977 and commissioned the study "Global 2000," which provided a blueprint for a sustainable planet. For a moment, it appeared that humanity would become the gardener of Eden. But then the opportunity slipped away. President Reagan removed the solar panels on the White House, and stretch limousines became symbols of success and excess.

Photograph of Earth taken February 14, 1990, by NASA’s Voyager 1.

Earth Day. There could not be a more important day. It is the only holiday that matters. So, YouSolar joined an Earth Day fair in Palo Alto last weekend — to show what we are doing to keep the Blue Marble the wonder of the universe, which the astronomer, Carl Sagan, put into words:

"On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every "superstar," every "supreme leader," every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there."

The other day my daughter, Sophie, called me at YouSolar and sang the song, "This Pretty Planet," to encourage me never to let go of my determination to deliver technology that can provide a solution to climate change. I ask you to listen to this song.

Sophie Leitner sings “This Pretty Planet” on Earth Day 2022

Stupidity, for lack of a better word, may try to ruin Earth, but the team at YouSolar and our investors will not allow it to happen.

Arnold Leitner

Earth Day 2022

Team Member Profile: David Fillmore, Doctor of Real and Digital Clouds

6 months ago

David Fillmore is the person who can answer your questions. He has a doctorate in physics and was a scientist at the National Center of Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. He also wrote code for various satellite missions. This is, of course, the person you want to develop an intelligent solar nano-grid energy management system.

Arnold Leitner, founder and CEO, met David at the University of Boulder, where David and Arnold shared an office as Ph.D. candidates. David would take the chalk with the lightness of an orchestra conductor and then, “tok-tok-tok”, write down equations on the blackboard that are the notes of the universe. General relativity was his music. Years later, YouSolar needed a person who could create an energy management system for the company’s PowerBloc solar nano-grid that included a solar production forecast and machine learning. Arnold called David.

David runs atmospheric models at YouSolar and uses radar topography data to predict how much and when sunshine hits the solar array of a PowerBloc. We tested the algorithms at our first project, a home on the coast in Big Sur. The first light hits the solar array within minutes of the predicted time. We will send hourly real-time solar irradiance data to each PowerBloc. The PowerBloc uses the data to optimize solar utilization.

But this is only where David’s work begins. David handles all aspects of PowerBloc’s high-level functionality, including its connection to the DIYA™ user interface and our CIRRUS™ cloud service. David writes his code with the same elegance as his equations. As a former atmospheric scientist, he understands the catastrophe that unmitigated carbon emissions will bring. He loves working on a solution to the climate challenge and is in it for the “long haul.”

Happy Easter from YouSolar

6 months ago

The Easter holiday has not seen the global commercial success of Christmas. Good. So, there is more time for the things that truly matter: gratitude, family, and colored eggs. We wish everyone a happy holiday and peace on Earth.

Easter brunch in Tilden Park, Berkeley, California.

Propeller Hat Update: Seamless Blending of Solar with Battery Power

6 months ago

It is time again to put on the propeller hat to elevate our understanding of the YouSolar PowerBloc®. Today we will learn about the seamless blending of solar and battery power.

This seamless blending is possible because the PowerBloc's bus is allowed to vary around its nominal value of 380 Volt. These variations signal to the STEP™ micro-converters on the solar panels (see picture above) and the TWIN™ bi-directional converters on the batteries when to send power. Here is how it works.

The STEP™ micro-converter tries to deliver all the solar panel's power to the bus. When there is less load than available solar, the micro-converter tries harder to get its power out. "Trying harder" in electric circuits means raising the output potential. So, the micro-converter steps up its electric potential. At 400 V, there is maximum effort to get power out, but nothing is happening: The current and with it, the power coming from the solar panel is zero.

That is where the graph below starts. When the bus is at 400 Volt, there is no load on the PowerBloc's inverter. As the load increases, the bus potential decreases, and the solar array delivers more power. On the other side, the batteries cannot provide any power above 380 V. When the load exceeds the available solar power, it "pulls" the bus potential slightly below 380 V. It is at the moment that the batteries send power to the bus.

The load in a house changes constantly. Sometimes only solar meets the load. At other times battery power is needed in addition, and both sources blend seamlessly on the bus, with solar getting preference over battery power. This happens without any active control, which makes the PowerBloc such a robust power system.

Victory. Our Campaign Reached 300 Investors. Prepare for More!

6 months ago

We are excited to reach 300 investors in YouSolar’s campaign earlier today. Our investors, on average, invest $1,600 in our campaign, which is nearly 5 x the minimum investment amount proving that our investors like what they see. We now have an undaunted troop of 300 investors working to democratize power and deliver clean and resilient solar energy from the PowerBloc® solar nano-grid.

But prepare for more! Because our investors will soon be an army of thousands ready to take the PowerBloc® worldwide and bring about the future of power.

Utilities Cannot Power the Future, but the PowerBloc® Can. Completing the 3rd Installation in California’s Wine Country.

6 months ago

On Friday, the YouSolar team installed a 3rd PowerBloc® near Calistoga, California. With Coastal Live Oaks on the property, this home reflects the bucolic beauty of the state’s wine country. This is the Northern California of postcards. This is the destination of those who seek to find peace, a connection to nature, and truth in wine. This is where so many of our customers are at home.

A fallen power line after a wildfire in Northern California.

Yet this landscape and way of life is under threat by climate change. After a wet November and December in 2021, there has not been enough precipitation to form a puddle. As a result of the dry conditions, the National Interagency Fire Center predicts an early and fierce wildfire season for Northern California.

How does a PowerBloc help?

Stop Being the Problem

A PowerBloc allows our customers to power their homes with carbon-free energy. They do so by storing solar energy locally. This means that unlike grid-tied solar with net-metering, the energy that lights the house at night is genuinely solar, not electricity from a coal-fired power plant. Our customers stop being the problem. In 2021, this home, billions of homes around the world, factories, planes, and cars released 36.3 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. Next year this home no longer contributes to these emissions.

Erden, a YouSolar technician, inserts the last module into the PowerBloc cabinet at "Calistoga No. 3".

Generators Are Not the Solution

During the fire season, customers in Northern California lose power for days or even weeks. Either because the local utility shuts down power to prevent power lines swaying in the wind from starting fires or because a fire burned down a power line. When the power goes out in the wine country, thousands of generators turn on. They drown the silence of the countryside with the 24/7 roar of gas engines. These generators have CO2 emissions 3-4 times higher than a coal-fired power plant. Our PowerBloc customers won't even see their lights flicker. Their PowerBloc allows them to run all loads in the house, including the well water pump that almost all of our customers rely on. Unlike a generator, a PowerBloc does not do not triple the CO2 emission of electricity when the worst of climate change is destroying this beautiful land.

Utilities Cannot Power the Future, but Solar Nano-grids Can

Our customers chose a PowerBloc because they need to run their lives and business even when the power goes out and because, as one customer said, they are “in for the long haul.” They understand that utilities cannot power their future but that solar nano-grids like the PowerBloc can.

How and why YouSolar is different from Enphase.

6 months ago

Enphase  was founded around 2001. The company pioneered the concept of a micro-inverter. A micro-inverter is a piece of power electronics that steps up the solar panels direct current (DC) at 20-40 Volt to a home’s alternating current (AC) at 120/240 V (There is also 3-phase commercial version.) Enphase’s most powerful micro-converter is 380 Watt. You can have at most 10 solar panels with the 380 W micro-converter on a single branch.

80% of all residential solar in the United States use Enphase micro-inverters. By all accounts the company has done well. Enphase has a valuation of USD 27.72 billion.

The YouSolar micro-converter in contrast steps up each panel’s direct current to 380 V direct current—not AC, which it why it is call a converter and not an inverter. What is the significance of 380 Volt DC? Everything modern runs on 380 V DC: A new server farm or Tesla’s Model S. YouSolar micro-converter has 380 W of power like Enphase’s most powerful product, but you can have 30 solar panels on a single branch. That means there is 3 x less wiring than with Enphase.

Arnold Leitner, YouSolar’s CEO, explains how the PowerBloc®’s solar array expands easily

But most importantly the output of the YouSolar micro-converter is direct current which is “native” to batteries. In the YouSolar’s PowerBloc not just solar panels, but also utility, generator or battery power connect at 380 V DC. There is no difference between a solar panel and other inputs. They are all just 380 V “blocs” on the system. So, everything scales like the solar array. Operating at 380 V DC system is not only more efficient than at 120/240 V AC, it is also easier to control and you can do things that are impossible with a 120/240 V AC system.

A 120/240 V AC Enphase system can only deliver 120/240 V AC to the house. In contrast, in the PowerBloc the inverter can be anything, single-phase 120/240 V AC or 3-phase at any potential , and even both single-and three-phase on the same PowerBloc. We can ship the same PowerBloc anywhere in the world and the only difference is which inverter “bloc” we provide.

Enphase’s AC-coupling has its roots in net-metering grid-tied solar arrays. But the modern world runs on direct current. Direct current systems at 380 V are simpler and more efficient. When we founded YouSolar we had a whiteboard, but no legacy. So we designed the ultimate power architecture. We believe the PowerBloc is the future of solar-battery systems.

This video explains how the YouSolar STEP™ micro-converter works.

Some say the world will end in fire,… A Personal Note from Arnold Leitner, Founder

6 months ago

As a teenager, I read an article in Scientific American about the anticipated adverse effects of global warming on the gulf stream, an ocean current critical to Europe’s climate.  This was 40 years ago. Ever since then, I have warned everyone who would listen about the dangers of climate change. I have also done everything I could to reduce my impact on the climate, and I chose an education and career that would allow me to contribute to solutions. It is the reason why YouSolar exists.

Around the same time, I learned Robert Frost's poem, "Fire and Ice," in school. The first part of this poem has haunted me. 

Some say the world will end in fire,

Some say in ice.

From what I've tasted of desire

I hold with those who favor fire.

When I arrived in Boulder last week to meet with my Colorado-based programmers, smoke was in the air. Of all places, the forest near the National Center of Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder had burned. NCAR was established by the National Science Foundation in 1960 and is one of the leading research centers on global warming.

Colorado, where I lived for a decade, is dry. Bone dry. Tinder dry. Firestorm dry.

The world will end in fire. Or we stop it now. What we do now to slow the emissions of greenhouse gases, not tomorrow, is critical for the world. We do not have "a decade left" before we take action on climate change. In a decade, nothing will be left. There is already smoke in the air.

This is why, at YouSolar, we work with a sense of urgency. The air in our offices is filled with excitement and promise. And with irreverence. Because we believe we need to disrupt the utility power model to build a resilient and clean energy future. We believe that to change the world, we need to change the game. The PowerBloc® solar nano-grid is our answer.

The only way is UP! $450,000 reached over the weekend

6 months ago

StartEngine investors continue to breathe air into our campaign. THANK YOU! Over the weekend, we exceeded $450,00 in investments which put us halfway to reaching the important $500,000 milestone. The only way for our campaign is UP!

Team Member Profile: Moritz Nagelschmied, The Intern that Can

6 months ago

We are excited to have our third intern. We have had only the greatest luck with interns, and it continued this year. Moritz Nagelschmied is an intern from Austria. It is such a privilege to have Moritz at YouSolar for two months on a J1 visa because Moritz is the intern that can!

Moritz is an undergraduate in Electronics and Computer Engineering at the University in Graz. He is in the last semester of his bachelor's degree with plans for a master's degree already lined up. We quickly discovered that Moritz was good with Python programming. So, before he could sit down, we already had a task for him. Since then, he has also worked on our CIRRUS™ cloud service and last week helped commission a PowerBloc.

Moritz is deeply interested in the sciences and has a passion for nature and wildlife. Wildlife photography is one of his hobbies, and above are photos of a California Scrub-Jay and an Austrian Chamois. This weekend he did a bike tour from Berkeley to the Point Reyes National Seashore. I am sure we will see some fantastic photos on Monday.


Frustration with Utilities Drives Customers into the Arms of YouSolar

7 months ago

Frustration with Utilities Drives Customers into the Arms of YouSolar

The California utility, PG&E, has asked for an 18% rate increase to deal with climate change-fueled wildfires. That means an extra $31.41 in electricity cost a month for the average customer.  The rates would also increase by $58 more a month in 2026. The rate payer advocacy group, TURN, the ratepayer advocacy group, says customers have seen an almost 20% increase in their utility bill this year already.

Rate increases and frequent outages in California and elsewhere are driving consumers into the arms of YouSolar. YouSolar’s PowerBloc® is a solar nano-grid designed as a utility replacement. PowerBloc can power the entire home or business. It stores solar energy in durable batteries and seamlessly integrates generator or grid power. Even when grid-connected, PowerBloc requires no utility approval, which is a big selling point for customers who had enough of their utility.

Meet One of the Millions Who Could Go Off the Grid

In a recent New Times article, experts predict that millions of people could eventually go off the grid as costs drop. Meet one of the millions, a YouSolar customer whose PowerBloc was commissioned today. The customer lives in Calistoga, CA, but decided he had enough with frequent power outages. The PowerBloc, which came online today powers the home from solar but also includes a small ultra-silent generator to make sure the home has enough energy during cloudy skies or when sadly wildfire plumes darken the sky.

Remote Monitoring: Diagnose, Optimize, and Transform

7 months ago

From the very start of YouSolar, remote monitoring has been a  feature of the PowerBloc. It allows us to diagnose problems whether they are a failure or a piece of equipment operating outside typical bounds. It enables us to optimize the performance of the energy management system. It allows us to suggest when to clean solar panels or when to add more storage. But it also allows us to see the data required to refine our business model and transform the solar and battery industry.

Remote monitoring of PowerBloc systems in our testing lab

We have been monitoring our first PowerBloc for 2 ½ years now. Our design was simple at first: logging data and copying that data for display on a monitor. Now, we stream data to our CIRRUS™ cloud service from every machine. We are also stream a more extensive set of data from the entire system. As before, we log currents, electric potentials, and temperatures. But now we log system characteristics such as circuit board temperatures, file sizes, and serial numbers. The modular and parallel Bloc-Link™ communication makes it easy to read and write data to each module or bloc. There can be nearly one hundred blocs, each with countless data. You add a bloc; we monitor it.

Data privacy is paramount, and customers can elect not to stream data to the cloud. However, we can still provide most diagnostic and optimization because the powerful TRAFFIC™ single-board computer that runs the PowerBloc can monitor and  analyze the system locally. In this case, YouSolar would only receive high-level results or alerts. Privacy can go even further, where only the customer receives analyses, alerts, or warnings on the DIYA™ tablet or by email or text, without YouSolar being in the loop. However, with a swipe of the finger, the customer can connect us directly to the PowerBloc.

Remote monitoring of a customer system

As interesting as "deep monitoring" is, it is the combination of our plug-and-play stackable PowerBloc (coming in 2023) with the parallel nature of our architecture and with remote monitoring which allows us to transform the business model. Now any electrician without training can assemble and install a PowerBloc, but the electrician does not have to keep the system running. We do. And when the monitoring shows that repairs are necessary, we issue a service ticket which only amounts to swapping out a module—no more expensive, scarce trained installers; no more overwhelmed service reps.

By the way, since the PowerBloc is built from parallel components, on the defective module will be out of service while the rest of the perfectly parallel system keeps operating. 

In case yo missed it...

We had an amazing turnout for our webinar, "The Last Three Miles to Disrupt the Trillion-Dollar Utility Industry" today.

If you had to drop off early, joined late, or could not attend the webinar, you can watch it online. We have posted the webinar on our YouTube channel. Click here to watch the webinar.

Here is what some of our attendees had to say about the webinar.

“Very impressed by your presentation…I have not been this tickled by a presentation in some time…

It was not the usual sales pitch, I actually learned something”

Mike M.

“Awesome research and great material that you presented and educated investors and people interested in YouSolar.”

Girish H.

Watch the Webinar: "The Last Three Miles to Disrupt the Trillion- Dollar Utility Industry"

7 months ago

We had an amazing turnout for our webinar, "The Last Three Miles to Disrupt the Trillion-Dollar Utility Industry" today.

If you had to drop off early, joined late, or could not attend the webinar, you can watch it online. We have posted the webinar on our YouTube channel.  Click here to watch the webinar.

Here is what some of our attendees had to say about the webinar.

“Very impressed by your presentation…I have not been this tickled by a presentation in some time…

It was not the usual sales pitch, I actually learned something”

Mike M.

Awesome research and great material that you presented and educated investors and people interested in YouSolar.”

Girish H.

Thank you, StartEngine community, for your support! We plan to host another webinar in April. Stay tuned.

Propeller Hat Update: The PowerBloc “Active” Bus | Last Change to Sign up for the Webinar

7 months ago

Yes, everyone at YouSolar wears a propeller hat. We do not go to work; we hover there. And today, we ask you to strap on a propeller hat while we explain what the PowerBloc's "Active" Bus is and how it works. You will never need to know this again, but it is fun. So, let's jump right into it.

When a battery is fully charged, its electric potential, or Voltage, is at the battery's highest level.

As the battery discharges, the Voltage drops.

If you want to have more energy storage, you need to connect batteries in parallel. However, this means that all batteries will be at the same Voltage. Because otherwise, charge would flow from a battery with a higher Voltage to a battery with a lower Voltage. This connection with a common Voltage is called a Bus.

Then as the batteries discharge, the Bus Voltage drops. So, the amount of charge and the Voltage of the batteries go hand-in-hand.
Now, let's tighten the strap of our propeller hat and introduce a converter. A converter is an electronic circuit that steps up the battery Voltage to a constant Voltage above all batteries. Since the bus Voltage is no longer the battery Voltage, but the converters actively create it, we call it an Active Bus.

The nice thing about using an Active Bus is that we can use batteries at different levels of charge. We can now operate the batteries independent of each other.

Nice, but what are the benefits? There are many. One benefit is the PowerBloc's ability to scale from 5 to 500 kilowatt hours of storage. Another one is that we can even use batteries of different types on the same Active Bus. The Active Bus is one of the many differentiations of the PowerBloc.

If you want to learn more cool stuff, then register for our Webinar, "The Last Three Miles to Disrupt the Trillion-Dollar Utility Industry." Registration ends in 12 hours! So, hurry. Signup information is below.

YouSolar Webinar The Last Three Miles to Disrupt the Trillion-Dollar Utility Industry 

The “Last Mile” of distributed power is really three miles:

Mile 1: Rooftop solar

Mile 2: Battery energy storage

Mile 3: High-power grid-forming inverters

YouSolar Founder and CEO, Arnold Leitner, explains how high-power solar nano-grids like the company’s PowerBloc® are poised to disrupt the trillion-dollar utility industry. Join us for this pioneering webinar.

Thursday, 17 March 2022 at 11 AM PT/2 PM ET 

NY Times: Frustrated With Utilities, Some Californians Are Leaving the Grid

7 months ago

“Frustrated With Utilities, Some Californians Are Leaving the Grid”

In an article on Sunday, 13  March 2022, titled “Frustrated With Utilities, Some Californians Are Leaving the Grid," the New York Times writes that "citing more blackouts, wildfires and higher electricity rates" more and more California homeowners are choosing to run entirely on solar and batteries.

Cover page of the article “Frustrated With Utilities, Some Californians Are Leaving the Grid”. The New York Times, 13 March 2022

YouSolar Has Built and Is Building Many of these Solar Nano-Grids

We know. We have built and are building six solar nano-grids for customers in Northern California that are leaving the grid.

Last Friday, we worked on the installation of a PowerBloc in Vallejo, California, which includes 8.4 kW of solar, 40 kWh of battery storage, 18 kW of AC power, and even a small wind turbine. A small generator seamlessly integrates for total energy security.

A YouSolar PowerBloc® solar nano-grid in Vallejo, California.

“Millions of people could eventually go off the grid”

The New York Times states that “the decline in solar and battery costs and growing frustrations with utilities appear to be laying the groundwork for more people to consider doing so. […] Some energy experts say that millions of people could eventually go off the grid as costs drop.“

Our analysis shows the same. We already made this prediction in 2014 in an article titled “The Biggest Change to Power Supply Since Edison", published in a widely read utility newsletter. We also wrote in 2014 that "Utilities will be powerless against customers of these solar-battery systems." We founded YouSolar on the belief that this disruption was inevitable.

Three Miles to Disrupt the Trillion-Dollar Utility Industry

The YouSolar PowerBloc® is the ultimate solar nano-grid for customers to leave the grid. It is modular, scalable, and high power. The PowerBloc does not net meter, and it can run an entire house.

As we will explain in YouSolar’s upcoming webinar, "Three Miles" lead to the disruption of power markets. Cheap rooftop solar is Mile 1. Cost-effective energy storage in batteries is Mile 2. But the 3rd and Last Mile are high-power grid-forming inverters. YouSolar’s PowerBloc covers all Three Miles.

YouSolar is ready. The utility industry is a trillion-dollar industry. Let the disruption begin.

YouSolar Webinar The Last Three Miles to Disrupt the Trillion-Dollar Utility Industry 

The “Last Mile” of distributed power is really three miles:

Mile 1: Rooftop solar

Mile 2: Battery energy storage

Mile 3: High-power grid-forming inverters

YouSolar Founder and CEO, Arnold Leitner, explains how high-power solar nano-grids like the company’s PowerBloc® are poised to disrupt the trillion-dollar utility industry. Join us for this pioneering webinar.

Thursday, 17 March 2022 at 11 AM PT/2 PM ET 

Register now to attend. The number of attendees is limited.

$400k Raised. Next Stop: $500k | Join the 100 Investors who Signed up for the Webinar and Win a YouSolar Coffee Mug

7 months ago

$400k Raised. Next Stop: $500k 

We reached the $400k in funding over the weekend, which is fantastic. Investors in YouSolar also continue to write big checks, which is very encouraging because it tells us that they like what they see. One investor just kicked off the week with a $7,500 investment which propelled us toward the next Stop, $500k—a milestone for Reg CF companies on the StartEngine. Thank you!

Join the 100 Investors who Signed up for the Webinar and Win a YouSolar Coffee Mug

We are also excited about the interest in our webinar, “The Last Three Miles to Disrupt the Trillion-Dollar Utility Industry.” 100 investors have signed up already.

Powering our world with clean energy is a complex challenge. The answer of how solar nano-grids, like the PowerBloc®, can be an essential part of the transformation is not simple. Therefore, we are looking forward to explaining the many details that went into the design and go-to-market strategy of the PowerBloc. We are hopeful that more investors will join our campaign after the webinar.

If you have not yet signed for this webinar, here is the information.

YouSolar Webinar: The Last Three Miles to Disrupt the Trillion-Dollar Utility Industry 

The “Last Mile” of distributed power is really three miles:

Mile 1: Rooftop solar

Mile 2: Battery energy storage

Mile 3: High-power grid-forming inverters

YouSolar Founder and CEO, Arnold Leitner, explains how high-power solar nano-grids like the company’s PowerBloc® are poised to disrupt the trillion-dollar utility industry. Join us for this pioneering webinar.

Thursday, 17 March 2022 at 11 AM PT/2 PM ET 

YouSolar Webinar: The Last Three Miles to Disrupt the Trillion-Dollar Utility Industry

7 months ago

The “Last Mile” of distributed power is really three miles:

Mile 1: Rooftop solar

Mile 2: Battery energy storage

Mile 3: High-power grid-forming inverters

YouSolar Founder and CEO, Arnold Leitner, explains how high-power solar nano-grids like the company’s PowerBloc® are poised to disrupt the trillion-dollar utility industry. Join us for this pioneering webinar.

Thursday, 17 March 2022 at 11 AM PT/2 PM ET 

Register now to attend. The number of attendees is limited.

We will send you a calendar invite with the webinar access information within 24 hours of signing up. We will also send you reminders and other information ahead of the webinar.

The speaker, YouSolar, Founder and CEO, Arnold Leitner, is a cleantech leader. He is the author of the seminal 2002 Department of Energy study on utility-scale solar in the Desert Southwest and founder and former CEO of SkyFuel. Arnold has a Ph.D. in super-conductor physics.

Team Member Profile: Baxter Smith, Center of the Nano-Verse

7 months ago

Baxter Smith is the man for everything at YouSolar. He runs PowerBloc® assembly, testing, and installation. He designs systems for customers. He manages our social media and will be the one sending you your YouSolar swag. Baxter sits at the center of the YouSolar nano-verse.

Arnold Leitner, founder and CEO, met Baxter at the Greenschool Bali where Baxter managed the innovation hub, a design, experimentation, and fabrication workshop for students at the Greenschool. Baxter led the installation of two solar arrays at Greenschool, which YouSolar delivered with donations from YouSolar business partners and investors. Then COVID-19 hit, and the school closed. Baxter found himself back in San Francisco. Arnold asked Baxter to run social media for YouSolar’s oversubscribed 2020 StartEngine campaign. Next, Baxter was helping in YouSolar’s lab testing batteries. Then with the success of our first Reg CF campaign, we were able to hire Baxter full-time.

There is not a part of the PowerBloc that Baxter has not touched. He has garnered the respect of engineers decades his senior with his can-do attitude and skills. Baxter accompanies every task with wit and laughter. Stuff happens; something will break. But you can count on Baxter to figure it out, get it back to work, and make it even better. Building the ultimate solar+battery system is all about getting it done!

Our Team Believes in Itself | Insider Investment Notice

7 months ago

We're excited to see our team invest in YouSolar.

Our team has invested $1,992.87 into the offering!

We hope you join in as well! Invest in YouSolar

Please refer to the Company’s offering materials for further information and refer to the Company’s Risk Factors.

600,000 Atomic Bombs, a Trillion Dollars, and a Solution

8 months ago

Have you ever heard of the Earth Energy Imbalance?

This innocuous word stands for the heat retained by Earth every second on each square meter of its surface because of the greenhouse effect. The value of the imbalance is about 1 Watt per square meter.

Your laptop consumes 50 Watt. So, not much, right?

But consider that Earth has a surface of about 511,000,000,000,000 square meters. There are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, and 24 hours in a day. So, each day a “blanket” of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases traps heat amounting to 511,000,000,000,000 x 60 x 60 x 24 = 44,150,400,000,000,000,000 Joules. This energy is the same as the energy of 600,000 Hiroshima nuclear bombs. Yes, each day, Earth is heated by an equivalent of 600,000 nuclear bombs!

This fact should jolt you into action, and it has been the driver behind everything we do at YouSolar.

Our mission is to get solar energy to as many people on Earth as fast as possible.

We chose the design and business model of the PowerBloc for maximum “velocity” by making it modular, plug-and-play, and independent of utilities. We want to sell thousands of PowerBloc systems per year, then ten thousand, and then hundreds of thousands. YouSolar is only a success when it makes a difference in transitioning to a more sustainable world.

The transformation of the world’s electricity system is a trillion-dollar opportunity.

A company with the right technology will reap huge benefits. Already, YouSolar is picking up projects that established competitors cannot deliver on. We are not surprised because the PowerBloc is the ultimate solar+battery nano-grid. It can do (nearly) anything.

Yes, the world has challenges. But we’ve got the PowerBloc. So, let’s get to work.

YouSolar's CIRRUS™ Cloud Services

8 months ago

The PowerBloc® is an independent solar+battery nano-grid. It can work stand-alone with no utility power and no internet connection. Some of our customers want or need this capability. But most PowerBlocs connect to a utility and the internet.

The PowerBloc connects to YouSolar's CIRRUS™ cloud service via the internet.

CIRRUS sends weather data to each PowerBloc displayed on the DIYA tablet and correlated consumption at the house for load forecasting. Earth topography data and real-time atmospheric data are used by YouSolar's in-house solar production forecast, SPOT™. SPOT tells the PowerBloc how much solar energy it can expect during each hour of the day.

The PowerBloc is registry-based, which means each module, or "bloc," reports to the PowerBloc's controller, TRAFFIC™. As a result, our customer service always knows which blocs are installed. Based on the registry, the DIYA™ user interface downloads installation, user, and service manuals for all and only the modules installed on the PowerBloc. These documents are stored in the resources section of DIYA. With YouSolar, there is no need to find serial numbers and search online for the right manual.

CIRRUS also performs system analysis and fault detection. In most cases, we will know that a component has a problem or failed well before the customer finds out.


CIRRUS will also soon allow our customers and installers to design PowerBloc systems independently. For this, we are adapting the SIZE™ System Sizing Model, which we use internally to run on our website. When ready, a customer can request a review by our experts to purchase a PowerBloc with confidence.


The idea behind CIRRUS is to make everything about buying, installing, and owning a PowerBloc as easy and perfect as possible.

The Ultimate Solar+Battery Nano-Grid - Differentiation Is Important

8 months ago

The PowerBloc® uses the most flexible power architecture possible. The PowerBloc is made up of modules, or "blocs," which allow us to configure any system and scale it up or down. Pick the modules you need, and, voila, there is your solution. That is why we call the PowerBloc the ultimate solar+battery nano-grid. Below are some of the many things PowerBloc can do. 

  • Parallel - All components operate in parallel and independently. It is easy to add new components. For example, the solar array or battery can be expanded without rebuilding the system.
  • Modular - The battery system breaks down into modules that allow one-person installation.
  • Scalable – Using the same modules, or "blocs," we can deliver a PowerBloc for a residential customer in California or a PowerBloc for a clinic in Florida.

A PowerBloc solution proposed for a customer to replace a 25kW generator, currently the primary electricity supply. The system has 50 kW of solar power and integrates 12 kW of utility or generator power.


  • High-Power – The core of the residential PowerBloc is designed to deliver 50kW of power to AC loads. Our commercial PowerBloc has even more power.
  • Stackable – The patented stackable PowerBloc dramatically simplifies shipment and installation and allows the PowerBloc to become a mobile system for rapid deployment by disaster relief organizations or the military. And we do not just stack the battery, everything is stackable, and even the order of blocs inside the PowerBloc stack does not matter.
  • Multi-Source - Easy integration of multiple power sources, the PowerBloc can integrate any generator or utility service.



The PowerBloc can seamlessly blend power from many sources. One of our customers has all of these source, except for a small hydro system.

  • Future-Proof and Backward Compatible – The PowerBloc can use any future solar panel or battery technology, even in legacy systems. 
  • Multi-Power – The PowerBloc can deliver single-phase AC or three-phase AC power, or both from the same system.
  • Maximum Solar Energy Production – STEP™ micro-converters on each solar panel boost solar energy production.
  • Automatic - Intelligent controller for fully automatic operation of the system.
  • Visible – The DIYA user interface connects directly to the PowerBloc. So, you can monitor and control the PowerBloc even if there if the internet is down or where there is no internet at all.
  • Safe - Solar array and system's 400 V DC core shut down rapidly when the emergency stop is pushed.



DIYA™ - The PowerBloc® User Interface that Loves you Back

8 months ago

The DIYA™ user interface gives customers a way to see the PowerBloc®. We always believed that an intuitive and beautiful user interface was essential to the success of the PowerBloc. We wanted the user interface to show how the PowerBloc operates and the depth of the engineering that went into designing its core. On this Valentine’s Day, DIYA is not only a user interface to fall in love with but the one who will love you back!

To discover DIYA, click on this profile!

To invest in the future of power, visit YouSolar on StartEngine.


PowerBloc® “Calistoga No.1” Commissioned and Operating

8 months ago

This week we installed the first of five PowerBloc® systems in and around Calistoga, CA. In the photo below, Baxter Smith, who heads PowerBloc testing and commissioning, does a last software check before closing up the PowerBloc and shed and handing the DIYA™ user interface over to the customer.

PowerBloc® Delivered to Customer in Calistoga. Let the Sales Begin!

8 months ago

Today, we packed up a PowerBloc® nano-grid for a customer in Calistoga. There will be five more PowerBlocs going to early customers in Northern California in the following weeks. Calistoga is a beautiful town with hot springs in California's wine country. But the city has a power problem like the rest of the wine country. The local utility, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), shuts off power to prevent swaying power lines from causing wildfires whenever the wind blows, and the vegetation is dry. These events are frequent. In a hotter world, there is no end to these power cuts in sight. So, our Calistoga customer and our other customers have opted for a PowerBloc. We have identified thousands of potential customers in Northern California. This market is right on our doorsteps, and our head of sales lives conveniently, well, in Calistoga. With a fully-engineered system and solid supply chain, we are ready to sell and install a lot more PowerBlocs this year.

Unparalleled Parallel Power

8 months ago

In the PowerBloc®, all modules and each solar panel connect in parallel and create a 400 V bus. What does that mean? The picture below will hopefully help explain it. Here, the PowerBloc has four batteries, a module that accepts solar and generator and/or utility power, and a grid-forming inverter.

Each solar panel is equipped with a STEP™ micro-converter which puts out 400 V DC and already forms part of the 400 V Direct Current Bus. Because all components connect in parallel, power from each component simply adds up. Up to 10 kW of solar and 6 kW of generator and/or utility power add to 16 kW of power going into the inverter. The 4 x 4 kW of power of the batteries also add up to 16 kW. That power also feeds into the inverter. So, the 15 kW AC inverter has up to 32 kW of DC power available. But even if there is no sun and no generator or utility power is not available, the batteries alone can power the inverter.

Because of the parallel architecture, the modules inside the PowerBloc can be in any order. In the example below, we put the inverter above the batteries and below the solar/AC module, but the inverter could be anywhere in the stack. There could also be more modules. For example, to add a battery, you only have to lift off the control module on the top, stack the battery, and put the control module back on. Done.

The parallel DC architecture of the PowerBloc is, well, unparalleled in the industry. It allows to configure and scale a system with just a few “blocs” and creates a plug-and-play design.

“Cooking” the PowerBloc® at 17.4 Kilowatts

8 months ago

The PowerBloc® is a high-power 400 Volt (V) direct current (DC). The DC core of the PowerBloc® runs at up to 50 kilowatts (kW) in residential applications, and at over 100 kW in a system we are installing at a clinic in Florida. The amount of alternating current (AC) power we can deliver to a load depends on the power of the inverter. We are using a 3rd party inverter limited to 17+ kW of AC power in our current residential applications. (We will offer a 25kW inverter soon.) We have a "load center" at our facilities in Santa Clara, CA, a wall full of high-power appliances commonly found in a house, including kitchen appliances. This week we were “cooking” the PowerBloc at the maximum power or the inverter to test a PowerBloc before it goes to a customer. Below is a screenshot of the Power Flow screen of the DIYA™ user interface tablet showing the inverter delivering 17.4 KW of power to our load center. We did not have much sun when the screenshot was taken, and most of the power came from the batteries equipped with TWIN™ bi-directional converters. The grid power was blended onto the 400 V DC bus with the EXTEND™ rectifier module. The high power and modularity of the PowerBloc and its ability to seamlessly blend multiple power sources on its 400 V DC bus and deliver single-phase AC or three-phase AC power, or both from the same system are just some of the differentiation of the PowerBloc.

Happy Year of the Tiger from Everyone at YouSolar

8 months ago

YouSolar's PowerBloc® solar+battery nano-grid has the strength and endurance of a tiger to power your home independently. It is swift and agile in following your home's power needs and will sink its current even into your most high-power appliances. Happy Lunar New Year!

Wow! YouSolar Raised $100,000 in the Week Since the Restart

8 months ago

Thank you! StartEngine investors have invested more than $100K since our restart of the campaign a week ago, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We broke through the $300k mark this morning, but our eyes are now set on the next milestone, half a million dollars.

We have ramped up our outreach and expect more and more people to visit our site. We hope to reach the $500k milestone in less than a week. Help keep the momentum going strong! Please tell your family, friends, and colleagues about YouSolar; every dollar counts. Thank you again for your enthusiastic support. Together, we are going to create a global success!

Only for those of you who invested before the restart due to the technical problems on the StartEngine platform, you need to reconfirm your investment to stay invested in YouSolar and get the 20% bonus shares (regardless of the amount of bonus shares you previously qualified for).

Look for an email from StartEngine that instructs you to do so. If you did not get the email or cannot find it contact StartEngine at

If you do not reconfirm your investment by January 28, 2022, 11:59 PM PST, your investment will be canceled.


Thank you.

Arnold Leitner, CEO

California's Fight over Solar Incentives Explains why the PowerBloc Is Different

8 months ago

The PowerBloc® does not grid-tie or export power to the grid. It is also a high-power system able to run an entire house. For these reasons, the PowerBloc does not need utility approval or rely on the utility for peak power. California's fight over solar incentives shows how grid-tied solar and battery systems make utilities the gatekeepers of grid-tied solar. In an article, "A Fight Over Rooftop Solar Threatens California's Climate Goals," published on 24 January 2022, the New York Times writes:

"The dispute is about who will get to build the green energy economy — utilities or smaller companies that install solar panels and batteries at homes — and reap billions of dollars in profits from those investments. […] For years, the rooftop solar business was ascendant in California, growing as much as 62 percent a year. That angered utilities and their labor unions, which long controlled the production, sale and distribution of electricity, and they lobbied state leaders to rein in the rooftop solar business — an effort that is on the cusp of success."

With few exceptions, every other solar and battery system in the market requires utility approval because it is grid-tied. These solutions also rely on the grid as the primary power source. Here is why: A typical solar battery has 5-7 kilowatts (kW) of power but is installed in homes with a 50 kW utility connection. The battery can only deliver a fraction of the power the home needs; the customer is still wholly reliant on the grid. As a consequence, utilities have total control over the companies that sell these systems and the customers who buy them.

Of course, utilities do not want to see billions, and soon trillions of dollars, move from their balance sheet to solar companies like YouSolar. Furthermore, utilities would still need a massive utility infrastructure to deliver peak power. At the same time, energy sales to pay for this infrastructure go away as more and more people install solar systems (with or without batteries). The result is a "death spiral" for the electric infrastructure that will devastate the utility business model.

However, we cannot meet our climate goals with the traditional utility model. Using the roof over the head of the customer does not destroy habitat like large utility scale ground-mounted solar. Local storage also avoids moving energy around. For a renewable energy future, traditional utility systems are more expensive, less efficient, and less resilient than the infrastructure with decentralized energy production, local storage, and onsite high power. In the future, which we see, the utility grid is still relevant for cities, but it will increasingly act as an energy source and less as a power source. Yes, utilities will have fewer assets and, some stranded assets. However, is not all bleak because some loss in business will be compensated by the increase in power sales for the electrification of homes and increase in electric vehicle use.

Rooftop solar was the first mile, energy storage the second mile, but the last mile is a high power solar-battery system. Only then can we realize the near-unlimited potential of distributed solar. This is why the PowerBloc, by default, is not grid-tied and is high power. This is why when you invest in YouSolar, you invest in the future of power.

Why Is YouSolar Bringing Back Perks and Extending the Campaign?

9 months ago

Dear YouSolar Investors:

We had a powerful launch to our campaign, but we quickly discovered technical errors on the StartEngine platform associated with specific campaigns, including ours. For example, YouSolar’s preview image and campaign page showed zero dollars raised and our campaign would not have appeared in the “New” or “Most Momentum” categories even if we had qualified, which are important milestones for a successful campaign. We, therefore, halted all campaign outreach until StartEngine was able to fix the platform errors. StartEngine’s technical issues have been fixed and YouSolar’s campaign is now displaying correctly on StartEngine.

We will now restart our campaign outreach

Thursday, 20 January 2022, at 9:30 AM PT/12:30 PM ET

with some new perks and a big thank you:


Anyone who has already invested will receive the maximum 20% bonus shares regardless of the amount of bonus shares you previously qualified for!

All you have to do to stay invested in YouSolar and get the maximum 20% bonus shares is to reconfirm your investment by replying to a notice which you will receive directly from StartEngine.

We will also be offering 20% bonus shares for new investors for 3 days to give the campaign the boost it deserves. (Check out our campaign page for all details.) We will also extend the campaign for 30 days to make up for lost time.

We are genuinely excited about our campaign and so grateful to you, our investors. Errors happen. So, now let's get to work and focus on making this a successful campaign so that we can bring the PowerBloc® to people everywhere.

With personal regards,

Arnold Leitner

Founder and CEO



Woo-hoo. $182,500 Raised over the New Year's Weekend

9 months ago

Dear StartEngine Investors:

Woo-hoo. YouSolar has raised over $182,500 over the New Year's holiday. Thank you for getting this campaign off to a strong start.

Our goal in this campaign is to raise $5 million to grow our sales and take clean, reliable power anywhere in the world. There are two parts to our plan. First, we will sell the rack or cabinet-mounted PowerBloc® which we are currently installing with residential and commercial customers. That system provides ultimate flexibility in meeting our customer's needs. Second, we will complete the stackable PowerBloc, STACK™, and introduce it to the market as early as the 4th quarter of 2022. STACK holds essentially the same electronics but comes in stackable modules, making shipping easier and installation truly plug-and-play.

The PowerBloc has a patented, parallel direct current power architecture, making this modularity and scalability possible. It is already an important feature and selling point of the current PowerBloc, but the stackable modules take the electric design to its full potential. The stackable cabinet will make it so much easier for us to serve international markets and open up the PowerBloc for semi-mobile applications such as disaster relief or the military. We believe the PowerBloc is the future of power. 


Invest now in YouSolar.

There are only hours left to claim the 15% Early Bird discount.


Thank you and all the best for 2022 from the team YouSolar.

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