Why Choose StartEngine?

We have raised over $650M across 550 company offerings to date, and we have helped more companies raise capital via Regulation Crowdfunding and Regulation A+ than any other platform. Need more reasons?

Leading the Industry: $650M Raised

At the end of 2019, we had raised $115M in our entire company's lifecycle. In 2020, we more than doubled that, and our growth is showing no signs of slowing down.


Offerings Funded

More than 550 offerings have been
successfully funded on StartEngine.



More than 1,000,000 prospective investors are a part of the StartEngine community.


Retention Rate

50% of companies that try StartEngine

once come back to raise again.

What Makes StartEngine Unique?

Our leadership has a proven track record.

Our Co-Founder & CEO Howard Marks previously co-founded the video game company Activision, which has a multi-billion dollar market cap. Our Strategic Advisor Kevin O’Leary, or “Mr. Wonderful,” is a renowned businessman and investor.

We lead by example.

StartEngine itself has raised over $60M from the crowd, and we allow our 30,000+ shareholders to trade. We use that firsthand experience to help our customers raise capital.

Seed funding to trading, all in one place.

Companies can raise their first funding round on StartEngine and later give their shareholders the opportunity to trade, all on the same site.

Passionate Investor Community

Our 1,000,000 investor community is active and passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. Our network accounts for 55% of investments on the StartEngine platform and are led by over 20,000 power users: our investors with the StartEngine Owner’s Bonus. On average, our investors with the Owner’s Bonus make 6 investments each.

Our investor community is one of the most active in the space, and our investors will be a driving force in your raise. They have helped companies, such as:



Security robot company Knightscope has raised $57M+ across two Regulation A+ offerings, including a $22.9M raise—the largest ever on StartEngine.

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Combustion engine manufacturer LiquidPiston has raised over $18M on StartEngine, including the fastest $1M Reg CF of all time.



We raise from the crowd too. StartEngine itself has raised over $60M across Regulation A+ and Regulation Crowdfunding. 

What StartEngine Offers

We provide a team to help you launch your offering.

We provide an Onboarding Manager to help with legal/financial technicalities including filling the Form-C on your behalf. We also offer a treasure-trove of marketing resources to help you make your raise a success.

Our community will contribute 55% of what you raise on average.

On average, 55% of funds are raised from our investor network of 1,000,000 prospective investors.

We offer marketing guidance during your raise.

Attend one of our weekly webinars to learn about how to set campaign perks, strategies to at launch and closing, how to build early momentum, keeping your community engaged through updates and more.

We allow you to collect funds as you raise.

We allow rolling closes on the platform, which enables you to withdraw funds that you’ve raised during your campaign to use immediately for any business expenses or for reinvesting into the marketing component of your raise.


Why wait?

Take the first step towards funding your business.

Join more than 550 raises that have launched on StartEngine.

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