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Yahyn has created a marketplace in the wine sector that completely disrupts the established "three-tiered" distribution system. We believe in bucking antiquated protocols and challenging the archaic way wine is shared and enjoyed.


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Get rewarded for investing more into Yahyn:

StartEngine Owner’s Bonus
This offering is eligible for the StartEngine Owner’s 10% Bonus program. For details on this program, please see the Offering Summary section below.
Tier 1
Invest $500 and receive 15% off your first wine order at Yahyn.com
Tier 2
$1,000 and receive 20% off your order and have a Somm led personal zoom explain your wines plus 5% Bonus shares
Tier 3
$5,000 and receive 1 Yahyn Somm picked case of wine (6 bottles) as well as 10% bonus shares
Tier 4
$35,000 and receive a private wine dinner for 4 plus 10% bonus shares
Tier 5
$100,000 and receive a private wine dinner for 10 at a Napa vineyard

Reasons to Invest

  • Right Place - Wine sales legislation has softened up and opened the opportunity to disrupt distribution through digital sales.

  • Right People - Our team is a diverse group of industry veterans with startup-through-exit experience. 


A B2C marketplace for wine, leveraged by AI 

Wine is one of the most timeless and special products adults consume. Why is the process of getting the wine to the consumer the opposite? 

Wine is best aged, but the distribution must be modernized. 

This fully working platform is a live site, which integrates inventory in real-time. We stand out by utilizing AI technology, including the AI Tastry Y-Score matching program. Yahyn has digital Sommeliers on deck to help customers with their wine questions. Our customers can choose from +12,000 bottles, and there are more vineyards added every week.

Stu Bossom leads our business development team, and consistently adds additional vineyards (foreign and domestically). 

And the demand they are seeing from our vineyard partners? 

It’s unprecedented. 

Much of their work involves managing inbound inquiries. 

We’re lucky ducks. Vineyards in a post-COVID world see the value of having a digital distribution channel. Their perspective drives our cost of customer acquisition to nearly zero for adding new vineyards.  

The Problem

We believe the traditional system is a lose-lose for everyone

Wine producers are forced to sell their product wholesale into a three-tiered distribution system, from Producer to Wholesaler to Retailer.

Let’s break down why this bogs down everyone.

It is our belief that wine producers have virtually no shot in traditional retail distribution. To sell in any state, they must meet the regulatory burden of each state's compliance and permitting requirements. These requirements must be in place before their first sale in every state. 

There are three top distributors that are privately held. They control almost half of all wine and spirits sales.  

Based on our research, vineyards must compete heavily on price and volume to get a distributor. This leaves U.S. consumers to access only 11% of the wine made in their own country! And here’s the kicker, if you include foreign wineries, that access translates to less than .5% of the total wine market. 

Source: Statista

Have you ever looked at a wine list and couldn’t recognize most names on the list? 

You won't recognize the majority of vineyards if you go to wine country, either. That’s because you’ll never see those names at your local retailer. 

The craftsmen and women who make these amazing wines also lose out. They make very little margin per bottle, and consumers are charged a fortune for our favorite wines. The powerful middlemen, who thrive in the three-tiered system, make all the margin.

How is this system is beneficial to domestic wineries? 

With Yahyn, wineries make higher margins while the consumer saves (and sips) from a broader inventory. 

the market

$89 billion market with a lucrative shift in consumer behavior

The wine market is valued at $89 billion. Anyone competing in the wine market would be pleased to hear those numbers. 

In our view, we’ve got an edge over them though... It’s the exponentially growing rate of online wine sales.

12% of wine sales are done online, and it’s rising. There has been a massive consumer behavioral shift. Consumers are moving away from expensive brick-and-mortar products and switching to low-priced products on convenient digital platforms.

Direct-to-consumer wine sales peaked in November 2021. The total value for the month was more than $604 million. That’s 17% higher than the previous year’s rate (November 2020). The total volume also increased 3% over the same 12 months. 


We believe this is a massive opportunity. Yahyn is ready to capture the benefits as consumers continue to demand the convenience and savings of digital shopping. We’re the only platform democratizing access to the wine market by creating a digital platform. 

The main competitors are standard e-commerce players who buy products through the traditional system, store products in a warehouse, and ship to customers. They have attractive margins, high cost of inventory, “cost of carry” risks, and massive overhead. Their inventory isn’t as special and boundless as ours! It comes from the four common distributors in the space. 

Others buy wine in bulk from grape producers, white-label it, charge a monthly subscription fee and send a monthly allocation. They become the producer and retailers. This model produces poor quality wine, a margin dependent on lowering costs of goods sold, and inconsistent product year over year.


We leverage our tech stack to help wine producers sell more products without increasing costs. It doesn’t matter if it’s 100 or 100,000 bottles, our costs don’t increase. Yahyn is built to scale infinitely without incurring a correlated increase in expenses.  

The Solution

Empowering wineries and consumers by positively disrupting distribution

Forget three tiers. Just subtract one! Now you’ve got Yahyn’s two-sided system. 

Our platform positively disrupts the traditional system of wine distribution by integrating with vineyards in real-time through custom APIs. This drives DTC success. 

Like Uber in the transportation industry, we’re creating a new system. It’s a simplified, no-brainer process that empowers our two customers: wine producers and consumers. 

We’re still upholding the regulatory and compliance burden for wineries, vineyards, retailers, and distributors. We’ve just bypassed that painstaking process by building it directly into the platform. Boom.  

Vineyard partners can access back-end features that support multiple compliant shippers, tax collection, reporting, and remittance. Our wineries can be up and selling across the Yahyn platform quickly, legally, and easily. 

Wine consumers' eyes go wide while browsing our inventory. We’ve got everything from the popular brands to the undiscovered boutique winemakers. 

The best part? There are no middlemen involved.

The Yahyn platform uses a custom API into the producer’s POS and inventory management system. This allows them to sell digitally. Consumers come to the platform and seamlessly choose from over 12,000 SKU’s. We drive maximum LTV with two methods: Tastry’s AI recommendations and our Sommelier’s chat service.

Yahyn's business model is to be a “vineyard first” company. We make money when the wine producers sell a bottle on the platform. The merchant risks nothing and holds their inventory since there’s no cost to carry it. This keeps our overhead very low and we charge 20% of whatever is sold. We call this our Yahyn success fee. 


$100K gross sales MRR achieved and 30% of user base are repeat customers

Yahyn caught the attention of fin-tech writers at ForbesCNBC TechYahoo Finance, and more. We have more than 12,000 different SKUs and are targeted to hit 25,000 by Q2 of 2022.

That will make us one of the largest wine stores in the world. Pretty cool, right? That milestone is made possible by our dedication to democratizing access to the wine market.

We’ve already surpassed the $100k gross sales MRR mark, with the user growth to match. Our user base is growing at +38% month-over-month. Repeat users make up nearly 30% of our total user base. Partnerships with Studio Beverage Group are also in full swing. They allow Yahyn to bring in foreign wineries into the US market. 

We’re also proud to be the official wine supplier and have a relationship with Worth Avenue Yachts. It's the largest Yacht chartering service in Miami, Florida. 

Why Invest

We aim to be a disruptor in the wine industry

Think of what Amazon did to the book publishing world! We believe we can be that type of disruption to the wine world. 

We’ve already changed the game for foreign wine producers. They finally have a legal and compliant way to sell direct-to-consumer into the largest wine-consuming market in the world. Millions of wine producers from all over the world can finally sell into the US.

This is a radical departure from traditional wine sales and distribution. We believe it is similar to the level of disruption that Airbnb represented to the hotel market.

The wine business has a total addressable market of nearly $89 billion. This space has minimal competitors and a swell of demand.

We also know consumers demand digital convenience, selection, and price. COVID has only accelerated the shift to digital. It’s showing no signs of stopping.

Yahyn's team has the experience, know-how, and conviction to flourish in this space.

  • Combined 70 years of experience in the wine distribution space

  • History of multiple exits

  • Board of directors from senior executives to celebrities

Wine is meant to be shared. When you screw off the cap and jimmy out the cork, you usually pour it out to a cluster of glasses. 

It never made sense to us. How could something so special be so segregated? We set out to redefine the distribution system of wine and improve the producer and consumer experience. We’re proud of our strides and milestones in those areas, but we’re just getting started.

An investment in Yahyn is an investment in the livelihoods of dedicated wineries and the palettes of everyday wine lovers. Together, let’s expand the possibilities of the phrase “I just found my new favorite wine.” 

Join us!

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Investment Incentives and Bonuses*:

$500 and receive 15% off your first wine order at Yahyn.com

$1,000 and receive 20% off your order and have a Somm led personal zoom explain your wines plus 5% Bonus shares 

$5,000 and receive 1 Yahyn Somm picked case of wine (6 bottles) as well as 10% bonus shares 

$35,000 and receive a private wine dinner for 4 plus 10% bonus shares 

$100,000 and receive a private wine dinner for 10 at a Napa vineyard 

*All perks occur when the offering is completed.

The 10% StartEngine Owners' Bonus

Yahyn, Inc. will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Preferred Stock at $72.42/share, you will receive 110 shares of Preferred Stock, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $7242. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investor's eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are canceled or fail.

Investors will only receive a single bonus, which will be the highest bonus rate they are eligible for.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

We will not incur any irregular use of proceeds.

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Timing is everything...

4 days ago

Timing they say is the single most important thing that contributes to success. Reid Hoffman founder of LinkedIn says that if the 1999-2000 tech bubble didn't pop, LinkedIn wouldn't exist.  Recently laid off tech employees needed a way to network and find work in mass. 

The timing for Yahyn couldn't be better, here is a link to a recent article by RaboBank talking about how the consumer is changing their buying behavior in regards to wine,  

Yahyn has the wind to our backs and we believe that gives us a very bright future! Thank you for following and sharing Yahyn with your friends and family 

Forbes gets it!

5 days ago

As a startup there is nothing better then getting written about in a major publication because your startup is changing the world!! Check out this great article about Yahyn in Forbes!!  Thank you for following along with us! 

CNBC quoted us!

16 days ago

Ever single startup wants organic press! Its the greatest way for you to gain traction and visibility in your market.  However with so many startup us constantly bombarding the top news outlets it can be extremely difficult. 

We are excited to share with you our very first time in CNBC. While admittedly its a small shout-out its these smaller wins that bring the momentum! 

Goliath(s) are weakening

17 days ago

Yahyn has created a marketplace in the wine sector that completely disrupts the established "three-tiered" system. We do this by allowing vineyards and producers to list their wines across the platform allowing them to sell DTC. This has a two fold effect, vineyards can sell to a broader audience with a much higher margin and consumers can find a far broader inventory that is on average 20% cheaper per bottle. 

But we aren't the only ones, the Federal Trade Commission agrees with us. Yahyn's timing couldn't be better! Check out this recent article in Wine-Seacher! Digital is the way forward!! 

Notice of Material Change in Offering

23 days ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the Yahyn offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

Issuer is changing maximum offering amount, extending campaign end date and updating financial information.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

How does +650 new bottles of wine sound?

25 days ago

Huge Yahyn update! 

Another one!! Quick announcement that we have brought Divino Cellars onto the platform. After integrating their inventory in they Yahyn, this adds an additional  +650 SKU's! We have seen in the past that every time we bring in a broader inventory it has driven an increase sales.  We march one step closer to being the largest wine store in the world! 

More wine is always a good day!!  Cheers! 

They want in... and Yahyn has the key

about 1 month ago

The US spends and average of $66.8bn per year on wine, making us the largest purchaser of wine in the world. Which means for the ten's of thousands of wineries located outside the US they are desperate to get their amazing wines here. 

Under the current process this is no easy task. Which is why when a consumer goes to the grocery store or wine store, the foreign wine section is so limited. The team at Yahyn asked why it has to be so difficult and unreasonable... 

Yahyn has officially launched a program to allow wineries a program to launch their wine within the US. We are excited to announce our first containers of wine have "hit the water" and are inbound to the US. This is a MASSIVE game changer to how wine is distributed and sold in the US. This will change the world of wine forever. Watch this space!

Coming in HOT!

about 1 month ago

We are adding new vineyards and wineries all the time!  I want to introduce you to a couple of recent additions to the platform; 

Component Wine, this amazing wine founded by a former 30 under 30 Forbes winner. This wine focus on a single grape varietal in its purest form. No blending here, just the best that varietal of that vintage has to offer! Check them out here! 

9 Suns winery is a multi generational vineyard past down thru generations. Outside of Yahyn this wine is ONLY sold at two restaurants, they both happen to be 3 Michelin Star'd restaurants; The French Laundry and Meadow Wood. Two of the finest restaurant in the world. You can learn more about their wine here.

Yahyn gives these wine makers the ability to reach a far broader audience, while giving our customers access to wine they have never had access to before. Thats the power of this platform! 

Timing is everything!

about 1 month ago

Back in 2019 the team at Yahyn identified a massive potential shift in consumer behavior. Consumers had traditionally purchased everything from a brick and mortar retail stores... More and more industries have been disrupted by digital, even large and unwieldy items such as mattress's!  

Yahyn's working thesis was that wine would be disrupted like so many other consumer segments.  Recently the largest bank in the wine industry released this chart. The Yahyn platform is building on a ground swell of demand and we couldn't be more excited to share that with you.  

Women is future of wine

about 2 months ago

Currently the Baby Boomer generation is the largest spender on wine, but the time's are a changin'. As you can see by this article on Wine Industry Advisor, women and younger generations are poised to become the largest consumer segment. 

Given this shift to female consumers we wanted to highlight one of our key board members; Pam Hamlin. Pam's background as an executive at one of the largest marketing firms gives Yahyn huge advantage as we focus on attracting this key demographic.  Learn more about Pam and the rest of the team here. 

Yahyn believes that our biggest advantage  is our incredible team that we have assembled. Wildly successful individuals with a wide variety of backgrounds, give Yahyn that killer edge to win! We welcome you to come join our story. 


The shift just got real... $30bn

about 2 months ago

The team at Yahyn has been pounding the table that consumer trends where going to radically change the wine market. As the current wine consumer age out of consuming wine and the younger generation moves in, they strongly prefer a digital buying experience over an in-person experience. This trend was ignited by COVID-19 and has only increased post pandemic!  

Here is a recent article about the surge in that trend and where is going in the near future. In regards to Yahyn, this means we are standing in the right place at the right time. Timing is everything they say! 


Fundamental shift in wine

about 2 months ago

Our import initiative process has been completed, and approved. We’ve confirmed three containers to start out of South America made up of some of the hottest unknown wineries in all of South America. Next up is Europe, we’ve confirmed one container from Spain and the team has begun working with Italy and France.  Our ability to condense the three-tier system combined with our on-demanded inventory process will turn Yahyn into THE global marketplace for every worldwide winery that would like to be available DTC in the largest market on the planet.  Through our partnership with Tastry and the deployment of their predictive scoring model we can ensure success for any winery wishing to be sold DTC.  Foreign wineries will also enjoy a much higher ROI versus the traditional system but the biggest winner will be the American consumer who will now have access to tens of thousands of wines never before available in the country.

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