StartEngine is Trailblazing the Regulated ICO

StartEngine, the only ICO platform with a community of 150,000+ users, was founded in 2014 by Howard Marks, co-founder of Activision/Blizzard. Since that time, it's been our mission to help entrepreneurs and companies achieve their dreams.

Our team leverages its experience and expertise in crowdsale and regulation in order to launch an ICOs. We offer a one-stop regulated ICO solution for companies of all sizes. You can learn more about our premium services below and earn a 20% discount when you set up a call with one of our ICO specialists.

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Our dedicated team will work to launch your ICO in under a month.

From onboarding to closing, you'll have the assistance of an experienced ICO specialist.

Our creative services team helps translate your unique vision to our investor community.

Our experienced team of developers can create and distribute your security token.

We'll provide expert guidance and also connect you with leading ICO legal experts. 

Learn about our propriety security-token structure that's SEC compliant called RATE.

Are you ready to launch your regulated ICO with StartEngine?

StartEngine Has Been There Since the Beginning

A Dedicated Team With Regulatory Experience

We've assembled a diverse team of experienced and creative minds to help companies of all sizes launch their regulated ICOs. This team includes first-class compliance experts who understand the JOBS Act inside and out and how it relates to ICOs.

Our team is able to offer premium service for pre-sale ICOs up to a million dollars, as well as for full-fledged and uncapped ICOs. This service covers a company's entire lifespan on the StartEngine platform, from initial onboarding all the way through rolling closes and beyond.

StartEngine provides you with a complete token ecosystem.

Entrepreneurs Trust StartEngine

We know entrepreneurs. We've helped over 200 companies to launch their crowdfunding campaigns and to generate capital from the masses.

We know the ICO space, too. Our team knows the ins and outs of SEC regulation and how to assist any company with launching anything from an $1 million ICO pre-sale up to a full-fledged, uncapped ICO.

To learn more about what StartEngine can do to launch your company's ICO, simply click below to schedule a consultation with one of our ICO specialists and receive a 20% discount on premium ICO services.

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