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Professional Flight Training

Invest in a growth business in a growing industry.

There is a desperate need for pilots in the United States - according to CAE Inc., 85,000 new airline pilots are needed over the next 10 years. Impediments to fulfillment of this growing need include:

  • affordable and safe training rental aircraft,
  • available Certified Flight Instructors ('CFI'),
  • financing for students through their Commercial Pilots' License ('CPL'),
  • a roadmap for transitioning careers, and
  • customer service at flight schools.

That's where we come in at Third Coast Aviation! We didn't start as most flight training organizations did - a licensed pilot tires of their job and decides to become a CFI, finds a plane, and hangs out a shingle, or as we've heard it put, "A bubba, a truck and a plane." No, we are a group of professionals who saw an opportunity (a huge need for training and absolutely no customer service) and brought our experience in operations (our president wrote the book on operations management, "The Operational Tool Chest: The DNA to Successful Organizations"), merchant banking, and adult training to bear on flight training.

Third Coast Aviation Inc. ('TCA') is a Part 61 flight training organization providing flight training at historic Ellington Field (KEFD) and Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport (KLBX), working with commercial bound students transitioning into an aviation career. "Part 61 flight training" refers to the Federal Aviation Regulation defining CFI-centric training. There are also Part 141 flight schools that are FAA-regulated flight schools adhering to a strict curriculum. Even though we adhere to a curriculum developed by our Director of Curriculum, Nick Harwood, we believe the Part 141 process does not suit the majority of our students (20% of our students come from 141 schools frustrated by the lack of flexibility in their training and finish their training with us).

We are building a network of Part 61 flight schools throughout the Houston - The Woodlands - Sugar Land metropolitan area, delivering on the promise of a great lifestyle (being a pilot is just fun) and a great job (pilots can start with our airline partners at $65,000 plus bonuses their first year)!

Our Locations

Our headquarters are at Historic Ellington Field (KEFD) in southeast Houston, Texas, which happens to be a spaceport as well as one of the oldest airports in the world, just celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Our first location operates out of Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport (KLBX) in Angleton directly south of Houston, Texas on Highway 288.

Development Stage

Third Coast Aviation Inc. is an operating company with a two year history, with its operating subsidiary Third Coast Aviation LLC being incorporated in January 2017 and providing flight training since February 2017 through the present. Currently, we can provide all the services referenced below in the "Our Services & Products" section with current staff and existing aircraft on our flight line. We currently have over 24 students, with 5 full-time students taking our class track all the way through their commercial pilot license and 9 students having achieved varying licenses and ratings through our programs.

The Offering

$1.00 / Common Stock│When you invest, you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $3.1M.


$1,000 — If you invest $1,000, you will receive a TCA flight bag with TCA pen.

$2,000 — If you invest $2,000, you will receive a TCA flight bag with a signed copy of The Operations Management Tool Chest.

$4,000 — If you invest $4,000, you will receive a Discovery Flight.

$15,000 — If you invest $15,000, you will receive a 2 hour flight with one of our pilots and aircraft from Ellington Field.
$25,000 — If you invest $25,000, you will receive a Discovery Flight, dinner with our President in Texas on us, and TCA t-shirt, flight bag and pen.
*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

Our mission - Providing a clear path for students transitioning to an aviation career through financing, competent & safe flight training, affordable aircraft, and access to jobs after training.

What TCA Has Accomplished So Far

Most businesses fail within the first two years of operations - we have already been in business for over two years and achieved a level of success as a flight training organization that our competitors don't understand! According to Pat Brown, AOPA Texas Ambassador, "TCA is one of the largest three flight training organizations in Houston, Texas." Some of our accomplishments include:

  • 20% of our students start elsewhere and finish with us - our solution works compared to other flight schools;
  • the only constraint on our revenue growth is capital available for more, newer aircraft;
  • a partnership with Meritize that allows TCA to provide comprehensive financing for students that's affordable and finances their transition all the way through their CPL;
  • GoJet Airlines Inc., a regional commercial airline, signed two partnership agreements with us, their Rotor Transition Program and Pilot Pipeline Program; and
  • because of the way we do business, Texas Time Builders LLC (their aircraft N19VS is pictured below) partnered with TCA to deliver multi-engine training under our brand.

Putting in place comprehensive student financing and GoJet Airlines Inc. partnerships provides TCA a huge competitive advantage since only one competitor (ATP Flight School LLC) in Houston currently has this capability. This competitive advantage enables TCA to function in a business to business ('B2B') model instead of the model that most flight schools use, a business to consumer ('B2C') model. The B2B model provides stable cash flow, better customer service, and more focused marketing initiatives reaching more engaged individuals in a more efficient learning process.

Aviation professionals acknowledge that we are different and are seeking us out to join us and partner with TCA!

"We do things differently from other flight schools - we have a plan and work that plan! 
We deliver student financing through Commercial Pilots Licenses, give our students an opportunity to work with TCA starting their aviation careers,
and have regional airline partnerships allowing our students to get seniority while working their way through their required flight hours."
- Robert Boulanger, President of Third Coast Aviation

Our Services & Products

Our real product is our students! We produce competent, safe pilots - that's it. In order to do that, we provide flight training services, aircraft rental, and aircraft acquisition, disposition & management ('ADM') services.

Flight Training Services

To become a pilot that can transition into a full-time professional aviation career, there is a progression of licenses needed:

  1. Private Pilot's License ('PPL'),
  2. Instrument Rating ('IFR'),
  3. Commercial Pilot's License ('CPL'),
  4. Certified Flight Instructor ('CFI') including various other instructing licenses like Certified Flight Instructor Instrument ('CFII') and Multi-Engine Instructor ('MEI'),
  5. CPL Multi-Engine Rating, and
  6. Airline Transport Pilot ('ATP').

Each license requires hours of ground school and dual flight instruction with a CFI, CFII, or MEI. Minimum amounts of flight time and dual instruction hours are prescribed by Federal Aviation Regulation Part 61 - for instance a PPL student must show at least 40 hours of flight time equating to about 40 hours of CFI time with prevailing rates between $65 and $95 per hour.

Each full-time student corresponds to at least $73,000 worth of Flight Training Services and Training Aircraft Rental, but that only provides about 325 hours of the 1,500 hours of flight time required - a huge opportunity to capture CFI's (a scarce commodity) because our full-time students are given an opportunity to join our CFI ranks to build their flight hours working for TCA.


Training Aircraft Rental

No pilot can learn to fly without being in the cockpit, so having clean, safe, and affordable aircraft for rental as part of the students' flight training is important. Our current flight line rents from $130 to $300 per Hobbs hour (each aircraft has a Hobbs meter which measures how long the engine has run). Our current flight line:

Unlike many other flight training organizations, TCA has invested in a flight simulator that can be used to allow students to work on their instrument proficiency and log those hours towards their proficiency requirements - this simulator is called an Advanced Aviation Training Device ('AATD'). Even when weather precludes flight, this AATD can be used.

We intend to add brand new light sport 2017 Sport Cruisers to our flight line in early 2019, which will be the newest flight line in Houston. This will decrease our maintenance, increase our margins, and give us a marketing edge.

Aircraft acquisition, disposition, and management services

We acquire aircraft for our flight line, but our students and other seasoned pilots need aircraft as well - that's why we provide aircraft acquisition, disposition (sales), and management services ('ADM'). Aircraft ADM services are a great service for pilots and provide operating margins for TCA while ensuring a steady supply of reasonably priced aircraft for our training flight line.

Aircraft acquisitions take up to 90 days and incur a fee averaging 6% of the total price of the aircraft - this includes CFI skills assessments, aircraft search, inspection services and make ready. Using our copyrighted TCA Aircraft Acquisition Process, we ensure pilots achieve purchase goals staying within their budget and skills. Pilots leverage our organizational knowledge, thousands of hours of CFI flight time, and our maintenance personnel to acquire aircraft without surprises!

Aircraft sales or dispositions follow a similar process but may take up to 180 days for a sale. Our fee is 7% depending upon the aircraft valuation, with $3,000 minimum.

We do aircraft management as some of our flight line aircraft are on leasebacks. We provide aircraft owners professional management for the operation, maintenance and marketing of their aircraft in order to either generate a steady revenue stream to offset the cost of their aircraft or to ensure their own safety. Our minimum monthly fee is $500 per aircraft or 25% of the revenue stream.

Our Market and Industry

The flight training industry must grow extensively to accommodate the huge need for airline transport pilots ('ATP') worldwide, but the industry hasn't been keeping up, mainly because of the "mom and pop" and  "bubba, a truck and a plane" mentality prevalent in the industry - it's ok not to make a profit because "everyone knows that you can't make any money doing training" - hogwash! Because of those two items, most flight schools never make it past two years of business nor have over one aircraft.

According to IBIS World on their website, "over the five years to 2018, the Flight School industry is expected to grow an annualized 1.6% to $2.9 billion, including a projected 1.6% increase in 2018" and "changing regulatory framework and a growing disinterest in aviation as a profession muddled the industry's performance despite a growing economy." Here are industry statistics from IBIS World:

  • 2018 total revenue of $3 billion,
  • 917 businesses,
  • annual growth rate of 1.6%, and
  • employment of 15,462.

The only large competitors in our industry are:

TCA intends to consolidate the Houston - The Woodlands - Sugar Land metropolitan flight training industry, focusing on capturing more than 25% of the market before looking to expand into the rest of the Texas market. FAA statistics put the Houston flight school industry at:

  • 162 CFI’s in the metro area,
  • 18 Part 61 schools, and
  • 6 Part 141 schools.

Our current primary market is within 35 miles of our Ellington Field and Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport locations, which means our possible client base is (from April 2018 statistics):

  • 1080 students pilots,
  • 2,369 private pilots (PPL), and
  • 1,150 commercial pilots (CPL).

As you can tell from the largest competitors listed and their revenue, the industry is very fragmented with the overwhelming majority of flight schools grossing under $100,000 annually. Over 60% of the total annual industry revenue has nothing to do with primary flight training - training for the PPL through CPL. This leaves a huge opportunity for a company that is well funded, professionally managed, and customer service focused to consolidate the industry!

With our financing focused on career transition from Meritize to our regional commercial airline partnerships with GoJet Airlines, we believe we are that company.

Invest in Our Company Today!

We believe the case for investment is clear:

  • a growing, fragmented industry prior to required industry growth per the FAA and competitors' analysis,
  • a professionally managed operation,
  • service delivery personnel above the competitors,
  • a competitive edge providing comprehensive financing and career planning, and
  • a B2B business model that enables us to have longer and more stable relationships with our students since they have secured financing provided by Meritize or one of our partnerships with GoJets Airlines LLC!

Investing now at our current valuation provides an entry point with a company beginning the journey of consolidation in a growth industry while doing something socially responsible - helping individuals transition into an excellent career (aviation) and helping our nation fill a gaping need for pilots.

CAE Inc., our largest competitor provides a great contrast - a 21 price to trailing earnings (P/E) is much greater than the 4.5 multiple of earnings that we used for our valuation for future earnings.

Besides, learning to fly is just fun and profitable!  Come join us.

In the Press

"Houston... and Beyond!" Radio Show
July 1, 2018

Third Coast Aviation sponsored the radio show for three months, with spots each Sunday afternoon. A company representative was interviewed on time as well.

Tony Boulanger from Third Coast Aviation on CEO Money
May 16, 2018

Third Coast Aviation's President Tony Boulanger was interviewed for the CEO Money show on WFN1 radio, available on iHeartRadio.

Third Coast Aviation Begins Operations at LBX
April 15, 2017

Third Coast Aviation commences flight operations at Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport in Brazoria County.

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  • If you invest $1,000.00, you will receive TCA flight bag with TCA pen.
  • If you invest $2,000.00, you will receive TCA flight bag with a signed copy of The Operations Management Tool Chest.
  • If you invest $4,000.00, you will receive a Discovery Flight.
  • If you invest $15,000.00, you will receive a 2 hour flight with one of our pilots and aircraft from Ellington Field.
  • If you invest $25,000.00, you will receive dinner with our management team in Houston, Texas and TCA t-shirt, flight bag and pen.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

The 10% Bonus for StartEngine Shareholders

Third Coast Aviation Inc. will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed, within 24 hours of this offering going live, by StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. shareholders who invested over $1,000 in the StartEngine Reg A offering which closed earlier this year.

StartEngine shareholders who invested $1,000 or more in that StartEngine Reg A offering will receive a 10% bonus on this offering within a 24-hour window of this offering’s launch date. This means you will receive a bonus for any shares you purchase. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Common Stock at $1.00 / share, you will receive 110 Common Stock, meaning you'll own 100 shares for $100. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% bonus is only valid for one year from the time StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. investors received their countersigned StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. subscription agreement.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Salary payments made to one’s self, a friend or relative; Any expense labeled “Administrative Expenses” not strictly for administrative purposes.

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Crowdfunding start and business plan achievements

about 1 month ago

N194SC 2017 Sport CruiserThird Coast Aviation Inc. had an incredible March 2019 - the best monthly revenue in our 2 year operating history, even with two weeks of weather precluding flight!!  The revenue increase is due in part to pent up demand but also to the early delivery of a brand new N194SC Sport Cruiser, nicknamed "Sexy Chick".  This light sport aircraft ("LSA") provide a competitive advantage for our flight training, with a cost effective "glass cockpit" training experience for our students.

Third Coast Aviation Inc. also started our crowdfunding campaign in early April 2019.

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