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Snapwire Media, Inc.

Snapwire connects photographers with businesses and brands that need creative imagery. Snapwire created a marketplace for on-demand stock photography. On Snapwire, people needing authentic stock photos launch a creative brief and talented photographers submit photos to match the buyer’s vision, earn money for their creativity, and buyers license the photos they love.

Trading Available 9/22/2017

Green Sense Farms, LLC

Green Sense Farms is transforming farming by growing leafy green in stacking vertical towers, 365 days a year. They grow high quality crops consistently using automated computer controls which provide the precise amount of light, nutrient, water, temperature and humidity, so we can harvest year-round.

Trading Available 10/18/2017

qaZING, Inc.

qaZING is a startup in the On Demand Economy. They provide a one-stop app solution for a locally based marketplace that connects service providers with consumers and businesses. QaZING believes the most efficient model puts help of all kinds at the push of a single button.

Trading Available 12/13/17

ABOUT StartEngine Secondary: Here you can sell securities that were originally purchased via equity crowdfunding. And if you’re looking to buy, this is your chance to get in on shares you may have missed the first go-around. Finally, crowdfunding securities have liquid potential.

StartEngine Secondary serves as a communication tool and information resource for buyers and sellers of securities originally purchased through securities crowdfunding. No transactions are conducted through StartEngine Secondary. Rather any time a buyer and seller come to terms, the trade would be conducted by Sageworks Capital, a registered broker-dealer.

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