The StartEngine offering is now closed and is no longer accepting investments.


The future of investing is here.


The future of investing is here.

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StartEngine helps everyday people invest and buy shares in startups and early growth companies. We believe in creating access: that everyone should be able to invest in the ideas that could become the great businesses of tomorrow and that entrepreneurs should be able to raise money from the public and those that believe most in them. StartEngine is the 10th fastest-growing private company in California, according to the 2020 Inc. 5000 Series list.


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This offering ended on March 12, 2020 and is no longer accepting investments.


Get rewarded for investing more into StartEngine:

StartEngine Owner's Bonus
When you invest $1,000 or more, you receive the Owner's Bonus for one year and can earn 10% more when making other investments in participating Reg CF campaigns on StartEngine. See below for the full list of benefits.





We’ve Raised 95% of Our $9M Goal and There Are Still a Few Hours Left!!

11 months ago

We can’t believe it! We’ve raised over $400K today, and we’re still going! Thank you for all the support, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the 6,874 of you who have invested in this round.

There are still 4 hours left to invest in this campaign. Let’s keep going all the way to $9M!

You’ve already heard enough from us, so if you need more reasons to invest, we’re giving the mic to our community:

What Investors Are Saying About StartEngine

“I believe in the vision.” - Johann, a new StartEngine investor.

“Heard great things about your company. Happy to help change the world.” - Kenneth, a new StartEngine investor.

“I love the concept and believe your team has the potential to go far” - Rudy, a new StartEngine investor.

“I’m convinced of its potential for rapid growth.” - Constance, a new StartEngine investor.

“I have great confidence in Howard’s ability to lead StartEngine to a special investment experience for me and anyone else that invests.” - John, a new StartEngine investor.

“It’s incredibly exciting and rewarding to invest in companies that I believe in and feel like I know the individuals involved rather than just a "ticker" symbol on the stock market. StartEngine has made the process SO SIMPLE. I think everyone is going to want to take part in these investments and this easy process! Additionally, the potential for profits is incredible! Thank you for creating this opportunity for everyday people like me!” - Patricia, a new StartEngine investor.

“It’s an asymmetric opportunity, and there is certainly growth in the crowdfunding area. As a platform, you are a picks and shovels business, which is more resilient than new business models.” - John, a new StartEngine investor.

Closing Tonight - Last Chance to Invest in StartEngine at Current Terms

11 months ago

This is it! Our funding round closes tonight at midnight Pacific time!  We’ve raised $8.3M and counting, and we raised over $300K yesterday! We are less than $1M away from our goal, and we are in the final hours of our raise.

We are so grateful to all of the 6,742 investors who have invested in us in this offering, and thank you to all of our existing shareholders.

This is your last chance to invest in this offering and invest in StartEngine on these terms. We’ve got less than 9 hours to go. Let’s keep pushing to max out this funding round at $9M!

If you need any more encouragement, StartEngine’s CEO has a final message for you:

What Investors Are Saying About StartEngine

“I invested at the last minute because of the fact that the SEC might increase the Regulation Crowdfunding limit for companies to raise $5 million from $1.07 million. I believe that StartEngine is properly positioned to claim a large chunk of fees and commissions from this surge.” - Peter, a recent StartEngine investor.

Closing Tomorrow: Invest in StartEngine Before Wednesday at Midnight!

11 months ago

We’re in the final push. StartEngine’s current $9M funding round closes tomorrow at midnight. We’re at $7.8M, and we’ve raised over $1M in the last week alone! With your help, we can max out this funding round. Let’s keep up the momentum!

As we approach the end of this campaign, check out another message from StartEngine’s CEO:

At StartEngine, we believe in the power of the crowd. Why should founders turn to institutional investors when they can raise from their customers and the community they already have?

Rather than relying on wealthy individuals, we believe that the collective community on StartEngine is more important than any one person. In fact, the collective annual income of the StartEngine community is $1.3B. With such a strong community behind us, we can help entrepreneurs change the world, and we want you to help us.

What Investors Are Saying About StartEngine:

“I invested in StartEngine because it’s number 1 in what it does. I also like the idea that in the very near future, StartEngine could be the NASDAQ of crowdfunding engines. It would appear that StartEngine has its thumb on the pulse of startup companies. Being the go-to site among a crowded field tends to put a target on your head. I feel confident that I made the right decision to invest in StartEngine. Let’s go!” - Emmet, a recent StartEngine investor.

New Equity Crowdfunding Proposal From the SEC

11 months ago

The SEC released exciting news on Thursday March 4th. They proposed regulatory changes that would dramatically change how equity crowdfunding works. Those changes include:

  • The amount companies can raise under Regulation Crowdfunding would be increased from $1.07M to $5M.

  • The amount companies can raise under Regulation A+ would be increased from $50M to $75M.

  • Non-accredited investors would be able to use the greater of their annual income or net worth to calculate their investment limit in Regulation Crowdfunding as opposed to the lesser of the two.

  • Accredited investors would have no limit on the amount they can invest in Regulation Crowdfunding offerings.

This proposal is open to public comment for the next 60 days, but if they are ultimately implemented, they could greatly impact StartEngine itself.

In 2019, companies on StartEngine raised $43M, a 63% YoY increase, and investors like you made 55,577 investments, a 99.5% YoY increase. But imagine what we could accomplish if companies on our platform could raise more and users could invest more before reaching their annual limit.

There are only 3 more days left to invest in StartEngine's current funding round. What are you waiting for?

Over $7M Raised!

11 months ago

There are only 5 days left to invest in StartEngine’s current offering, and we’ve now raised more than $7M in this funding round 😎. Let’s keep pushing all the way to $9M!

Why should I invest in StartEngine? We thought you’d never ask. Here are just a few reasons:

  • $43,718,660: the amount invested on StartEngine in 2019, a YoY increase of 67%

  • 49%: the percentage of investments that come from our community, meaning 49% of investments come from investors making their second, third, or 100th investment, which points to our community's engagement

  • 145: the number of investment opportunities we launched in 2019

If that’s not enough, read on to see what a recent investor (thanks Scott!) had to say about StartEngine.

“Latest update was inspiring. Your credentials are outstanding, and I want to be an owner in a company like that. This was the third time I have invested, and I more than doubled my two initial investments combined. The success you’ve achieved and continue to achieve is simply amazing. Who knows? I might even make one final investment right at the closing bell…”

Well you heard it from Scott, so what are you waiting for?

P.S. Did you know that there are 5 investors on StartEngine that share the name “Howard” with our CEO?

Closing in 7 Days!

11 months ago

Our current offering closes in just 7 days. If you haven’t already invested in StartEngine, don’t wait to do so!

StartEngine is the largest US equity crowdfunding platform, and we have launched more offerings than any of our competitors.

In fact, we were recently recognized by Inc. Magazine for our growth. They ranked us #10 in their 2020 Inc 5000 Series list of the fastest-growing private companies in California!

Watch a message from our CEO Howard Marks talking about the announcement below:

Thank you to those of you who have already invested in StartEngine, and a big shout out to the 7 investors who have invested more than $20,000 each in this offering. We’re grateful for your support!

Watch Last Week’s Webinar with StartEngine’s CEO

11 months ago

In case you missed it, we uploaded last week’s webinar with StartEngine’s CEO & Co-Founder Howard Marks to YouTube. During the webinar, Howard discusses our company values, what changes we made to the business in 2019, where we see ourselves in three years, and more. You can watch the webinar in full here:

There are only 10 days left to invest in StartEngine, so if you haven’t already, don’t wait to invest in the largest equity crowdfunding platform in the US!

Closing in 14 days! Plus a chance to hear from Howard Marks

11 months ago

We have just 14 days remaining in our current funding round! Thank you to the 5,438 of you who have invested so far, and for those of you following this campaign, don’t wait till the last minute to invest in this offering. In the past 7 days, we've had 344 new investors in StartEngine, making it our largest raise amount for this offering in a single week. The maximum offering amount is $9M so, if you've been waiting to invest, you have just two weeks  to do so at the current terms.

If you want to learn more about StartEngine, we are hosting a webinar tomorrow at 10am PT with our Co-Founder & CEO Howard Marks. Howard will discuss our strategy for 2020 and how we plan to raise $10B for companies by 2029. At the end, there will be a Q&A where you can ask your questions directly to Howard. RSVP for the webinar here.

StartEngine is the 10th Fastest Growing Private Company in California!

11 months ago

StartEngine is ranked #10 in the 2020 Inc. 5000 Series list of the fastest-growing private companies in California!

As an Inc. 5000 Series honoree, we join the ranks of previous honorees, which include businesses like Zappos, Under Armour, Microsoft, Clif Bar, Patagonia, and many more.

We are thankful to Inc. for the recognition of our hard work and growth over the past few years. In 2018, the businesses on this list employed more than 49,000 people and added $5.6 billion to the California economy. It’s an honor to be on this list alongside so many other great up and coming Californian businesses.

If you haven’t already, we invite you to invest in StartEngine and become a shareholder in the 10th fastest-growing private company in California.

Closing in 30 Days

12 months ago

We are closing our current raise in 30 days! Thank you to the 4,723 investors who have supported us in this funding round so far.

Your last opportunity to invest in StartEngine’s current offering will be on March 11th, so don’t wait to invest if you want to become a StartEngine shareholder.

StartEngine Raises More Than Competitors in Reg CF for Q4 2019

12 months ago

We are excited to announce that Regulation Crowdfunding campaigns on StartEngine raised more capital in total than those hosted on other platforms in Q4 2019.

On StartEngine, companies conducting Regulation Crowdfunding offerings raised over $18.5, accounting for 32.1% of the total raised via Reg CF that quarter. This data is taken from the StartEngine Index, a data project in which we collect public information on every company that raises capital via Regulation Crowdfunding, including those raising on other platforms.

Overall, Reg CF offerings raised a total of $59.1M in Q4, making it the biggest quarter of all time in terms of amount raised for Regulation Crowdfunding, and we are excited to be the platform that spearheaded the record-setting raise amount in the final quarter of 2019.

You can read more about Regulation Crowdfunding in the latest StartEngine Index:

The Fastest Reg CF Ever?

about 1 year ago

As we kick off a new year and a new decade, we are thrilled to announce a new platform record on StartEngine. Liquid Piston, a company reimagining the combustion engine, just became the fastest company to reach the maximum funding amount of Regulation Crowdfunding on StartEngine’s platform.

They raised $1.07M from 1,963 investors in just 9 hours and 22 minutes on January 3rd! That’s $1,904 per minute. Not only is this a record for StartEngine, but Liquid Piston may have also set the record for the fastest Reg CF offering of all time.

Congratulations to Liquid Piston and the success of their raise! May this be the first of many new records for StartEngine in 2020.

P.S. Liquid Piston already has an additional $1.8M in waitlisted investments from 1,526 investors—which is another reason you may want to invest in StartEngine and earn the Owner’s Bonus. With the bonus, you would be first in line on Liquid Piston’s waitlist and have the first chance to invest in the event of cancelled or failed investments.

Recapping StartEngine’s 2019

about 1 year ago

As 2019 comes to a close, we looked back on how far we’ve come in the first 96% of the year. We’re incredibly proud of our growth this year, and we couldn’t have achieved what we have in 2019 without the support of our shareholders.

What kind of growth are we talking about? Let’s break it down stat by stat (which were pulled as of 12/17):

$43,718,660: the amount invested on StartEngine in 2019, a YoY increase of 67%

55,577: the number of investments made on StartEngine in 2019, a YoY increase of 99.5%

27,964: the number of people who invested for the first time on StartEngine in 2019, a YoY increase of 103.9%

49%: the percentage of investments that came from our existing community, meaning nearly half of all investments in 2019 were made by a user that had already made another investment on StartEngine

145: the number of company raises launched on StartEngine in 2019

3,427: the number of new StartEngine shareholders who have invested in our Reg A+ so far this year

Thank you for supporting us. We are so excited for what we can do in the new year with thousands of new shareholders to help share our mission.

Want to read more about StartEngine’s year in review? Stay tuned for a blog post coming next week recapping StartEngine’s 2019.

Enjoy a Free Trial of the Owner’s Bonus

about 1 year ago

To celebrate our successes this past year (stay tuned for more info in our 2019 recap), we are giving everyone in our community a free trial of the StartEngine Owner’s Bonus until Christmas Day!

The Owner’s Bonus means a lot to us because it’s one of the most important ways we can reward our shareholders who invest $1,000 or more in us (or invest multiple times in StartEngine).

Our bonus program is our way of saying thank you. With the Owner’s Bonus, StartEngine shareholders get access to unique perks, which includes 1) receiving 10% bonus shares when investing in other participating companies, 2) getting priority on the waitlist for oversubscribed campaigns, and 3) learning about new participating companies when they launch.

To our campaign’s followers and our shareholders that don’t yet have the bonus, please enjoy this free trial of the Owner’s Bonus for the next 8 days, until Christmas. Explore the 41 different companies with the red “Holiday Bonus” banner (see photo above) and earn 10% bonus shares (rounded down to the nearest whole share) when investing in any of them.

To those of you who already have the Owner’s Bonus, we are so appreciative of your continued support. This free trial doesn’t impact you beyond giving you fun holiday bonus banners to help you identify which investments you can earn 10% bonus shares on.

Happy investing,


Florida Can Invest in StartEngine!

about 1 year ago

We are very excited to announce that Florida residents are now able to invest in StartEngine. If you live in Florida and are interested in becoming a shareholder, please reach out to us at for instructions on how to do so!

Giving Thanks This Week

about 1 year ago

We wanted to say thank you to our community this week and let you know what we’ve been up to this fall. Here’s what’s been going on at StartEngine in the final quarter of 2019:

$1M+ Raises: So far in Q4, we’ve had 5 companies reach the $1.07M maximum under Regulation Crowdfunding! This is a record number for StartEngine, as we’ve never had 5 companies reach the Reg CF max in a shorter time window. We’re so proud of our team and these 5 companies for their accomplishments as we head into the final stretch of 2019.

Investment Accounts: We released Investment Accounts to the public this quarter, so that anyone with a StartEngine Account can deposit money into their account on StartEngine’s platform, making it easier than ever to invest in a company on StartEngine.

21 October Launches: In a push to drive our growth in the final quarter of 2019, our whole team came together, and we launched 21 companies in the 31 days of October. In fact, there were 23 business days in October, so that's almost one new company launched on our platform per business day!

Update on Our Raise: We are now over $3M in our current raise! Thank you to the 2,989 investors and counting who have participated in this round so far!

Owner's Bonus Page Redesign: If you are confused about our Owner's Bonus program, we recently redesigned our educational page, so that all of the information about the Owner's Bonus is in one place for your convenience!

During this Thanksgiving week, we wanted to shoutout the StartEngine community. Thank you for supporting us, whether through your investment or just through your time and attention, and thank you for helping entrepreneurs on StartEngine achieve their dreams, including us!

We’ve Raised Over $3M!

about 1 year ago

Thank you to the 2,700+ investors that have participated in this raise so far. We are grateful for your support! On September 25th, we crossed $2M raised, and in the time it took to reach $3M, 14,841 investments have been made across our platform for a total of $10,155,905.

In the past month, we’ve launched 21 companies, and 4 companies reached the $1.07M maximum under Regulation Crowdfunding. In total, companies raised $5.9M in October, and we’re incredibly excited by our recent momentum across the platform!

Thank you for being a part of our community and coming on this journey with us. If you haven’t already, invest in StartEngine now and earn your Owner’s Bonus!

StartEngine's Latest $1M Raise

over 1 year ago

Congratulations to coffee delivery service GOffee on becoming the latest $1M raise on StartEngine! Thank you to the 2,338 investors who participated in GOffee’s funding round and helped GOffee’s Founder & CEO Vincent Meyer achieve his dreams.

We work hard to bring a wide variety of offerings to our community, and we are thrilled to say that GOffee is the first company in the Food & Beverage industry to raise $1M+ on StartEngine! We wish Vincent success as he grows his business in the coming months using the funds GOffee raised on our platform.

Watch Our Broker-Dealer Webinar

over 1 year ago

If you missed our recent webinar with StartEngine’s CEO & Co-Founder Howard Marks talking about StartEngine Primary LLC, our wholly-owned broker-dealer subsidiary, you can watch the video of that webinar here:

In the webinar, Howard discusses what StartEngine Primary means for the future of StartEngine as well as the company’s growth so far. Howard also answers questions from StartEngine’s shareholders at the end.

Apologies for the sound quality in the beginning! We were experiencing technical difficulties that we resolved around the 17:50 minute mark.

$2M Raised!

over 1 year ago

Thank you to the 1,791 investors who have participated in our raise and helped us reach this milestone! Without you, we would not be able to help other entrepreneurs like us raise capital and achieve their dreams too.

We are grateful for your support and are excited to have you join us in our mission to democratize private capital markets and create more opportunities for small business and everyday investors alike. Together, we will change the landscape of startup investing forever.

Registered in 50 States!

over 1 year ago

Our broker-dealer StartEngine Primary LLC is now registered in all 50 states and Washington DC. It took 3 months of work from the time that we established StartEngine Primary, and on average, the process of state registration usually takes 6 months! Now that work is done, and companies raising capital through StartEngine Primary can accept investors from all 50 states, which is a critical part of StartEngine’s company mission to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

As we continue to democratize how private capital works and transform the way startups find funding, we are excited about this latest milestone and sign of growth that points to a brighter future for small business and retail investors everywhere.

Note: StartEngine’s own raise is conducted by StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. and not StartEngine Primary LLC. Unfortunately, this means that we still cannot accept investments from Florida, Arizona, or Nebraska.

Oo La La! A New Campaign Page

over 1 year ago

You may have already noticed a change on our website over the past few months: we've given our new campaign pages a makeover. Now our page has one too! As we work to improve your experience on StartEngine, we have released a new campaign page layout to more clearly present information to you.

At the top of our campaign page, you can now see the new Investor Snapshot. On the top right of the snapshot, you can now easily find the details of the investment, such as:

  • The amount raised, the terms of the offering, how many days are left to invest, and whether the offering is eligible for the StartEngine Owner's Bonus (which you won't see on this page since this is where investors can earn that bonus in the first place)

At the bottom of the snapshot, you can see:

  • Company highlights, which give investors the key reasons to invest

Below the campaign video, you can also find:

  • A link to the company's website, their location, the regulation they are raising capital under, their industry, and a brief overview of the business

We hope you like the new design as well as our new page. You will be seeing a lot more of the Investor Snapshot with new launches on our platform!

StartEngine Is Hiring!

over 1 year ago

Like what we’re doing at StartEngine? Then join us! We are growing rapidly, and to meet the increasing interest in equity crowdfunding and our platform, we are expanding the StartEngine team. We are looking for smart, driven individuals to join StartEngine and help us transform the way other small businesses find funding.

We are hiring in marketing, compliance, software development, sales and more. You can learn more about working at StartEngine, as well as what positions we have available here:

StartEngine’s First Company Files to Go Public on NYSE

over 1 year ago

We are excited to announce a huge milestone in StartEngine’s history. Hylete, the fitness apparel company, has filed their Form S-1 and applied to list their stock on the New York Stock Exchange. Hylete is the first company to have raised capital on StartEngine and gone on to file an S1, gearing up to go public on the NYSE.

Hylete raised $1M on StartEngine in the spring of 2017, and went on to acquire GRACEDBYGRIT, another apparel company that also raised capital on StartEngine.

Filing a Form S-1 is the first step towards listings shares on a national exchange. If all goes well, this opportunity may provide those who invested in Hylete on StartEngine an opportunity to sell the shares they purchased back in 2017 and see a return on their investment.

We are happy for Hylete and wish them the best as they enter the final stretches of preparing to go public. We also want to thank all of you, our StartEngine Owners, who were able to see the future of funding from the very beginning.

StartEngine Now Has Broker-Dealer Approval

over 1 year ago

As you may have already heard, we’re excited to announce that StartEngine is now a broker-dealer! It took us 18 months of work, but we have finally established StartEngine Primary, a broker-dealer that is registered with the SEC and a member of FINRA.

This is very exciting news for us as our broker-dealer will allow StartEngine to provide additional services to companies raising capital under Regulation A on our platform.

Through StartEngine’s broker-dealer, we can

  • Increase StartEngine’s revenue because we can now accept commissions for Regulation A offerings in exchange for the additional services we can provide through the broker-dealer.

  • Help more companies raise capital under Regulation A. More business means more investment opportunities for our community.

Becoming a broker-dealer is StartEngine’s next step to disrupt a fundraising process that has historically been facilitated by traditional and well-funded financial and banking institutions. At StartEngine, we believe companies should be able to raise capital from main street investors, and anyone should be able to invest in ideas they believe in. This announcement represents the first of two big steps towards building our investor trading platform and our ultimate goal of becoming a marketplace for private investments.

To learn more about StartEngine Primary and what it means for the platform, please read this blog post. Thank you for being part of our community and coming on this journey with us.

StartEngine Had 6 of the 10 Largest Reg CF Raises in June!

over 1 year ago

Every month, our marketing team compiles and analyzes national data on all Regulation Crowdfunding offerings across every funding portal (not just StartEngine). From studying which industries have seen the most success with Regulation Crowdfunding, to the gender of the founders, to the county the company is based in, we report on it all in the StartEngine Index. We have collected data on every single Regulation Crowdfunding offering since it first started back on May 16, 2016. Trust us, there’s a lot of them. 1,698 to be exact.

For the month of June, we’re excited to say that StartEngine had 6 of the 10 largest active Regulation Crowdfunding raises in the country! It’s an achievement that speaks to the hard work that the StartEngine team has put in to build our crowdfunding platform, the size of our community, and our market momentum. In 2019, the average raise on StartEngine has increased 39% compared to the average raise in 2018.

 A big thank you to those that have invested in entrepreneurs on our platform and helped them achieve their dreams, and thank you also to those that have invested in StartEngine itself.

If you haven’t already, we invite you to invest in StartEngine and join us as we reshape the way startups get funding forever.

Why These Entrepreneurs Chose Equity Crowdfunding

over 1 year ago

As part of the StartEngine community, you have the opportunity to read about and invest in all kinds of businesses raising capital on StartEngine. Hopefully, you've learned a bit about us in the process too.

You've probably heard about StartEngine's company mission before, which is to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, and it's something that we are proud of and talk about a lot. But how often do you get to hear from the founders themselves about the impact equity crowdfunding has had on them?

Watch the video below to hear entrepreneurs talk about the power of equity crowdfunding and building relationships with you, a new kind of investor.

Join us and support more entrepreneurs and small businesses like those in this video by investing in StartEngine. With your funding, you can help us grow, develop our platform and create more resources to help other startups grow too.

Updates to the StartEngine Platform and the Owner’s Bonus

over 1 year ago

This week, we rolled out some changes to the StartEngine platform, and we wanted to share those updates here as well. First and foremost, we revamped the StartEngine Owner’s Bonus.

As of this week, we have changed the StartEngine Owner's Bonus in a significant way: for all upcoming campaigns, investors will be able to earn their 10% bonus on their investment when investing at any time during the course of all Reg CF campaigns. Previously, investors could only earn that 10% bonus when investing during the first 24 hours of companies that participated in the bonus program. Note: this change only applies to upcoming launches and does not apply to the companies that are currently live and already raising capital on StartEngine.

Secondly, we have also updated our platform to give investors with the Owner’s Bonus priority if they are waitlisted on a company that has surpassed its maximum funding goal. This means that they will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available, in the event of canceled or failed investments. Similarly, this change only applies to upcoming launches and does not apply to the companies that are already live and raising on StartEngine.

The third update we made to the platform is that you may now notice badges next to usernames in the comment section of campaign pages, which you can see in the example image below.

We have introduced three badges, and those are:

  • “Invested,” which means that the user has invested in the company whose page they are commenting on

  • X Investments,” which signifies how many investments that user has made on StartEngine

  • “SE Owner,” which means that the user is a StartEngine shareholder

We made these changes to improve both the experience on StartEngine’s platform as well as that of StartEngine’s shareholders. We hope you like them. If you aren’t a StartEngine investor already, we encourage you to look at our campaign, invest in us, and earn your bonus to take advantage of its new features, including earning a 10% bonus on your investment when investing at any point during a Reg CF campaign and receiving priority on the waitlist.

200,000+ StartEngine Users!

over 1 year ago

At the beginning of 2017, we had 65,000 users on the StartEngine platform. It took us two years of building and marketing the StartEngine platform to reach that point. Yesterday, on May 23th, StartEngine’s 200,000th user joined our community!

In the same amount of time it took us to get our first 65,000 users, we grew our community by 3x, bringing us to our community today, now 200,113 users and counting.

Over 4,000 members of the StartEngine community have chosen to invest in StartEngine, whether in our first Regulation A offering or our current raise here. As we celebrate this milestone, we invite you to invest in StartEngine too and become a StartEngine shareholder. Help us continue to build our platform as we work to reach 300,000 users, 500,000 users, then 1 million and beyond.

Recapping the StartEngine 2018 Earnings Call

over 1 year ago

On the morning of May 8th, the StartEngine team, including co-founder & CEO Howard Marks, Chief Marketing Officer Johanna Cronin, and Vice Presidents of Sales & Business Development Josh Amster and Allen Jebsen, hosted a 2018 Earnings Call to discuss StartEngine’s audited 2018 financials and the future roadmap of the company with StartEngine’s shareholders.

The team discussed:

  • StartEngine’s values and 10-year vision
  • StartEngine’s increased revenue of $4,682,528 in 2018 from $2,046,948 in 2017, a total increase of 129%, and a break down of that revenue: in 2018, StartEngine earned $1.4M in both Premium revenue and platform fees, as well as $596K from events & sponsorships
  • StartEngine’s increased cost of revenues of $2,637,961 in 2018 from $729,108 in 2017, a total of 262%, and a break down of those costs
  • StartEngine’s decreased gross margin of 44% in 2018 from 64% in 2017
  • StartEngine’s marketing strategy
  • The company’s 1-year plan, which includes launching our broker-dealer and secondary trading platform, signing 170 companies, decreasing onboarding time, raising capital for StartEngine, and launching a 3rd sales team
  • The company’s 3-year picture, which includes having 200,000 active investors on the platform, 100 employees, 10+ sales teams, a 10+ team devoted to Secondary, bicoastal expansion, and more

At the end of the presentation, the call opened up for a Q&A with StartEngine shareholders that attended the call. You can watch the call in its entirety here: 

0.0006% of Venture Funding Goes to Black Female Founders

over 1 year ago

Recently, PopCom closed a $1M Regulation Crowdfunding offering on StartEngine, and the story of PopCom's CEO Dawn Dickson encapsulates StartEngine's mission to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

In just 122 days, Dickson raised $1.07M and even appeared on the Breakfast Club, a nationally syndicated radio show, on March 11 as her campaign caught the interest of the press. The remarkable thing about Dickson's raise is that she broke a significant barrier in funding. Dickson was one of the first 40 black women to raise $1M or more in the US when she raised her first $1M for PopCom in November 2017, and with this raise, she becomes the first black female founder to raise over $1M in a security token offering.

0.0006% of venture funding goes to black female founders, and this story serves as an example that equity crowdfunding can open the doors of funding to everyone.

Her raise is a win for PopCom, for funding equality and for proving that equity crowdfunding is a viable funding model for entrepreneurs everywhere. We are proud to support PopCom's growth, and we invite you to invest in StartEngine and help us become a bigger and better platform that can support more entrepreneurs like Dawn Dickson.

A Successful Summit

almost 2 years ago

On April 12th, we hosted the StartEngine Founder’s Summit, an all-day event for entrepreneurs to learn how to use equity crowdfunding for their business. We had over 150 entrepreneurs attend the event, including 40 StartEngine customers! We are proud to say the day was a success. Check out some of the pictures from Founder’s Summit below:

StartEngine's CEO Interviewed on Cheddar

almost 2 years ago

This week, StartEngine co-founder & CEO Howard Marks did an interview on Cheddar to discuss the difficulties of raising capital and how StartEngine makes fundraising easier for entrepreneurs by providing them access to the crowd through equity crowdfunding.

In his words, “the difference with our platform and what you see elsewhere, like venture capitalists for [that our platform] is open to everyone. You have a main street investor who is looking for an investment opportunity directly into a company, and we provide that.”

Touching on his background in the gaming industry with Activision and Acclaim, Howard said, “I look at the world of finance like a game business. I don’t look at it from a financial perspective where you have all of these hurdles…[and] regulation. I look at it as an opportunity to change how things work.”

Watch his conversation with Cheddar’s anchor Alyssa Julya Smith in full at this link:

Launching Our Second Regulation A Campaign

almost 2 years ago

I am thrilled that our second Regulation A offering has been qualified by the SEC. Last year, we raised $5M from nearly 3,500 investors in our first Regulation A offering. In the first few weeks of this second campaign, we’ve seen a lot of momentum already, and we hope to have thousands of new investors join the ranks of StartEngine Owners.

In the last few weeks, we’ve had a few exciting developments at StartEngine:

  1. We recently increased the maximum investment limit for credit cards to $10,000 on StartEngine’s platform, giving investors greater flexibility in how they invest in companies.

  2. In March, StartEngine achieved a major funding milestone. Companies on our platform have now raised more than $90M to date through StartEngine.

At StartEngine, we feel grateful because we are able to help so many entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. It is the fuel we need to keep going. I just got off the phone with an entrepreneur who raised $1M with us recently. They were excited about their successful raise and kept talking about their new community of investors and the future plans for the company.

With this offering, we are continuing our popular StartEngine Owner’s Bonus program, in which those who invest at least $1,000 in StartEngine, or are investing in StartEngine for a second or third time, will receive for one year a 10% bonus in shares in all participating Regulation Crowdfunding offerings when investing during the first 24 hours of new campaigns.

As we continue our journey together, I hope you will consider making an investment in StartEngine.



Please see our offering circular for additional information. 

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