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"Hi! My name is Dan Whittemore, and I'm the founder and owner of Soarin' Indoors. Let's cut to the chase -- I need your help!

First, a bit of history. After a lot of planning, my family and I signed our first lease to start our business in 2013. Soarin' Indoors is an indoor aerial adventure park -- you'll find rope obstacles and zip lines of various heights and difficulties laid out in a formerly abandoned warehouse space. This venture was a literal labor of love, combining my time as a kid playing 2D platforming video games with my professional training as a structural bridge engineer.  And talk about a bootstrapped kickoff - I personally built the entire course myself over a 4 month period!

It wasn't long before we realized we were on to something big. By that first winter, we started having serious capacity issues -- too small a course; too big a crowd. Most weekends, it was all we could do just to manage our wait list to get in and climb.

Fast forward to today, and we're in a similar position in terms of demand. In those five years we've also learned a lot about managing the hurdles and taming the expenses of running this type of business. On top of all of that, we've become a local fixture  -- a go-to place for everything from youth group outings to corporate team building, to birthday parties or family day trips in which everyone has a chance to have fun, challenge themselves, and get a little exercise at the same time!

People have noticed our success and frequently ask, "Is this a franchise?" or want information on how to duplicate our business model. Frankly, there are some real obstacles today to open more locations or to franchise out the model. For many potential franchisees I have seen that the hurdle of creating your own version of our business would be difficult with no existing template or guide to work from. Let's fix both of these challenges and bring this family and personal experience to a much wider audience. Thanks for taking a look at our opportunity!

Dan Whittemore

 Founder and CEO

"Amazing! If you have kids (or adults) that are into climbing or love American Ninja Warrior, they'll love trying the obstacles on this awesome course! The guides are super helpful, the safety measures are on point, and the atmosphere is fun, fun, fun. They're very responsive, so shoot them a message on FB or give them a call"

Kelsey M.

The Offering

$1/non voting Class B membership shares│When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $1.0M.

Where We Are Today

Soarin' Indoors opened to the public in Manchester, Connecticut in October 2013. In the 4 1/2 years since we have hosted over 1,500 birthday parties and special events and more than 100,000 walk-in guests. All of this has happened with no prior public offerings, and our founder/CEO owning 100% of the company with the sweat on his brow to show for it -- he literally built our first course with his own two hands after signing the lease for this space!

Soarin' Indoors is first and foremost a family recreational attraction, similar to bowling or laser tag. Unlike either of those options, Soarin' Indoors exists in a new market segment that in most parts in the country simply doesn't exist: indoor adventure experiences.  

At our 12,000-square foot ropes challenge and zip line course, guests progress through two stories of obstacles of varying difficulty, all while wearing safety harnesses. Visitors climb, balance, swing and zip through events including rope ladders, high wires, swing logs, zip lines and wobbly bridges while using carabiners to clip and unclip from one safety line to the next. 

This growing market segment is a family fun destination that parents can enjoy along with their children for an atypical day of experiential memory making. For larger gatherings, we have shown to be a prime location for a safe alternative for older (typically, between then ages of 8-13) children's birthday parties.  Birthday parties have historically been fairly evenly split between males and female hosts.

"I was very impressed with Soarin Indoors!  The whole concept is great fun, and the price was very reasonable. My kids had a great time, overcame fear, and felt really well attended to. When my son wanted turn around because he was too nervous, we were told he was allowed, but then the guy coached him through instead."

Whittney S.

A spotlight on what we've accomplished these past 4.5 years: 

  • Steady year-round cash-in-hand revenue stream with year-round draws
    • Winter: walk-In business to get out of the house in a cold-weather climate
    • Summer: summer camps/rec centers
    • Fall/Spring: birthday parties and special events
  • Hand made course means minimal maintenance costs and ability to quickly add new elements.
  • Inspired countless people (kids/adults) to push and overcome their limits -- and have fun doing it!
  • Spotless insurance (liability/worker comp) record over 5 years of business
  • Glowing public reviews
    • Facebook
    • Google
    • Yelp
    • Groupon
  • Become a fixture of our community

All of this from our first location -- our near zero capital, undersized proof of concept...So where do we want to go from here?

"A friend invited us and our son to his sons birthday bash, and it was AMAZING! So much fun! 

The kids (and a few of the adults who aren't afraid of heights lol) had a BLAST! 

This is definitely a place I am considering holding my son's birthday party at, at his request. A fun physical activty that the kids will LOVE!"

Meghan J.

What's Next (Or, Why we are looking for investments!)

This industry is growing fast, but it also is changing. The door is closed on people doing what our founder did five years ago when he built that first indoor challenge course by hand. Corporate investment is pouring into the challenge course industry, raising the stakes and consumer's expectations day-by-day.

Further, what we've done  with our proof of concept model isn't easily reproducible in most existing buildings because our location has unusual oversized wood joist construction that made it easy to add our course directly to the building superstructure. That means that the obstacles run from column to column, and hang down from the large wooden roof supports.  In more modern buildings, this option would be much trickier to pull off -- if it possible at all without overstressing the structural systems. To make this business reproducible in as many buildings as possible, the course needs to be re-designed to be free standing and separated from the building's structural supports.

To secure our future and to build upon what we've started, we propose the following 3-step plan.

Phase 1 - Design a Standard Course Template

The course template will be a reproducible, easy-to-construct, free-standing system that will build the future backbone of this company.  This proprietary template will be made up of standard components, but will be engineered to be flexible and expandable. Some of the highlights of this design includes:

  • Towers and cross members sized for multiple uses and nearly unlimited configurations.
  • "Clip-less" lanyard design for extra safety
  • Flexible framework that supports multiple obstacles at multiple levels
  • Designed to rest directly on typical industrial loaded concrete slabs without large foundations or excavations, reducing installation costs.
  • Design a course that is less "hands-on" and that can operate smoothly with less supervision from staff.

The plans will be produced to be proprietary, but reproducible by local contractors/builders. Our owner, a licensed structural engineer, will lead the design of this standard framework.

Phase 2 - Installation of Course Template at Manchester, CT Location

The first proving ground of this template will be at our Manchester CT location. Installing this template here first will allow us to:

  • better utilize existing space as we will be able to monetize "dead space" where there are no building columns currently
  • add more obstacles = more harnesses = more revenue
  • make a safer, easier to navigate course = more throughput
  • proof of concept is upgraded to a template that is feasible model for future expansion!

We estimate that approximately 20% of our current floorspace is underutilized in our current layout due to building constraints.  A new course layout will allow us to monetize every SF of floorspace available to us and increase guest levels during peak times (summer camp season and cold winter peaks).  Of course, this doesn't include the rush of interest to see what's new!  When combined with ticket rates more in line with the industry and supported by a stronger course, we believe that post phase 2 we will see gross ticket sales in excess of 35% more than we are earning today.

Phase 3 - Build on our Past Success for Rapid Future Growth

We have had many offers and inquiries to expand throughout our region and nationwide. One of the biggest impediments to that growth to date beyond the access to capital has been our existing course construction, which relies upon the building layout and simply isn't reproducible in other facilities. By combining the work done in phase 1 and 2, added to our 5-year track record and operation knowledge gained from the original course, we would have a successful gameplan to move forward in countless industrial buildings nationwide.

Depending on the amount raised, two lateral expansions in our general areas are already available to us.  From there, we expect to have enough mass and inertia to be able to offer complete turn-key franchises including the course layout and operational system outline to potential entrepreneurs at a price point similar to a casual dining restaurant start-up.  Franchisees besides the typical franchise fee could also be monetized through additional engineering support for new course designs, staff and manager training, and maintenance fees.  In return, the franchisees would be provided access to our technology, systems, purchasing power as a block, and existing insurance networks.

How We Will Be Different

What we are proposing is laying the groundwork to offer an easy on-ramp to this business model to entrepreneurs nationwide and beyond. And while it is true that there are other indoor aerial systems available in the public market, the difference between what we are proposing and those vendors is that they are looking to sell a PRODUCT (the course itself) rather than the SYSTEM to run a profitable business. To stay profitable, most of those systems are low volume specialty builds priced out the reach of a first-time entrepreneur. You often see these systems as an add-ons for existing large market customers ranging from shopping centers to indoor water parks or casinos. We can do better and make this experience available to more people at more locations -- for a reasonable cost!

Another "secret to our sauce" is that many of the folks that make these courses and systems assume that everyone is like them and wants to be 20 or more feet in the air.  That just isn't true - why lose revenue to people that are afraid of heights?  I propose that the most important course in the room is the one that is 2 feet of the ground.  


  • Lower course means that younger guests (as young as two) can participate with their parents walking along beside them!
  • Lower course means that guests that are afraid of heights can participate! I can't tell you how many people I have had come buy a ticket to ride our zipline that is only a few feet off the ground. Why lose revenue to people that don't want to be up high....
  • Lower course means people with special needs can participate!

A fact that isn't lost on us is that there is no reason to stop at just the indoor adventure park. Many lateral revenue concepts exist within this space, including

  • Arcades
  • Theming
    • Floor projection to give an illusion of extra height
    • Story mode - be a part of larger story!
  • Other adventure elements
    • Drops
    • Rock Walls
    • Sky-rides
    • "Ninja" style courses
  • Concessions / Retail

Our Market and Industry

Source: Michael R Smith

Current growth trends suggest that the emerging market for aerial adventure courses are away from traditional venues such as ski resorts or the isolated deep woods and into more densely populated areas to access larger customer bases. In populated neighborhoods, large, commercially zoned tree-lined space is rare, and if it is available, is usually prohibitively expensive. 

In contrast, to acquire a similar indoor park space in a currently empty industrial warehouse space is significantly easier, as a lease for the space is available from day 1. These industrial buildings often have the higher ceilings necessary for these attractions. They also happen to be available for a fraction of the cost of traditional retail space per square foot! All that is lacking to fuel this expansion to urban centers is an available, affordable, scalable business model for these potential business owners looking for their next idea to latch onto.

The "pay-to-play" challenge course industry is one that is seeing tremendous growth in the United States. Growth has been steady, with a estimate revenue from US parks of $750 million in 2015 to roughly $1 billion in 2017.  A recent market study found that many players in the industry are seeing average growth year-to-year of 18%, and gross revenue per employee of roughly $56,000.   

Despite this growth as an industry, indoor courses are an area of growth. Indoor courses, by their nature, are year-round affairs but traditionally have been underrepresented in the marketplace. Many of the indoor courses that do exist are there as add-ons for other well established location such as shopping malls or entertainment venues such as casinos.

Growth Projections

Soarin' Indoors will have been opened to the public for 5 years this October and has hit a plateau in terms of organic growth with our current undersized layout. The past few years, while net positive in terms of profitability, have hit up against a hard limit as to how many people we can satisfactorily push through the course in a day/weekend/month/year. We are currently averaging approximately 30,000 guests a year - a number which has held steady for the past few seasons.

By implementing phase 2 (or, depending on funding levels obtained, even partially implementing phase 2) we can significantly increase throughput (number of climbers in harnesses) and guest mobility while visiting the attraction. Our current location's size and layout are a bottleneck for future growth as our revenue has remained relatively constant the past few fiscal years. Being able to continue climbing without getting stuck behind other guests in our experience greatly increases guests' enjoyment of the facility, resulting in happier clients and increased positive word-of-mouth. All of this, based on our projections, can increase ticket sales this fiscal year (2018) by as much as 35% overcurrent thresholds with a minimal increase in expenditures (mostly advertising to alert the public that we've grown). Adding ancillary, currently unavailable purchases (food, memorabilia, etc.) to the mix only increases that threshold up per user to the facility.

We anticipate expansion to happen at the rate of at least 1 per year at a minimum starting in 2019. It is anticipated that growth would initially occur at first in areas surrounding our original flagship location (outside of a 50 mile radius from our first course) and franchisees would be attracted after our initial growth beyond the initial location.  

"We had an amazing time here for my daughter's birthday! It was clean and organized. The guys working were great with the kids and very attentive and helpful. The owner is wonderful! He was so patient with the girls as some struggled with difficult obstacles. He has a very calming demeanor that helped the girls relax and tackle their challenges! Everyone had a great time! We will definitely be visiting again!"

Crystal A.

Please Consider Investing in Our Company Today!

We know we have room to grow both at our flagship location, and in new markets far outside of where we are today. When we established our company we saw a need; that need is now poised to become a national trend.

Market indicators place us right on top of the next big wave of growth on this industry, and additional capital will not only point us toward that future but also help bring along fellow entrepreneurs looking for their next great business nationwide.   

Far from a paper exercise or a concept looking for backing before it can exist, by investing with us, you are investing in an established company with a strong history, leadership and local support. 

I look forward to working with all of you to increase our reach, and help me make more memories for the many people I simply can't reach today. Thank you for your consideration.

In the Press

Time To Soar: An Indoor Aerial Adventure For Young And Old
October 13, 2014

Brief overview of the existing course and our history

Offering Summary

Maximum 107,000 shares of Class B Nonvoting Membership Shares ($107,000)

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Green Valley Adventures, LLC

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Indoor Aerial Adventure Parks

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Class B Nonvoting Membership Shares
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Green Valley Adventures, LLC. will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. shareholders (with ≥ $1,000 invested in the StartEngine Reg A+ campaign) within 24 hours of this offering going live.

StartEngine shareholders who have invested $1,000+ in the StartEngine Reg A+ campaign will receive a 10% bonus on this offering within a 24-hour window of their campaign launch date.  This means you will receive a bonus for any shares you purchase.  For example, if you buy 100 shares of Class B Nonvoting Membership Shares at $1 / share, you will receive 10 Class B Nonvoting Membership bonus shares, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $100.   Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid for one year from the time StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. investors receive their countersigned StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. subscription agreement.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments and salary made to one's self, a friend or relative; Any expense labeled "Administration Expenses" that is not strictly for administrative purposes; Any expense labeled "Travel and Entertainment"; Any expense that is for the purposes of inter-company debt or back payments.

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The final pitch!

almost 2 years ago

Hello, Startengine community!

As I write this, there are literally just hours left before our campaign closes. Don’t miss this opportunity! 

  • We are a five-year-old operating company that has generated profits the past few years from just our single location.
  • We have now completed material design a system that can be installed on most concrete industrial floor slabs.
  • This new system can be used to rapidly install more locations, or sell as a system to 3rd parties.
  • Our growing industry is moving toward population centers and year-round activities... we are poised and ready to be at the forefront of this movement.

Now is the time to act act before we slip away. We look forward to you joining us...see you on the course!


From my inbox

almost 2 years ago

I wanted to share with everyone an email that popped up in my inbox:

I absolutely love your facility and would like to know a bit more about your start up... I would love to open something like this but I am not a structural engineer and have not opened a small business.... Would you mind answering some of my questions so that some day I can open a facility like yours...?

The customers are out there, the market is ready to be harvested... I just need a bit taller of a ladder to reach them.  Time is growing very short on this campaign - if you haven't already - please consider joining me as an owner in this endeavor?  If you are already on our team, you already have my humble gratitude.  If I can ask one more thing - while the window is open - please share this opportunity with others you think may be interested?  Every bit goes towards making this company and our opportunity as attractive as possible.

My thanks   -Dan    

Method behind our updates

almost 2 years ago

OK, we'll admit - the graphics produced in the updates to date have had ulterior motivations.  Nothing bad - we promise!  It is just a fact that the same visuals that we've used to put a vision in front of our potential investors are just as useful with future franchisees.  To that end, we've used these assets to start our outreach to the outside world to help educate those people looking for their next business on the upside of using our system for their next installation.  This page is just the start of several pages and videos highlighting many aspects of our inherent advantage as a course designer- we look forward to putting in more pieces to this page shortly.

We are coming down to the last week of the campaign - time is growing short!  We see that many more people are watching the campaign than have invested in it - how can we help you?  Please ask questions - we're at your disposal.  Thanks for the continued support!

Clipless Lanyard Design

almost 2 years ago

One of the advantages of designing our own system is that we can incorporate our own “clipless” lanyard system directly into the layout.

There are a few proprietary "smart belay" systems on the market that a park owner can invest in.  They come in many shapes and sizes, but the goal of them all is the same - to ensure that guests are always tethered to a safety line with little to no physical interaction.  Most of the available systems have a few common elements - they are single-source, are prone to maintenance, and usually add significant costs to each harness setup that every guest requires.

We are proposing to incorporate a fairly simple and inexpensive system to ensure that guests are always connected to a safety line.  Imagine a clip attached to a harness shaped something like a horseshoe, but with a smaller gap at the end.  With a clip like that, and using special plates connected to our poles that only allow access at designated locations, moving from a safety wire to pole to wire is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1.  Approach the pole

2. Slide the clip around the cable hardware

3. Transfer off the wire to the plate around the pole.  Note the lip on the edge of the plate is bigger than the gap on the clip - the clip can't come off the pole until you go to the next safety wire.  Then you repeat these steps in reverse to transfer from the plate to the new safety wire.  Simple!

Check out the course animation!

almost 2 years ago

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, is a video worth a novel's worth?  Get up close and personal with our conceptual course design!

Note the lack of top bracing between towers.  For towers up to 20' tall, our design incorporates all the support they might require from only their base (in case you are curious, through steel anchors epoxied into an industrial concrete slab).  This saves on material and installation costs.  

Next time, we'll look at our proposed auto-belay system.  No more clipping and un-clipping!

Larger Course Layout

almost 2 years ago

When you add more poles, you get more options... and more fun.  You guessed it - we have a larger sample course to share with our community.  You'll note that this version has a few ways up and down - adding more paths for visitors to take adds more variety and increases guest movement and throughput.  Moving guests are playing guests, and playing guests are happy guests!

Updated Course Segment Render

almost 2 years ago

The latest renders were looking so good we couldn't help share them with you.  Remember, this is just a mock-up of what a small piece of a course layout might look like.  A full course would have many more poles and elements than this!

We are beyond excited to roll out this system to our floor, and to a floor near you!  To do this up right, though, we're going to need continued support from this community.  If you are watching this campaign, consider joining us on this adventure.  If you've already invested... welcome!  Could we ask one more thing from you, though - share the work we're doing here with more people, and give us the ability to really bring this vision to light.  Thanks!

Yep, we’ll be live for Demo Days on the 31st

almost 2 years ago

Yes, we will be a part of and pitching during the StartEngine demo day on May 31st.  If you missed it, you can watch the recording on YouTube here.  We’re easy to find - we were the last presentation... just scroll to the end.  Thanks!

Sample Tower Mockup

almost 2 years ago

Here is potential mockup of a tower from our ongoing design charrettes:

Some of the features of this design:

  • Made from standard components
  • Can be made by local contractors
  • Design to be installed on an industrial rated concrete floor with no excavations/demolition required
  • Total tower height up to 20 tall

Soon, we'll show what it would look like installed into a course....

Customer Appreciation

about 2 years ago

A suggestion was made in the comments that we highlight some of the reviews we've gotten.  That's a great idea!  Here's a compilation of 2 different sites, representing over 400 individual user rating.  The numbers are almost identical - 4.7/4.6 out of 5 stars.  The numbers don't lie... we are good at what we do, and have the public recognition and continued track record to back it up.

Thinking new experiences

about 2 years ago

Hello, StartEngine community!

One idea that has rattling in my head the past few days as I’ve been thinking about future designs is the potential of stage tricks such as forced perspective and video projections to improve our experience and move it into a whole new class of products.  The idea is simple:  A traditional outdoor adventure course needs to place you high up in the air to give you a sense of adventure and risk.  Trust me as someone in the industry, the cost to do this in terms of construction, staffing, and liability can be high!  Instead of all of that, Imagine instead that you were only 5 feet high but felt like you were 30 or more feet.  Sound impossible?  Let me ask you a question - how do you know how high up you are?  What if you looked down and instead of seeing a carpet, saw an elaborately painted scene of a false “ground” far down below you.  On top of that, for extra “pop”, hidden video projectors could add animation to the otherwise static scene to give the false ground a sense of depth and make it come alive.  The end result, if it is pulled off well, would be to give guests a whole new, safer experience in buildings that are more common (I.e. - have lower ceilings).  Why limit it to a ground scape?  Imagine a chasm on Mars, or actually walking a pirate’s plank with sharks circling at your feet.

Is this possible to pull off well?  I think it would be, but would require some experimentation and new technology that doesn’t exist today.  The prospects are exciting, though - we would be looking at creating a brand new experience that can’t be duplicated outside.  What are your thoughts?  Let me know in the comments below.

We’re off to a great start!

about 2 years ago

Hello StartEngine community! Thank you so much for your support and interest in our endeavor. Because of the support we’ve already received, work has already started in earnest on our course layout design.  Watch this space - we’ll continue to regularly update you on our progress and plans for the future.

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