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Organic Foods Made with Your Heart and Brain in Mind!

Invest in Rhode Islands' Dressings

We all know that we need to eat more vegetables. So, each day, we might make a salad (or order one at lunch) knowing that a more balanced diet promotes better health and helps to keep us lean.  

To make our salad more nutritious, we may choose organic produce and even add some nuts and seeds. And then to make it even tastier, we might add a dressing. Russian? Italian? Caesar? Thousand Island? French? But have you read labels on these dressing?  

Many of these dressings contain:

  • Oils like canola, soybean, corn and/or palm
  • Added sugar, as well as high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners
  • High amounts of sodium and carbohydrates
  • Genetically modified ingredients, additives, colorings and “natural flavorings"

Of course, you could choose just oil and vinegar and lemon juice, but you crave rich flavors and variety that may also help keep you on your healthy path. And making it from scratch at home just takes too much time.

You do have a healthy, convenient and very tasty choice:

Rhode Island Organics® Salad Dressings!

Founder's Note:

The mission of Rhode Island Organics® is to enrich families' diets via great tasting foods that are great for you.

I founded Rhode Island Organics® not long after my wife lost her life to leukemia, I found myself a single dad, raising two daughters, and questioning what I could do in the kitchen to enhance the quality of our lives.

I started educating myself about the ingredients in the foods that I was feeding my family. I learned the value of eating more plants, choosing organics, avoiding GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and eliminating sugar.    

One gorgeous summer afternoon along this journey, when some friends had gathered together for a meal, I set out a luscious salad as part of a buffet of fresh clams and scallops harvested from the ocean nearby. Next to the salad, I set a few bottles of commercial dressing. While I had chosen to serve wonderful locally-grown organic vegetables and fresh wild caught seafood to my family and guests, out of convenience I had set out a somewhat typical bottled salad dressing. I picked up the bottle and glanced at the label. The disconnect was instant and obvious. I was about to destroy the foods' taste and health benefits with unhealthy bottled dressing!

That particular dressing contained high-fructose corn syrup (or any of the new names that HFCS is now being hidden behind), high amount of sodium and added sugar, and was made with the low (ie, cheaper) grades of canola or soybean oil along with a number of hard-to-pronounce ingredients that are found in many of the other national brands. Ugh!

So why were we about to add such unhealthy, unwanted ingredients to our salads? Well, because there were not many healthy options.  

Why not? We believe many of the major national brands make products with the goal of offering the lowest possible price. Those brands are not produced with the goal of offering the highest quality healthy ingredients - nor with your health as a primary concern!

I realized that since embarking on my in-depth education about nutrition, and striving to serve my daughters the healthiest meals I could provide, I had changed my understanding about food and health. I now brought home organic produce and meats. I began reading labels carefully so I could avoid any products with GMO ingredients, high-fructose corn syrup or any so-called "diet" or artificial sweeteners.

Making my own healthy dressings to complement the nutritious vegetables and produce that I wanted in our diets became my goal. Not only healthy, but they also had to taste great and needed to be convenient -- because good food does take love and time.

I also wanted to help as many other people as I could. Sure, I could have just made up some dressings for myself and my daughters...but I felt the need, the urge, to produce a product that others could also have access to and benefit from.

My personal vision, and the overall company mission, has always been to produce healthy and delicious salad dressings, which are also excellent marinades and sauces, "that you actually WANT to feed to your family". Adults and kids love the taste of our uniquely seasoned dressings. And when kids (and adults!) love the taste, you can be assured that they will eat their veggies!

Though I have also personally experienced the health benefits of the omega-3 essential fatty acids (EPA & DHA forms), I was not happy with the idea of taking large capsules to get it. I wanted something easier for myself and my family. If I was going to make salad dressings with the healthiest ingredients, then including the recommended heart, and brain, healthy forms of omega-3's made sense!

We believe you will never have to worry about any inferior ingredients in Rhode Island Organics®. And you will know that every bottle has been made with YOUR heart, brain, and health in mind!

Salmon marinated and sautéed in Rhode Island Organics® Ginger Plum

Chicken marinated in Rhode Island Organics® Honey Mustard; grilled; and, served on bed of vegetables!

At a farmer's market where we donated 20% of our gross sales to the "Blessings in a Backpack" non-profit - focusing on nutrition for school kids

I am so very proud of what we have now accomplished; Rhode Island Organics® makes salad dressings/marinades that are certified organic, gluten-free, certified kosher, low carb, with no added sugar, extra virgin olive oil, and the right omega-3 essential fatty acids!    

Our dressings are healthy and they taste great. It’s not an easy combination to find in the marketplace, but it has and can be done. Above all else, I’m confident your family will enjoy Rhode Island Organics® as much as my own does.

Come join us in eating happy and in good health!

Bon appetit,

Carder Starr

We provide families with an organic, gluten-free, kosher salad dressing option with no added sugar so they can easily include the heart-healthy and brain-healthy forms of omega-3 fatty acids into their everyday diet.

The Offering

$105.00/unit│When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $525,000. 


$105 — If you invest $105, you will receive 1 bottle of your choice of Rhode Island Organics® products.

$315 — If you invest $315, you will receive 3 bottles of your choice of Rhode Island Organics® products.

$1,050 -- If you invest $1,050, you will receive 1 bottle of your choice of Rhode Island Organics® products 

shipped every other month for one year plus 1 Rhode Island Organics® apron.

$2,100 -- If you invest $2,100, you will 1 bottle of your choice of Rhode Island Organics® products 

shipped every month for one year plus 2 Rhode Island Organics® aprons

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

For details on the bonus, please see the Offering Summary below.

What We Have Accomplished

After test marketing in a few stores in southern Rhode Island, we were able to gauge consumer feedback and comments. As we listened to consumers, we perfected our formulations for a roll-out to a wider audience.     

Whole Foods Markets brought our products into their Cranston, RI store in the fall of 2012. We are now in 225+ stores throughout New England - including 39 Whole Foods Markets in their North Atlantic region, Dave's Markets (RI), Roche Bros (MA), Fruit Center Markets (MA), Crosby's (MA) and on the local rack at the Rhode Island Stop & Shop stores, as well as many independent grocery stores, gourmet food stores and farm stands.  

We steadily progressed by becoming USDA-certified organic, gluten-free, certified kosher and with no-sugar-added while still maintaining a wonderful taste and with the inclusion of the omega3 essential fatty acids!

  • 30 stores in April 2015
  • 100 stores in April 2017
  • 225 stores in April 2018

Gross sales increased by 46% from 2016 to 2017!

Kettle & Bottling Room

We have a very close relationship with our co-packer in Lincoln, RI.   Ingredients are mixed and blended together in kettles. The blended formulation is then fed through the filling machine and into the bottles.

Test Kitchen

We will be spending more time in the test kitchen at our co-packer as we formulate, taste and develop new products.   Our goal is to launch a minimum of 5 new exciting products per year.

Carder, in the test kitchen, working on new formulations!

Rhode Island Organics® Products

Presently, we have four flavors that are used as salad dressings, marinades or as sauces under our Rhode Island Organics® label. They include:

  • Honey Mustard
  • Ginger Plum
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Caesar

All products are USDA-certified organic, gluten-free, low sodium and low carbohydrates and have NO added sugar or added sweeteners.    

We use extra virgin olive oil - NO canola oil, NO soybean oil and NO corn oil. Our Honey Mustard, Balsamic Vinaigrette and Ginger Plum are certified kosher.   

Note: USDA Certified Organic is the most stringent and thorough certification for products.  All certified-organic products cannot contain any GMOs and, therefore, are verified to be non-GMO.

Tasting at Dave's Marketplace

In-store vendor demos and participation at farmer's markets are some of the best ways to present our products to consumers.   We are constantly at stores doing demos. It is also a great way to receive consumer feedback. The photo below is from the Boston Public Market RI Local spotlight in 2017.

Rhode Island Organics® products stand out from others because we are:

  • USDA-certified organic
  • gluten-free
  • certified Kosher (except Caesar, currently)
  • omega-3 essential fatty acids (EPA & DHA forms)
  • NO added sugar, NO added sweeteners
  • extra virgin olive oil - NO canola oil, NO soybean oil, NO corn oil
  • NO cholesterol
  • non-GMO
  • NO high fructose corn syrup
  • low in carbohydrates
  • with abundance of flavor!

 Tasting of salmon with Ginger Plum as a finishing sauce - at Whole Foods Market - Cranston, RI

Yes, Rhode Island Organics® Is Different From the Others

Nutritional information taken directly from product labels.

A major differentiating factor with our dressings/marinades is the quality of ingredients and the resulting wonderful taste!

We use organic extra virgin olive oil - no canola oil, no soybean oil and no corn oil. And we also add in the EPA & DHA forms of the omega-3 fatty acids that are noted for heart health and brain health.

Rhode Island Organics® salad dressing/marinades are certified organic, gluten-free, kosher, with no-added-sugar and also provide the omega-3 fatty acids.

We LOVE when consumers read our labels! We are proud of our ingredients and formulations. Please refer to the accompanying chart to compare our products to some other brands (information that was taken directly from product labels).

USDA-Certified Organic

Organic certification assures consumers that we use certified organic ingredients and that NO genetically-modified organisms (GMO) or artificial  ingredients are ever used.


Our products can be enjoyed in many ways -- as a marinade for your favorite fish, meat, poultry (or for making one into a favorite); as a salad dressing for all salad creations; and/or, as a dipping sauce for veggies or bread.


All of our products are made with ingredients that are free from any gluten.

Top 5 Finalist

Our Caesar Dressing with 0 grams sugar was named as a national finalist (out of over 300 product submissions) in the functional food category.

Market Overview


We believe Rhode Island Organics® products are beneficial for people of all ages and backgrounds. We realize that it is the health-conscious consumer who is more likely to purchase our products rather than the solely price-conscious consumer. We are targeting the retail markets that cater to the more health-conscious clientele. Our target clientele matches the demographic profile of customers who frequent Whole Foods Markets and other natural/organic foods stores. Whole Foods Markets conduct extensive demographic studies when locating their stores. We have, therefore, concentrated our initial sales efforts to partner with the Whole Foods Markets and to present our products to their customers. We currently sell to the North Atlantic region of Whole Foods (39 stores), Dave's Marketplace (9 stores in RI), Roche Bros (16 stores in MA, including their Brothers Markets and Sudbury Farms), Crosby Markets (MA), Ring Brothers (MA), Guido's Markets (MA), Fruit Center Markets (MA), Tom's Markets (RI), Belmont Market (our first retail account - RI), local rack in Stop & Shop (RI), as well as to other independent markets, health food stores and farm stands in New England. 

Your health is important to us! Rhode Island Organics® wasn't developed to compete with the lower quality products on the store shelves.

The above photo is of Carder while participating in a Taste Of Rhode Island event at Dave's Marketplace in East Greenwich, RI.

But rather we developed our products to provide additional nutritional and health benefits to the healthy choice that consumers are already making by choosing fresh tender vegetables. However, regardless of how healthy a product is it still has to taste good! We have worked very hard to create products that provide healthy options for consumers while offering the wonderful natural tastes of quality ingredients. We will never compromise on quality.


More than half of organic shoppers are millennials with children, according to a survey from the Organic Trade Association. Parents, ages 18 to 34 years old, represent the largest group of organic consumers in the United States. Among American mothers and fathers, 52% of those buying organic are millennials.

“The market is diversifying,” according to Laura Batcha Executive Director of Organic Trade Association (O.T.A.). “The younger folks are adopting it quickly.  Many of them were raised on organic products. It’s not just a new idea they’re embracing; it’s just something that’s incorporated into their way of thinking.”

More than 75 million strong in the United States, millennial consumers are more likely to view the organic label as trustworthy, credible, reliable and relevant, Ms. Batcha said. Non-GMO is another driving force in the organic market. To be a USDA-certified organic product it cannot contain any GMO ingredients. Therefore, by law, certified organic means that we are also certified and verified to be non-GMO.


 “U.S. retail sales of gluten-free and free-from foods are projected to grow to $23.9 billion by 2020”. The report goes on to find that “almost a quarter of respondents said that they make a point of shopping in stores with good selections of gluten-free products.” Retailers are responding by courting the gluten-free consumer with a variety of products.

“While the competition in the gluten-free market is heating up, the category remains highly fragmented, which means smaller companies still can gain a foothold against mega-brands, according to the report.   The diversified, multinational conglomerates that dominate the food industry at large have only limited presences in the gluten-free market.”  — Food Navigator USA.    

Entrepreneurs that want to jump into the fray will have the “freedom and flexibility to experiment and innovate” and will be “rewarded for keeping the focus aimed on their original vision,” the report notes.


There are more than 12 million Kosher consumers in the US and the $24 billion Kosher food market is projected to grow by 11.5% by 2025. Kosher Network International states "Kosher remains the most popular product claim on food, despite dramatic increase in organic and gluten-free labeled products".

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3s are a type of polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA). Research has linked certain types of omega-3's to a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke.  Marine animals provide the EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) forms of omega-3 fatty acids. Because of the importance of the EPA & DHA forms of omega-3 there has also been increasing activity and research to develop an algae (vegetarian) source of EPA & DHA.

“DHA is integral to the structure and function of the brain and eye. EPA is the primary fatty acid involved in cardiovascular health. Many physicians prescribe omega-3 fatty acids for a variety of conditions, including prescription EPA at a dose up to 4 grams daily to treat severe hypertriglyceridemia (Siscovick et al. Circulation, 2017).”

"CEO of the Lafayette, LA-based company, the Wright Group, Sam Wright IV, referred to fish oil and algal long-chain omega-3s as “Swiss Army” ingredients, as a result of their myriad uses for protecting human health. “Heart health, inflammation control, mental acuity, and joint health tend to be the top-of-mind associations connected with omega-3s,” he explained. “All are connected to anti-inflammatory properties inherent in the molecules. Within these broad categories are benefits for all ages and both genders, from prevention of preterm births and brain/visual development in infants to possible prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and other chronic conditions of aging.”

The US FDA (Food & Drug Administration) specifically allows the following statement to be included on packaged products enhanced with omega-3 essential fatty acids:  “Supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. One serving size of (product) provides (amount) mg of EPA & DHA omega-3 fatty acids”.

“....more opportunities to develop unique omega 3-containing products for moms-to-be and for children.  Innovation, rather than me-too omega-3 soft gels, is the order of the day if products are to succeed”.  (Lisa Schofield, “The Omega 3 Market: Essentially Innovative”)

What Makes Our Team Special

Carder and Gary have known each other for over 25 years through their respective participation in food development, production and distribution.  

Both have strong passions to provide consumers with an option for healthy eating and living - while also being good stewards of the environment.  Carder gets out on the ocean as often as possible.  Gary is an active bicyclist and a member of a ski patrol.

Rhode Island Organics® has also created an outside Advisory Board.    The Board consists of individuals with expertise in nationwide food distribution and business development; food marketing and media; and, financial oversight and guidance.    

Members include:   

  • the CEO of a national organic, pasture-raised egg producer -- for business development and growth strategies; 
  • the former General Manager of the Food Network -- for food industry marketing and media; and, 
  • the President of a CFO company -- for financial oversight and guidance.

Reactions From Consumers

Join Us and Be Part of the Growing Healthy Food Movement!

Thank you for reading through our offering. These are very exciting times for us. As demonstrated above, the growth opportunities for consumer organic and "free-from" foods have been, and still are, growing rapidly in the "functional food" category.    

We always listen to consumer feedback during our demos and public events. As an example of our response to feedback, we re-formulated our products to remove any added sugar. We listened again and responded by becoming certified Kosher in June 2018. Our ears and eyes are always open to ways to improve our products and to meet the expectations and desires of consumers.

Funds from this offering will primarily be used in the following areas:

  • branding and marketing - particularly online
  • promotions -- in-store demos, sales, couponing and donations to organizations promoting healthy food choices
  • single-serve portions that can be used in organic food service and sampling to consumers
  • participation in food trade shows
  • additional outside sales people
  • expansion of our market territory as we move to become a nationally-distributed product

The production and offering of organic, gluten-free, kosher, no-added-sugar products with omega-3 fatty acids is our way of contributing to healthy diet choices for consumers.

Together we can!

In the Press

Rhode Island Organic Omega-3 Salad Dressings & Marinades

"If you love salad dressings and/or marinades, this article is a must read. From a taste perspective, there are no other dressings that can compete. And, an added bonus is all of the health benefits that these dressings provide."

RI Organics’ Founder Talks About Growth

One of the fastest growing companies in Rhode Island is RI Organics — a South County firm that produces a line of organic, GMO-free, and gluten-free salad dressings.

Offering Summary

Maximum 1,000 Units* ($105,000)

*Maximum subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See 10% Bonus below

Minimum 95 Units ($9,975)

Rhode Islands' Dressings, LLC

Corporate Address
PO Box 539   Narragansett, RI  02882

Description of Business
RI Dressings manufactures organic, gluten-free salad dressings/marinades under its Rhode Island Organics® brand label. Products are currently distributed throughout New England to retail stores.

Type of Security Offered
Purchase Price of Security Offered

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor) 


$105 — If you invest $105, you will receive 1 bottle of your choice of Rhode Island Organics® products.

$315 — If you invest $315, you will receive 3 bottles of your choice of Rhode Island Organics® products.

$1,050 -- If you invest $1,050, you will receive 1 bottle of your choice of Rhode Island Organics® products 

shipped every other month for one year plus 1 Rhode Island Organics® apron.

$2,100 -- If you invest $2,100, you will 1 bottle of your choice of Rhode Island Organics® products 

shipped every month for one year plus 2 Rhode Island Organics® aprons

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

The 10% Bonus for StartEngine Shareholders

Rhode Islands' Dressings, LLC will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. shareholders (with ≥ $1,000 invested in the StartEngine Reg A+ campaign) within 24 hours of this offering going live.

StartEngine shareholders who have invested $1,000+ in the StartEngine Reg A+ campaign will receive a 10% bonus on this offering within a 24-hour window of their campaign launch date.  This means you will receive a bonus for any Unit you purchase.  For example, if you buy 10 Units at $105 / Unit, you will receive 1 bonus Unit, meaning you'll own 11 Units for $1,050.   Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid for one year from the time StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. investors receive their countersigned StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. subscription agreement.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments and salary made to one's self, a friend or relative; Any expense labeled "Administration Expenses" that is not strictly for administrative purposes; Any expense labeled "Travel and Entertainment"; Any expense that is for the purposes of inter-company debt or back payments.

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Total Assets
$22,981.69 USD
$2,936.23 USD
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$3,914.10 USD
$507.60 USD
Short Term Debt
$21,680.30 USD
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Long Term Debt
$68,091.77 USD
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Costs Of Goods Sold
$33,630.08 USD
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Taxes Paid
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Net Income
-$40,817.57 USD
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A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.


Rhode Island Organics® -- July update

about 3 years ago

In the spring we were able to add 3 new vegan products to our line of salad dressings/marinades.

At the end of June we made our first shipments to the HomeGoods stores - and to their co-branded stores with Marshall's and TJMaxx!    Rhode Island Organics® should now be available in every state (continental USA).    It may take a few more weeks for the items to start showing up at their stores as the products are shipped out from their respective distribution centers nationwide.

Thank you for all of your support as we grow into a nationally-recognized organic, gluten-free brand.

Best regards,

Carder Starr

Campaign Close

over 3 years ago

Dear investors,

Our campaign has concluded.   Thank you so much for investing in and joining our company.   Because of  your support we were able to develop 3 new products (Cranberry Poppy Seed Vinaigrette, Greek Vinaigrette and Sweet Onion) over the winter that we will be launching at our distributor trade show in April.   We  look forward to continued growth with new exciting flavors and products.    

We have concluded 3 disbursements from StartEngine.  One each in December, January and February - and the final disbursement is expected during March.     We will be emailing each remaining perk recipient to ask which items you would like -- expect delivery in March or April.

Thank you all for joining us.   These are exciting times for our Company, for organic products and for the awareness of the importance of healthy eating habits!

Thank you,

Carder Starr

Launch of new products

over 3 years ago

Thank you to our investors.   With your investments and commitment we have been able to develop 3 new products this winter!   We are looking to launch them this spring at our distributor's trade show in April.   The new flavors are:

Sweet Onion - organic, gluten-free, kosher

Greek Vinaigrette - organic, gluten-free, kosher, no added sugar

Cranberry Poppy Seed Vinaigrette - organic, gluten-free, kosher, no added sugar.

They should start to become available in stores by late May 2019.

There are more flavors/products in the pipeline.   We could not have done it without your generous support.

Thank you for your interest in our company.



Notice of Funds Disbursement

over 3 years ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, Rhode Islands' Dressings has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in Rhode Islands' Dressings be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


Thank you to investors

over 3 years ago

Dear Investors,

Thank you. Thank you!

We received the first disbursement of investments in mid December.    Each of you will also be receiving an individual email in regards to your respective perks.   We will be asking you which flavor(s) or product item you would like to receive in accordance to your level of investment.     

These perks will be shipped to you by the end of January.    This will also be the first shipment to those who are receiving a monthly or bi-monthly shipment.  

The perks for investors joining us since mid-December will be shipped in March - after our offering has officially closed and final disbursements have been received.

We thank you all so much.    With your generous help we look forward to being able to promote and to offer our organic products to a wider audience.   You are part of us now --  WE!

Best wishes for a healthy and productive New Year!


Notice of Material Change in Offering

almost 4 years ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the Rhode Islands' Dressings offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

Extended campaign by 60 days.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

SQF Certification

almost 4 years ago

We are very pleased to announce that our Rhode Island co-packer has received their Initial SQF Certification -- Safe Quality Food.    

The Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program is a rigorous and credible food safety and quality program that is recognized by retailers, brand owners, and food service providers world-wide. Recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), the SQF family of food safety and quality codes are designed to meet industry, customer, and regulatory requirements for all sectors of the food supply chain – from the farm all the way to the retail stores.

This provides another level of quality assurance for our customers..... and to consumers!    All of our Rhode Island Organics products now have the SQF stamp of approval.

Loving the Caesar Dressing

almost 4 years ago

Rhode Island Organics Caesar Dressing is her favorite!

Notice of Funds Disbursement

almost 4 years ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, Rhode Islands' Dressings has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in Rhode Islands' Dressings be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


Amazon Prime Now - Whole Foods Markets

almost 4 years ago

Consumers in New England can use the "Amazon Prime Now" app for two-hour home delivery near participating Whole Foods Markets (check your local store for details).   Simply type in, or search for, "Rhode Island Organics" and select the flavor(s) that you would like to have delivered to your door!

Happy & Healthy Eating,


Minimum investment amount surpassed

almost 4 years ago

We extend a heart-felt "Thank you" to our new investors/members/owners in Rhode Islands Dressings LLC.    

We have reached our first milestone -- surpassing our minimum investment amount.    We are now able to schedule a closing soon and put your generous investments to work to grow the Rhode Island Organics brand!    

Funds from this first closing will be used primarily for additional marketing and promotions as well as producing adequate inventory for the holiday season!

Thank you all so much.

Carder Starr

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