Tanoshi, Inc.

Providing an equitable digital education for every child

Tanoshi, Inc.

Providing an equitable digital education for every child

Oakland, CA
Tanoshi is closing the worldwide tech learning gap. We have quickly grown to be a top seller on Amazon and Walmart.com, generating millions in revenue. Our goal is to help kids around the world have a brighter future.


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Reasons to Invest

Closing the homework gap: Tanoshi computers start at only $199 and they're built to work with or without high-speed internet at home.
Strong consumer demand: Generated over lifetime $2.5M in actual revenue, sold more than 10,000 computers and sold out 7 times in 3 years.
Real traction: Best-seller on Amazon and Walmart.com. As seen on Shark Tank.


Educational, equitable, and affordable.

Tanoshi is not just another Silicon Valley tech company. We are leading the way for tech done right. We believe ALL kids deserve the best education possible, regardless of socioeconomic barriers, so we are leveling the playing field and closing the tech learning gap. Our team of only 5 full-time employees is dedicated to providing a brighter future for ALL kids. 

As our mission is to provide an equitable digital education for every child, once we raise $50K we will donate 15 Tanoshi Computers to foster kids, with more computers donated as we hit our milestones!

The Problem

Computers are the new textbooks, yet millions of kids lack the resources needed for effective computer learning 

At the onset of COVID, 50 million US K-12 students had to shift from classroom learning to distance learning. However, 16 million U.S. students and 800 million students worldwide were without a computer or internet access. Without computers kids are falling behind.

Furthermore, 90% of parents want their kids to learn coding and computer skills, as those are necessary skills for many of the best paying future jobs. Yet more than 50% of K-12 students in the U.S. never have the chance to study computer science in school, thus creating a tech and economic gap in society. Even in San Jose, at the heart of Silicon Valley, 55% of low income residences are unconnected.

The Solution

Fun, age appropriate and educational learning products designed to close the tech learning gap

Tanoshi’s first learning gap closing products are unique computers for school-age kids. Each Tanoshi Computer is designed to be just the right size for kids ages 6-12, and comes with age appropriate parental controls and educational content. Tanoshi Computers are Android-based, so that they work great online or offline, can be used as a laptop or a tablet, and are affordable for most families, schools and learning centers. 

*These testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

The Market

We are looking at a market worth HUNDREDS of billions

More than $227 Billion per year is spent on EdTech products, and this number only continues to grow! Pre-COVID consumer electronic sales of computers and tablets is another 300 million units a year.

Our immediate target market is 10% of all consumer electronic computer and tablet sales, or approximately $30 billion, and we intend to expand into other educational technology categories in the future.

Our Traction

Best-selling products with millions in revenue and MAJOR media features

We are a bestseller on Amazon and Walmart (the #1 and #2 selling sites in the US), and have appeared on the nationally televised and award winning show Shark Tank.

Our average selling price is going up, our customer acquisition cost is going down, and gross margins have increased every year since launch. Our sales have generated over $2.5M in lifetime revenue to date, with over 10,000 computers sold. We have been completely sold out 7 times, due to faster growing demand than investment and supply (which is a big reason for this Campaign).

Between GoFundMe and the help of a very generous philanthropist we were able to provide 600 Tanoshi Computers to kids in need free of charge.

Tanoshi received the 2019 Silicon Valley Educational Foundation- EdTech Innovation Award and our 2-in-1 was named the best computer for beginners by Mashable. We have been featured by major media outlets such as Parents.com, Good Day LA, Cheddar TV, and 102.7 KIIS FM with Ryan Seacrest.

Approximately 65% of our Tanoshi Computer users are girls, which falls in line with our original objective to close the gender gap in tech.

What We Do

A best-in-class educational user experience for children ages 6-12

Our initial tech closing gap product, the Tanoshi 2-in-1, launched in 2018. Our next generation computer, the Tanoshi Scholar, launched in the fall of 2020.


The features on all Tanoshi computers include:

  • Ability to work online or offline

  • Ergonomic youth size keyboard

  • Free parental controls

  • Educational and age appropriate learning programs

The Business Model

Hardware and accessory sales bolstered by complementing subscription services

Our business model is very similar to Amazon or Apple. We make money from hardware and software sales, as well as complementing services and accessories.

For 2020 (ending March 31st,) our total cost of goods sold was $759 thousand, our total revenue was $1.04 million, resulting in a gross margin of 29%. These numbers are projected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

To make our products as accessible as possible, we also offer a no-interest payment plan for those who need to pay in installments.

How We Are Different

We are reaching a largely untapped age group market, with educational products designed to give ALL kids an equal opportunity

Tanoshi fills a large gap in the consumer electronic market. Our products are designed specifically for kids between ages 6-12, a huge untapped market with a proven need and desire from both parents and kids. Most of our competitors focus on heavily filtered “kids tablets” for toddlers, while the majority of traditional computers and tablets are really only appropriate for older kids (ages 13+), and often include content not appropriate for pre-teens.

Additionally our computers are built with offline capabilities so that they can be used even by kids who do not have access to high-speed internet.

The Vision

Tanoshi aims to be the leader in educational consumer electronic products and services

Our goal is for Tanoshi products to be available in every consumer electronic store (brick-and-mortar and online) within the next 3 years, as well as in multiple countries outside the US. Our computers will be implemented in many schools and after-school programs that will benefit from our affordable pricing and unique user experience. Within 5 years we intend to be #1 in our category in the world!


We are industry experts with a deep care for and commitment to the futures of our children

Tanoshi’s founders are sons and daughters of educators, with an advisory board made up of industry experts, teachers and parents.

Tanoshi has a Diverse Board of Directors and is 50/50 female/male. We were also the 2019 recipient of the EdTech StartUp Innovation Award from the Silicon Valley Education Foundation

Tanoshi is the Japanese word for “fun”. At Tanoshi, we strive to make learning fun!

  • Over 17 years of experience in the consumer electronics industry for Vizio and Toshiba; and consulting for Dell, HP, Intel, Fujitsu, Logitech, and others.  Also former English as a second language (ESL) instructor.

  • Developed and led a strategic initiative that grew CE category sales from $500K per year to over $20 million a year in only two years.

  • Led development of an award-winning line of touchscreen laptops and all-in-one computers.

  • Grew sales of new and unique products from 5% market share to 65% market share in under 12 months.

  • BA in Economics and Political Economy from Pitzer College, Member of the Claremont Colleges. Master Degree in Commerce, University of Sydney, Australia

  • Mother was a public school teacher and father an entrepreneur.  Grew up seeing the disparities between wealthy kids with access to latest learning products, versus poorer kids who could not even afford basic school supplies.

  • International Rotary Scholar and volunteer at 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

  • Learn more on LinkedIn
  • Over 20 years experience in CPG and retail marketing. Brand and product manager at Fortune 500 companies including Kraft Heinz and Del Monte.

  • 11 years working for the #1 online wine retailer across operations, merchandising, and partnerships.

  • Managed a portfolio of brands that generated revenue of up to $75M.

  • Grew a gift basket business on Amazon from launch to over $1M in less than 3 years.

  • Entrepreneur Magazine: 100 Powerful Women of 2020.

  • Inc Magazine: Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs of 2020.

  • MBA in Marketing at the HBCU, Clark Atlanta University.

  • Mom taught in the Los Angeles Unified School District for 50 years. Dad was one of the first Black electrical engineers to graduate from Purdue University.

  • Learn more on LinkedIn
  • Over 15 years experience as a transactional attorney; guiding companies on start-up, licensing, intellectual property, and non-profit issues.

  • Corporate attorney experience at sales platform conversion start-up, TrialPay, before opening own firm focused on start-ups and IP law.

  • BS Computer Sci Georgia tech, MS in HST Ivan Allen College, J. D. Georgia State College of Law, LL.M. Santa Clara University School of Law.

  • Dad was a former teacher who devoted his life to educational product innovation - creating a legacy of over 40 patents. Mom was a working artist and art professor. 

  • Lifelong gamer and current business advisor to a small gaming company. 

  • Learn more on LinkedIn
  • Over 13 years product development with Mattel, Broderbund, Printmaster, HP, Xerox and Northwest Education Association.

  • Having self-taught how to program a computer, skipped college and started working on writing and producing video games.

  • Passionate about improving product and after-sales customer experience.

  • Taught most of his family and friends how to use computers.

  • Frequent volunteer for San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus events.

  • Learn more on Linkedin
  • C-level executive with 20+ years of global technology and digital transformation experience, including stints at IBM, BMC and CP Group.

  • Won numerous awards, including: 2013 Women of Influence of Silicon Valley, 2017 Women in Technology International (WITI) Hall of Fame winner, Female Technologist of the year, and Female Executive of the Year.

  • Stanford University lecturer.  Taught big data, global operation and leadership classes.  Frequent speaker at industry conferences and events.

  • Founder, chairwoman and board member of Be the Change Foundation.   Advisory board member of WITI. 

  • Education includes: Master of Science from Peking University, Master of Computer Science from University of Nevada, and executive programs at Berkeley and Stanford.

  • Learn more on LinkedIn
  • Veteran technology and engineering executive with a track record of delivering award-winning and category leading products in AI, mobile, and Cloud services.

  • Led product development teams at large corporations and startups including: Cisco, Blackberry, Pelican Imaging, Calix, and VMware. 

  • 3X winner of Cisco's Pioneer Technology Award ("Emmy Award for Engineering").

  • Bachelor of Math and Computer Science from the University of Waterloo.

  • Passionate about supporting youth education with hands-on schooling, exploring, and self-learning.

  • Learn more on LinkedIn

Tanoshi is growing fast and we are hiring! Contact us at jobs@tanoshiinc.com.

We have an immediate opening for an Android Software Engineer, learn more here: https://bit.ly/3vkdhq5.

Why equity crowdfunding

Traditional startup funding has failed throughout the years to support female and female + male co-founded companies

According to a recent report from Crunchbase, global funding for female + male co-founded companies is going down. Tanoshi believes equity crowdfunding can help level the playing field.

Why Invest NOW

Changing lives by leveling the playing field for children around the world

Tanoshi is a mission-driven tech company, with the goal to level the playing field in education. Although we are still a new startup, we have already generated $2.5 million over lifetime in revenue, tapping into a huge market with virtually unlimited room for growth. Within 5 years, we aim to be the leading brand in our category worldwide. An investment in Tanoshi is an investment in a brighter future for ALL kids. 

We are tech done right.


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This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are canceled or fail.

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