Whooshh Innovations

Fish passage solutions

Whooshh Innovations

Fish passage solutions

Seattle, WA
Whooshh is disrupting the world of fish passage with solutions that enable selective fish passage, restore natural habitat, and limit CO2.


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Reasons to Invest

SAVE the fish: Now deploying novel products designed and developed to improve fish welfare, fish passage and spawning success.
FEED the planet: Fish provide critical nutrients for the planet’s ecosystems and are the number one protein for the people on it.
GROW clean energy: By enabling more efficient use of our water resources, we accelerate the growth of clean renewable energy.


Saving Fish, Clean Water, and the Planet

Here are the facts: 

Whooshh tackles all issues at once,  using safe, sustainable fish passage  solutions to do it.


We’ve focused all our energy and resources on developing game-changing fish sorting and passage solutions economical for its users, and for the shared water resources. We’re now starting to deploy our proprietary systems all over the world - making a difference and an impact.

The Problem

Climate Change is Impacting Fish Migration  

Supporting native fish populations is more critical now than ever, and we can begin to do that today. Native fish are an integral part of their habitats and ecosystems -  playing an important role in nutrient cycles, and a crucial part of the food chain. 

Many of these fish like salmon, eel, lamprey, and shad depend on migrating thousands of miles to reach freshwater spawning ground and habitats each year. 

Now, faced with growing challenges such as climate change, habitat loss, and invasive species, this crucial migration is becoming increasingly difficult. 

There is an urgent need for safe, effective fish passage without also enabling invasive fish species that could do further damage.

The Solution

We Keep Fish Swimming  

We believe that supporting renewable energy is an important part of the fight against climate change, and an essential component of caring for our earth. 

Hydropower is the largest producer of renewable energy in the world - so we developed a better way for hydropower and healthy native fish populations to coexist. 

Our goal is to restore native fish species to their historical numbers to feed the planet and the people on it - while simultaneously enabling hydropower a more efficient use of the shared water resources.

Our Passage Portal lets fish swim on their own, and the system selectively sorts the fish before they glide through our Migrator Tubes, regardless of geography, height of obstacle, or changing water levels, all in less than a minute. 



We integrated scanning, sorting and invasive species removal features in order to enable selective fish passage. This way, we never stop collecting images and data and learning about the local habitat - and the fish who call it home.


The Market

Our Channels 

The problems we’re trying to help solve are enormous, but so is the business opportunity.

Our customers include:

  • Private and public dam owners
  • Federal and state agencies
  • Aquaculture producers
  • Seafood processing companies
  • Fisheries managers and researchers
  • Tribes and first nations

Our Traction

A Stream of Success

Here’s our timeline of accomplishments:

  • 48 Patents granted, and more than 50 others pending 

  • 20 Independent studies completed (source)

  • 2014 First Salmon Cannon sold to Washington Dept. Of Fish and Wildlife 

  • 2014 Salmon Cannon goes viral 

  • 2017 First pilot Passage Portal deployed on non-powered dam  

  • 2018 National Hydropower Association – OSAW Award winner (source)

  • 2019 First Floating Passage Portal Pilot deployed at hydropower dam 

  • 2020 Nine deployments and cash flow positive for the year

What We Do

Think Hyper-loop for Fish

Here's how it works: Fish swim in on their own, have their picture taken using our FishL Recognition Scanner to determine among other things, species and size. Our system is so smart, it can also help with selective fish passage, ensuring only native fish move through a waterway upstream or downstream, and it can stop unwanted or invasive species.

The maximum capacity of one Passage Portal  is about 40 fish per minute or 57,600 fish per day. In short, we enable fish to transport themselves over land without stress or injury in a flexible, misted tube. 

We enable native live fish species to glide over land from point A to Point B in seconds without requiring the use of large quantities of water and power.

We create this hyper-loop with five different Migrator Tubes to be used with: 

  • The Passage Portal™ for Fish Passage applications
  • The Salmon Cannon™ for fish handling operations

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And we take our designing seriously. That’s why when developing our systems, we first research, study, and evaluate fish behavior and preferences so we really get it right for the fish first. 

We take into account their…

  • Safety

  • Stress 

  • Passage Success 

  • Migration Time 

  • Spawning Success

With our passage systems, we are able to…

  • Increase hydropower production up to 10% without additional infrastructure

  • Reduce  ongoing reporting and compliance headaches

  • Improve the safe, timely, and effective passage of native fish species

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The Business Model

Our Strategy 

In 2020 alone, we recognized  $5.6 million in revenue, with a EBIDTA of $2.92 million and a gross margin of over 90%.

There are five ways we generate such revenue:

(Our fifth revenue system will evolve over time with sufficient scaling... )

How We Are Different

Paving the Passage

In the Fish Passage space, our competitors are typically civil engineering firms who produce expensive, custom solutions that only kind-of work for some native species and too often do work for many invasive species.

Our systems are modular, flexible, and cost a fraction of the amount to build and operate - assuring a better, safer migration for native fish. 

They assist native fish to pass over dams in seconds rather than days to reclaim access to their spawning grounds. This means fish get over the dam faster, expending less energy, experiencing less stress, and therefore getting to cooler, safer, water and spawning habitat.


We do not require concrete structures or any extra, unnecessary use of water.

In the Aquaculture space, our gentle handling of fish without pumping large volumes of wastewater reduces injuries, mortalities, and stress - overall improving survivability, fecundity, taste, shelf life and product value. 

The Vision

SAVE the Fish, FEED the Planet, GROW Clean Energy

Within 3-5 years, Whooshh intends to be the unquestioned worldwide leader in fish passage and monitoring technologies - spanning from high head dams on all major rivers across the globe to low head barriers on their tributaries.


Elemental Leaders

The ancient Greeks named the four basic elements of life: earth, air, fire, and water. 

Today, we call them: food, air, energy, and water. Our products touch all of these core elements of life, and as a result, we continue to  attract the best talent to support our mission. 

We have a novel product solution that the public loves to support. We believe we will be successful because the public gets it, and with their support we can do great things: Save the Fish, Feed the Planet, Grow Clean Energy and create a multi-generational investment in our future for our shareholders.


Here’s the team behind that mission:

Vincent Bryan III, CEO and President 

Adobe Systems, Site Manager

Founders Award Winner

Masters Transnational Bus. Transactions

Paul Henwood, Chief Product Officer

MicroConnex, Metron, 

Siemens Research, MindPlay, WaveTrace

Janine Bryan, VP of R&D

NIH, Merck - (Gardasil)

PHD – Micro Immunology

Marc Haugen, Board of Directors

Cepheid, Applied Materials,

Lam Research, Capta

Siao Ling Kok, Sr. Controller

MI Controls Inc.

Nautilus Marine Enterprises

Masters Business Administration

Vincent Bryan Jr., Chairman Board of Directors

Spinal Dynamics, Medtronic, Gorge Amphitheater, Columbia River Reserve, PreActive

Why Invest

We’re on Food and Energy’s Doorstep 

Our investors are funding the future of the two largest industries in the world: food and energy. And there’s an emerging growth company within it: fish - one of the primary sources of protein in many countries of the world (source).

Our solutions enable both these industries to sustainably grow. Further, the regulatory environment has become increasingly favorable by requiring fish passage where there are barriers and improving upon the infrastructure that is there to stay. 

The planet needs wild fish to sustain itself, just as we need farmed fish and clean hydropower to sustain ourselves. 

 It isn’t often one can invest in a company that has a worldwide market opportunity that impacts fish, air, clean energy, and the oceans to help feed the planet. With our recurring PaaS business model, our upfront costs to customers are low, the recurring revenue is long, and the opportunity, extraordinary. 

For any Investor Questions, Please review this StartEngine FAQ

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August 11, 2019

A viral video’s been making the rounds this week of what looks like some kind of pneumatic tube coaster/aquatic Uber service to help transport fish to wherever the hell fish need to go.

The Verge
August 11, 2014

Behold, the fish cannon Whooshh Innovations wants to vacuum your fish to safety

Geek Wire
August 19, 2016

Meet the ‘Salmon Cannon:’ This high-tech contraption sends fish flying over dams and other barriers

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Second Volume Tier -- 50,000 - 15% bonus 

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The 10% StartEngine Owners' Bonus

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This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are cancelled or fail.

Investors will only receive a single bonus, which will be the highest bonus rate they are eligible for.

The Company will not incur any irregular use of proceeds.

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Whooshh Innovations Passes $300k, Super Early Bird Bonus Ends Soon

10 hours ago

What an exciting and thrilling launch for us!  In just a matter of days we have already passed $300,000 in investments. We're so happy to have those of you on board who have already invested. 

Just a reminder if you haven't already invested, our Super Early Bird bonus is ending soon, so now is your chance to take advantage. Feel free to tell you friends and family about our exciting investment as well.  

Speaking of exciting:  We're so excited to be included in a Digital Trends article titled: "The world's first fully automated 'salmon cannon' is here to save the planet."  

Our Whooshh Passage Portal is being called a "hyperloop for fish" and it's not hard to see why.  

Join our mission to SAVE the fish, FEED the planet, and GROW clean energy!  

-- The Whooshh Innovations Team 


Whooshh Innovations Passes $200,000 In Investments!

3 days ago

Whooshh Innovations is proud to announce that we have passed the $200,000 milestone on StartEngine but the clock is running out on our biggest incentive.  

Only a short time remaining for the Friends and Family 15% bonus shares.  

Your investments are having a direct and beneficial impact on our company, and we’re so happy to have you on the team. 

Thanks to the more than 100 people who have already invested! 

Our offering is now open!

4 days ago

Hello friends of Whooshh Innovations! We're so happy to announce that our campaign is now live, and now is your chance to finalize your investment.   

If you've already submitted reservations, please make sure you finalize them before we begin reaching out to our broader community.  

Whooshh Innovations is also now a featured company on StartEngine's home page, for all to see and invest! 

We're so happy for you to join us on this journey to SAVE the Fish! FEED the Planet! and GROW clean energy! 

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