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The Hyper-Sub

The speedboat. The submarine. In one vessel.

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This patented and proven technology uses the Hyper-Buoyancy concept to create over 30,000lbs of sub-sea lifting capability. With nearly 900 horsepower, a 500-gallon fuel capacity and an ability to dive at will, the Hyper-Sub isn’t just another mini-sub. It is a technologically advanced vessel with unmatched capabilities that has far-reaching applications for governments, industry and private interests on a global scale.

Being first and foremost a speedboat, the Hyper-Sub deploys from almost any dock or beach just like any other speedboat. It needs no transport vessel or crew for it to be taken to a dive site and deployed as with current technology. This capability alone creates a dramatic shift in costs and time associated with subsea access.

Such an advantage, combined with the Hyper-Sub’s ability to carry over 6,000lbs of optional equipment, presents a vessel that can now be outfitted for a much broader range of end users. It’s small size also allows it to operate in even the shallowest of waters which is an area of considerable interest to governments around the globe.

The end result, whether it is for coastal or port security, sub-sea pipeline inspections or simply for private use, the Hyper-Sub is the first sub-sea platform that can practically address so many unsatisfied needs, while being able to do so in a more cost effective and safe manner.

Invest at the ground floor in a technology that redefines subsea capabilities.


$0.75/share | If you invest you're betting the company will be worth more than $23M in the future.

Imagine you walk out onto the pier. Step onto the deck of one the most amazing speedboats you've ever seen. Fire up the 900hp motors and speed along to whatever destination you choose. When you get to that place, flip a few switches, start your dive and then sit back in awe as you experience a world under that water in a way few people ever get the chance to see it.

As a speedboat, the Hyper-Sub concept is a long range surface craft with two 480-hp engines that can deploy with ease from a dock or beach and can travel long distances. Providing the same usefulness, independence, versatility and economy as that of any other long range speedboat.

As a submarine, the Hyper-Sub concept provides on demand, high endurance submarine diving capabilities. It can dive repeatedly when deployed as it can recharge its batteries off the engines. The result is a submarine that deploys, travels and operates just as easily, quickly and inexpensively as that of a surface craft.

The Series I Hyper-Sub, The Fathom, is the prototype vessel that was designed, built and tested by Reynolds Marion and his team. The Fathom has completed 21 successful dives, proving the viability and success of the Hyper-Sub concept.

One of the critical features of the Hyper-Sub is the utilization of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) design for all the working parts. In other words, the Hyper-Sub uses time-tested and proven components in the design. The use of COTS design, along with the Modular concept and Hyper-buoyancy of the Hyper-Sub, have resulted in a cost-effective, scalable and customizable submersible concept.

Now that the Hyper-Sub prototype has been tested and proven, the team is ready to move forward with the design concept for the Series II and bring the Hyper-Sub to market.


Each dry chamber can be customized to suit varying needs and specifications by custom configuring passenger capacity, payload capacity, equipment, electronics and more. 

This enables the creation of mission and task specific designs suited to a variety of markets


The dry chamber can be quickly, easily swapped out for a differently configured dry chamber. Allowing the customer to have one sea frame with multiple dry chambers designed for different purposes.

The Hyper-Sub is easily deployed, has extreme shallow water functionality and has the ability to recharge its dive systems repeatedly during a mission making it a perfect solution for many military and government operations including: 

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), Non-combatant Evacuation Operations (NEO), Special Operations Forces deliver (SOF), Covert Missions or Resupply and Electronic Warfare (EW/ES).

The Hyper-Sub could perform exceptionally well in bad sea states and makes an excellent support vessel for emergency responders.

With the right customization, the Hyper-Sub can be outfitted with all the necessary equipment and resources to respond rapidly to a life-threatening emergency situation.

The Hyper-Sub is ideally suited to support the safety and security of ports, harbors, canals and rivers. 

Because the HyperSub is both a high-speed surface vessel and a submersible, it can serve a dual function as both surface and underwater patrol; performing safety, scanning and inspection procedures with ease.

The Hyper-Sub is ideal for shallow water survey and pipeline inspections, functioning at a fraction of the time and cost associated with the typical Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).

The Hyper-Sub dry chamber can be customized and outfitted to the specific exploratory and research needs, while avoiding the typically high day rates of research submersibles.

Tourist companies and resorts can offer their clientele an unmatched underwater experience with the Hyper-Sub, deploying from nearly any beach or boat dock.

Passengers can enjoy a ride in luxury on its exterior decks or in its climate controlled interior to their preferred destination and then easily submerge for an unbelievable deep-sea experience.

The Hyper-Sub can be outfitted for luxury accommodations, customized with all the details and amenities you would expect in a high-end vessel.

Safety Features

  • The Hyper-Sub can rapidly ascend in case of emergency.

  • The Hyper-Sub can make a controlled return to the surface even in the event of primary systems failure, including electronics and hydraulics.

  • The Hyper-Sub can return to the surface even if the cabin became flooded.

  • If the Hyper-Sub were to invert during extreme weather conditions it has the capability to submerge and right itself.

  • In almost any foreseeable crisis, the Hyper-Sub can return its cabin to a position above the waterline and resume normal surface craft functionality and safety.

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We have been fortunate enough to have developed what we believe is a very exciting opportunity.

Now that the Hyper-Sub concept has been proven and having affirmed that it has global applications, HSP Technologies was formed for the purpose of formalizing the verbal commitment to obtain the intellectual property and other Hyper-Sub assets in order to begin the marketing and manufacturing the Hyper-Sub.

$50,000, the minimal capital raise amount, is the amount required to be successful in our initial Online Public Offering. However, all monies raised beyond this initial goal will then be used to begin our global marketing and manufacturing efforts.

 We are very excited to be moving the Hyper-Sub forward towards the introduction and sale of this incredible product. We hope that you will join us!

Hyper-Sub Platform Technologies, Inc. (“Hyper-Sub”) has received a Verified Check from CrowdCheck for the purposes of raising $1,000,000 in an offering of the company’s Common A Shares on StartEngine Crowdfunding, Inc. (the "Offering"). The Verified Check looks for evidence indicating that the company is a legitimate venture conducting the type of business it claims, is properly incorporated and is in good standing with a US state, and meets all legal requirements to seek investment through an online securities offering. The Verified Check confirms that the company is complying with the requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Regulation CF. In conducting the Verified Check, CrowdCheck obtains information and documentation directly from the company and from other sources that support statements made by the company. The Verified Check additionally looks for evidence to confirm material assertions made by the company in the Form C filed by the company. CrowdCheck has been able to obtain sufficient evidence from Hyper-Sub Platform Technologies, Inc. and outside sources to provide Hyper-Sub Platform Technologies, Inc. with a Verified Check.

Offering Summary

Up to 1,333,333 Non-Voting Class A Common Stock

Minimum purchase: 534 shares ($400)

Target Offering: 


$0.75 per share 

$50,000 Total Proceeds

Maximum Offering: 


$0.75 per share 

$1,000,000 Total Proceeds

The Company valuation is $10,575,000.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

As identified above, the company may incur uses of proceeds which may include but are not limited to the following: payments to the IP Company under the terms of the anticipated license agreement, in which David M. Smith, Delbert W. Smith, and R. R. Reynolds Marion each hold a 15% voting stake and are currently entitled to equity interest in the IP Company. See “Related Party Transactions.”

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The importance of the Hyper-Sub’s utility capabilities coming into focus!

20 days ago

The first two weeks of our stock offering period are now behind us and we are excited by the results.  As of the time of this update, we have sold over 17,000 shares (or 34%) of our minimal target.  We are particularly excited by some of the comments and questions that have been posed to us during this time (as seen in the comments section below).  It has given us an opportunity to explain the difference in the challenges involved in manufacturing a “boat”, whose functioning components are purchased off of the shelf and bolted on, verses the challenges of manufacturing a new type of car wherein, each and every component is usually designed and manufactured from scratch.  Of course, the difference between the two, certainly so from a capital and infrastructure requirement standpoint, are worlds apart and we believe that understanding this difference should be quite useful to a potential investor.  Additionally, thanks to your input, we have also made an effort to explain in greater detail why the Hyper-Sub, through its ease of use, economy and versatility, make it the only platform that is capable of addressing so many unsatisfied needs, around the globe, for both governments and industry alike.    

So thank you for investing, keep your comments coming and of course, help us spread the word about the Hyper-Sub!  It is a true innovation whose time has come! 

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