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A Revolutionary Personal Vehicle With Many Applications

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Trikke Tech is the world expert in 3-point, standing, carving vehicles. We have been listening to our enthusiasts since 2002 and refining and improving our vehicles’ designs and performance in order to offer the best experience possible. In short, what we've created is a unique technology that provides myriad benefits to riders of all ages and from recreational to professional use.

After 15 years in the market, we are not a startup. But we still feel like we’re at the very beginning of our journey, because there is so much more that our Trikke technology can accomplish. 

Having sold more than $50 million, we've definitely had success. But, we've also learned a lot along the way. What started as an exciting vehicle for kids and teens quickly morphed into an incredible fitness product for people of all ages. Then, as more riders adopted the Trikke lifestyle, we recognized an even bigger opportunity: making our vehicle electric.

The market for personal electric vehicles is growing at an incredible rate of 70% year over year in the United States. Because our vehicle offers an incredibly ergonomic and comfortable ride, it was only natural that we should bring an electric version to a wider audience of both recreational and professional riders.

Since 2009, we have been developing and selling electric version of the Trikke all over the world, and the response has been incredible. It's been adopted by law enforcement and security companies as a better alternative to other personal electric vehicles. Likewise, recreational riders have found that our electric Trikkes make great commuters in urban environments and elsewhere.

But, we're only truly at the beginning of realizing the limitless potential of the incredible technology we've developed. It is our mission to continue fostering great engineering, design and ingenuity, and it's our vision to evolve Trikke into the premiere vehicle for fitness, sport, personal mobility, professional environments, and so much more.

$1.50/share of Common Stock│When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $15.5M.


If you invest $300-$999, you’ll receive a 10% one-time discount on Trikke products.

If you invest $1,000-$19,999, you’ll receive $15% one-time discount on Trikke products.

If you invest $20,000-$49,999, you’ll receive a complimentary Trikke Freedom valued at $999.99.

If you receive $50,000 and over, you’ll receive a complimentary Trikke Pon-e 48V valued at $2,299.99.

Plus… All investors of over $500 receive a complimentary Trikke T-shirt.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed

“It gives you a workout from your ankles all the way up to your shoulders and your neck”

- Former President Jimmy Carter

What Is Trikke?

The magic of a Trikke is the way in which it articulates. A rider can turn and lean the vehicle, all while keeping all three wheels on the ground. This is the essence of the technology. 

The articulating frame sets the Trikke apart from any other kinds of vehicle, such as bicycles, scooters and Segways. We believe riding a Trikke feels perfectly natural and more comfortable than any other personal vehicle one may have ridden in the past. What's more is that the Trikke is eminently portable, capable of being folded down in seconds for easy transportation. Oh, and it offers one heck of a complete workout, too!

From the freedom of movement that our vehicles offer to their incredible portability, our riders almost always enjoy an experience with Trikke that surpasses their expectations. 


There are several variations of the Trikke, from kids ride-on, to fitness machine, to transportation and personal mobility vehicles. It’s a smart alternative for the modern urban mobility. 

An electric version of the Trikke also offers health benefits, all with an incredible fun factor. You grab the handlebar, step right on and take off - gliding and turning in total control. 

Thanks to the three wheels and patented leaning frame, you feel completely safe in seconds and feel that you can go anywhere with ease. You feel a part of the machine, and it’s adjustable to all body sizes.

These are just some of the benefits of Trikke, regardless of the variation...

"Flowing, exhilarating all-body movement that, once coordinated, provides an excellent workout yet can feel as effortless as flying."

- Los Angeles Times


Riding while standing up is a far more natural position. It keeps the spine properly aligned and your legs can act as natural shock absorbers. Your upper body also stays engaged, too!


The Trikke active riding experience engages the whole body. Even the electric version of the Trikke can be body-powered. How much do you want to exercise? That’s totally up to you!


Trikke easily surpasses a bike's cornering ability, reaction time, high-speed cornering and swerving -- all of which means improved safety, with 50% better maneuverability than a bike.


All Trikke models can be quickly folded down for transport, without having to remove or wrangle any pieces. You can easily toss two or three into the back of an average car.


The Trikke LEV has few components to maintain, meaning far less can go wrong. There are no gear shifters, chains, and pedals... And no greasy parts to fiddle with either!


The experience of riding a Trikke is unlike any other experience. It's what leads many riders to refer to their Trikkes as "yoga on wheels". Once you try it, you're hooked for life!

Trikke Goes Electric

When we first developed Trikke, we thought of it as a fun ride for teens and young adults to take down hills. When our riders revealed the Trikke's true potential, though, we instantly saw how it could become a tremendous fitness-focused vehicle for all ages.

The biggest development in Trikke technology came when we realized how adding electric power to the vehicle could multiply it's already numerous applications. Not only could recreational riders enjoy the power, but so too could people looking for mobility and professional personal electric vehicles.

Around the world, there is a growing demand for personal electric vehicles. Urban environments are getting more and more crowded by the day, and the price of fossil fuels is only set to rise in the years to come. Because of this, we immediately sensed that Trikke could offer an incredible solution for people of all ages and of all stripes. 

While there has been an increased adoption of electric scooters and bicycles particularly in urban environments, these designs are unbalanced (unstable) by nature.

An ergonomically designed electric vehicle that engages the whole body, we believe that Trikke outclasses scooters and other personal electric vehicles.

Trikke: Two Sides to the Business

With the addition of the electric Trikke, we've been able to further multiply the benefits and potential uses of our one-of-a-kind technology. Naturally, we believe the Trikke still remains one of the best recreational activities out there, offering just the right amount of exercise combined with a completely ergonomic design. But, all of that's just the start.

Urban workforces need more reliable forms of transportation that can get workers from Point A to Point B -- our electric Trikkes can deliver. Likewise police and other law enforcement agencies need a more reliable form of transportation for navigating dense urban areas quickly and efficiently. The Trikke again is uniquely poised to deliver here too!

What all of this boils down to is that Trikke is poised to serve both the business-to-consumer side of the equation, as well as the business-to-business side. In fact, in many ways we see the future of Trikke in the business-to-business realm...


The heart of our business is definitely the recreational rider. Ordinary consumers have long been attracted to our unique technology, and those who try it often become our best brand ambassadors.

We continue to evolve our Trikke technology and to bring more and more riders into the fold. In addition to introducing our electric vehicles, we've also developed things like Trikke Skki, an exciting winter sports vehicle that's been on the market since 2005.

In the months and years to come, we'll be introducing even more products to the consumer market. For example, we're just about to release Trikke Golf, which we'll show off later, in addition to versions of the Trikke catered to off-roading and even a jet-ski version!


We have been developing electric models for many years, focusing in sustainable personal transportation for a variety of different professional markets.

Already, our technology has been adopted by tour operators, campus public safety forces, personal security providers, law enforcement, parks, government agencies, warehouse, golf course, airports and so much more!

Of particular note in this segment is the Trikke Defender, which has been specifically designed to meet the needs of today's law enforcement officers. You can take an even closer look at this revolutionary product below...

A Closer Look at Our Patrol Electric Vehicles

Most police agencies rely on a combination of vehicle, foot and bicycle patrol to effectively monitor and prevent crime. While patrol cars are the core of any law enforcement department, foot and bicycle patrolling plays an important part in building positive relationships with residents and businesses within the community.

With the advent of electric patrol vehicles, flexible mobility and quick response times can be achieved simultaneously. Police mobility vehicles allow access to areas where patrol cars cannot go, providing enhanced police presence and protection. In addition, officers on foot patrol and those in mobility vehicles are perceived as more approachable by the public than officers in patrol cars.

The Future of Trikke

“The Trikke EV’s big point-of-difference is actually that it is so easy to ride. I rode it and couldn't get the smile off my face…!”  

- Noel McKeegan, Gizmag

Our story has been one of constant evolution. From the start, when we were merely developing a fun way for thrill-seekers to carve down hills, to now, when we're providing a myriad of transportation solutions for a growing number of businesses, we are always forward thinking.

This is why in the months to come, you'll begin to see Trikke's product offerings continue to multiply. In fact, there are a few developments in the pipeline that we're excited to share with you, and for which we seek your investment.

New Trikke Products Coming Soon....

Trikke Golf

The ergonomics, portability and maneuverability of the Trikke make it the perfect vehicle for almost any environment, including the golf course. Doubling as way to get around the course while also ferrying one's clubs, Trikke Golf could be a real game-changer once it hits the links!

Trikke Sp33der

After Trikke went electric, it was only a matter of time before we developed a performance-based model. The sum of our labor shall soon bear fruit, as we're set to unveil the Sp33der model in the months to come, a Trikke that's capable of reaching top speeds of 25 miles per hour!


Bronkko is a high performance off-road electric-powered carving vehicle for adventure and powersports. We can only begin to imagine the incredible things that our riders will be able to do once they're able to take Trikke technology off roads!


3Jet is the first electric-powered carving watercraft. With a lithium-ion battery and multiple (proprietary design) pump jets -- which feature many advantages over the conventional jet-ski design like reverse, braking and steering -- we think 3Jet could be a real game changer!

The Market Opportunity for Trikke

Trikke has been successful in the Fitness market selling over $50 million and over one-half million units worldwide. Creating a large community of enthusiastic riders worldwide, we see a high ratio of returning customers in the consumer and professional markets. 

With limited competition in the Commercial Market, we can grow faster while also maintaining a healthy margin. Our commercial models usually sell in fleets with option for lease. Models for the mass market usually sell in large volumes with potential for scalability.

With successful adoption by law enforcement and large security companies, we see incredible sales potential for the Trikke Defender. And there's more yet still in the production pipeline...

"The Trikke is easy to maneuver indoors and outdoors. It is awesome for changing perceptions of safety and security presence. Patients, visitors and staff all smile when I conduct patrols on the Trikke."

- Los Angeles Children's Hospital

We make money by selling our products to international distributors,

to retail partners and by selling directly to customers. This multi-pronged approach positions us to capitalize greatly on the personal electric vehicle market

  • Commercial: We promote and sell through the industry publications and at trade shows; we've partnered with specialized sales reps in a variety of industries, including security, law enforcement, emergency medical services, golf, patrol and more!
  • Consumer: Trikke mobile dealers on the ground promote in their communties; we host demos in local fairs, RV parks and other events; we also use online and social media marketing.

Your investment will help us to increase these efforts and even to explore new ways of bringing our unique technology to market.

Invest in Trikke Today!

We believe there's no other vehicle like the Trikke on the market today, and there's no other vehicle that is as well positioned to capitalize on the personal electric vehicle market. We're seeking your investment in order to expand our efforts in sales, marketing and inventory.

We have identified real opportunities in a variety of fields such as security patrol, law enforcement, and other commercial applications such as tours and rentals. An investment in the company will help us bring to life these opportunities and to evolve new applications for Trikke technology.

An investment in Trikke is an investment in a game-changing transportation solution with myriad and still undiscovered applications. We hope you'll consider investing today!

In the Press

Trikke Fans Push the Idea That Three Wheels Are Better Than Two
July 29, 2009

"It offers a full-body, no-impact workout, according to its adherents, at the same time that it gets you from Point A to Point B."

Bye, bye bike: N.J. woman's 3-wheel workout not your norm (VIDEO)
August 19, 2015

"The N.J. resident discovered this special way of riding several years ago when she was sleeping on the couch one night. At 4 a.m., she saw an infomercial featuring the Trikke and, intrigued, ordered one for herself."

Trikke's New Electric Bike Gets Up To 24 Miles On A Charge
January 10, 2012

"Easy to use? Yes. Just get on the three-wheeled platform (I have to call this an electric tricycle for grown ups), twist the throttle and hit 'go'."

Bikes, kites and horses: eight fun alternatives to skiing
December 2, 2014

"A bit like a ski bike but with both your feet on individual short skis – one of them under the handle bars at the front so you can really get your carve on. In that respect it’s a closer feeling to skiing or snowboarding than the snow bike, yooner or – god forbid – the airboard."

Beach fun gets fitter with new toys and designs
May 23, 2013

"Flowing, exhilarating all-body movement that, once coordinated (takes 10 minutes to get the hang of it), provides an excellent workout yet can feel as effortless as flying."

Toy Fair 2013: Hottest New Toys
September 28, 2013


Best Inventions of 2002
December 1, 2002

"Why settle for two-wheeled scooters when you can have three? The Trikke may look a little silly, with its oversized polyurethane wheels and its odd, swiveling action. But it's a serious scooter, made of aircraft-grade aluminum."

Offering Summary

Maximum 713,333 shares of common stock ($1,069,995)

Minimum 6,666 shares of common stock ($9,999)

Trikke Tech, Inc. (the “company,” “we” or “us.”)

Corporate Address
132 Easy Street, D-1, Buellton, CA 93427

Description of Business
The Designer, Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler and Retailer of Trikke the 3 wheeler carving scooter

Type of Security Offered
Common Stock
Purchase Price of Security Offered

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor) 

Concurrent OfferingsIf the company raises more than the maximum offering amount in this offering under Regulation Crowdfunding (also referred to as “Regulation CF”), it may conduct an offering under Regulation D for subscribers who are accredited investors.


If you invest $300-$999, you’ll receive a 10% one-time discount on Trikke products.

If you invest $1,000-$19,999, you’ll receive $15% one-time discount on Trikke products.

If you invest $20,000-$49,999, you’ll receive a complimentary Trikke Freedom valued at $999.99.

If you receive $50,000 and over, you’ll receive a complimentary Trikke Pon-e 48V valued at $2,299.99.

Plus… All investors of over $500 receive a complimentary Trikke T-shirt.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

Some proceeds may be used to pay off shareholder loan to Gildo Beleski and Ana D’Arace for line of credit loan to accelerate production of the Defender product and purchase fourth quarter inventory. The line of credit is up with $208,500 with a 5.5% annual interest, payable monthly on the balance owed.

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Trikke Tours, another great business model

2 months ago

Trikke Light Electric Vehicles are revolutionizing guided tours at destinations around the globe. Creating a lot of buzz from Greece all the way to Dominican Republic... We have just sold a fleet to a new Trikke Tours operator in Japan! That's very exciting! Green personal transportation market value is huge $35 billion market by 2027. Source IdTechEx. Invest in us and let's make a difference in the world!!

We are getting a great traction in the Patrol Surveillance market

2 months ago

A world renowned Silicon Valley high tech company” has purchased 21 advanced Trikke Patroller units for worldwide distribution, with the promise of another 22 units staged over several years. 

Company behind innovative personal vehicle now accepting investments (Press Release)

2 months ago

Investors who are interested in being part of a ground floor opportunity in a groundbreaking product can now invest in Trikke via StartEngine.

Trikke Tech, Inc., is calling their product the world’s first carving vehicle, as it’s not a scooter or a bike yet offers a flexible frame on three wheels that stabilizes in all conditions – even turns and uneven surfaces.

Trikke Tech, Inc. is pleased to bring this new technology to people everywhere. Through the new crowdfunding campaign, investors can be a pivotal part of the Trikke’s development and launch. Investments will be used as capital for operations, expansion, and to accelerate new products to the market. 

More information can be found at and

About Trikke Tech, Inc. 

Trikke is the world’s first carving vehicle, offering a flexible frame on three wheels that stabilizes in all conditions, including turns and uneven surfaces.

Trikke’s newest Specialty Patrol Electric Vehicle has been deployed with great success

3 months ago

Trikke’s newest specialty Electric Patrol vehicle, assembled in the USA, has been deployed.

Tested with great success in the field this new Trikke Patroller 2WD (2 wheeled drive) is the choice vehicle for Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, City of Montebello, Froedtert Hospital, and City Center Partnership. 

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