The RKS Off-Road offering is now closed and is no longer accepting investments.

RKS Off-Road

Travel Trailers for Limitless Family Freedom

RKS Off-Road

Travel Trailers for Limitless Family Freedom

Arcadia, CA
Consumer Products
RKS OFF-ROAD combines years of automotive, aerospace, and recreational vehicle expertise to deliver game-changing trailers built to last generations. We build for Limitless Family Freedom, intentionally designing features that increase durability, function and safety, while decreasing weight and waste.


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This offering ended on July 22, 2022 and is no longer accepting investments.

Reasons to Invest

Already in production with superior quality, uncommon to the RV/Trailer industry. We are now expanding the product line on a next generation off-road toy hauler.
The automotive industry is advancing rapidly, while the trailer and RV industry struggles to advance. We have the knowledge base to introduce innovation that compliments the EV vehicle needs.
We are a team of gearheads with the knowledge and expertise from the automotive industry, setting out to redefine the quality expectations of the RV/Trailer industry while supporting local jobs. Proudly made and sourced in the USA!

An investment in this securities offering is an investment in RKS Off-Road Corp., the parent holding company of RKS Off-Road LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary and the operating entity. RKS Off-Road Corp will fund RKS Off-Road LLC monthly based on an approved budgetary spend. All funds raised by the corporation from this Reg CF campaign will fund the LLC operations with the following exceptions: overhead associated to the corporation, purchase of tooling and equipment in support of the LLC, and the filing and maintenance of intellectual property.


Experience Limitless Family Freedom

At RKS - we take the road less traveled. That’s why our world class Overland Trailer and new generation Toy Hauler can give you the confidence to go anywhere. We’re here to provide boundless and limitless family freedom to venture wherever your heart desires, with comfort and convenience that’s revolutionary in the trailer industry.

Inspired by adventure, our design process is built on decades of expertise in automotive engineering and recreational knowledge. We’re based in California, so a healthy obsession with the outdoors is natural. As explorers and owners of our own RV rental business, we know what even the most demanding weekend warriors need.

The Problem

We Believe Off-Road Trailers Today are Inefficient, Outdated, and Poorly Designed

Efficiency: Most trailers are built 50-100% heavier because of slow changes to new materials and an over-dependence on heavier low-cost alternatives. This impacts…

  • Range. The heavier it is, the more energy required to haul for gas and EV, and with rising gas prices, the impact is serious. Range anxiety on your adventures is not acceptable.
  • Safety. For the best maneuverability, overall weight and weight distribution are critical. Our trailers are designed to tow right, when unloaded or fully loaded.
  • Wear and Tear. Inefficient trailers cause excessive wear on the towing vehicle, and many times require larger vehicles to tow properly.

Technology: We believe OEMs in the trailer and RV industry are 20 years behind on technology. Many of these still use cheap 2 DIN radios, which doesn't quite meet our definition of modern. 

Technology advancement should be exponential, and people are right to demand more! Interconnectivity to a car is expected, whereas RVs and trailers are lagging. Just as we're seeing the rise of EV vehicles, trailers too need to adapt.

Quality: The impact of poor quality builds means more waste in our landfills, due to parts replacements and trailers no longer useful, and more chemical use, when using more paint and bonding materials. 

By skimping up front, these costs get passed along to the owner in the form of maintenance, repairs, services, and rapid depreciation.

The Solution

Adventure-Driven / Purpose-Built

RKS designs and builds with PURPOSE. Our trailers are capable of enduring rugged off-road terrains and can be off-grid for extended periods of time, all while taking steps for a better, brighter future in support of nature.

We set out to design the trailer we wanted. Our team started from a blank slate, targeting something that was lightweight, had simple & reliable functions, and was constructed using quality parts. 

Our first product is the PURPOSE trailer. Designed to fit in a garage, it has all the comforts of a queen bed, full bathroom and full kitchen, with 70 gallons freshwater and is towable with any vehicle that can tow 3,500lbs or more. Created with intention, we truly believe there is nothing else like it in the industry.

Based on our research, our trailers consume less energy than our competition. As America's vehicle fleet becomes more saturated with electric vehicles (EVs), this efficiency will help ensure more people are able to pull an RKS trailer on their adventures, reducing emissions and the costs of ownership.

Our next product is our Toy Hauler line, the MOTIVE. This trailer is going to take the PURPOSE to a whole new level.

Built to Last - Constructed with industrial strength composite and aluminum, fastened with stainless steel hardware, our proprietary design is off-road robust, and is built to last generations. Quality you can rely on for off-grid living.

Best Payload - The target dry weight is only 4,100lbs for the tandem axle HD version, which means you can comfortably tow with a mid-sized truck/SUV and still have an incredible payload of 3,400lbs. Now that feels like freedom.

Flexible Garage - Equipped to carry a 2-passenger side-by-side in a more compact design! Don’t want to use it as a garage? No problem! Use the space flexibly, with different bed configurations or large dinette.

Function and Form - Often it is one or the other, but we deliver both tough styling and remarkable function in a tight package. Extra large all-terrain tires, on 20” wheels, wide-stance, 20 inches of ground clearance, and RKS proprietary aluminum t-slot profiles all around. The aerodynamic front utility cage compliments the bold look of an off-road toy hauler. 

Efficiency - Off-grid means designing the trailer for maximum efficiency and long-term lower overall cost.  By spending more today, each trailer is equipped to consume less energy and water over time. We use the most premium power and water management systems, including some of our own proprietary designs.

SkyDeck Rooftop - Most trailers have a ladder for access to the roof for maintenance. We have a proprietary ladder that converts to stairs, a storage compartment on the roof to store chairs and railings so you can set-up on the rooftop in a safe way. A skyview on your SkyDeck!

Future developments will include an industry changing on-board sewage processing system, including a proprietary method that will dump reclaimed water instead of stinky sewage.

RKS Off-Road is a trailer OEM with 7 dealerships, with plans to expand to a total of 10 dealerships, including one international dealership, later this year.

Our PURPOSE product starts at a $55K base price, typically optioned up to $65K, and comes fitted with universal t-slots throughout the trailer which can be accessorized by the customer.

The MOTIVE is being designed with efficiency targets learned from our PURPOSE line, improving our volume and margin for the coming years. At this time, the MOTIVE M19 is planned to retail for a base of $80K, with options like our Tandem Axle M19HD potentially optioning as high as $110K.

Lastly, when it comes to licensing and parts sales, we have 2 patentable designs for submission this year, and we expect more to come during the development requirements of our latest MOTIVE line. RKS intends to offer these products to the market to expand our earning portfolio.

The Market

Entering the Market for the Long Haul

Latest impact study of the RV industry in North America was valued at $26.7B in 2020. The market is expected to grow 5% annually to $35.7B by 2026 (source). Within the next five years, 9.6 million households intend to purchase an RV (source).

Since the pandemic, this industry saw a sizable shift in how people vacation, demonstrating that the RV/Trailer industry is a strong anti-pandemic investment for your portfolio (source).


We stand out amongst our competition because we design and build our trailers to last generations, introducing a higher level of quality expectation to the market. Our basis of quality is in automotive standards. In the 80's, this standard got disrupted by the Japanese automakers of the time. Now it is our turn to disrupt the RV industry! 

Our Traction

Revenues of Approximately $500,000 in the First Year of Production and Sold Out

RKS is currently partnered with seven dealerships, with approximately $500,000 revenues in our first year of production. We are sold out until mid-2022 and anticipate the MOTIVE Toy Hauler will continue to ramp up production and revenues.

Currently we are looking to add three more dealers to our list of partners in the US and are being contacted by international distributors.  

We are ready to grow, with a strong core team with broad experience in our current build then we can cross-train rapidly to grow production. There is no lack of sales, our challenge is growing the production rates to keep up with demand.  This is why we are seeking your investment to grow resources, inventory and people, in support of production growth.

Why Invest

Designed and Built to Last Generations

In the next 3 to 5 years, RKS intends to be the dominant OEM manufacturer for the trailer market by bringing uncompromising automotive quality, technology, and build standards to an industry ripe for change. 

We’re well into our growth phase. Our brand is at a critical point of growth and our first PURPOSE product is already being sold through 7 dealerships across the nation. RKS is on the horizon of introducing even more game-changing products as we design and build for the ultimate off-road, off-grid and on purpose trailer. Your investment will help grow our production, and will assist with the resources needed to add a new product line with proprietary technologies.

It’s time to get outdoors and RKS is designing a sustainable future for generations to come. We hope you'll join us for a future full of adventure.

In the Press

4WD Talk

Is This the Ultimate Jeep Offroad Camper Trailer?


RKS Off-Road Unveils New Generation Motive Toy Hauler Series

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  • Friends and Family Early Birds: Invest within the first 48 hours and receive 15% bonus shares.
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  • Early Bird Bonus: Invest within the two weeks and receive 5% bonus shares.


  • Invest $500 
    • 1 Sweet Looking RKS Camo Cap
    • $250 discount voucher on a new model RKS trailer or accessory
  • Invest $1,000 
    • 1 Sweet Looking RKS Camo Cap
    • $500 discount voucher on a new model RKS trailer or accessory
  • Invest $2,500 
    • 1 Sweet Looking RKS Camo Cap
    • 1 Incredible DUX Camo Backpack
    • $1,250 discount voucher on a new model RKS trailer or accessory
  • Invest $5,000
    • 1 Sweet Looking RKS Camo Cap
    • 1 Incredible DUX Camo Backpack
    • $2,500 discount voucher on a new model RKS trailer or accessory
    • 5% bonus shares
  • Invest $10,000
    • 1 Sweet Looking RKS Camo Cap
    • 1 Incredible DUX Camo Backpack
    • $5,000 discount voucher on a new model RKS trailer
    • 5% bonus shares
  • Invest $25,000
    • 1 Sweet Looking RKS Camo Cap
    • 1 Incredible DUX Camo Backpack
    • $12,500 discount voucher on a new model RKS trailer
    • 5% bonus shares
  • Invest $50,000
    • 1 Sweet Looking RKS Camo Cap
    • 1 Incredible DUX Camo Backpack
    • $20,000 discount voucher on a new model RKS trailer
    • 10% bonus shares

*All perks occur when the offering is complete.

The 10% StartEngine Owners' Bonus

RKS Off-Road Corp. will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Class C Common Stock at 2.32 / share, you will receive 10 additional shares of Class C Common Stock, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $232. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors' eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are canceled or fail.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments.

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Prior fiscal year-end:
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Short Term Debt
$1,502,467.00 USD
$415,740.00 USD
Long Term Debt
$10,752.00 USD
$37,149.00 USD
Revenues And Sales
$447,791.00 USD
$20,958.00 USD
Costs Of Goods Sold
$614,980.00 USD
$109,266.00 USD
Taxes Paid
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Net Income
-$945,067.00 USD
-$375,529.00 USD


A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.


"It knocks your socks off"

about 1 month ago

RV Travel checked out our MOTIVE M19 and came to the conclusion: "RKS Off-Road Motive is a breakthrough toy hauler" and further: "It knocks your socks off"! 

Tony reviewed the trailer in detail and describes in his article about features and what he likes most. Here is one of his statements:

"But the thing that made the RKS Purpose one of my favorite trailers is the water system. That same system is here, where they use the gray water tank to source the water used in the toilet. If this isn’t one of the smartest ideas ever, I don’t know what is."

Click this link to read his entire article

Tony continues to describe all features of the trailer but summarizes our vision in this statement: " With so many people buying the same trailers, it’s nice to see a company that just steps back and looks at the whole picture. Then they erase most of it and come up with something that’s absolutely game-changing ".

Be part of this game-changing company - INVEST TODAY!

RV Industry Continues To Grow - Don't Miss Out!

about 1 month ago

Despite of everything which is going on in the US and globally, the US RV Industry continues to grow. As shown in the latest RVIA monthly report, the industry had yet another record month:

Source: RVIA -

And further: "65M Americans Plan to Go RVing This Year" (click link for source). 

What stood out in the survey is that increased gas prices are not impacting the industry at all: "79% of RVers say their travel plans are not impacted by gas prices and 78% of RVers plan on taking more or the same amount of weekend trips this year as in previous years."

Source: RV-Pro (Link)

Generation X and Z are both coming into this reactional market and both generations are asking for more of their units. Increased power management and flexibility to use the RV/Trailer for both work & pleasure, requires the industry to adjust. 

RKS Off-Road has already prepared its MOTIVE trailer platform to support exactly these requirements. We are well prepared and are ready to ensure these new customer groups are receiving what they need and are asking of their trailers. The MOTIVE has superior power management and with the flexible set-up, each customer can configure the trailer based on their needs. This is unmatched in the industry.


How big is our Front Cage?

about 2 months ago

Good question! 

We decided to show case the interior volume  of the MOTIVE M19 front cage in a bit more creative kind of way :)

Highlights of the new front cage design to emphasize:

* it is super aerodynamic, which helps with MPG/MPGe of your towing vehicle

* very tough and durable, so you can load whatever you need to

* very spacious - as you can see in the video

* beautiful designed and manufactured - 100% in the USA!

Check out the video and see for yourself


"'s worth every penny..."

about 2 months ago

As many of you know, we had an independent NRVIA Inspector in house to audit our MOTIVE M19 pre-production build. The summary of his audit and his opinion about the unit can be found in this short video clip.

His once sentence:"'s worth every penny..." really sums it up nicely. No additional comments needed from our side . Click on the link to listen to his feedback:

INVEST NOW - CLOSING SOON!! Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity!!

"Absolute Beast Out Of The Box"

about 2 months ago

Check out Alex' independent review of our MOTIVE M19, which was a "blast to take out". He summarized all the pros and cons in an inspiring video after he was using the trailer in a "trial by fire" trip in the desert. 

One of the features he loved most was the SkyDeck. As you know, the MOTIVE is designed to utilize the roof as well. Alex summarizes it with "whether you use the  SkyDeck for chilling, watching a NASCAR race, or if you are an Entertainer and use it as your work/DJ station, the SkyDeck allows you to do all that and more" .

One of the other features he absolutely loved was the technology which is part of every base package, or as he says: "there is plenty of power" in the trailer.

In his words, this trailer is a "big ass camper with a lot of open space" and an "absolute beast out of the box" . He admires the amount of engineering which was put in this trailer but also the out of the box thinking. Listen to what he has to say and what he thinks about the trailer (click on image).

To summarize it:  "all the components & materials these guys use and how well it's being built, makes the unit worth it. You are making an invest in tomorrow". 

INVEST NOW! Share your experience with your family and and friends!

Something Exciting Coming Soon!

2 months ago


We have been working diligently to improve further the customer experience and listened closely to our customers, the market and our dealers.  All feedback received this far has been vetted and prioritized. 

We are close to reveal an exciting update to the MOTIVE 19! Stay tuned and watch out for this exciting update soon!

MOTIVATE & Share the News - INVEST NOW - Be part of an exciting new trailer company, made in the USA

NEW Dealership In Southern California!

2 months ago

We are very excited to announce our New Partnership with Complete Trailers.

Complete Trailers has 3 location nation-wide, Oceanside/CA, Henderson/CO and Keller/TX.
Brett and his team's approach to focus on customers first and ensuring high quality and service, matches our pillars perfectly. Complete Trailer has been successfully selling high end trailers, different trailer types as well as custom trailers for many years now. Given all their and our history, this is a perfect match and we are thrilled, to have them as our partners.

We'll post more updates about this new partnership soon.

Share with your friends and family about this investment! INVEST in US engineered and manufactured products! INVEST NOW

Successful Hot-Weather Testing!

3 months ago

Our MOTIVE M19HD was sent out to the hot desert to undergo some testing. We particularly focused on stress-testing the Power Management System in hot & dry environment.

Questions such as:

* are the batteries, inverter and other electronics overheating or is our cooling system sufficient enough?

* how well is our 12V A/C performing under these conditions and are the 12,000BTU enough to cool down the trailer while standing in over 100F environment?

* are the solar panels capable of recharging the batteries while A/C and other electronics are discharging these?

These and other power management questions were asked and answered during this hot-weather test. 

We are excited to announce that our Power Management System performed perfectly! We'll be sharing more data once everything has been worked through and is ready for sharing.

The MOTIVE M19HD is truly one of its kind! It has proven again:  OFF-ROAD, OFF-GRID!

INVEST NOW!!  We are proud to design, engineer and manufacture in the USA! 

Be part of a true US Company!

RKS receives order for off-road cargo trailers!

3 months ago

We are very excited to announce that we received our first order for OFF-ROAD CARGO TRAILERS!

These specialty trailers are built with the same dedication to detail and craftsmanship and will be able to go off the road just as easily as their brother unit, the MOTIVE M19. Structural integrity, flexibility and superior power management are key features on these cargo trailers as well.

These orders kick off the diversification and expansion our product portfolio and thus, we are very excited about it!


RKS MOTIVE Hits the Off-Road Market by Storm!

3 months ago

RKS MOTIVE Hits the Off-Road Market by Storm!

Alex took the MOTIVE M19HD out and experienced first hand a storm! The MOTIVE performed beautifully and Alex continued to have a fantastic time. 

Click on the image to see the full video.

INVEST NOW and be PART of a SUCCESS STORY, which is truly MADE IN the USA!

NRVIA-Inspection: The bar has been set higher!

3 months ago

Last week we had an accredited NRVIA Inspector  in house to evaluate our MOTIVE M19HD. Brad thoroughly went through the entire trailer, based on official NRVIA standards and came back with a fantastic result:

"The bar has been set to a new higher overall build quality in the current HD Toy Hauler Market. Innovation and thinking outside the box show in almost every area inside & out. The wow factor is very high with this one".

We could not be more proud! This independent audit validates and confirms our approach in build quality, craftsmanship but also thinking of our customer's use-cases as well as required comfort and technology.

INVEST NOW!! Share with your friends & family! Be part of this exciting journey

The Ultimate Off Road Toy Hauler!

3 months ago

Alex Schult from 4wdTALK can’t get enough of our RKS MOTIVE. This was a non-solicited review and he’s been non-stop about how great our M19HD is On and Off-Road. We welcome his participation and appreciative of his support. His latest article outlines what we intended to produce - The Ultimate Off Road Toy Hauler! 


Thank you Alex and here is the full article:

Be part of an incredible growing company and industry:  INVEST NOW & don't forget to SHARE with your family and friends!

RKS impresses Inspector from National RV Association!

3 months ago

An Inspector from the National RV Association, Brad, came out for another client nearby and noticed the factory of RKS Off-Road. 

We invited him inside and offered a look. He was pleased to inspect the PURPOSE on his own, and impressed with the Quality & Craftsmanship of RKS trailers.

Brad acknowledged he’s never seen this attention to detail in his 40 year career. He’s offered to come back out and inspect the MOTIVE and we are looking forward to his next visit this week! 

 Click on image or this link to listen to his feedback!


MOTIVE Walkthrough with Travis & Alex!

3 months ago

RKS Off-Road was featured on 4wdTALK and we’ve posted on our RKS YouTube Channel (click on image or link below). 

You can also find on 4wdTALK with Alex Schult. Follow Alex as he takes a tour of our latest addition to the RKS Family, the MOTIVE (M19HD) at our Arcadia factory. He goes on to tell his audience "this isn’t just any old off-road trailer, but an extraordinarily luxurious, smartly designed, and most impressively built trailers" he’s ever seen to date! 

Join us, and Alex, as he walks through every detail of the RKS MOTIVE pre-production unit, and soon to be production ready, with your help and investment. 



INVEST NOW & Don't forget to share with your friends!

"RKS Off-Road’s New Trailer is badass"

3 months ago

We are excited to announce that RKS Off-Road has been featured in the last 4wdTALK episode.


In his 30th episode Alex, 4wdTALK talks about RKS Off-Road and describes the MOTIVE M19 as an “off road toy hauler unlike anything you have seen on the market” and that “ … I can go on and on about this thing, but you have to see it for yourself to appreciate all the engineering they piled into this trailer or poured in this rather…”.


Check out the video to hear more about Alex’s feedback and what he has to say about the RKS MOTIVE M19 trailer:  

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to invest in an recreational industry changing company: Invest today &  share our campaign with your friends!

Support Great American Ingenuity

4 months ago

Invest early to get the most out of your investment!

We just debuted our MOTIVE off-grid toy hauler trailer 3 weeks ago and are flooded with inquiries.  We have sold 4 trailers in the last 2 weeks, with a total of 6 MOTIVE trailers sold we are at 20% of our forecasted production this year.  By the end of June we plan to be sold out for the year.

Click on the image to see the video

“This trailer is built 100% in the USA…putting a lot of the money back in your local community” explained by Josh Kartchner from RVs of America as he explained the importance of that to his customers.


“As we look at the current toy hauler market, I do believe that this is truly unique in the existing market.” – Josh Kartchner

Want to know more about the all new RKS OFF-ROAD MOTIVE? Check out the interview with Josh Kartchner from @rvsofamerica and Travis + Elisabeth from @rksoffroad!  See why investing in RKS Off-Road is investing in the future of trailers and EV.

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