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The Future of Wastewater Recovery

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Creating Clean Water,  Capturing Value from "Waste"

Invest in WaterRR

WaterRR is innovating in the wastewater cleanup sector, building on the successful use of BioHaven Floating Islands to treat wastewater lagoons. Floating Island International (FII) introduced BioHaven® technology in 2005 and has launched more than 8,000 floating islands worldwide. Now, with some key innovations, WaterRR is creating a paradigm shift in small-town sewage treatment with BioHaven Water Resource Recovery.

WaterRR's vision is to create both economic and social value from wastewater cleanup. Our clients are communities and municipalities that treat their sewage with open lagoons. Our system generates revenue while cleaning the waterBioHavens harness the fertilizer value of wastewater to grow valuable plants and trees.

As a critical side benefit, BioHaven floating islands prevent the most potent of greenhouse gases that often emit from polluted water. They offer a novel way for a community to take climate action and engage its citizens with their water utility, through Arbor Days and "greening" projects. 

Without changing their infrastructure, we help these communities improve water quality and stay in compliance with new, more rigid environmental standards, saving them an expensive upgrade or hefty fines.

At the same time, we reduce greenhouse gases with our effective wastewater treatment system and, through Resource Recovery, create benefits for the community, their people and the environment. By investing, you share in our success and help us help them help the world. You may live downstream!

The Offering


$2.50/share of Common Stock│When you invest you are betting the company’s future equity value will exceed $4.9M.

Investment Bonuses


Campaign Perks

All investors will receive a GHG reduction certificate recognizing their Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum level impact.

Investors over $20,000 are invited, with a partner, to visit WaterRR headquarters in Montana for a weekend hosted by founders Bruce and Anne Kania at their beautiful estate, which is home to a unique array of experiments in sustainability that will provide a glimpse into the future of water. 

$500 tier – GHG reduction certificate (Bronze)

$1,000 tier – GHG reduction certificate (Silver)

$5,000 tier – GHG reduction certificate (Gold)

$10,000 tier – GHG reduction certificate (Platinum)

$20,000 tier – Weekend at Shepherd hosted by Bruce and Anne Kania

 (Weekend includes transfers from Billings airport and all meals and accommodations for a maximum of 3 nights and 2 days, for one party of 2 people).

*All perks occur after the offering is completed

Cleaning Wastewater - Converting "Waste" into Value - Creating Community Revenue

A Paradigm Shift in Small-Town Sewage Treatment

All across the U.S., thousands of communities and municipalities are utilizing wastewater lagoons to treat their sewage. These lagoons are less effective than the mechanical systems used in larger cities, especially at removing excess nutrients that pollute water. 

These lagoons can send nutrient-rich water downstream, which leads to harmful algae blooms.

Floating islands remove excess nutrients from wastewater, utilizing them to grow things that are commercially and environmentally viable --  like trees and fish that consume mosquito larvae. 

The water in poorly performing lagoons can generate methane and nitrous oxide, which are potent greenhouse gases. Nitrous oxide, for instance, is 300 times more harmful to the climate than carbon dioxide. Communities whose sewage is treated in lagoons create up to five times as much greenhouse gas per capita than the rest of the country. (Calculations by Dr. Mark Reinsel, PhD).

This is where WaterRR's BioHaven Water Resource Recovery system steps in. It generates revenue for those same communities while it delivers clean wastewater effluent and prevents the most concentrated forms of greenhouse gas. 

Our system farms nutrients out of wastewater and cycles them into valuable landscape plants and trees. And it sequesters carbon, while preventing greenhouse gases, such as nitrous oxide and methane, from being generated in the first place by eliminating the conditions that produce them.

Building on Previous Success

Floating Island International first developed the BioHaven floating island technology that cleans up water in 2005. Since then, they have launched over 8,000 islands worldwide. They work with a network of licensees and distributors in the US and globally. Floating Island International and the Biohaven family of products have numerous patents behind its unique, groundbreaking technology. 

WaterRR's Key Innovations

Our new BioHaven WaterRR design integrates solar thermal and solar electric components to raise the water temperature around the matrix to a projected 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Heating the surface area inhabited by beneficial microbes enhances their performance and addresses two of the massive water quality problems facing wastewater lagoons: cold weather ammonia removal and phosphorus uptake in winter.

The Science Behind WaterRR

Our BioHaven floating islands utilize nature's own innovations to clean wastewater. The science of adapting designs from nature to solve modern problems is called biomimicry. Through research into naturally-occurring floating islands around the world, we were able to model and design our BioHaven islands. This means we are taking the best of nature and enhancing it through years of research and experimentation.  

BioHavens are like a floating mat. They're buoyant, yet resilient, allowing the growth of plants and trees. BioHavens can even support small buildings. They are composed of recycled drinking water bottles formed into a high-integrity filter material, which is certified safe for use in water. It is very robust which means it can stand up to harsh weather and other tough conditions indefinitely. The islands are coated with a UV-impermeable layer similar to an armor. This extends the lifespan of the islands all the way up to sixty years.

These islands develop a layer of microbes called biofilm that break down waste and other harmful nutrients as the wastewater cycles around and through the island. The nutrients are converted into valuable life forms like fish, plants, trees and pollinator invertebrates. We will work in tandem with local nurseries on the tree planting, and after three years, we will harvest and rotate the trees. The harvested trees will be re-potted and sold through our partners.

Container grown landscape trees and forage fish represent revenue opportunities for lagoon-based wastewater facilities. 

BioHaven design allows for convenient and safe worker access.

What Makes Us Unique

BioHavens have survived 48-inch snowfalls in Alaska, and nearly a dozen hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico. Our armored units are the most robust form of island available today.

For lagoon-based systems there are  few technologies that can be used to retrofit existing lagoons – the alternative in many cases is to go to a concrete and steel system which is a huge jump up in infrastructure expense. WaterRR improves treatment without requiring any change to the existing lagoon footprint. 

Most importantly, never before has there been a revenue solution for a small town’s wastewater cleanup. Forms of Water Resource Recovery (WRR) have been used by the large concrete and steel wastewater facilities around the world for a decade, but WaterRR is the first to bring it to the lagoon-based wastewater market. BioHavens provide optimal habitat for plants, trees, fish and beneficial pollinator insects.  In the process we create a new prospective revenue stream for small communities across North America. 

Because our islands are generating revenue through water resource recovery, the ability to clean wastewater can now be a viable and affordable solutions for small communities that have many competing needs for limited funds. As a result, many more projects will be completed than otherwise would have been, which means we are helping reduce communities' pollution and carbon footprint without forcing them to make fiscal compromises.

Instead of Taking the Water to the Farm,

We're Bringing the Farm to the Water

Becoming Part of the Community

WaterRR comes into small communities and municipalities with the goal of transforming their wastewater management without disrupting the existing system that's in place.  WaterRR provides turnkey management of the landscaping trees in the BioHaven WRR system, from stewarding the trees and replanting as needed, to their eventual harvest and sale. All of this is done in conjunction with the community, and partnering with local nurseries.  

Communities will find our floating islands to be the perfect place for celebrating Arbor Day or tree-planting days. We are bringing people together to make a difference in their own home. 

Our target demographic are those forward-looking municipalities with one or more of the following characteristics:

  1. A growing population, and thus a desire to optimize their existing lagoons and avoid the need for expensive upgrades to a mechanical system.

2. Difficulty in meeting current or future discharge limits.

3. A commitment to reducing their GHG emissions, such as a Climate Action Plan.

4. Few competing priorities for public infrastructure investment (ie other needed upgrades to water or sewer systems).

5. The political will to make public investment in green infrastructure.

Market Opportunity & Growth Strategy

As of 2015, about 25% of Americans had their waste treated by non-mechanical systems, representing approximately 22,000 municipal wastewater lagoon systems. The market for industrial and agricultural waste is orders of magnitude greater even.

These lagoon-based systems are much less efficient at removing pollutants than large municipal treatment plants. But for small towns, it is cost-prohibitive to build a large mechanized wastewater system and exporting the sewage to larger facilities often isn't financially feasible either. Even though lagoon-based wastewater treatment is far less environmentally efficient and safe, it is the only option for many communities. Because of this, WaterRR is poised to provide much-needed innovation within this sector. 

Based on the cost of our system and approximately 22,000 municipal wastewater lagoons, we estimate the potential municipal market for BioHaven WRR in the U.S. to be between $2.5 – $5.1 billion dollars. This does not include the potential for industrial & agricultural applications.

Floating Island International has an extensive network of more than twenty licensee/manufacturers, reps and distributors in the United States and across the globe. Our reps and distributors operate across a variety of sectors, including wetland and stream restoration, lake management, green stormwater, and ecological engineering. Today WaterRR is poised to leverage that network into a game-changer in the wastewater market. 

From our research headquarters in Montana, with reps in Texas, Illinois, North Carolina, Arizona, and California, we will implement Water Resource Recovery across rural America. We anticipate this taking place in two stages – first, immediately around the geography of existing reps, and in phase two, in new strategic territories as we become more resourced.

Our outreach strategy centers around direct contact with City Clerks and Public Works Directors, as well as state Rural Water Associations. We will use this strategy to reach rural communities across the U.S., with our network of reps, wetland specialists, environmental engineers, plant stewards, and new field offices conducting on-the-ground outreach and providing turnkey management in regions outside the West.

In 2019, we are seeking at least 2 pilot projects for our WRR system so we can demonstrate its efficacy and prove out the value proposition for our clients. We currently have more than a dozen proposals in the hands of Public Works Directors for such a pilot.

As we grow and complete more projects, our clients can become a cohort of like-minded, progressive communities. Our support will enable them to share information and innovative strategies.

Additionally, we were recently accepted into the Water Research Federation’s LIFT (Leaders Innovation Forum in Technology) program. The LIFT program brings together the best scientific minds and industry specialists to accelerate adoption of innovative water technologies. This will help us spread the word about the importance of the work that WaterRR is doing.

"The (wastewater) sector has to redefine itself around resource management and recovery with a mission that includes watershed and source water management... and reclaiming nutrients through phosphorus recovery and other processes. This would make residents more willing to act jointly with utilities as custodians of a critical resource like water."   

Mahesh Lunani

Water Environment and Technology Magazine, January 2019

Invest in WaterRR

WaterRR is on the cusp of a major paradigm shift in the wastewater sector. For the first time, we are providing towns a way to invest in their green future with a product that garners revenue, eventually paying for itself.

Your investment will allow our company to:

  • Grow our sales and marketing staff to meet the market demand; 
  • Bring in the expertise of new executive management team members; 
  • Prototype the full BioHaven WRR system and demonstrate its value proposition; and 
  • Increase our marketing and presence at association conferences in order to increase product awareness. 

With your support, we can significantly expand our Water Resource Recovery initiative and take advantage of this market opportunity.

Through WaterRR's exciting new design that integrates heat for improved wastewater treatment while growing harvestable landscape plants and trees, we are changing the face of Water Resource Recovery. WaterRR is proud to be a part of a movement to fix the world’s water and is eager to continue being at the forefront of innovation, design and implementation in sustainable wastewater treatment.

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Investment-Based Bonus Shares (ongoing after early-bird special expires)

  • $5,000 tier – 10% bonus shares
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  • $20,000 tier – 20% bonus shares

Campaign Perks*

All investors will receive a GHG reduction certificate recognizing their Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum level impact

Investors over $20,000 are invited, with a partner, to visit WaterRR headquarters in Montana for a weekend hosted by founders Bruce and Anne Kania at their beautiful estate, which is home to a unique array of experiments in sustainability that will provide a glimpse into the future of water. We will cover transfers from Billings airport and all meals and accommodations for a maximum of 3 nights and 2 days, for one party of 2 people.

  1. $500 tier – GHG reduction certificate (Bronze)
  2. $1,000 tier- GHG reduction certificate (Silver)
  3. $5,000 tier- GHG reduction certificate (Gold)
  4. $10,000 tier- GHG reduction certificate (Platinum)
  5. $20,000 tier- Weekend at Shepherd hosted by Bruce and Anne Kania

*All perks occur after the offering is completed

The 10% Bonus for StartEngine Shareholders

WaterRR, Inc. will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed, within 24 hours of this offering going live, by StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. shareholders who invested over $1,000 in the StartEngine Reg A offering which closed earlier this year.

StartEngine shareholders who invested $1,000 or more in that StartEngine Reg A offering will receive a 10% bonus on this offering within a 24-hour window of this offering’s launch date. This means you will receive a bonus for any shares you purchase. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Common Stock at $2.50 / share, you will receive 110 Common Stock shares, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $250. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by 250 down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% bonus is only valid for one year from the time StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. investors received their countersigned StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. subscription agreement.

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This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


Protecting the Yellowstone River

about 2 months ago

Living right above the Yellowstone River, we love it and strive to protect it. Out of this love BioHaven floating islands were born! Watch this 28-minute video of Anne Kania in conversation with Mike Penfold discussing how BioHavens are deployed in the watershed to reduce the nutrients that come into the river that would otherwise cause problems like algae blooms, oxygen depletion and loss of aquatic life.... and contribute to the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.


Not two but three.....

about 2 months ago

We are pleased to announce that at least three Water Resource Recovery projects are developing for 2019…two here near our headquarters in Montana and one in Idaho.  WaterRR is leading the charge towards a future where WRR is the standard for water treatment.  Since the launch of BioHaven floating islands in 2005, we’ve learned that water projects need to pay for themselves.  There are simply too many other “pulls” for tax dollars.  So I can say with great pleasure, as well as a measure of relief, that these projects are coming to fruition.

Many thanks to the incredibly dedicated regulatory folks at Montana DEQ, leadership within the city of Billings and Joliet, Montana, as well as the great folks in Smelterville, Idaho.  These are the far-sighted individuals who drive innovation.  Without them all we can hope for is further deterioration of our water!  

WaterRR’s business plan called for two such projects for this year.  The fact that three are happening reflects the energy behind WRR.  These are truly exciting times!

Thank you for your support!

Bruce Kania

Notice of Material Change in Offering

about 2 months ago

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Hello! Recently, a change was made to the WaterRR offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

Extended campaign 60 days.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

Notice of Funds Disbursement

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As you might know, WaterRR has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in WaterRR be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


What We Have Achieved So Far With Our Funding (Thank You)

2 months ago

We are very grateful to all of you who have supported us so far in our campaign.  With only 2 weeks left, we want to share the highlights of what we have achieved so far with the funds we’ve received.

With WRR proposals being requested by over 25 communities, fourteen are actively being considered for implementation.  One (in Idaho) is in go-forward mode, with a Preliminary Design Report (PDR) agreed to and a possible installation yet this year.  Five (in Montana and Wyoming) are “hot”, with PDR approvals anticipated in the next thirty days.

The first prototype for the solar thermal heating unit has been built and tested at our research center.  The knowledge gained from this has led us into collaboration with two companies for the production of the first “commercial” prototype. We are very excited about the technology’s capability and how well it’s coming together.

We have two wastewater lagoon test sites in mind and are talking with city officials and MT DEQ to garner approval and perhaps additional funding so we can get good “real world” data during the summer and winter months ahead.

Meanwhile, our non-solar pilot project at Joliet is continuing to be monitored by MT DEQ.  Ammonia reduction took place during the particularly cold winter, but we are not in a position to publish data.  Our best wintertime performance data to-date come from Rehberg Ranch, Billings, where ammonia and total nitrogen were reduced by 27% and 20% respectively, and total phosphorus by 26%, compared to a control pond with identical inflow (2010).

Our process engineer, Dr. Mark Reinsel, has been working closely with the WaterRR team to develop the PDR content and provide modeling services.

Our goal now is to raise another $100,000 from all sources this year to enable us to continue developing and testing the prototype so we can forge ahead into 2020 sales with compelling data.

WaterRR is a wholly owned subsidiary of Floating Island International (FII), a leader in the emerging floating treatment wetland industry.  FII and its licensed manufacturers based in the U.S., England/Netherlands, New Zealand, and China have some 9,000 BioHaven Floating Islands launched and performing in over 30 applications, including waterscape beautification, fishery enhancement, levee protection, and stormwater management.

Notice of Funds Disbursement

3 months ago

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As you might know, WaterRR has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in WaterRR be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


Is This an Example of Water Resource Recovery? 🤔☺️

3 months ago

In the WaterWorld Weekly news today:

"After the West Memphis, Arkansas, wastewater facility pumped out its drainage ponds following heavy rains, they discovered dozens of turtles trapped in the holding tank.

The West Memphis Animal Shelter came to the rescue, fishing out more than 75 turtles over the course of two days.

The turtles were subsequently relocated to a nearby pond."

My favorite example is the nurturing of native longfin eels in the Kerepehi wastewater lagoons in New Zealand. These eels are considered a treasure by the Māori people, so they were harvested  and released into local waterways as feed stock to improve the populations and benefit the community.

Invest in Collaboration and Innovation with WaterRR

3 months ago

The Innovation Team at WaterRR (and FII) is pleased to announce a breakthrough that greatly reduces WaterRR project installation costs.  Based on two years of design collaboration with Quick Plug North America, we are pleased to announce we can now offer a pre-planted BioHaven Floating Island.  According to Bruce Kania, this option can reduce island launch costs by as much as 50%.  “Quick Plug offers a superior product that speeds up island launch and makes it an even more enjoyable and affordable process!  Based on this system islands can, literally, be launched in minutes.”   

WaterRR brings Water Resource Recovery to municipal wastewater lagoons, as well as lakes and ponds that otherwise experience harmful algae blooms.  The system uses efficacy-proven BioHaven Floating Islands to cycle pollution-causing nutrients into commercial forms of trees, mosquito larvae-consuming minnows, and solar power.  Invest now in bringing this natural and viable technology to the water quality sector.


Make an Impact this Earth Day

3 months ago

Spring has sprung here in Montana! The birds are chirping, grass is greening, flowers are blooming - the circle of life unfolding all around us. 

Today we celebrate Earth Day as a reminder that, together, we can protect our precious air, water, and environment. 

We invite you to join us and become part of the solution. With your investment, WaterRR can tackle the most persistent wastewater pollution and restore our rivers and streams to health. 

You can make a difference this Earth Day by investing in WaterRR.


Anne, Bruce, and Alicia

Notice of Funds Disbursement

3 months ago

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As you might know, WaterRR has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in WaterRR be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


Ecuador WRR Project Succeeds on Many Levels!

3 months ago

The Palanqueado Estuary, a highly contaminated branch of the Estero Salado in Guayaquil, is densely populated, with inhabitants living right up to the water’s edge in conditions that have poor sanitation. Some sewage is discharged directly into the estuary.

Our Ecuadorean partner, PSI, was tasked with implementing a solution. The absence of space to build any kind of water treatment plant limited the available technology options and FII was chosen to install a series of BioHaven Floating Islands. The total installed surface area was 4,200 square feet, including two BioHaven StreamBeds.

 It was important to engage the community in the solution, both to gain their cooperation and prevent any vandalism.  The staff of PSI involved many people to help with the launch and to guard the islands afterwards.  The launch was a very successful and joyful community event.

Extensive water analysis in the first six months proved that the FTWs were actively remediating the contaminated estuary. All goals set out by the government were met within the six-month time period. Although there was a planned schedule of maintenance to be followed, the funds ran out and the islands were not maintained with respect to mussel colonization and volunteer tree growth.  That situation, while affecting some of the esthetic aspects of the floating island system, has not influenced the ongoing cleansing of the waterbody.

Thanks to the visible and proven water quality improvements, the welcome return of a variety of aquatic species and the environmental awareness and engagement of the local population, the project is considered to be very successful. 

We've Reached $45K!

3 months ago

Taking WaterRR to the Next Level

WaterRR hit a key milestone yesterday thanks to your support - more than $45,000 in total investments!

Because Start Engine is regulated by the SEC, it is restricted on how it can promote a company's campaign to its investor base of over 300,000 potential investors. WaterRR hitting the $45K mark will now enable Start Engine to highlight us in more ways to their investors.

Thanks to your early support, we're now able to leverage our strong start to get in front of more investors and take this raise to the next level!

In the meantime, the funds invested to-date are helping us in three key ways:

  1. Project Development - Our Sales Team has been actively developing potential demonstration projects in MT, ID, and WY, as well as activating our network of representatives and distributors across the country who will amplify our outreach abilities. Bruce recently completed a trip to the Great Lakes states where he met with three key contacts who can help introduce WRR technology in those markets.
  2. Continued R&D - Over the winter, we have installed a partial prototype of the heat recovery system at our research headquarters in Shepherd. Your investment will allow us to build a full prototype to test the components and materials we have selected.
  3. Marketing - We will be attending a key wastewater industry conference in Montana in late April. Conferences like these abound in our target markets, and are priceless opportunities to connect with potential clients and build name recognition. With your support, WaterRR and our representatives can have a larger presence at key industry gatherings.


The WaterRR Team

Meet the Inventor Behind WaterRR 💦

3 months ago

Meet the Founder, Bruce Kania

Who is Bruce Kania, inventor of BioHaven® floating islands, and President & CEO of Floating Island International and WaterRR?

Floating Island International (FII) was established in 2005 – but the story starts much earlier. Bruce Kania, FII’s founder and visionary, realized that there was a problem with the waterbodies on his property in Shepherd, Montana. A novel solution ensued from the curious mind of an avid outdoorsman and inventor.

Bruce grew up on the outskirts of Milwaukee, WI, and somehow got the fishing and hunting bug as a young kid. His grandmother taught him how to snare rabbits, so he frequently came home from his paper route with food for the family. While a student at the University of Wisconsin, his entrepreneurial tendencies mated with his interest in outdoors journalism to produce the Outdoor News of Marinette County, a tabloid showing all the best places to hunt and fish…. which, of course, involved Bruce in a lot of hands-on research!

His extensive knowledge of the waters of Northern Wisconsin inevitably led to many close encounters with “floating bogs”, which are the bane of marina owners and nirvana for fishermen.  If you want to see people fishing in Chippewa Flowage, for example, go and find a floating bog island.

Bruce’s expectation of a basketball scholarship had been derailed when, at the age of sixteen, he lost his leg in an accident.  During his recuperation, he gained a strong sense of vocation: he wanted to do good in the world and run a “think tank” – visions he still holds to this day. After graduating college, he moved to Montana, where he became a private inventor, initially in the hunting and fishing arena, where he would conceptualize an idea, prototype it, then license it for commercialization.

His first major success combined his love of the outdoors with his skill in problem-solving to improve the lives of amputees. Being a hefty 6’ 8” himself, and very active by nature, he was utterly frustrated by the lack of a comfortable interface between his residuum (stump) and his prosthetic leg. The discomfort felt on long hikes and fishing trips motivated him to make it easier for all amputees to lead active lives by making a cushioning device that brought together custom-fit comfort in an off-the-shelf package (the series of products known as the Alpha Liner).  

Ensuing royalties enabled Bruce to purchase a property where water was the key feature: a 240-acre block overlooking the Yellowstone River in Shepherd, MT, replete with spring creeks and seeps, a mile of river frontage and served by the big irrigation ditch that runs through Billings.

In the summer, his blond-haired hunting dogs would come out red after swimming in a lake on the property that was choked with algae. Finding a solution to this problem gave Bruce the longed-for opportunity to put his innovation talents towards working with water and fish. He drew upon the floating bogs for inspiration. Over time, Bruce developed a man-made floating wetland based on his knowledge of how nature cleans water; he later realized he was practicing biomimicry.

Bruce set out to show that constructed FTWs, FII’s BioHaven Floating Islands, can be placed in virtually any waterbody to solve prolific contamination issues. The property in Shepherd became FII’s research and development facility. Through trial and error and with lots of collected data, Bruce would prove his theory. In fact, many pre-BioHaven beta products are still in use – a testament to his success.

Successfully patenting this technology paved the way for product commercialization. Bruce implemented an operating model based on licensing the BioHaven technology to partner companies aligning themselves with holistic solutions to clean water. These licensees design, manufacture, implement and deploy the technology, which leaves room for FII and Bruce to continue research and development. WaterRR is the result of continued innovation and forward-thinking in fixing water.

Floating Island International’s new subsidiary, WaterRR, generates value from wastewater while cleaning water and protecting our climate.

By any definition, Bruce Kania is living his dream to do good in the world and lead a think-tank. He is the first to deflect attention from his own contribution and acknowledge the success of the entire team, from early collaborators, staff and investors to today’s licensees and distributors worldwide, and the network of champions everywhere. His belief in serving the environment through a for-profit corporation continues to drive the commercialization of FII and WaterRR and leads him to seek not donors, but investment partners.

Check out our offering on StartEngine and invest in WaterRR today!


The WaterRR Team

Notice of Funds Disbursement

4 months ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, WaterRR has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in WaterRR be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


Last Day to Receive Bonus Shares!

4 months ago

A Special Thank You

Our hearts are full of gratitude for each and every one of you who have supported our new initiative, WaterRR, so far.

We want you to know how much it means to have family and friends backing us in this venture; how inspiring it is to have you commit to our success; and how motivating to walk the extra mile because you are walking the path with us.

These early bird incentives are one way we can say thank you for your investment!

But don’t wait, because today (Friday) is the LAST DAY to take advantage of these special opportunities to sweeten the deal!

With gratitude,

Anne, Bruce, Alicia and Russ

Resource Recovery Demonstration Projects Emerging

4 months ago

Resource Recovery Demonstration Projects Emerging

I had the distinct pleasure to experience a Water Resource Recovery sales trip last week with our Client Relationship Manager. As CEO of the company, it's important and valuable for me to see and understand our sales cycle. And it's great to watch our sales people at work, as well as to track client energy and enthusiasm!

We visited a municipal and two private wastewater facilities in rural Montana. Our salesperson prompted the client with discerning questions, learning about their aeration/circulation, pond depths, pH and issues like salinity or seepage – all of which have bearing on our resource recovery options.

One particular system had been designed before engineers understood the relationship between anaerobic holding ponds and greenhouse gas production. It was obvious that this 22-foot-deep wastewater pond would be almost completely anaerobic and is off-gasing potent nitrous oxide and methane.

Very soon, our salesperson connected the data dots, developing a proposal that will accomplish two things: the client's nutrient rich water will be cycled into millions of valuable fathead minnows, and greenhouse gas production in the client's pond will be reduced by 90%. There's one other benefit too - the system projects to pay for itself in just a few years!

Trout sheltering under a BioHaven Floating Island

The most exciting aspect was seeing these system operators grasp our vision of tapping into the previously unreclaimed resources in their lagoons, while addressing pressing needs like more stringent treatment standards. They saw their wastewater system from a new perspective, where wastewater is a valuable, sustainable resource instead of a taxpayer burden.

One operator noted that the WRR system “just makes sense.  We need to invest in this system now, so we aren’t facing an expensive upgrade to a mechanical system 5 to 10 years down the line.”

You can become part of the WRR vision by investing today. Your investment will help us reach more of these forward-thinking leaders and grow to meet our goals faster. Together we can advance the future of water!

-Bruce Kania, President and CEO

Help Us Over the $45K Hurdle!

4 months ago

Give WaterRR a Boost to the Next Level

We are three weeks into our equity crowdfunding campaign and have received over $29,000 in investment to date. Thanks to everyone who has invested so far!

We’re so close to our next milestone of $45,000. Once we reach it, the SEC allows Start Engine to promote our raise to their own network of over 300,000 investors, who are all looking for good ideas like ours.

Will you help us get over the $45K hurdle this weekend, so we can get our revolutionary product out there?

Invest today before the early bird incentives end!


The WaterRR Team

We're Warming Up: Progress on Wintertime Wastewater Treatment

4 months ago

Our BioHaven wastewater pilot project at Joliet, MT has been performing well this winter, so far. The primary goal of this joint project with Montana DEQ is ammonia removal in winter. When the crucial, final test results come in for February -  the coldest month in recent memory - we will know whether we have succeeded.   

Cold-weather ammonia removal is difficult to achieve.  The bugs that convert ammonia into nitrate are temperature sensitive - they go dormant when the thermometer drops below a certain point. In Joliet, we are doing our utmost to maintain the inflow temperature by manipulating the conditions to keep the warmest water at the bottom, so that when it circulates through the BioHaven array it doesn't cause the bugs to die of cold. It's a delicate process that doesn't have much margin for error. 

BioHaven Floating Islands in Joliet, Montana's Wastewater Treatment Lagoon

To further address this challenge moving forward, WaterRR has built a prototype system designed to raise the surrounding water temperatures by a few degrees so that ammonia removal is assured.  Early tests being performed right now indicate the concept is sound.   

WaterRR's mission is to provide small community wastewater systems with consistently compliant effluent water while generating revenue. We also take a major bite out of greenhouse gas emissions by treating the water that would otherwise generate methane and nitrous oxide. There are a vast number of lagoons that need a WaterRR solution -- we estimate the municipal market for WaterRR to be between 2.5 -5.4 billion dollars. 

Help us gear up to make this a commercial reality before we run out of time! Join the 28 people who have invested $18,380 so far, and together, we can change the future of wastewater.

-The WaterRR Team

Bruce, Anne, Alicia and Russ

Wastewater's Role in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

5 months ago

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and U.S. EPA estimate that wastewater treatment plants are responsible for 3 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions and 7 percent of global methane emissions, respectively. 

States, municipalities, and engineers are looking at how to address this and reduce the climate impact of wastewater treatment.

This recent interview from Water World focuses on GHG reduction strategies for mechanical plants in California. WaterRR is pleased to be on the cutting edge of addressing the more concentrated emissions associated with lagoon-based wastewater systems, which service 25% of the U.S. but generate as much greenhouse gas as the rest of the country combined.

By preventing the conditions that cause nitrous oxide and methane to be generated in lagoons, we inhibit these harmful greenhouse gases from forming -- and clean the water in the process.

Thanks for investing today in the future of water and our planet!

-Bruce, Anne, Alicia & Russ

We Made It to 10K!

5 months ago

Today WaterRR reached the first milestone in our crowdfunding campaign, with over $10,000 from 17 investors! 

To those who have made this possible - a great big THANK YOU! We are so grateful that you believe in our mission of cleaning wastewater while creating revenue. We believe our system is of real benefit for lagoon-based systems and are happy you are investing in the future of water!

And, if that’s not sweet enough, there are still early bird incentives available!

You can join the ranks of the water champions and climate protectors, too. We would love to have you on-board.


Bruce, Anne, Alicia & Russ

Watch the WaterRR Demo Day Pitch!

5 months ago

WaterRR's raise in now live on StartEngine! We were excited to kick off our campaign by participating in the February Demo Day. 

Watch the Demo Day recording here to learn more about WaterRR and our value proposition. (Our pitch starts at 1:04:00) 

We invite you to invest today in the future of water!


Bruce, Anne & Alicia

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