Signature Athletics, Inc

For the Players. By the Players.

Signature Athletics, Inc

For the Players. By the Players.

Tampa, FL
Signature’s business model is built on delivering high-margin, innovative apparel and equipment with high-touchpoint, record-setting service. We are transforming the custom team uniform market from the traditional bulk order process to an on-demand model, through patent-pending and first-to-market technology, direct-to-player delivery, and our 5-Star Signature Service.


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Get rewarded for investing more into Signature Athletics, Inc:

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Reasons to Invest

Proven Market Fit & Strong Client Base: Signature’s B2B2C model has achieved more than $10 million in lifetime sales in less than five years, with an average 74% year-over-year growth, over 50,000 clients and over 5,000 five-star reviews (or 95% of reviews).
Highly Scalable Growth Model Disrupting a $500 Billion Market: Signature has a recurring revenue model of signing 3-year sports program agreements, where we exclusively merchandise teams with custom, premium apparel and equipment 24/7/365. We are rapidly scaling our organic client acquisition model, and we are supercharging our growth with synergistic acquisitions.
An Experienced Dream Team in the Sports World: Signature’s leadership and advisory team of professional marketing, M&A/Finance, e-commerce, and apparel leaders, with experience as influencers, athletes, coaches, and directors, have a proven track record building seven-figure brands and eight-figure exits. Signature is backed by over $2M in current investments.

Signature Athletics is at a critical growth milestone. Since launching our B2B2C model, we've proven the product-market fit in Lacrosse by acquiring over 50,000 clients, which includes over 100 programs representing over 12,000 athletes, who are in the first 12 months of their 3-year Agreements. Now is the time for Signature to expand from its $200M niche Lacrosse market into the +$500 Billion broader sports market.


We recognize it can suck to order custom uniforms, apparel, and equipment for sports programs. This is because the traditional process is plagued with errors, time consuming inefficiencies, and an average of 8 people in the value chain!


The traditional 2-4 week pop up team stores restrict the market with high minimum order quantities on items, limited selections, and extended lead times that can drag out 10-12 weeks. 


Picture this: you are a Director for your local sports program, and you have to spend over 100 hours per season to deliver apparel, from start to finish. First, the Director works with every family during the preseason to collect checks, sizes, and jersey numbers. Next, that Director places the orders and eventually receives a late delivery of a giant, unorganized box of bulk apparel. Then that Director sorts through the box, bags it up for transport and hands everything out one-by-one during player practice — only to find out there are errors in sizing, numbers are wrong, and the name of the team’s best player is misspelled. The worst part? Replacement orders take 8-12 weeks and don’t arrive until the season is over.


Now picture this: you are a parent, and your child is ecstatic for their first season on the field. You’ve worked out jersey size details with the Director, paid your registration fees, picked out supporting team t-shirts for the family, and channeled your child’s energy into more laps around the field. Your first game day is just a few days away, and you are expecting their first jersey to arrive at practice. The Director hands you a bag, you plan the big reveal at home — only to find out that their last name is misspelled on their jersey. They decide to try it on anyway, but you realize it’s a size small when you ordered a medium. Disappointed, you scramble to fix the situation with your Program Director, and you’re told that a new jersey will arrive in 10-12 weeks. Your child wears the team’s oversized temporary jersey, you enjoy the first game, and you hope that the new jersey arrives before the last game of the season. Plus...remember the game day t-shirts you ordered for the family? They never went to production, because they didn’t meet the store’s minimum order threshold. Maybe next year.


We believe the traditional bulk order process has been a continuous headache across sports program management for far too long.

So we solved it! 


Signature Athletics takes the entire process off the program director’s plate. We built a software and supply chain solution streamlining the entire process and cutting five of the eight people from the value chain.


 Our proven business model speeds up lead times from the traditional 3 months down to 15 days with a 10-day rush option (and we have a clear path to our goal of 2 day production.) We also lower the traditional error rate from a typical 10% to 3% or less (with a goal and clear path to get to 0%.)


Sports programs sign up for 3-Year Exclusive Merchandising Agreements with Signature Athletics. As a part of the agreement, we set the program up with a 24/7/365 Team Store, which includes 40+ custom items for players, coaches and fans. Everything delivered Direct-to-Player includes dye sublimated, fully custom uniform kits — from embroidered hats and bags to Direct-to-Garment graphic t-shirts and fully sublimated performance athletic apparel.


Over the last five years, Signature has gained strong traction in the market including:


Beat Projections Twice: Signature successfully raised an initial seed round in Q4 2020. We beat the expectations set with early investors and doubled the planned number of programs under contract at the end of Q1 2021. We then raised projections again in August 2021 and beat projections with the signing of program number 100. This incredible product market fit is fueled by:


  • Our inside sales teams consultative approach to the market
  • Sport-agnostic brand building, with organic and paid lead-generating funnels
  • Market and product expansion, with new innovations!


New Patent Offerings & IP: Signature has been granted three patents for our innovative equipment design, one patent pending in Software, as well as multiple trademarks.


New Product Lines: Signature is in the market with four successful product lines, amounting to over $10M in lifetime sales. Top performing equipment products include:

  • The #1 Lacrosse ball, which redefined the category
  • Our patented Pro S1 ball, the official ball of professional Lacrosse leagues for its durability and design
  • Our patented, pro-strung line of Lacrosse sticks, which are ready-to-play unlike other typical sticks
  • Our goal kits with innovative quick-screw solutions that take 5 minutes to set up (compared to typical 2 hours)


Signature’s line of innovative equipment supports the brand’s premium line of athletic apparel and team uniforms. AthleTech, our patent-pending software platform, expedited apparel sales to a $1M run rate in its first 12 months in the market. AthleTech streamlines the entire dye, sublimate, cut, and sew process for personalized products, which enable us to offer on-demand access to 40+ custom apparel items on our Team Stores 24/7/365 with no Minimum Order Quantity. We plan to launch AthleTech 2.0 updates in 2022, which will enable us to produce more new, on-demand, fashion-forward product styles and designs.  


New Partners: Signature Athletics has been named the official, exclusive product partner with the top Pro Lacrosse leagues, including the largest pro league in Lacrosse, the National Lacrosse League, and the largest women’s pro league run by Athletes Unlimited. Signature Athletics has also partnered with over 100 youth sports programs around the country as their exclusive custom merchandise, apparel, and equipment supplier. 


Signature’s B2B2C model is designed to use our on-demand 24/7/365 Team Store solution to partner with Program Directors through our 3-Year Agreements. By solving one of their biggest problems, transforming the traditional team uniform bulk order process to an on-demand model, we earn the support from the coaches and program directors. Program Directors no longer sit in the middle of the process — now, parents come directly to the Signature’s website where we host their custom Team Store to purchase all their uniforms and get access to +40 custom apparel items. Coaches and Program Directors rock the Team Store apparel on the fields driving further demand. This brings a consistent flow of parents and players into our e-commerce funnel where we can serve them with their favorite apparel and gear! We take the partnership one step further, by contracting content creators who go to our Partner Programs around the country to execute content days, where we feature the program director, players, and parents sharing their stories!



Today, our community is made up of over +50,000 clients (directors, coaches, parents and fans), +12,000 athletes and +100 programs. Next, we plan to scale into adjacent high-intensity team sports furthering our market share in the +$500 billion sports equipment, apparel, and athleisure market.


As we scale, we anticipate that gross profits will rise and expenses will drop through a mix of high margin custom products and economies of scale, the completion of integrations with key suppliers, and efficiencies gained from automation using our technology.

the vision

The vision of Signature Athletics is to serve athletes with their favorite apparel. We're on a mission to inspire lifelong champions through an endless pursuit of 5-Star experiences for athletes. To our community of lifelong competitors, Signature Athletics is a brand that empowers athletes by solving problems through an innovative, personal approach to the highest quality products and service.


Signature Athletics has proven its business model by signing up over 100 programs to 3-Year Agreements and achieving  over $10M in lifetime sales. Over the last 12 months, Signature has built scalable marketing funnels and sales processes, applicable to any sport. Over the last 3 months, we have increased our client acquisition pacing from 1 new program/week to an average of 5 new programs/week.


The best part? This is only the beginning. Next, Signature plans to expand into Field Hockey in 2022, Soccer in 2023, Basketball in 2023, Ice Hockey in 2024 and more sports beyond. Signature will drive business growth by leveraging its existing manufacturing operations and industry experts across apparel design, marketing, sales, and service, as well as the anticipated integration of two acquisitions in December 2021 and January 2022, which are anticipated to more than double Signature’s top-line revenue.




How does Signature plan to use these funds? For expansion in three main categories: 


  • AthleTech Platform Improvements: we plan to launch our 2.0 platform improvements, to benefit Signature, our clients, and our factory partners. This platform also has the white-label capability to be applied in the Print on Demand market. 

  • Product & Market Expansion: our community is telling Signature to expand into new sports, and we see a blue ocean of opportunity! Through Statista and SFIA, we’ve researched our market penetration opportunity. We believe that of the 31M registered players across Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Soccer, Basketball and Ice Hockey, Signature can penetrate up to 5% of each sports market over the next several years. Signature plans to capture its projected revenue with market expansion, greater product selection, and our premium line of Signature Athletic Apparel.  

  • Hiring & Acquisitions: With a full management team in place, it's time to put fuel on the fire. Signature plans to hire more sales and marketing support, and we also anticipate closing two new acquisitions, with sellers already under LOIs. We believe acquisitions will accelerate our growth, by doubling our business, expanding our product lines, and growing our team! We find that the market is fragmented with mom and pop operations, providing a great opportunity for continued consolidation.

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Spotlighting Our Fantastic Team!

22 hours ago

Hello Signature Athletics Community, 👋

They say a billion-dollar idea is worth nothing unless you have the right team to execute a vision and turn it into reality. 

When you invest in Signature Athletics, you become a part of our team of entrepreneurs with years of experience delivering breakthroughs to our marketplace. 

We wanted to take this opportunity to re-introduce our investors and followers to our stellar leadership team and advisors!

Our Leadership

Daniel Soviero

Founder & CEO

Former D1 Athlete turned Entrepreneur and Founder of Signature Athletics. Dan was recently named to the Forbes 30u30 list for sports. He is a visionary leader and prioritizes team building!

Andrew Gilliand

Director of E-Commerce & Systems

E-Commerce, IT and systems expert who’s led multiple successful endeavors building 7-figure brands. 

Maddie Lewis

Director of Experiential Marketing

Former client turned teammate! Events & Lacrosse programing expert and director of Tampa’s largest travel programs and special events. Responsible for over 500 athletes annually and over $1M in revenue. 

Brian Bohn

Director of Lacrosse Sales

Experienced executive and entrepreneur, with demonstrated history in international trade, product development, sourcing and retail sales. Responsible for over $1B in lifetime sales.

Bobbi Kittleson

Director of Operations

20 years of operational expertise across sports apparel and equipment purchasing, product production and process management. Successfully built +$25M team apparel company and exited to Ridell. 

Kelcy Young

Client Success Manager

5 years of tenure with Signature Athletics hiring, training and successfully managing client services, processes, culture and community. 

Kyle Harris

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital expert across email and social media marketing who formerly led digital efforts for the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets, part of the NHL and NBA respectively.

Veronika Turaeva

Financial Accounting & Operations Manager

Financial budgeting and accounting expert with 10+ years experience across public and private companies including bringing a company public.

Our Advisors

Tyler Hardt

Invested Advisor

Founder and portfolio manager of Pelican Bay Capital Management with 20+ years of merger, acquisition and financial experience!

Jacques Spitzer

Invested Advisor

Brand Marketing Expert, CEO at Raindrop Creative Advertising with a team of 100+ employees and the #1 Rated Ad on YouTube Ads Leaderboard!

Jamie Egasti


Business leader and innovator with 37+ years experience in global Consumer Packaged Goods, Marketing Technology and Media services

To all our investors, welcome to the team! We are thrilled to have you join us in our mission to transform the custom team uniform market.   

To our followers who haven’t invested yet, now is the perfect time!

Invest today to join this incredible community of athletes and entrepreneurs as we deliver our revolutionary technology to market. 

Make it a great day, 

Dan Soviero


1 day ago

Hello Signature Athletics Community, 👋

We are excited to announce that we have signed an Agreement to do a Virtual Acquisition of 10X LLC, a rapidly growing Florida-based Lacrosse events company!

The acquisition will expand our revenue streams and grassroots marketing efforts, adding a highly profitable service side to the business. 

This service business will continue to offer the best camps, regional club team opportunities, and in addition, will include new sleep away camps in the summer of 2022!  All events feature the top pro players and many college athletes from around the country! 

The acquisition includes the addition of two key team members to the Signature brand and adds revenue to the company!

Most importantly, the organization aligns with our core values and vision to make the sport more accessible, giving more athletes the same opportunities we were fortunate enough to have!

Thank you all for your continued support of our mission! 

Make it a great day, 

Dan Soviero


Signature Athletics

Final Reminder: Webinar in 24 Hours!

4 days ago

Hello Signature Athletics Community, 

This is your final reminder to register for our investor Q&A + 2022 roadmap!

Join me Jan 18, 2022, 05:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada) as I cater to all of your investor inquiries! 

I will share with you: 

  • What’s in store for 2022.

  • Discuss our equity crowdfunding campaign.

  • Plus, answer any burning questions you may have!

You can register on Zoom here!

We encourage all investors to reinvest and to spread the word to your network!

Make it a great day, 

Dan Soviero

Testimonial: Florida Palms! See What Madeline Had to Say.

6 days ago

Hello Signature Athletics Community, 👋

Program Director Madeline Lewis knows all about the  headaches and inconveniences that occur when having to deal with order forms. 

That was until she came across Signature Athletics.

We provide the fastest and easiest ordering process by giving our fellow sports directors, players and fans a 24/7/365 Team Store! 

We have over 40 items and no minimum order quantity on any item in the store! 

We cut out all the middlemen, make our product on demand, and cut the lead time in half — delivering uniforms, custom fan gear, and equipment right to your door! 

We encourage current investors to reinvest. As for potential investors you can visit our equity crowdfunding page on StartEngine to learn more!

Make it a great day,

Dan Soviero

Investor Q&A + 2022 Roadmap w/ Founder Dan Soviero

10 days ago

Hello Signature Athletics Community, 👋

Join me Jan 18, 2022, 05:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada) where I’ll be hosting an exclusive investor webinar Q&A! 

I will share with you: 

  • Roadmap for 2022.

  • Discuss our equity crowdfunding campaign.

  • Plus, answer any burning questions you may have!

You can register on Zoom here!

We encourage all investors to reinvest and to spread the word to your network!

Make it a great day,

Dan Soviero

We’ve reached 70K in investments!

24 days ago

Hello Signature Athletics Community, 

We’re excited to share that we have officially raised $70K+ of investments!

We are off to an AMAZING start to our equity crowdfunding journey and cannot wait to share more milestones with the Signature Athletics Community!

With your help we can make huge strides for the sports community. Thank you to all of our current investors for reinvesting, and we appreciate everyone spreading the word to your friends, family, and networks about our amazing investment opportunity!

Visit our raise page on StartEngine and own shares in our company today!

Make it a great day,

Dan Soviero

Signature Athletics is Live on StartEngine!

29 days ago

Signature Athletics Community, 

What’s more exclusive than investing in companies before they’ve gone public and blown up? 

Signature Athletics is creating the ultimate sports apparel for the players, made by the players! 

We are providing a hassle free experience providing a swift, easy ordering process by giving our fellow sports lovers 24/7 access 365 days out the year! 

We drop ship our products to cut the process time in half-delivering products right to your door eliminating the headache of order forms and checks!

Read our blog to learn more about our equity crowdfunding raise and what it all means to own shares in a company! 

Spread the word to your friends, family and network about this new investment opportunity on StartEngine. We're excited to be here!

Make it a great day,

Dan Soviero

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