Future of Drug Delivery


Future of Drug Delivery

Denver, CO
Health Tech
SmartTab® is a Denver-based company developing an advanced platform of ingestible capsules for drug delivery of biologics and targeted medications. The company is engaged in the validation of next generation wireless ingestible drug delivery technologies and has developed the InjectTab™️ intended to replace medical injections. SmartTab is on a mission to provide novel administration routes and effective therapies that improve patient lives.


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Reasons to Invest

  • Our integrative team is composed of experienced engineers, pharmaceutical R&D, regulatory experts and innovators working to create solutions and obtain FDA approval for improving patient outcomes.
  • The market size of Drug Delivery Innovation has continued on a path of exponential growth over the past decade. Specifically, the global market for biologic therapeutic drugs should increase from $285.5 billion to reach $421.8 billion by 2025.
  • We have successfully raised $4 million through our founder and individual investors. With only $4 million, we have obtained proof-of-concept through the first successful preclinical proof of concept study.


Drug Delivery for the 21st Century

The time has come to bring drug delivery into the 21st century - all by optimizing the way medication is delivered to improve the overall patient experience. 

*Images are computer generated demo versions. Product is still currently under development

SmartTab® is bringing real-time precision drug delivery and data monitoring into the fold - all by connecting with AI and digital healthcare systems. The platform will deliver the correct dosages at the appropriate time to targeted locations in the gastrointestinal tract and is intended to replace both traditional coated capsules and injections.

*Images are computer generated demo versions. Product is still currently under development

SmartTab® has developed the InjectTab™, a microneedle capsule with sensors and microprocessor that confirm ideal positioning of the capsule and deliver life saving biologic medication through a patient-friendly oral route of administration.

*Video contains images of computer generated demo versions and prototypes. Product is still under development.

SmartTab® is committed to a Patient-centered innovation culture through focus groups and partnerships with patient advocates. The company is on a mission to transform drug delivery and therefore provide novel, effective therapies that improve the patient’s lives around the world. SmartTab® was recently named the Autoimmune Association Patients’ Choice Award winner in 2021 during their Health Tech Pitch Competition.

*Video contains images of computer generated demo versions and prototypes. Product is still under development.

The Problem

Drug delivery technology is outdated

We see all this advancement of digital technologies, yet oral capsules and tablets have remained largely unchanged since their inception in the middle 1800s.

Because of this lack of innovation, current tablets and capsules are nonspecific and can cause side effects due to high toxicity. 

Not to mention, healthcare is increasingly happening at home more than ever. Therefore,  there is a lack of real-time monitoring within the current delivery technologies available today. 

The SmartTab® capsules combine medication delivery with the latest sensor technology to communicate in real-time and open up a new era of medicine. 

*Video contains images of computer generated demo versions and prototypes. Product is still under development.

The SOlution

Wireless Technology Meets Drug Delivery

SmartTab® has developed a family of capsule sized ingestible devices that incorporate advanced electronics and engineering for optimal drug delivery. 

*Video contains images of computer generated demo versions and prototypes. Product is still under development.

With this solution, active ingredients can be delivered to targeted locations within the body and at precise times – cost effectively.

This means...

SmartTab® capsules allow for the ability to connect with a smartphone or smartwatch via bluetooth RF signal to monitor when the capsule has reached the desired location. Data is then sent into artificial intelligence and then to a physician's office to optimize the treatment.

*Images are computer generated demo versions. Product is still currently under development

There are currently no consumer-available high tech ingestible delivery systems.. However, a variety of companies have established related technologies that may be leveraged by SmartTab® for their market and regulatory precedents.

  1. Capsule Endoscopy: Projected to be almost a $1B market by 2023, but with limited monitoring and no drug delivery. (Source)

  2. Adherence Monitoring Capsules: FDA approved ingestible sensor for adherence monitoring that is pioneering ingestible digital health, but with no drug delivery components.

  3. Ingestible devices for delivery of therapeutic payload: Progenity, Lyndra Therapeutics and Rani Therapeutics.

We believe that SmartTab® is way ahead of the game due to the integration of wireless two way communication capabilities integrated into the capsule platform. Not to mention, its ability to transmit key monitoring data post-delivery - all related to drug efficacy within the body system.

*Images are computer generated demo versions. Product is still currently under development

Our business model is to manufacture and supply the SmartTab® capsules to pharmaceutical companies to pair with their drug therapies. Offering pharmaceutical companies improved product efficacy, novel administration routes, and patent extension opportunities. 

This means…

*Images are computer generated demo versions. Product is still currently under development

SmartTab® will pursue a phased platform approach for product development and commercialization. This means our ingestible capsule platform will be able to accommodate various active ingredients and integrate with a proprietary care management software. Each configuration will be developed and commercialized, and this approach will allow us to pursue strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The Market

Path to Profitability

The Global Smart Pill market is currently valued at over $3.52 billion and its growth is expected to increase from 14.5 % (CAGR-Compounded Annual Growth Rate) over the next 5 years. 

*Images are computer generated demo versions. Product is still currently under development

Driving this growth is an increasing demand for minimally-invasive procedures - as well as better patient monitoring and outcome capabilities. 

Estimates predict a 1:10 cost savings ratio associated with improved management of chronic health conditions as the use of smart pills for monitoring and drug delivery proliferates. This means a potential savings of $100 - $289 billion in the US alone.

Why Invest

The Future of Drug Delivery Awaits

We envision 10 years from now every tablet and capsule will have some type of electronic delivery or monitoring system. We believe SmartTab® is leading the digital drug delivery revolution.

*Images are computer generated demo versions. Product is still currently under development

With this in mind, we aim to create a world where needles and syringes are not necessary outside of immediate and emergency medical care delivery. We are here to push the boundaries of how medical innovation is conducted.

SmartTab® is creating new and never before seen drug delivery platforms that not only deliver the medication in extremely efficient ways, but also create interoperable platforms that have not been possible until now. To free patients from the antiquatedness of drug delivery today and cause a paradigm shift to patient-centric care. 

Our vision is simple: Lead the world in the evolution of drug delivery through patient centered innovation, conscious and diligent engineering, and redesigned care delivery pathways. 

*Video contains images of computer generated demo versions and prototypes. Product is still under development.

In the Press


SmartTab | Disrupt 2020

FOX Tech Talk

Scientists say smart tablets could improve the effectiveness of medications


SmartTab Wireless Pill for Targeted Drug Delivery: Interview with CEO Robert Niichel

Denver Business Journal

Coming soon: A pill that time-releases meds and records your body data

Healthcare Goes Digital Podcast

When Wireless Technology Meets Drug Delivery

The Medical Futurist

Top100 Digital Health Companies 2021

MedStreet Journal Podcast

Developing More Accuracy in Treatments and Diagnosis Powered by Capsules and Wireless Technology with Doug Miller

American Inno

Denver Startup Develops Smart Pill for Wireless Drug Delivery

IBD Journal

Advancing High Tech Drug Delivery Systems for the Treatment of Crohn’s Disease

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In March 1994 Robert Niichel was barred from association with any NASD member in any capacity. Please refer to the Company’s Risk Factors for full disclosures.

The Company will not incur any irregular use of proceeds.

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Finalists Announced for the 2022 SXSW Pitch Startup Event

2 days ago

SmartTab was announced as one of the finalists for South by Southwest's 14th annual Pitch event in March 2022. SXSW Pitch showcases technology from 45 companies within 9 distinct categories to a panel of industry experts, media professionals, venture capital and angel investors. SmartTab will present to a live audience of high-profile media, venture capital investors, and a panel of expert judges. This season’s judges include industry moguls like Jim Breyer (Breyer Capital), Stacy Feld (Johnson & Johnson), Lance Armstrong (Next Ventures), Deena Shakir (Lux Capital), former Walmart CEO Marc Lore, and more.  This year's finalists represent the most cutting-edge technologies from around the world, with the highest caliber of applicants since SXSW Pitch's beginning.

Full press release from SXSW here.

SmartTab Reaches Crucial Milestone with New Patent Granted by USPTO

3 days ago

DENVER—The Denver-based startup, SmartTab, continues to revolutionize digital medicine—they successfully obtained a patent for a “wireless communications system integrating electronics into orally ingestible products for controlled release of active ingredients.”

Smart Pills for Optimized Drug Delivery

This is yet another major stepping stone for the startup. Over the past three years they’ve quickly made a name for themselves as a leading innovator in wireless drug delivery systems. The company is engaged in the validation of InjectTab™ to replace the needle and syringe for patients with diabetes and autoimmune diseases. Their additional products, TargetTab™ and MultiTab™ have the potential to transform the lives of people suffering from chronic gastrointestinal problems like Crohn's disease.

To maximize medications’ effectiveness and minimize side effects, the drug needs to be targeted to the correct location and at the right time. Modern enteric-coated capsules have advanced oral drug delivery by enabling drugs to dissolve after they have bypassed the acidic stomach environment, yet even these capsules can not travel deep into the colon or  offer an indication of whether or not the drug was successfully released at the target location. 

Patent Details

The patent (U.S. Patent No. 11224383) has SmartTab poised for clinical studies in May. It entails a consumable capsule with a triaxial coil and electronic circuit which interacts with an external device so that the external device can determine the location of the capsule within the gastrointestinal tract. This system of consumable capsule and external tracking and control device delivers a pharmaceutical agent to a predetermined location in the gastrointestinal tract. The capsule electronics can present a signal indicating release of the pharmaceutical agent. Read the full announcement here.

“The new patent issued and the soon-to-be-issued patents demonstrate our commitment to advancing a paradigm shift in patient-centered drug delivery."

-Robert Niichel, Chief Executive Officer of SmartTab.

Coming Up

SmartTab is presenting at the Annual Arab Health 2022 Conference 24-27 January 2022 at Dubai World Trade Centre—showcasing Colorado’s expertise in novel drug delivery systems to the Middle East and international communities. 

Notice of Material Change in Offering

3 days ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the SmartTab offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

Issuer is extending campaign for up to 30 days.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

SmartTab to Participate in the Arab Health 2022 Conference in Dubai

9 days ago

Denver, CO Jan. 12: A Denver-based digital health startup, SmartTab, will present at the Annual Arab Health 2022 Conference 24 - 27 January 2022 at Dubai World Trade Centre—showcasing Colorado’s expertise in novel drug delivery systems to the Middle East and international communities. 

In partnership with a Life Science delegation, the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) selected SmartTab to join Arab Health as an emerging health technology company. This is the largest healthcare event in the Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) region. Over 4,000 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors are expected at the trade show. 

The Annual Arab Health 2022 Conference will showcase a rich variety of healthcare innovation—ranging from state-of-the-art imaging equipment to the most cost-effective disposables; developments in surgery to advances in prosthetics. 

OEDIT provides financial assistance for companies entering new global markets through the State Trade Expansion Program (STEP). 

SmartTab presented last year during the annual Arab Health Innov8 Talks on May 31st, 2021, titled "Advancing Wireless Ingestible Drug Delivery Technologies." The company presented its drug delivery platform, the InjectTab™, TargetTab™, and MultiTab™, to a panel of judges, investors, and executives for global health companies like Philips and GE Healthcare. 

In 2022, SmartTab will host a booth in the US Pavilion as well as meet and present to potential partners and investors during the conference. SmartTab will pursue exporting and manufacturing opportunities for when commercialization is reached.

“We are proud to represent SmartTab on the global stage to share about our global wireless drug delivery revolution. This is one of the world’s largest medical conferences, and we look forward to connecting with potential partners.” -Robert Niichel, Founder and CEO, SmartTab

Notice of Funds Disbursement

16 days ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, SmartTab has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in SmartTab be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


2021 SmartTab Year in Review Podcast Episode

20 days ago

2021 Recap Podcast Episode

It's been an extraordinary year at SmartTab. Listen to the 2021 Year In Review Podcast Episode, as our CEO and CMO recap SmartTab's progress in 2021. Use the chapters to navigate the episode and explore the extraordinary accomplishments of the year.

We wish you and your family a happy new year. Breakthrough 2022!

Listen to the Full Episode

News List

We started the year at the Crohn’s and Colitis Congress presenting our Successful PK Preclinical Animal Study of TargetTab™, colon-targeted delivery system. 

SmartTab won the poster of distinction for the Preclinical Animal Model Category and our abstract was published in the the IBD Journal and Journal of Gastroenterology. 

SmartTab joined the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network, Denver Scale-Up Program designed by the Office of Economic Development & Opportunity in Denver, Colorado 

A virtual trip to Japan to pitch at the Born Global Town Hall & Forum, a  Digital Health Event organized by Astoria Consulting Group in Japan, in cooperation with Pfizer & Japan’s External Trade Organization.

We then dived into the story of how SmartTab started, the famous bike ride that launched SmartTab and Robert Niichel as the “Godfather of wireless drug delivery” 

SmartTab Announces New Patent Granted by USPTO for its Novel Drug Delivery Systems

SmartTab team presents lecture on Advancing High Tech Drug Delivery Systems to Healthcare Engineering students and faculty of Texas Tech University led by Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Douglas Miller.

SmartTab featured on Healthcare Goes Digital podcast about the personalized aspect of wireless drug delivery.

SmartTab Rallies to Support Take Steps Colorado for Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation and Completed Patient-Centered Innovation Focus Group

SmartTab participated in a Boulder Startup Week panel about digital therapeutics. 

Our Chief Technology Officer, sat down with Jordan Hogan on Fox News Tech Talk to share about each capsule device we have in our pipeline and how it works. 

SmartTab was selected this year to pitch at the Plug and Play Health Tech Pitch. Plug and Play brings together the best startups and the world’s largest corporations to partner.

In honor of World IBD Day, Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Douglas Miller, sat down with Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry to share how we are working to change the game for diagnosing and treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) with our ingestible technologies.

Arab Health invited SmartTab to speak during the Innov8 Talks. I had the pleasure of presenting SmartTab and sharing our innovations with the global community at the world’s largest healthcare conference. 

MedCity INVEST brings together regional and national stakeholders across hospitals, insurers, pharma, health IT, and medtech to discuss new developments in precision medicine, the reality on the ground, and what needs to happen for more widespread adoption and integration of these innovative technologies.

SmartTab was selected as a finalist and ultimately a winner of the Colorado Companies to Watch 2021 Awards. 

Reimagining Healthcare Podcast:  The smart biosensing tablet revolution enabling personalized healthcare with Robert Niichel, CEO of SmartTab

SmartTab was featured on the Health Innovators Show with Dr. Roxie Mooney about how to play the long game novel tech in healthcare

Wistia featured SmartTab's podcast as one of the top five on the platform and Chief Marketing Officer joined a webinar to share about how SmartTab’s podcast has naturally supported the growth of our company. 

SmartTab was honored to be part of Tech Delegation to London Tech Week led by London and Partners and the City of Denver Office of Economic Development. 

SmartTab partnered with General Assembly in speaking with fellow thought leaders in healthcare to explore new intersections between health and technology.

MedStreet Journal Podcast: Developing Accuracy in Treatments and Diagnosis Powered by Capsules and Wireless Technology with Dr. Douglas Miller, CTO of SmartTab

For the second year in a row, SmartTab participated in the annual TechCrunch Disrupt Conference. In 2020 SmartTab was a TechCrunch Top Pick at the Disrupt conference.

SmartTab was added to the Top 100 Digital Health Companies to Watch List by the Medical Futurist. 

SmartTab hosted a networking event at the Catalyst Health Tech Innovation Center during Denver Startup Week and Presented at the Innovative Product Showcase.

The first ever Patients' Choice Award: Health Tech Pitch Competition sponsored by Lilly, brought together the best and the brightest health tech, digital health, diagnostics and medical device startups innovating to disrupt the autoimmune experience.

SmartTab officially opened up investments to the public to accelerate the commercialization of our novel drug delivery platform. This is a new approach to fundraising that opens up more impactful investments from our greater community of investors at-large. 

SmartTab joins PharmStars,  is the first of its kind accelerator led by successful Digital Health Pharmaceutical Executives to advance Digital-Pharma partnerships.

It's with great pleasure that we announce SmartTab's Founder and CEO, Robert Niichel as the Most Innovative CEO of the Year 2021 by Tycoon Success. This is the story of an innovator who goes beyond the ordinary to accomplish the extraordinary. 

Robert Niichel Named Most Innovative CEO of the Year by Tycoon Success

22 days ago

Robert Niichel: An Innovator in the Digital Pharma Industry / A Tycoon Revolutionising the Digital Pharma Industry / Working With Really Great People

It's with great pleasure that we announce SmartTab's Founder and CEO, Robert Niichel as the Most Innovative CEO of the Year 2021 by Tycoon Success. We are proud of the hard work and leadership Robert brings to the laboratory and team. Below is the article from Tycoon Success about Robert's journey through this year and what you can expect from SmartTab going forward. This is the story of an innovator who goes beyond the ordinary to accomplish the extraordinary.

Read the Full Article

SmartTab’s Journey to PharmStars

29 days ago

A Startup’s Journey to PharmStars

The Long and Winding Road to Successful Pharma-Digital Partnerships

Photo courtesy of PharmStars

Let’s Go to the Moon, They Said…

On Sept 12, 1962, President John F. Kennedy said, “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” People couldn’t comprehend how that was possible. Yet on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong made the impossible, possible. As innovators that work in the startup world, we share this same passion and drive.

The moon landing is one of the best case studies of breaking through perceived barriers to boldly advance technology that didn’t seem plausible. President JFK’s leadership pushed people to accept such a daunting challenge. Today, we have the vision to fearlessly go into the unknown as well with a focused entrepreneurial spirit to create ideas that will change the world.


Photo courtesy of SmartTab

The Biggest Chasm Between Pharma and Innovative Startups

Digital health has the potential to really transform the pharmaceutical industry and patient experiences. Partnerships are essential to success when it comes to overcoming the Pharma-Startup gap.

If Big Pharma is from Mars and digital health startups from Venus, PharmStars wants to play Cupid

So how do you get innovation and digital health startups into the fold at pharmaceutical companies? It’s a burning question that hasn’t been answered. Grounded in R&D, many pharmaceutical companies do not have engineers and look to external partnerships to bring in the digital piece. There’s huge potential for “beyond the pill solutions,” but it's very difficult.

PharmStars is a new kind of accelerator for companies developing digital solutions for pharmaceutical companies. It’s the only pharma-focused, member-based accelerator for digital health startups. The goal of PharmStars is to bridge the "pharma-startup gap" by preparing both pharma and digital health startups to effectively work together.

Pharma and startups have a lot to offer each other. What's going wrong?

Both sides, Pharma and Startup must listen to each other more closely while learning to share their needs and solutions. PharmStars is creating opportunities for more conversations between Pharma and Startups to facilitate and accelerate successful partnerships.

SmartTab experienced PharmStars firsthand as a graduate of the first cohort. Let's dive into the PharmStars accelerator and discover the benefits of the bridge.

Bob (1)

Photo courtesy of PharmStars

PharmStars Helps SmartTab Boost Pharma Partnerships

Over the past centuries, both technology and medicine have rapidly advanced. Yet the way medicines are delivered to the human body remain quite antiquated. Even as pharmaceutical companies work on innovation, there is very little progress in this field.

Robert Niichel is the founder of SmartTab with a background in research and development of pharmaceutical types of drug delivery systems. Niichel has a track record of developing novel ways to increase absorption and time-release medications. In 2017 he made a choice that could very well lead to the most significant advancement in healthcare in the last 200 years. He chose to bring the advancements of wireless technology into drug delivery to improve the way active ingredients are delivered and monitored in the human body. He started SmartTab, a company dedicated to people and advancing high-tech drug delivery technology.

SmartTab is developing novel drug delivery technologies to usher in a new era of medication delivery and management. Imagine a world where advanced “smart pills” or “digital pills” not only deliver medication but also collect key data analyzed by AI systems and physicians to improve therapies and patient outcomes.

There are many challenges along the way that SmartTab will face as we build a revolutionary product to change a system (needle and syringe) that is not keeping up with the needs of patients. The team at SmartTab accepts these challenges and is dedicated to their mission. It’s important for SmartTab to partner with pharmaceutical companies as this is the pathway to pair active ingredients with our capsules and move through clinical studies as well as the FDA regulatory process.

Partnerships will be key to accomplishing the bold mission of transforming pharmaceutical delivery with digital technology. SmartTab was part of the first class of PharmStars graduates—partnering with Pharma to focus on specific therapeutic areas so that our capsules can be utilized for diabetes, IBD, mental health, cancer, covid-19, and a multitude of autoimmune diseases. 


GroupPhoto (1)

Photo courtesy of PharmStars

Bridging the Startup-Pharma Gap Through PharmStars

In August 2021, SmartTab and 11 other startups were selected by PharmStars to participate in the accelerator that culminated in a showcase in Boston, MA to pitch to PharmStars’ Pharmaceutical member companies. Given the need for “beyond the pill” digital health solutions and the agility of a startup to develop innovative solutions, it was a no brainer for SmartTab to embark on this new opportunity for conversation and partnering.

PharmStars was founded by Naomi Fried, who has lead technology innovation at Biogen, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Kaiser Permanente. She heads the PharmStars team which includes, former pharmaceutical executive, Laura Gunn; startup genius Dr. Shwaren Patel, and master logistics implementer, Meredith Cohen. They believe startups can benefit from better understanding the business concerns that drive pharma’s decision making. PharmStars seeks to educate and assist both their startups and pharmaceutical members to more effectively partner and ultimately move the needle in patient care. The accelerator had three components: classes and mentoring for startups, and “Executive Ed” for pharma.

The SmartTab team has already been in conversation with many of the large pharmaceutical companies throughout the world yet only few of those conversations ever led to actual collaboration on a specific development project. SmartTab was eager to accelerate those efforts and take their conversations with potential pharma partners to the next level.

PharmStars is opening up a new chapter for Pharma-Startup partnering. The 10-week program was a bootcamp for digital health startups to dive into and learn about the world of large multinational pharmaceutical companies. The startups that participated in the accelerator remained confidential for several weeks after completion to respect the Pharma-Startup member conversations.

Each week startups came together for PharmaU, PharmStars’ educational program led by Managing Director, Laura Gunn to educate the startups on how pharmaceutical companies are structured and how their products are developed. The cohort of startups met twice a week for two hours.

Naomi Fried led “fireside chats” with Pharma member Digital Health Executives who shared authentically about the challenges they face in partnering and what their team is looking for in a digital health startup partner. These discussions help guide the startups in understanding how to meet the needs of pharma.

The theme for this initial cohort was “innovation in clinical trials.” Each startup had the opportunity to present their solution at PharmStars’ Showcase Event. PharmStars members worked extensively with each startup to help shape their pitch to best communicate their value proposition and proposed partnership arrangements in the most effective way. 

At the PharmStars’ mentoring sessions, the PharmStars team provided guidance to the SmartTab team on communicating their solution in the most powerful way possible. This preparation was extremely valuable and was put to use at the Showcase Event in Boston, MA where the participating Pharma members met the startups for the first time.

Sacha2 (1)

Photo courtesy of PharmStars

The PharmStars Showcase in Boston

We arrived at the Showcase Event and met our fellow startup participants from the cohort in-person for the first time. The welcome dinner was an opportunity for the founders to reminisce about the weekly zoom classes over the previous 10 weeks. Many of the startup executives flew in from around the world to participate.

The PharmStars team did a great job preparing everything leading up to the event—from the event location and hotels, to the meeting spaces—everything was planned and implemented beautifully. The whole showcase experience from start to finish was a week to remember. The building of what will hopefully be lasting relationships between startups and pharmaceutical companies has the potential to bring exciting new innovative digital solutions to patients. 

Bob2 (1)

Photo courtesy of PharmStars

The next morning was the long-awaited pitch presentations to pharma. The 12 startups all pitched one after another, short presentations with Q+A for each. There was a distinct energy in the room, to have such cutting-edge innovative companies all together pitching under one roof. You could sense that history was being made and a new path was being forged by the PharmStars program.  

Robert Niichel led SmartTab’s presentation to share the digital drug delivery revolution. He shared about each application in the SmartTab platform and the significant progress the company has made and the roadmap to commercialization. Most importantly, he created an opportunity for attending Pharma companies to partner with SmartTab in clinical trials to develop novel therapies for their therapeutic areas.

Group (1)

Photo courtesy of PharmStars

CapsuleHold (1)

Photo courtesy of PharmStars

The Pharma members and startups were impressed and intrigued by the presentation. One participant said that the energy in the room shifted after Robert’s presentation. You could see the excitement when Robert pulled out the capsule prototypes and shared them with participants during the break.

Completion (1)

Photo courtesy of PharmStars

Upon completion of the presentation the startups and pharmaceutical member companies were presented certificates and acknowledged for their journey through PharmStars. The PharmStars team made it fun and celebrated both the startups and pharma members.

First cohort of digital health startups graduates from PharmStars accelerator

At the meetings over the next two days was when the partnering conversations really ramped up. SmartTab and the 11 other companies had pre-scheduled meetings with the Pharma members, coordinated by PharmStars to discuss potential partnering. Each meeting included executives of the pharmaceutical member companies and the relevant teams.

The meetings were productive and got down to business immediately. Compared to our past initial meetings with Pharma which were more introductory in nature, these meetings were transformative. We began discussing details around potential partnerships and what the next steps would be. Now, we are expecting to have follow up meetings in the coming days and months.

Ultimately, PharmStars provided education and connections that lead to more meaningful discussions between Startups and Pharma. This is the beginning of a new era of collaboration. We will take our PharmStars education with us every step of the way as we continue the journey of advancing our novel drug delivery platform.

ShowcasingCapsule (1)

Photo courtesy of PharmStars

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Photo courtesy of PharmStars

The relationships created through PharmStars are remarkably valuable. Although we have graduated, we will continue to be associated with PharmStars and look forward to staying in touch as we continue the development of the SmartTab platform.

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When Wireless Technology Meets Drug Delivery with Robert Niichel, CEO of SmartTab

about 1 month ago

Impetus Digital‘s Fireside Chat, features a conversation with Robert Niichel, Founder/CEO of SmartTab. This webinar and podcast explored the concept of personalized wireless drug delivery, including its advantages, barriers, and current status. They also discussed the future of drug medicine, the Internet of Medical Things, AI, and much more! 

Listen on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , or watch the conversation on video below: 

$100,000+ in Committed Investments and Announcing the PharmStars Accelerator

about 1 month ago

We are excited to report that in the first few week of our equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine we passed the $100,000 mark in committed investments.  Thank you to our investors and welcome to the SmartTab community!  Your investment will support our mission to advance SmartTab’s wireless ingestible technology for targeted, oral delivery of biologics and other medications. To provide novel, effective therapies that take the guesswork out of compliance while simultaneously improving patient quality of life.

We’re also pleased to announce SmartTab has joined the PharmStars accelerator and showcase in Boston to develop partnerships with top pharmaceutical companies. SmartTab’s CEO, Robert Niichel, and Chief Marketing Officer, Sacha Francois Heppell, presented to a group of digital health pharmaceutical executives that followed a series of productive meetings to explore the path of commercializing SmartTab’s platform for their pharmaceutical therapies.

Follow this link for to the MedCity News article and stay tuned for more exciting news. 

SmartTab Announces Participation in First Pharma-Focused Accelerator for Digital Health Partnerships

about 1 month ago

Press Release

PharmStars Announces 2021 Accelerator Graduates

12 digital health startups have successfully completed PharmStars’ inaugural 10-week pharma-focused accelerator program.

Boston, MA, December 08, 2021 --( PharmStars, the pharma-focused accelerator for digital health startups, is delighted to announce the graduation of 12 startups from its fall 2021 inaugural program. The graduates successfully completed a 10-week accelerator program, which culminated at the Showcase Event on November 17-19 in Boston.

The Showcase Event brought together the participating startups and PharmStars’ innovation-minded pharma members. PharmStars’ six members include Boehringer Ingelheim, Eli Lilly and Company, Novo Nordisk, Sumitovant Biopharma, and others.

PharmStars focuses on bridging the “pharma-startup gap” by helping pharma and startups overcome partnership barriers. PharmStars’ unique PharmaU program provides education and mentorship that helps startups and pharma partner more effectively.

The first cohort was selected in September 2021 following a competitive application process. Each startup offers a novel digital health solution related to the theme “Innovations in Clinical Trials.” Their products represent a diverse array of digital health solutions, including digital biomarkers, patient engagement tools, clinical trial recruitment tools, novel drug delivery mechanisms, real-world evidence (RWE) collection capabilities, and data analysis tools.

At the Showcase Event, startups pitched pharma companies on their solutions and engaged with pharma representatives in one-on-one meetings. Participating startups said that the Showcase Event was extremely successful and positive. “Not just one, but all of our meetings over the past two days have been the most productive of any meetings in the five-year history of our company,” said the CEO of one of the startups.

The CEO of another participating startup said, “PharmStars is truly a game changer for the industry and is helping accelerate the digital transformation of pharmaceutical companies. We are proud to be part of the first-ever PharmStars cohort.”

The following 12 digital health startups have successfully completed the PharmStars accelerator:

· Droice Labs (New York, NY): Data harmonization and real-world evidence generation from electronic medical records and other unstructured data sources.

· EVOCAL Health (Hamburg, Germany): Vocal biomarker platform for continuous data capture and monitoring of patients with respiratory and cardiovascular disease.

· Liyfe (New York, NY): AI-based digital nurse chatbot for patient engagement and capture of RWE in oncology and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).

· Longenesis (Riga, Latvia): Clinical trial participant identification and engagement platform for efficient trial preparation and enrollment.

· Neucruit (London, England): Leveraging social media platforms to recruit clinical trial participants.

· Nori Health (Amsterdam, Netherlands): Digital therapy app for management of, and capture of real-world evidence from, patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

· nQ Medical (Cambridge, MA): Passive, personal device-based digital biomarker for cognitive and motor disorders.

· Prism Analytic Technologies (Cambridge, MA): Data analytics and visualization platform for selection and optimization of clinical trial endpoints and trial design components for any disease indication.

· Seascape Clinical (Redwood City, CA): Clinical operations platform that eliminates repetitive manual tasks and context switching, enabling faster trial performance insights and more efficient team collaboration.

· SmartTab (Denver, CO): Novel ingestible drug delivery platform for targeted, oral delivery of biologics and other medications.

· (San Francisco, CA): Data mesh platform to harmonize siloed data sources with an analytics layer, enabling data-driven decision-making in drug development.

· The Clinician (Auckland, New Zealand): Bi-directional patient communication and engagement platform to improve the effectiveness of decentralized clinical trials.

Read the full press release... 

About PharmStars

PharmStars is the member-based, pharma-focused accelerator for digital health startups. Through our extensive expertise across pharma, startups, digital health, and innovation, we understand the challenges that pharma and startups face when seeking to collaborate. Our PharmaU program supports digital health startups and our pharma members in “bridging the gap,” leading to greater success and faster adoption of “beyond the molecule” solutions for patients.

SmartTab Added to the Top 100 Digital Health Companies List

about 2 months ago

The Medical Futurist has added SmartTab to the TOP100 Digital Health Companies List. 

Dr. Bertalan is one of the few people who is monitoring the digital health ecosystem closely and has curated a list that brings the Top 100 companies together to paint a picture of the future of digital health. His selection criteria is based on discussions they have across the digital health landscape.

SmartTab is proud to be featured as one of The Medical Futurist’s Top 100 Digital Health Companies, alongside innovative companies in the digital healthcare space Pilleve, AdhereTech and EtectRX. The Medical Futurist is a highly successful platform that shows how digital technologies, artificial intelligence and innovation shapes the future of healthcare with thousands of subscribers around the world.  

Developing Accuracy in Treatments and Diagnosis Powered by Capsules and Wireless Technology

about 2 months ago

Our Chief Technology Officer, Douglas Miller, PhD joins the Medstreet Journal podcast to talk about the innovations we are working on in the health tech industry and how Wireless Technology meets Drug Delivery with SmartTab. He explains what our team is working on every day and what our priorities are at SmartTab as a company. Doug shares about the multi-dose platform and how we’re currently working in developing a system where the need to take multiple pills per day decreases and compliance goes up. How wireless technology plays a critical role in the accuracy and efficacy of diagnosis and treatments of various diseases especially cancer and other critical conditions. More here:

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