Uprising Food, Inc.

A “Health-First”, Artisan Bakery At Digital Scale.

Uprising Food, Inc.

A “Health-First”, Artisan Bakery At Digital Scale.

Cincinnati, OH
Food & Beverage
Uprising is aiming to fix a broken food system by inventing, selling and distributing a new generation of staple foods. Our products are born in an Artisan bakery and backed with the latest health science. All Uprising product lines feature low-carb, prebiotic, all-in-one, functional food ingredients. The products appeal to modern diets and deliver medical grade health benefits. They are also gluten-free, keto friendly, paleo-approved, all while supporting gut health. Uprising’s products are so powerful, they are currently being researched at Wright State University for their effects on the gut microbiome. Uprising’s products are backed by high-profile experts like Dave Asprey and beloved by Dr. Gundry.


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Reasons to Invest

  • TEAM + INGREDIENTS | One-of-a-kind R&D team with award-winning bakers. We transform non-traditional ingredients into patent-pending foods with medical-grade health benefits and consumer beloved tastes. 

  • BUSINESS MODEL | Our unique “farm market at digital scale” model enables both rapid innovation and instant national distribution to every consumer's doorstep in the US and Canada.

  • PROVEN TRACTION | $5.8M in lifetime sales since 2019; 3x YoY growth in 2021.


Food is MORE than medicine. It’s POWER. Let’s build a new food system together! 

At Uprising Food, we’re rebuilding bread and chips from the ground up. So along with creating the tastiest staples we can imagine, we’re going the extra mile to make them low-carb, fiber-boosted, and gluten-free. Sounds ambitious? Yeah, it is. But we like it that way and think you will too. 

What we don’t do is take any shortcuts or use preservatives. We work with leaders in the farm-to-table baking movement, use pans from around the world, and eat A LOT of bread. We also do our research. And what we’ve found is that a lot of people don’t have time to cook well-rounded, healthy meals these days. 

Backed by science, and with the goal of improving gut health, we make bread and chips that work as hard as you do. With that, we know why . It’s because…

  • We are backed by experts, as 150 medical practitioners have published reviews on our website
  • We’re in the press with 105 articles generating 4.8 billion impressions
  • We have 3.7 million viewers from our Shark Tank debut

Not to mention, with 49% of our revenue from repurchasers, we believe our customers are hungry for a more delicious source of fuel. With that, we are committed to powering lives with powerful food - with even more ambitious products on the horizon. 

The problem

We are sick at scale … and big food, big pharma, and big healthcare are way too comfortable with the status quo

To us, it makes sense that staple food categories are fundamentally sick, and broken. We’ve found their nutritional composition to be majorly outdated - created at a time where the goal was to produce the largest quantity of food, at the lowest price point, all while maintaining taste.

Our research shows that, over time, prioritizing quantity over quality has led to an array of problems like digestive issues, obesity, a weakened immune system, and more. Plus, we believe the lack of healthy options available, including food intolerance alternatives, have led a lot of people to depend on failing diets, overspend on supplements, and overspend on healthcare in general. 

We aren’t the first to realize this system doesn’t translate to a healthy diet today. But we feel that many of the health food movements of the past couldn’t provide these foods at scale, nor make them accessible, affordable, inclusive, and delicious at the same time. 

The solution

Functional foods for the gut are the future of mass staples

At Uprising, we’ve created all-in-one functional foods that take staples to the next level. Our products meet keto, paleo, and gluten-free standards, and we believe our 5-in-1 approach to health through our bread & chips is unbeatable. 

This is all with the help of our secret sauce - a delicious prebiotic fiber bomb known as activated psyllium. And by fiber bomb, we mean there is 36% of fiber RDA in just 1 serving

Just like our bread, which is made of just eight ingredients, our core competencies are pretty simple. Our dedication to elevated nutrition can help you feel full faster, supports healthy blood sugar, has high prebiotic fiber, and is excitotoxin free. Plus, we focus on making our highest quality bread and chips accessible by building supply chains that we believe are capable of supporting fresh food at a mass scale.

We think we stand out in the crowd, too. In both our bread and chip categories, our fiber and protein more than triples that of our competitors - all while maintaining a gluten-free, low-carb approach.

our traction

Ready to turn word-of-mouth success with loyal consumers into a scalable model

We have grown tremendously through our ecommerce acceleration, innovation and omni-channel distribution - growing YoY at 3x our YoY revenue.

In fact, we’ve successfully added 240+ “fee free” doors by signing with a major marquee grocer this year alone. With more big e-commerce and grocer partnerships in development, we believe our projected 1,200 doors to come may lead to increasing monthly profitability.

And it makes sense that more and more are getting interested. When we were featured on Shark Tank’s season premiere, we gained 3.7 million views. This not only helped us in our 4.8 billion social impressions in the press, but gained us traction leading to things like $60 new customer AOV rates, as well as stacks and stacks of 5-star customer reviews. It’s no wonder we have a 49% repurchase rate!

Along with our major retailer, we currently sell directly to the consumer through our site. There, we attract some serious bread lovers, who are spending 6x the category average. No joke, our top 1,000 customers average $1,668 in lifetime revenue. 

The Market

The interest and demand for healthy alternatives have never been higher

Over 40 million people have joined the low-carb, paleo, and keto lifestyle revolution - and that number is growing. When it comes to keto foods, the CAGR is 5.5%, and for functional foods, the CAGR is 8.5%

With that, our target market includes segments like $1 billion for hardcore health enthusiasts and $4.8 billion for health-food regulars

And since we specialize in staples - this leaves a $137 billion staple foods category wide open. With this trend gaining speed, it’s time to meet the demand by finally bringing staple foods into the modern era. 

And don’t worry about competition, we believe we’re miles ahead when it comes to price per 100 calories as well as price per serving. Even when it comes to “healthy” bread competition, they often aren’t gluten-free or keto-friendly, according to our research. Not to mention, we think we blow them out of the water with only 2 net carbs and a superior taste. The best part? Our bread makes a mean grilled cheese. Case closed.

Why Invest

We want YOU to join Uprising to help elevate all staple foods

At the rate we’re going with growth, and with our multi-category market approach, we feel we are truly taking staple food to the next level. This has led us to form strategic partnerships with some huge health food retailers, elevating our profit potential.

Our revolution doesn’t stop at bread and chips, as our sights are set on the full range of the $137 billion staple category. With three new loaves sitting in the pipeline as we speak, we also plan on expanding our product line to include bagels, pizza crust, and more - helping us scale up in our multi-category approach.

In the theme of expansion, we're also building an online/offline partnership with the alternative medical community. That means influencing influencers with university-backed research results, and securing long-term media partnerships with digitally famous doctors.

Just as we want our customers to have access to better quality, healthier food, it’s clear that they keep wanting more from us too. Help us continue to bring our products to the masses through accessible, affordable means. 

Let’s revolutionize staple foods for all. 

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Revolutionizing Keto Bread: William Schumacher of Uprising Food

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Over 200 Investors Joined The Uprising Team!

1 day ago

Thank you to every Angel Investor who has put their hard-earned money into the Uprising thus far! We are grateful for you and excited to be on this journey, together. 

Let's keep sharing the opportunity with the next wave of potential Uprisers. 

All our best, 

Kristen & William

Fiber Deficiency: Uprising is Here to Fix That

8 days ago

Did you know that only five percent of Americans are consuming enough dietary fiber, there’s a pretty good chance you need to consider eating more. Whether you're trying to support healthy gut bacteria or keep your blood glucose levels in check, the best way to get fiber is through natural sources, such as veggies, fruits, nuts, starches, and of course, our fiber-packed Uprising Bread!

Here at Uprising, we believe our bread is the healthiest food in the game, but it tastes like heaven! Artisan-baked with nine grams of fiber, Uprising Bread is perfect for anyone who’s on a mission to improve their gut health and overall quality of life. 

Modern science + master baking = the new gold standard in healthy food. Thank you for believing in us and joining us on our journey to bring the healthiest foods to the staple food categories. 

New Uprising Bakery Officially Launches!

21 days ago

Colorado Mountain Ovens, a new division of Uprising bakeries is officially live!  After 6+ months of work, our new bakery has begun production. 

With this new location we plan to bring new products to market, improve gross margins and increase profitability! 

We are excited to bring this new location online and realize the next stage of Uprising's growth plan. 

Thank you all for for investing in our growing infrastructure! 

Thank you to all who have invested! Keep Sharing!!

22 days ago

Thank you to all who have invested in our company so far! Through hard work, determination and persistence, we are so excited to be live on StartEngine and grow our investor community. We couldn't do this without you. 

Please share our campaign with your friends and family! We're so close to hitting $150,000! 

All my best, 

Kristen (Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer) 

We Raised ANOTHER $45k+ Over This Past Weekend!!

about 1 month ago

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for believing in us and helping us reach yet another incredible milestone! So far we have raised just shy of $150,000 with 154 investors. WOW! We couldn't do this without your support and belief in us. It's truly an honor to have you as part of Uprising and we look forward to the continued growth of our company. We would love if you would share the offering with friends, family and colleagues. Let's fix a broken food system, together. 

🚨 We Just Dropped The Uprising Science Mic On The Bread World! 🎤

about 1 month ago

Listen to us deep dive with Dave Asprey on the full science behind Uprising on his latest podcast episode: https://daveasprey.com/uprising-food-969/

Recorded, Podcast-Style Q&A With CEO, William Schumacher

about 1 month ago

Get to know William and listen to his answers to questions from the crowd! 

Over 100 New Investors And Over $80K In Capital Joins The Uprising!

about 1 month ago

Wow! Thank you to every Trailblazing Angel Investor who has put their hard-earned money into the Uprising! 

We've WAY surpassed my expectations for the first official week of the offering. 

Thank you ALL so much for spreading the word and being a part of this movement! 

Let's keep sharing the opportunity with the next wave of potential Uprisers. 


William And Kristen

Trailblazer Bonus Perks Ending Soon!

about 2 months ago

Hey All, 

On the fence about investing? Get your questions answered below before the Trailblazer Perk runs out. 

If you are wondering who's already invested in Uprising, checkout this list of awesome Uprising Angels: 

*This testimonial may not be representative of the experience of other customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

Let's Celebrate! "Most Momentum" Front Page Status Achieved!

about 2 months ago

Thanks to all you trailblazing early adopters we've hit the front page of Start Engine.

Thank you to everyone who've already joined the movement. Let's spread the word! 

Don't forget, Trail Blazer bonus is ending soon.

If you haven't invested, now is a great time! 

50 New Investors And Over $30K In Capital Joins The Uprising!

about 2 months ago

Dear Uprising Community, 

Thank you to all who have invested in our company in these first 3 days! You are true trailblazers. 

We are so excited to be live on StartEngine and to grow our community of "new-food-system", citizen-investors!

Thank YOU To Our First 50 New Angel Investors! - Watch Video

Please share our campaign with your friends and family!


William Schumacher

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