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No one questions the importance of correct breathing. Medivie has developed Oral Breathing Devices to help us at times of pain and stress

when our bodies and minds don’t always allow one to breath efficiently.

Medivie USA Inc. was founded in 2016 by The Medivie Group ("Medivie"), a group specializing in the development and distribution of medical oral devices which help reduce operative interventions during labor, pain and intensity of migraines, concentration and cognitive functioning, and relief of fibromyalgia.

Our mission is to improve the daily lives of people who suffer from the most common and chronic medical conditions by building on a cornerstone of science: Oxygenation of the body through steady breathing is critical for health, pain management and mental functioning.


Breathing techniques, have long been promoted by doctors, trainers, yogis and alternative health professionals alike to address everything from everyday stress, to the most intense moments of childbirth.


Medivie addresses a major problem, being most people don't breathe properly -- not while sitting at a desk, and certainly not when they are under duress.  

As physical or emotional stress increases, the more muscle tension increases and (unconsciously) our breathing becomes restricted. Our oral devices positions the mouth, jaw and neck, ultimately promoting slow, deep rhythmic breathing – even when tension increases. This facilitates an improvement in the quality of the blood, oxygenation of organs, healthy cell generation, toxin elimination and improvement in the nerve system and mental functioning.

Medivie has achieved and will continue to achieve further medical breakthroughs in related fields, which will in turn help the company grow and create additional value for investors. Further related fields include Migraines, Fibromyalgia, ADHD, and Alzheimer's.

Innovative oral devices that provide solutions in the fields of birth, migraines and chronic pains.

Investing in Medivie

At Medivie we believe in sharing our success with potential customers and supporters. We aim to bypass venture capital funds and private equity groups and directly offer you the opportunity to become a shareholder in our promising company and technology.

Medivie may pursue an IPO in the future and this is your opportunity to be an early-stage investor, and participate in this round A equity raise. Laboraide has a number of strong registered IPs, and is legally registered for marketing in the USA & Canada.

Medivie is ready to go to market, and is currently raising $10 million  by selling shares via Reg. A+ Equity Crowd funding to achieve market penetration.

Medivie's Target Markets

Medivie is currently targeting the pregnancy and birth market, focusing on labor. The annual US pregnancy and baby care retail market stands at $45 billion. The C-section rate in the U.S stands at 1.5 Million births of which only 675,000 (!) are necessary. 

Medivie will aim to reduce the outstanding 825,000 unnecessary C-section procedures. Women are educated about their pregnancy and birth processes through platforms including birthing classes, Doulas & Nurses guidance as well as printed and online professional literature. Medivie has identified those platforms for marketing, education, and sales for Laboraide.

With huge market potential, being the only solution that can address the need for reduction in operative intervention during labor, we plan to penetrate individual vertical markets by leading online and offline pharma and baby products wholesale resellers. This fosters credibility among specific audiences / communities and allows us to pace our investments in marketing.

We have an in-store sales agreement with Babies-R-Us, and are extending our sales through additional multiple chains, in addition to pursuing all possible venues for digital sales.

This is your opportunity to become a shareholder in a promising company owning strong technology and immense growth potential through the Laboraide and through the future oral devices to come, which will provide medical solutions in additional disciplines.

Research & Development at Medivie

To Date Medivie Has Invested Over $5,000,000 In R&D

Over the past thirty years, extensive clinical research examining the effects of using OBDs on muscle strength, pain and stress relief has been conducted. Researchers have reached a consensus whereby placing an oral device between the upper and lower jaw prevents the contraction of jaws caused by stress or pain leading to: 

  • Overall sense of relaxation
  • Relaxation of facial muscles
  • Enhancement of body's isometric strength, which is essential for all medical conditions.

The applications and uses for our breathing aid are vast, and Medivie's R&D division is currently addressing a number of medical conditions, which you can explore below.

Reduction of Pain In Birth

Medivie is conducting a clinical study with the collaboration of Ichilov hospital, one of the leading hospitals in Israel,  to identify the impact of our Oral Breathing Device (OBD) on the reduction of the sensation of pain during birth.

By placing an oral device in the mouth, it keeps the respiratory system open, elevates the oxygen flow into the body and reduces the mother's stress level.

The level of Cortisol, which is secreted at times of stress, decreases whilst the level of Beta-endorphins -- the body's natural painkiller -- increases. 

This assists the mother to better deal with the pain.

Reducing Duration of Second-Stage Labor

Mount Sinai (New York) is currently performing clinical trials to determine the impact of using an OBD in the second stage of labor on decreasing the time of a vaginal delivery in an inner city population. The outcome will lead to further analysis  of the numerous positive attributes this may have 

in respect to the woman's wellbeing.

In an effort to reduce the rate of Cesarean sections, obstetric practices now allow for prolonged second stage of labor to accomplish vaginal delivery. However, this practice is not without risks and may lead to either operative delivery and maternal/neonatal morbidity. 

Limited evidence suggests that dental support devices may improve maternal valsava and lead to a shortened second stage of labor. Previous studies are limited in size and scope and have not been powered to find statistically significant results.

At our institution, we have a unique and heterogeneous inner-city population of laboring mothers with marked rates of maternal obesity. Our objective is to conduct a randomized controlled trial in which nulliparous patients are asked to use an OBD throughout the entirety of the second stage of labor. 

Our primary outcome is the duration of the second stage. Secondary outcomes will include Cesarean section and operative delivery rates, as well as combined maternal and neonatal morbidity (rates of post-partum hemorrhage, chorioamnionitis, perineal trauma, fetal weight, Apgars, etc.)

Combatting Migraines

Medivie is developing an OBD which will enhance the relaxation of the head muscles, prevent the contraction of jaw muscles and increase the flow of blood to the brain, leading to the increase of duration between Migraine attacks and the easing of the migraine pain intensity.

Medivie has strong ties with numerous Neurologists, through them they have deployed many OBDs among migraine sufferers with outstanding feedback.

In addition to researching the use of OBDs for the treatment of migraines, we're also researching how they can be used to improve concentration and cognitive functioning. Medivie is at early stages of developing an OBD designed to adapt the optimized pressure to the jaws, 

in the attempt to improve concentration and cognitive activity.

Treating Fibromyalgia

Medivie has identified the importance of using an OBD to attain the relaxation of the TMJ and optimal oxygen levels  in the quest of relaxation. 

Medivie has received extraordinary feedback from sufferers of Fibromyalgia using our OBDs  and we are confident that clinical trials will affirm these assumptions.

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