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Samsara Luggage

The world's 1st smart aluminum suitcase

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Meet Samsara Entrepreneurs

The World's First Smart, Aluminum Suitcase

Invest in Samsara 

Samsara means continuous movement, providing an ideal name for a luggage and design agency that is bound to change the world of travel. 

The Samsara: Carry-On is the world's first smart aluminum suitcase. Finely cut and crafted from aviation-grade aluminum alloy, our suitcase bridges the gap between cutting-edge technology and world-class design. 

Our forward-thinking creative team has spent the past two years deconstructing the essence of travel and collaborating to rethink how we can create products that make travel both easy and effortless while maintaining a high-commitment to luxury and design. 

It was this commitment...  this mission that birthed Samsara -- a product that has accomplished something that has never been done before in the luggage industry -- combing all of the essential elements present in an optimal travel experience: Convenience. Protection. Luxury. Design. Resourcefulness.  

Here at Samsara, we are changing the way the world travels and we would like for you to join us. We are seeking investors who are passionate about cutting-edge design and have a deep belief in creating a world where travel isn't a hassle but rather an effortless experience. We are looking for movers and shakers that dream to create continuous movement through design.

$2/share of Common Stock│When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $11M.


$500 — First 50 investors who invest $500 and up => receive a Samsara suitcase.
$1000 — 
Invest $1000 and up => receive $100 discount on Samsara Luggage products.
$1500 — 
Invest $1,500 and up => receive a 3 year discount 20% off all Samsara products.
$5,000 — 
Invest $5,000 and up => receive a Samsara suitcase.
$10,000 — 
Invest 10,000 and up => receive a ticket to the Bahamas and a one of a kind personalized-engraved Samsara suitcase for your journey.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

"A smart suitcase that fictional British Super-spy James Bond –– known for his love of quirky gadgets and high-tech hardware –– would surely snap up."

Samsara's Early Success

It is safe to say the continuous movement philosophy of living has been well-received by both consumers and the press (scroll to the bottom to see where we have been featured). 

After two extremely successful launches on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo, 800 units of Samsara Smart Cases have been sold for approximately $450 a piece -- shipping and production for these units are expected to take place at the beginning of 2018. 

Between both Kickstarter and Indiegogo, we have raised $350,000 through 800 backers!

Introducing Samsara: The World's First Smart, Aluminum Suitcase 

At Samsara Luggage, we seek to be a leader in the $7 trillion global travel industry, developing and manufacturing travel products that combine high-quality materials, innovative design and cutting-edge technology. Here at Samsara Luggage, we seek to cater to the evolving needs of sophisticated frequent travelers and adapt our products as new technologies are introduced to the market.

Continuous Movement With Samsara 

The Samsara Smart Aluminum Suitcase caters to all of the sophisticated traveler's needs. The use of aviation-grade aluminum allows our luggage to be as light as a feather while offering ultra-protection to your belongings. While The Samsara Smart Aluminum Suitcase is both highly durable and even fireproof, it's also recyclable -- making it as easy on the environment as it is on the consumer.  

In addition to it's both elegant and protective design, the Samsara Suitcase is the ideal travel companion. It has all the smart features you need to change the world on the go. The flat top surface doubles as a mobile desk for your laptop. The unique wheel design delivers a smooth operation while giving you an extra 4 liters of space insider. 

The Samsara Suitcase comes with unique packing accessories that transform the way you travel. Built-in LED lights inside the Samsara Suitcase allows you to see inside at night, helping you effortlessly locate your belongings in the dark. The suitcase comes complete with a built-in portable power bank to recharge your devices. And, finally, The Samsara Suitcase is connected to you through a downloadable application on your phone -- you'll instantly get a notification if the bag moves away from your or is opened without you.

Flat top doubles as a mobile desk you can work from, no matter where you are -- meaning you can change the world even while in the midst of travel.

Aviation-grade aluminum allows Samsara to be as light as a feather while offering ultra-protection to your belongings. It is highly durable and even fireproof.

The unique wheel design provides extra packing space inside the suitcase. The wheels also allow the suitcase to easily move in whatever direction you please.

Clean sleek design with greyish charcoal aesthetic allows The Samsara Suitcase to be the perfect accessory while on the go. It looks just as good as it travels.

What Makes Samsara Luggage Exceptional? 

  • Designed for both efficiency and comfort. 
  • Flat top works as a functional on-the-go desk. 
  • Additional packing space due to special wheel design
  • More affordable than other aluminum suitcases. 
  • Crafted with high-grade aviation aluminum.
  • Alert when suitcase is moved away from owner. 
  • LED Light for low-light accessibility.
  • Battery for charging laptops and mobile phones
  • USB-C compatibility.
  • Anodized coating for protection and long-lasting look.
  • Comes with a variety of storage options.

Why Aluminum? 

Samsara Luggage is constructed from the most natural aluminum available in the luxury suitcase industry. But, we price our luggage hundreds of dollars less than other aluminum suitcases. 

The 6061 and 5052 aluminum alloy we use combines Titanium, Magnesium, and Zinc, creating a material that is not only lightweight and durable but also fireproof. 

The suitcase is manufactured with an anodized coating -- an electrolytic process that increases the natural oxide layer on the suitcase's surface.

It provides strength without adding weight and protects the suitcase from scratches in addition to corrosion and weather damages. The anodized coating also gives the suitcase its unique colors, which come in Natural Silver and Matte Black. 

Not to mention, Aluminum is endlessly recyclable. It has no limit to a number of times it can be recycled!

A $7 Trillion Global Travel Industry

The Global Travel Industry is worth $7.6 trillion according to an analysis done by The World Travel and Tourism Council (Global Economic Impacts & Issues 2017). As flights are multiplying annually, the luggage retail industry is growing rapidly. 

Along with this, there is a growing demand for aluminum premium luggage with but a few manufacturers supplying this demand. 

The global annual retail market generated $32 billion in 2015  with North America alone generating $8.6 billion of this massive number (Statista 2017).

The annual growth rate in North America has increased 3.7% annually over the past 5 years, while the carry-on luggage segment took up over 33% of the global retail luggage market (Statista 2017).

The global luggage market is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of approximately 6% from $185 billion in 2017 to $196 billion in 2021 (Global Luggage Market 2017-2021). 

The factors that will drive this growth are increases in standard of living, technological advancements and growing government support in the tourism industry, as well as increased interest in outdoor activities. 

The Samsara Team

Our co-founders, Atara Dzikowski and David Dahan, have successfully combined a love of design, technological innovation, and the need to solve real-life travel challenges to create Samsara. Together with their team of designers and engineers, Atara and David succeed, time and time again, in taking Samsara from vision to product.

In the Press

This suitcase can transform into a work area when you're on-the-go
June 1, 2017

Samsara is a suitcase that allows you to be productive while you travel. It has a flat top for your laptop and a power bank that can charge all your devices. It's lightweight and durable. It retails for $690 and comes in two different colors.

This Suitcase Can Double As a Desk While You Travel
June 23, 2017

Samsara, the “world’s first aluminum smart suitcase” is for travelers who want to stay productive while they’re on the road. The super light, compact suitcase has a flat top that can double as a desk, and power ports for you to charge all your devices so you can stay connected wherever you go.

Samsara luggage teams style with substance
June 23, 2017

Samsara Luggage has created the perfect travelling companion: a suitcase that is not only durable and looks good, but also has smart features.

The samara smart, strong, and sturdy suitcase is made from aircraft-grade aluminium
June 26, 2017

any frequent traveler will be familiar with the inconvenience that comes with hauling around a heavy suitcase, not to mention the fear of your bag getting stolen, or ending up on the wrong flight. there’s a reason that the term ‘extra baggage’ has taken on such negative connotations, and that’s exac

Samsara’s smart suitcase is 5x overfunded on Kickstarter
June 16, 2017

Samsara luggage is betting that the current crop of smart suitcase buyers are more interested in design upgrades than additional (and sometimes unneeded) integrated tech features. Its premiere product is currently 5x overfunded on Kickstarter, and is primarily hype-worthy not for its tech, but for i

7 Suitcases to Streamline Your Summer Travel
July 4, 2017

HERE’S THE THING about smart luggage: It might seem like overkill when you buy it, but someday, when you least expect it, you’re going to be awfully happy you did. Travel can be unpredictable—you never know when you’ll be stuck in a foreign country with no charger and a dying phone. But these seven

This Suitcase Can Double As a Desk While You Travel
June 23, 2017

Samsara, the “world’s first aluminum smart suitcase” is for travelers who want to stay productive while they’re on the road. The super light, compact suitcase has a flat top that can double as a desk, and power ports for you to charge all your devices so you can stay connected wherever you go.

Samsara Aluminum Smart Suitcase
June 6, 2017

If you are in the market for a new piece of smart luggage then the Samsara might be worth more investigation. The new piece of smart luggage constructed from aluminium has this week launched via Kickstarter and has already raised over twice as required pledge goal.

This Work-On-The-Go Suitcase Doubles As A Desk And Powers Your Devices
September 27, 2017

If you are a frequent traveler, you would know the hassle of waiting at the airports, letting your time go without being productive. Gadgets have now become very handy, and people manage to do a lot of their tasks on their phones, but the laptop remains a necessity when you are waiting for long peri

Samsara Smart Luggage Offers The Durability Of Aluminum At A Lower Cost
September 27, 2017

Looking to upgrade your luggage? Look no further than the Samsara Smart Luggage. Recently funded by 500% on Kickstarter, the luggage is making the rounds on social media due to its killer looks that make ample use of aluminum alloy.

Samsara Smashes Kickstarter – Making the Case for Smart Luggage!
September 27, 2017

The Samsara Smart Suitcase has stormed Kickstarter earning over ten times the target and still increasing. Do we really need a smart suitcase though? Well, surprisingly it’s not the Smart technology that is winning most people over.

Samsara’s aircraft-grade aluminium suitcase merges technology into luggage designing
June 27, 2017

Samsara is set out to solve luggage trouble of frequent traveller with their smart ultra-light suitcase. Made from aircraft-grade aluminium, the samsara suitcase is ultra-lightweight, yet sturdy enough to resist blows and rough handling it has to undergo during the journey and protect its contents.

Sometimes You Just Need Smart Luggage That Can Double as a Mobile Office.
July 6, 2017

Case in point: the new Samsara smart suitcase. It's a stunner. Made from an aviation aluminum alloy, it’s strong, light and fireproof. The bag’s two sets of wheels were designed to maximize packing space (giving you an extra four liters on the inside) while maintaining a smooth glide around the airp

App-Enabled Smart Luggage
May 11, 2017

Travel is stressful enough as is, so the 'Samsara' smart aluminum suitcase is engineered to help make things far better by making your bag as ready for the experience as you are.

Technically speaking, Samsara’s smart suitcase can prevent lost luggage problems while travelling
June 27, 2017

Any frequent traveler will be familiar with the inconvenience that comes with hauling around a heavy suitcase, not to mention the fear of your bag getting stolen, or ending up on the wrong flight. Samsara’s new smart suitcase has already found a solution for this. The new technology that it employed

Staff Favorites: eto, Sea x Sky, and more!
June 22, 2017

Ever wonder if your suitcase was opened by a baggage handler? With Samsara, this smart aluminum suitcase and app will alert you if your suitcase was opened. Ergonomically designed, it’s made with a flat top that doubles as a working surface, unique wheels for smooth movement and extra storage, and a

Samsara Aluminum Smart Suitcase
May 9, 2017

Using an aluminum casing Samsara smart suitcase delivers a stylish way to carry your travel essentials, and app-enabled design allows it to wirelessly connect with your smartphone. Want to learn more about the luggage? Let’s continue checking.

Samsara Smart Aluminum Suitcase
September 27, 2017

Introducing the Samsara Smart Aluminum Suitcase. This luggage caters to all of your needs for travel and beyond. The use of aluminum makes the bag ultra lightweight and easy to move about. The Samsara Suitcase is highly durable and even fireproof. It’s also recyclable. In addition, the Samsara Suitc

June 26, 2017

An Israeli company has developed a so-called smart suitcase that fictional British superspy James Bond—known for his love of quirky gadgets and high tech hardware—would surely snap up.

Smart with Style: Samsara is the Aluminium Suitcase Of the Future!
September 28, 2017

There are many suitcases available on the market, but Samsara is the aluminium suitcase of the future you need. Samsara is the world’s first aluminium smart luggage with an anodized coating that is not only extremely durable and sturdy, it is also fairly aesthetically pleasing with its sleek outlook

Offering Summary

Minimum 5,000 shares of common stock ($10,000)

Maximum 535,000 shares of common stock ($1,070,000)

Samsara Luggage, Inc.

Corporate Address
One University Plaza, Suite 505, Hackensack, NJ 07601

Description of Business
The Company was formed in 2017 with the objective of designing and manufacturing
exceptionally designed and high quality products to meet the evolving needs of a frequent
traveler for a fair price. The Company also seeks present new technologies within the aluminum luggage industry, including the world’s first aluminum “smart” suitcase.

Type of Security Offered
Common Stock
Purchase Price of Security Offered

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor) 


All perks occur after the offering is completed

$500 — First 50 investors who invest $500 and up => receive a Samsara suitcase.
$1000 — Invest $1000 and up => receive $100 discount on Samsara Luggage products.
$1500 — Invest $1,500 and up => receive a 3 year discount 20% off all Samsara products.
$5,000 — Invest $5,000 and up => receive a Samsara suitcase.
$10,000 — Invest 10,000 and up => receive a ticket to the Bahamas* and a Samsara suitcase for your journey.

*From a US destination 

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments and salary made to one's self, a friend or relative; Any expense labeled "Administration Expenses" that is not strictly for administrative purposes; Any expense labeled "Travel and Entertainment"; Any expense that is for the purposes of inter-company debt or back payments.

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Amending our Securities Offering

7 days ago

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the Samsara Luggage offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of that change:

Samsara Luggage will be extending their campaign to February 9, 2018.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

Notice of Funds Disbursement

about 1 month ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, Samsara Luggage has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in Samsara Luggage be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


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