StorEn Technologies

Renewable Energy Storage

StorEn Technologies

Renewable Energy Storage

Stony Brook, NY
Clean Technology
StorEn answers the call for long-lasting, and affordable energy storage by developing evolutionary vanadium flow batteries. Their disruptive patent-pending all-vanadium flow battery technology for energy storage delivers the lowest cost per cycle in the world, eight times lower than lithium-ion batteries.


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Reasons to Invest

Raised $650k+ from over 680 investors on StartEngine along with Venture Capital from ANYSEED Fund
Secured first order for $500k from Australia
4 PCT patent applications securing our innovative IP Internationally.

The future of solar storage is here!

Bringing battery storage into the 21st century

StorEn Technologies has developed proprietary vanadium flow batteries.

Incubated at the Clean Energy Business Incubator Program (CEBIP) within Stony Brook University in New York, StorEn delivers proprietary innovation, building upon the demonstrated strengths of vanadium flow batteries to revolutionize the world of residential and industrial energy storage. 

This proprietary technology brings superior performance at a lower cost, thus fulfilling market demand for more efficient and cost-effective energy storage. StorEn takes what vanadium batteries already deliver - durability and sturdiness - and through extensive R&D has enhanced the electrical efficiency of the stack and the energy density of the electrolyte and module, ultimately reducing costs. Our research has led to four international PCT patent applications and four trademarks to date. 

Through these processes, we have created an efficient, powerful, durable and cost-effective battery.  Our batteries answer the call for long-lasting, and affordable energy storage. Our disruptive proprietary all-vanadium flow battery technology delivers the lowest cost-per-cycle energy storage device in the world; up to eight times lower than lithium-ion batteries. 

With a battery life of 25 years and more than 15K cycles, our batteries satisfy market demand for efficient, durable and cost-effective energy storage, enabling self-consumption of self-produced electricity and the transition toward a carbon-free economy.

A greener solution that outperforms the competition

A StorEn battery module will work in synergy with the solar system. During the day, your solar panels will capture energy from the sun. This energy then charges the battery while simultaneously powering a home or office. Then, as day turns to night, the battery takes over, providing green energy consistently, and maximizing your solar system dependability.

In addition to its solar storage capabilities, the StorEn battery, in locations with dual rates, can store power from the grid at night when electricity prices are low. By using battery power during peak electricity times, clients can lower their utility bills. Our customers can safeguard the environment while saving money! Additionally, in the event of an emergency, the StorEn battery guarantees continuity to your home and vital devices such as telecommunication, lighting, refrigeration, and heating and ventilation systems. Finally, StorEn delivers additional resilience in case of a natural disaster.

Superior Modularity by Design

Our batteries are modular. Our residential battery can be configured in either 20kWh or 30kWh versions sharing the same Power Module. Our customers will only pay for the energy capacity they really need! Additional modules can be connected together for maximum flexibility!

Our Batteries:

  • Last for 25 years or 15,000 cycles.

  • Maintain 100% capacity over their lifetime
  • Have no ghost-effect.

  • Have no self-discharge.

  • Are resilient in case of natural disaster. 

  • Can operate in harsh climates, while delivering higher round-trip efficiency (see also: Thermastable™)

  • Are virtually maintenance-free. (see also: Equilevels™ and Resafe™)

  • Have an electrolyte that is reusable in a new battery (an asset).

  • Are 100% recyclable.

Target cost per cycle: $0.02

Bringing power to the home

Our home batteries charge using electricity generated from solar panels. When the sun goes down, our batteries use the solar energy  accumulated throughout the day to power the home through the evening and night. 

Home batteries also recharge when electricity rate are low, and use that energy later, when rates are higher.

Our home battery will be cost-effective, easy to install and connect, and will offer households an energy addition to a solar system and the utility grid.

Not just an idea, we are already building the solution

  • 4 PCT patent applications securing our innovative IP Internationally.

  • Over $2M Invested in R&D to date 
  • Over $650k invested from 680+ investors
  • Founding Team's 3rd energy start-up
  • Received first order of $500,000 from Multicom to be delivered to Australia by end of 2019 

Winner of numerous Technology and Innovation awards

  • 2019 Innovator of the Year Award by InnovateLI
  • Finalist at 12th Columbia University Energy Symposium in New York City
  • Finalist at the 76West Competition by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
  • Finalist at Cleantech Open, the leading cleantech accelerator program in the US

  • Panelist at Global Energy Conference in London by Credit Suisse Investment Banking

  • Received an R&D Award from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

With the partners who can make it happen

And exclusive rights to high-end supply-chain partner

StorEn has entered into a supply chain deal with Multicom Resources, an Australian mining company which is the owner of two vanadium mines. Through this exciting arrangement, StorEn has secured the exclusive availability of vanadium for up to 20 years with either a price cap or at market price, whichever is the lowest. 

Multicom’s subsidiary, Freedom Energy, will assemble StorEn batteries within Australia and distribute them widely across the wider Asia Pacific region. They have already completed a concept design for a StorEn battery manufacturing facility in 2018 and will begin the factory design in 2019. 

Other batteries just don't get the job done

Unlike Lithium and Lead Acid Batteries, StorEn Vanadium flow batteries are:

  • 100% recyclable: all battery components can be recycled

  • 100% reusable electrolyte: the electrolyte is reusable in a new battery or its vanadium can be recovered for alternative use

  • NON-pollutant

  • REDUCING mining: no mining of fresh vanadium is necessary to replace a spent battery

  • NON-flammable

  • NON-explosive

  • REDUCING Green-house Gas emissions:  154 metric tons of CO2 per battery (source: EPA Calculator)

Operational Cost: Cost/kWh comparable to lithium batteries but Cost/Cycle up to four times lower than lithium batteries, thanks to the exceptional duration of 25 years or 15,000K cycles

Power Side Cost: 52% lower manufacturing cost thanks to the innovative Hi-Power electrodes and our proprietary MULTIGRIDS™ distribution. 

Power: +50%  in power with the same  components’ costs thanks to our proprietary MULTIGRIDS™ distribution

Energy: +35% in energy storage with the same volume

Efficiency: +5% Round-Trip efficiency in harsh climate thanks to our proprietary THERMASTABLE™ geothermal design

Viability: Virtually maintenance–free thanks to our proprietary RESAFE™ and EQUILEVELS™ technologies

Sustainability: The electrolyte becomes an asset and is 100% reusable in a new battery saving 45% of the purchasing cost, and 100% recyclable

Case Study : StorEn vs. Tesla

StorEn's Vanadium Flow Batteries

Battery Duration: 25 years or 15,000 cycles at 100% capacity

Capacity loss: None

Energy: 20 or 30kWh

Recyclability: 100% reusable 

Tesla's Lithium Powerwall™ Battery

Battery Duration: warranted for 10 years @ 70% of capacity

Capacity loss: 30%

Energy: 13.5kWh

Recyclability: Low (only ~3-5% of materials)

The solar market is booming!

New tax credits make solar even more appealing

In March 2018, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) determined that residential energy storage batteries are eligible for up to 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit when charged from an onsite solar system. The value of the credit depends on the percentage of electricity coming from the sun. If the battery is charged by solar panels 90% of the time, then the battery is eligible for 90% of the 30% ITC, or a 27% credit.

In addition to the federal Investment Tax Credit, additional State credits may reduce the cost of an energy storage system. Although energy storage is a relatively young industry, a growing number of states and municipalities will support the installations of solar-powered batteries to accelerate the transition to renewables and the reduction of GHG emissions. Maryland established a solar battery tax credit worth 30% of the total installed system cost, up to $5,000 for residential systems and up to $75,000 for commercial systems. While in California, a cash rebate is available through the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP). 

Cost Effective

Solar + Storage was already more economical than the Grid in five States in 2018.  These are expected to grow to 23 States by 2025 according to the report Alt Energy in 2019  by Credit Suisse Investment Banking.

A passionate team, with the experience to back it up

The StorEn’s team is made up of experienced engineers, entrepreneurs and scientists. Each individual on our team is dedicated to our mission of developing innovative, efficient, resilient and cost-effective energy storage.


The Team is at their third energy start-up, with two successful exits to listed stock exchange corporate buyers.

Creativity and Innovation

Patents in Fuel Cells, cogeneration, and energy storage.

A Shared History

Our Tech Team worked together for over 20 years. Our team is focused on launching a successful business, while simultaneously making the world a cleaner and better place for future generations.

A  Note from StorEn's Co-Founder

To Our Prospective Investors,

It is an exciting time at StorEn! Last year, we completed a successful Regulation Crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine, raising $600k+ from hundreds of investors that share our passion for technology and the environment. We hit several milestones in our development with the funds raised!   Therefore, I would first like to thank everyone who entrusted us and supported our project from the onset! We built our battery prototype and completed a first technical testing program at the Environment Park. 

Next, we installed our prototype at the Advanced Energy Center at Stony Brook University for independent validation. We received the financial support of two New York State organizations for this: the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute (NYSP2I), and the Center in Integrated Electric Energy Systems (CIEES), an NYSTAR’s Center for Advanced Technology (CAT). Following this testing, we finalized the design of our MULTIGRIDS™ stack to move into the manufacturing phase. This allowed us to secure our first order for batteries to Australia, worth up to $500,000 to be delivered by end-2019. 

We received R&D financing from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to test some innovative membranes.

Finally, we protected our IP internationally by extending our provisional applications to PCT patents at the WIPO in Geneva, Switzerland.

We are now back to ask our community and those who would like to join us, to support us in the next phase of our journey. Please help us achieve our dream of building a successful business while contributing to a superior cause that we feel passionate about, along with so many people. We are confident that our energy storage technology can enable the transition to the delayed use of electricity generated from renewable sources, like the sun and the wind. We envision that one day our batteries will power your home coupled to solar panels, storing clean energy and saving you money.  In addition, they will support social and economic development by bringing electrification to off-grid communities, such as the ones in developing countries. Together we believe we can make StorEn a success and reap the rewards of our partnership while accomplishing an incredible mission. Help us to do well while doing good! Support StorEn!

Yours sincerely,

Carlo Brovero

Co-Founder and CEO

StorEn Technologies Inc.

In the Press

CEBIP Battery Barons Inch Toward 76West Title
July 17, 2017

A Stony Brook battery business with European roots has made the cut in a state clean-energy contest.

Governor Cuomo Announces Eight Finalists for 76West Clean Energy Competition
July 13, 2017

Finalists to Compete for Six Awards Totaling $2.5 Million.

Flood of announcements from flow battery makers
November 22, 2017

Also in the past few days, a US energy storage start-up, StorEn, which is developing vanadium flow energy storage systems, announced it had brokered a supply chain deal with an Australian mining company, Multicom Resources.

Alexander update on vanadium R&D project
November 28, 2017

Multicom had entered into a binding agreement with New York-based technology developer StorEn Technologies Inc to form a vertically integrated supply chain model for the low-cost manufacturing, sale and distribution of StorEn proprietary vanadium flow batteries.

Vanadium Flow Batteries for Cost-Effective Energy Storage: An Interview with Angelo D’Anzi, CTO of StorEn Technologies
November 21, 2017

StorEn Technology* is developing a new generation of vanadium flow batteries to meet the growing market demand for cost-effective energy storage.

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10% rebate on the purchase of the battery for all our shareholders that invested via StartEngine.

*Maximum subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See Bonus info below

Super Early Bird Bonus - First 10 days get 10% bonus shares

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5% Bonus shares - Invest $1,000+ - get 5% bonus shares

10% Bonus shares - Invest $5,000+ get 10% bonus shares

15% Bonus shares - Invest $20,000 get 15% bonus shares

*The 10% Bonus for StartEngine Shareholders*

StorEn will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. shareholders who invested over $1,000 in StartEngine's own offerings.

StartEngine shareholders who invested $1,000 or more in any StartEngine offering will receive a 10% bonus on this offering. This means you will receive a bonus for any shares you purchase. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Common Stock at $4.20 / share, you will receive 110 Common Stock, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $420. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% bonus is only valid for one year from the time StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. investors received their countersigned StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. subscription agreement.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed 

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments. Salary payments made to one’s self, a friend or relative. Any expense labeled “Administrative Expenses” not strictly for administrative purposes. Any expense labeled “Travel and Entertainment”. Inter company debt or back payments.

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Notice of Funds Disbursement

13 days ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, StorEn Technologies has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in StorEn Technologies be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


Our New Campaign Off to a Great Start

27 days ago

Dear Investors and Followers,

Our second StartEngine campaign displays a momentum greater than our first campaign and we are thrilled by this success. We raised over $100K in just over two weeks.

I am currently in Europe for meetings. StorEn has an ongoing scientific cooperation with the University of Padua that resulted in two scientific publications on the prestigious Journal of Power Sources and Applied Energy confirming the superior electrical performance of our proprietary stack. The University of Padua was founded in 1222 and is the second-oldest university in Italy and the world's fifth-oldest surviving university.

Our sincere gratitude goes to all those who have decided to support us and invested in our cause. Your investment is crucial to us and will support us through the industrialization of our battery and moving towards volume manufacturing. We are also building a first batch of batteries, some of which will go to Australia.

As to all our followers, we thank you for your interest in our technology and hope you decide to join our family of investors in the future. Please share our campaign with your friends and acquaintances and let them know how our patent-pending vanadium flow batteries can contribute to the reduction of global warming.

We shall continue posting updates on our StartEngine campaign page, as well as on our social media, to keep our community informed on our developments in a timely manner.

Best wishes,

Carlo Brovero


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