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ScreenDoor GreenHouse

Gardening for Your Living Room

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Sagle, ID
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Replace the screen in your sliding glass door with a sliding greenhouse

Invest in ScreenDoor GreenHouse

ScreenDoor GreenHouse is an inexpensive greenhouse that easily replaces the screen on your sliding glass door.

The cool part is: you can slide your greenhouse to the side and use the sliding glass door normally or move the greenhouse to the open side and access all your favorite plants from the comfort of your home. 

ScreenDoor GreenHouse:

  • Absorbs wasted energy given off by your sliding glass door.

  • Replaces the screen in your sliding glass door. 

  • Can be accessed from the comfort of your living room.

  • Decorates your home and reminds you if your plants need attention.

Make use of your wasted energy. One can only grow plants in their garden without frost for half the year in most states. With ScreenDoor GreenHouse, you can extend both the beginning and the end of your growing season beyond those of regular greenhouses, using wasted energy from your slider.

Stay comfortable inside your home. During the spring and fall, one thing you can count on is rain and mud. With ScreenDoor GreenHouse, you can access your favorite produce without even putting on your shoes.

Cook with the freshest ingredients. If you like healthy and organic foods, your produce is only steps away from where you cook.

Increase your growing space. One-third of households don't have space for an outdoor garden at all. With ScreenDoor GreenHouse, anyone with a sliding glass door can have a garden. Also, with it decorating your home, you will never forget to tend to your favorite plants.

Installs in a snap. ScreenDoor GreenHouse assembles in minutes. Just align the like numbers, and snap it together. There's no need for instructions, and no tools are required to put it together. The heavy duty extruded aluminum and UV-stabilized materials will last for years to come.

Fits all standard sliding glass doors. Most sliding glass doors have a standard vertical opening. ScreenDoor Greenhouse is completely adjustable and will fit any standard vertical opening. It also comes in two standard sizes: 30" wide and 36" wide. 

Who are our US customers?

  • 59 Million Baby Boomers

  • 8 Million Millennials

  • And... a new untapped market consisting of 38% of Americans who love to garden but rent or live in assisted living and don't have gardening space.

Market Size Source: National Gardening Survey

How do we reach our customers?

We plan to create a free app called "Frost Alert". Frost Alert will notify our potential customers when their area is expecting frost. This offers value in exchange for contact information since people will install the app and register to use it. This process will quickly build our marketing list and allow us to advertise directly via email and within the app itself. I have done this with another company and had tremendous results.

Initially we will start marketing with standard online methods. Advertising on Facebook, Google AdWords, and various other venues will offer a predictable way to grow this new company.

ScreenDoor GreenHouse has a fantastic initial customer impact. In test advertising using Facebook, we were able to get costs-per-click at an unheard-of seven cents with audience sizes of 59 million gardeners, just for ages above 55 and only in the US. 

As the ScreenDoor GreenHouse company grows, we intend to transition into a direct response TV marketing model fashioned after the Topsy Turvy upside-down tomato planter. This is a similar product in a similar space. As a two-time owner of the The Topsy Turvy and an engineer, I can tell you it was a poorly designed product that did not perform as advertised. Yet it sold $400 million within the first five years. 

ScreenDoor GreenHouse is a high quality product with similar impact, in the same space.

Topsy Turvy Sales Source: NYT "Growing Vegitables Upside Down"

Who am I?

My name is Jason Giddings. I am an aerospace engineer, and I have spent the last 22 years of my life designing and manufacturing product ideas for other people and businesses. I have started and currently own two successful businesses... Giddings Product Development and Inteliscope.

I designed the ScreenDoor GreenHouse simply because I want one, and I figured other folks may want one, too. 

My wife, daughter, and I live in Idaho. We have a fairly short growing season here. I didn't want to spend thousands of dollars to build a full greenhouse, and I really don't have the space for it. It occurred to me that our house has two sliding glass doors that get excellent sunlight. As an engineer and serial-entrepreneur I couldn't resist and started brainstorming ideas. The ScreenDoor GreenHouse is my solution!

ScreenDoor GreenHouse: Dedicated to Gardening the Freshest Foods in the Convenience of your Home.

Prototype 3D Printing Timelapse

What We Have Accomplished So Far

During the last six months I have obsessed over the ScreenDoor GreenHouse business idea. As the Vice President of Inventors Association of Idaho, one thing I have learned over the years is not to become too enamored with a product idea. We call it the Ugly Baby Syndrome. To us, an ugly baby is an invention only a mother could love. You tell your friends and family about it, and their eyes glaze over. They may tell you "great Idea", but you know by their expression they are thinking "that's one ugly baby". The following accomplishments have convinced me that ScreenDoor GreenHouse has real potential and is not just another ugly baby.

Ignite Accelerator

I have dedicated the last several months to developing the ScreenDoor GreenHouse business model by using it as a case study in an Ignite Northwest Accelerator Program. Using this class and speaking with numerous expert instructors in a variety of fields has given me strong confidence in the business idea. As part of the class, I thoroughly examined the following aspects specific to ScreenDoor GreenHouse:

John Overby, Ignite Nortwest

Peer Confidence

"Working as Jason’s CEO Accelerator Coach enabled me to learn his many talents and of his successful business background. He has designed several successful products and businesses in his career, and we are sure the ScreenDoor GreenHouse will be just his latest success story. He was the most outstanding CEO in our 5th cohort. He is a pleasure to work with and was a valuable contributor to others in his class. Jason is a natural leader and has launched other successful products. He has also assembled around himself a team of complimentary advisers to help him make ScreenDoor GreenHouse a successful new venture." - John Overby, Ignite Northwest


The ScreenDoor GreenHouse was designed to be a high-quality product that would last our customers for years to come. It was also designed to be low cost and take a very small shelf space in retail stores. This is a hugely important detail, as big-box stores such as Walmart and Home Depot oftentimes use shelf space as a part of the measure of a product's sales performance. By designing ScreenDoor Greenhouse to be modular, much of the impact of cost due to shelf space (and shipping and handling) can be minimized.


The main structural components are extruded aluminum. The aluminum is extruded through a custom extrusion die into long sticks and then heat treated to increase the strength and hardness. The sticks are hung on conveyors that carry them through tall powder coating booths and into curing ovens that bring the powder paint to its full strength. The plastic parts including the connection parts, the mounting hardware, and shelves will be injection molded using glass-filled composite plastics for strength. 

The outer cover will be made from clear vinyl with stitched seams and stitched connecting bungee rope. 


All the product images shown here were taken using the prototype I constructed using my large-format (12" X 12" X 18") 3D printer. Although 3D-printed prototypes don't make parts exactly like production, a lot can be learned in a short time using this relatively new consumer-level prototyping, which comes at a fraction of the cost of other prototyping methods. 

One of my biggest goals was to design the ScreenDoor GreenHouse so that it can be easily assembled without tools and even without instructions. One thing I learned from the prototype is that the heavy-duty clear vinyl that covers the outside of the product was difficult to install. By changing the design to use more modern techniques, such as stitched-in stretch-cord to attach it, I was able to provide a simple solution allowing easy assembly.

Similarly, the prototype taught me that the original design was difficult to install onto the sliding-glass-door frame. The vertical opening of these door frames can vary from frame to frame. My original design used flexible guide wheels to compensate, but felt cheap and didn't function well. New adjustable brackets were developed instead. 


A good website is certainly one of the most important aspects of a new company. With ScreenDoor GreenHouse, it's particularly important since, initially, nearly all sales will go through the web funnel. 

I designed the current site in order to provide information to potential investors, but once the investment round is complete and we start gearing up for sales, I will transition the site to an eCommerce site.

The site will be upgraded with shipping and purchasing tools to accept various forms of payment such as credit cards and PayPal, while paying particular attention to inbound marketing methods and search engine optimization. Contact lists will be created and managed through this portal, and Constant Contact or Mail Chimp will be used for management.

Financial Projections

Here are some important considerations regarding the financial summary above:

  • The first year has disproportionately small revenue. Nearly half of the first year is spent building the tools and fulfillment center required to start selling. No sales will occur for the first 4-6 months.
  • Cost of Goods seems small. I agree, it does seem small, but it is actually based on $40 per unit landed. The quote I have from the supplier is actually just under $30. I added $10 each, just to be safe.
  • Margins seems a bit too high. During the startup phase, all sales are funneled through the website. Web sales have really nice margins. Even in the second year, when we start advertising using TV direct response, we will be actively pushing sales to our website. Eventually we will need to take larger volume orders from distributors and our margins will reflect that.

Terms of the Investment

  • Target Offering Amount: This offering is for up to $107,000 in total investment. 
  • Minimum Raise: The minimum total investment for the closing of escrow and the purchase of Units is $10,000.  After close of the Minimum Raise, the Company intends to close escrow as funds are raised up the Target Offering Amount.
  • Investors: Accredited and non-accredited investors who subscribe through pursuant to a Reg CF offering.
  • Instrument: The investment instrument is non-voting Class B Limited Liability Interest ("Units").
  • Price per Unit: $1.00.
  • Number of Shares: Up to 107,000 Class B Units are being offered.
  • Minimum Investment: $100 per investor (100 Units).
  • When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $2.1M.


  • "ScreenDoor GreenHouse - StartEngine Investor" Polo
  • ScreenDoor GreenHouse product from the first production run
  • "ScreenDoor GreenHouse - StartEngine Investor" Polo
  • Trip to the newly formed distribution center in Sandpoint, Idaho, on Lake Pend Oreille
  • ScreenDoor GreenHouse product from the first production run
  • "ScreenDoor GreenHouse - StartEngine Investor" Polo

*$1K perks will be delivered after the Target Closing Date. $5K and $10K perks will be delivered when product fulfillment commences.

I hope I have managed to convey my passion for the ScreenDoor GreenHouse project. Your Investment is key to the success of this new business and will pay for the tooling and infrastructure required for us to begin operation. Please take a minute to invest.

Offering Summary

Maximum 107,000* Units of Class B Units ($107,000) 

*Maximum subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See 10% Bonus below

Minimum 10,000 Units of Class B Units ($10,000)

ScreenDoor GreenHouse LLC

Corporate Address
273 Birch Banks, Sagle Idaho 83860

Description of Business

Screendoor-Greenhouse's flagship product is an inexpensive quality greenhouse that easily replaces the screen in your sliding glass door, allowing you to slide your greenhouse to one side for plant access and to the other side for normal entry and exit.


Type of Security Offered
Class B Units
Purchase Price of Security Offered

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor) 


$1000"ScreenDoor GreenHouse - StartEngine Investor" polo.

$5,000I'll ship you a ScreenDoor GreenHouse product from the first production run, plus a"ScreenDoor GreenHouse - StartEngine Investor" polo.

$10,000+ Trip to the newly formed distribution center in Sandpoint, Idaho - on Pend Oreille. Plus I'll ship you a ScreenDoor GreenHouse product from the first production run, and a"ScreenDoor GreenHouse - StartEngine Investor" polo.

$1K perks will be delivered after the Target Closing Date. $5K and $10K perks will be delivered when product fulfillment commences.

The 10% Bonus for StartEngine Shareholders

ScreenDoor GreenHouse LLC will offer 10% additional bonus units for all investments that are committed by StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. shareholders (with ≥ $1,000 invested in the StartEngine Reg A+ campaign) within 24 hours of this offering going live.

StartEngine shareholders who have invested $1,000+ in the StartEngine Reg A+ campaign will receive a 10% bonus on this offering within a 24-hour window of their campaign launch date.  This means you will receive a bonus for any units you purchase.  For example, if you buy 100 Class B units at $1 / unit, you will receive 10 Class B bonus units, meaning you'll own 110 units for $100.   Fractional units will not be distributed and unit bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole unit.

This 10% Bonus is only valid for one year from the time StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. investors receive their countersigned StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. subscription agreement.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments and salary made to one's self, a friend or relative; any expense labeled "Administration Expenses" that is not strictly for administrative purposes; any expense labeled "Travel and Entertainment"; any expense that is for the purposes of inter-company debt or back payments.

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A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.


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