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Rent-a-projector, Rent-a-lawnmower, Rent-a-dog walker, Rent-a- Halloween costume, Rent-a -guitar teacher, Rent-a-bouncy castle, prom dress, DJ, ice cream maker, Spanish tutor, steam vac, 3D printer, tuxedo, power drill ...... Do you get the name, idea, and possibilities?


All over the world people are changing the way they consume products and services. Companies like Netflix, Airbnb, Seamless, and many others, accommodate an ongoing shift in consumer preference away from ownership of goods and towards on-demand access. 

People are looking for ways to temporarily use all kinds of goods and services without having to buy them. We Believe Rentah is the next big platform to satisfy this consumer desire by enabling peer-to-peer or P2P rentals of household goods and services. 

Rentah's marketplace and mobile apps facilitate easy and trustworthy rentals between people near each other - the way neighbors used to do. 

We take a novel approach where you can list your own items and services at a price of your choosing, or you can request an item on demand at a price of your choosing. We figure out who has it within walking distance (preferably in your own apartment building), and then we facilitate the rental transaction. We also allow people to buy and sell goods but we put emphasis on "renting" because of its environmental and societal benefits.


With Rentah you can pay to borrow that upholstery steamer you never even knew your 3rd-floor neighbor had or make money teaching your neighbors Photoshop or sell that old crib so that it is still put to good use. 

This is the power of Rentah: to change the way people and communities consume.

"Our mission is to give individuals and businesses the opportunity to earn and save money by tapping into the power of renting and sharing our local products and talents." #RentahLove

The Offering


$0.25/share of Common Stock│When you invest, you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $6.4 Million.

Learn more about why you should invest in Rentah below, and feel free to comment below if you have any questions. 

We can't wait to welcome you to our Rentah community!  

– Anup Yogi Desai, CEO & Founder

Investment Bonuses


If you invest $1,000, you will receive an additional 5.0% bonus.



If you invest $5,000, you will receive an additional 10.0% bonus.



If you invest $10,000, you will receive an additional 15% bonus.



If you invest $25,000, you will receive an additional 20% bonus.


Why Invest?

We are a community-oriented, sustainably-minded company, but we also believe in the incredible earning potential of the industry we want to tackle. 

Collectively, the sharing economy is expected to grow from a $14 billion industry to a $335 billion dollar industry by 2025. We believe consumers, especially those that are tech savvy, are shifting attitudes around goods, now prioritizing access over outright ownership. Internet and mobile access have revolutionized economic thinking and practice while eliminating the barriers to entry for participating in the sharing economy. Rentah's flexibility and freedom allows our users to seamlessly weave from being a provider or renter and find goods or services on-demand. This broad scope has allowed us to cater to many communities and markets that are only now learning about the sharing economy, as well as consumers who are irritated by the current options.

Proof of this untapped potential was our first successful round of funding early this year. Dozens of people who believe on our mission, pitched in, and allowed Rentah to complete development of our iOS and Android apps, and perform a massive overhaul of Rentah's website, improving our internal dashboard, and creating a dispute system. 

Our three primary goals with this round of funding are:

  1. To be able to provide insurance and added security for our Providers and Renters
  2. Extensive marketing outreach to users and small businesses 
  3. Ongoing maintenance, improvement and updates to our products 
  4. Early stages of machine learning and crypto-currency implementation 

The "Sharing Economy"

The potential

"The 'sharing economy' was outed as the 'rental economy.' Nobody is sharing anything. People are making money, plain and simple. Technology has made renting things (even in real time) as simple as it made buying things a decade ago. Uber and Airbnb are the big winners in this category, but there are and will be others." - Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures

“Car buyers haven’t worried about the excess capacity they were purchasing, as long as the lifetime value of the vehicle was greater for them than its lifetime cost. But the reality is that all that time the private automobile sits idle, economic value is going unrealized. And cars are by no means alone in their lumpiness. Houses, apartments, offices, bikes, computers, clothes, books, toys — all represent goods that individuals buy for their own use, but which bring with them a good deal of excess capacity. And don’t forget physical and intellectual labor: A handyman’s ability to fix things goes unused much of the time, as does an engineer’s ability to design solutions to specific problems.” 

- Oscar Salazar, Former CTO of Uber. 

"There are 80 million power drills in America that are used an average of 13 minutes... Does everyone really need their own drill?” 

- Brian Chesky, Founder of Airbnb

What we're doing about it

We want to walk the walk when we say we are a "Sharing Economy" company. Our platform is a two-way sharing street where you can list what you have to offer, or request what you need. 

From each total transaction, Rentah only makes 5% – which is paid by the renter. We charge the "renters" rather than the "providers" because we want to be friendly to the small businesses and freelancers providing the products, labor, and services listed on the site.  That's why we tell our providers: "We don't make a nickel until you make a dollar." And beyond the millions of nickels we think we can earn through transactions, we see potential opportunities to earn with advertising, data, insurance, among other avenues.

In addition, we have a strong referral program. If you get a friend to sign up to Rentah, and they spent $200 to rent a bouncy castle, Rentah will share our 5% commission ($10) with you 50/50. This is a perk you'll get forever–as long as your friend continues to rent via our platform. #TrueSharingEconomy

With this, we want to show people that if they help us grow, they will grow with us. We believe our continuing success will depend on our community. 

Our Product

Website + Android and iOS Mobile Apps

We have developed a robust website and mobile app to allow people to rent out, resell, and request the goods and services they need – and to make it easy to do so in their local communities.  Our easy-to-use interface allows you to switch between being a Provider or Renter depending on your needs. 

We have also built in social media integration, friend connections, messaging, online payments, and location services - everything needed for a local sharing-economy.

  • Find us online at
  • Download our Android app
  • Download our iOS app 
  • Chrome Extension [Coming Soon] - Imagine searching an item online while an awesome pop-up tells you the item is actually being rented for less money in your area! 🤩

Our newly redesigned website

A glimpse into our dashboard  

New dispute feature

In the case there is an issue during the rental process you can alert your transaction partner and Rentah through our dispute system located in the dashboard. Through this three-way channel, we can hear both sides of any story, exchange information and evidence, and facilitate quick refunds. 

Set up Project details for Freelancers

Freelancing requires flexibility from the Freelancer, the Client and the Platform the transaction is taking place on. Each job/gig is unique in length, scope, and pay structure. That being said, we tried to simplify the process to allow our freelancers and their clients the opportunity to determine the structure of the transaction in the privacy of our messaging system.

How it Works:

1. The "Freelancers" will give "Clients" an idea of their capabilities and starting costs on their listings page (shown above).
2. The "Client" will then send the "Freelancer" additional details regarding what they are looking for and budget.
3. The Freelancer, through the messaging system, has the ability to respond to the potential client a timetable for the project, additional details about the overall scope and the final price and payment method.
4. The Client Approves or Declines.

Our business feature

Our newest marketing initiative involves working and partnering with local rental businesses. While Uber competes with local Taxi services and AirBnB competes with local Hotel services, at Rentah we want to WORK WITH local rental businesses. With our dashboard and simple uploader we give businesses the opportunity to list their entire inventory and build profiles within minutes, after which we can promote them to to our community of renters.

Our goal is to be a platform for all forms of renting whether it be peer to peer or businesses to consumer. Renting is Reusing and we will always promote this philosophy and mission of sustainability.

A set of really cool apps (Android & iOS)

What Makes Us Different

We took a look at our competitors –particularly Craiglist, and this is what makes us different: 

  • We hold deposits.

  • All payments are handled online.

  • We have an online rating system.

  • A personal profile that is easily searchable.

  • Quick and simple internal messaging system.

  • Mutual connections and second connections.

  • Always come up first when someone searches locally.

  • A dashboard to manage everything in one simple place.

Market and Industry

The sharing economy is huge. It consists of used goods sellers, online ticket resellers, handmade product sellers, online fundraising projects, ride hailing apps, home sharing sites, shared office spaces, online task marketplaces, and product rentals. Rentah’s initial focus will be on the last two, an online task marketplace and a product rental site - goods & services.

Situational Analysis


According to the United Nations, the global population is expected to reach 9.2 billion by 2050, with more people living in cities with higher levels of both affluence and poverty. As cities grow and become denser, we believe greater access to a wider array of shared resources and assets will become necessary with limited resources and space. There is also the additional problem of A.I., machine learning, and 3-d printing taking over many jobs. This will create the need to utilize our untapped skills and resources to avoid financial hardship.

  • Research indicates that half of the working US population will move into the freelance sector within the next 5 years
  • Currently 51% of millennial freelancers report being underemployed.
  • Underemployment and unemployment are over 20% (60 million people in the US) 
  • Only 13% of people are happy with their work and 80% of freelancers would prefer additional work
  • 10% of Americans use offsite storage for unused goods (fastest growing sector of commercial real estate market)

Simply put - we are not happy with our work or our things, we do not have enough space, and we could use more money.


Rentah's platform allows “providers” (individuals and businesses) to create profiles, and offer their goods and services for rent or sale, but it also allows “Renters” to request those goods and services even if these aren't listed yet.  [Talk about creating demand!]

But the real value proposition we offer is that by pairing both goods and services, we can create an ecosystem that provides access to the things and knowledge we need in one single place, while creating additional revenue streams for our community, regardless of income or class. With Rentah: 

  • A freelance photographer can rent her camera or skills 
  • A handyman can rent his tools or skills
  • A gardener can rent his lawn mower or his skills

Rentah will position itself as the one-stop platform for all things rentable. 

With 69% of people in the US saying they will only use a sharing platform if it was personally recommended by a friend or family member, we will focus on word-of-mouth user growth, our referral strategy, and unparalleled user experience. Exponential user growth = revenue growth.

Source: Price Waterhouse Cooper

Market Analysis

The sharing economy movement is headed mainstream. 

Collectively, the sharing economy is expected to grow from a $14 billion industry to a $335 billion industry by 2025. Consumers are shifting from a consumption model to an access model. Trust, convenience, and a sense of community are all major factors in pushing adoption of the sharing economy forward.

According to a research report by Hawksworth, the majority of the growth will be in 5 sectors:

  • Crowdfunding (63%)
  • Freelance Platforms (37%)
  • P2P Accommodation (31%)
  • Car Sharing (23%)
  • Music and Video Streaming (17%). 

And although equipment/goods rental only accounts for 5% of the projected growth; our platform aims to offer a duo of sectors that are exponentially more useful when combined: Goods and Services.

Target Market 

Our ideal renters are between the ages of 18 and 45. They can be single or married and raising families. These active consumers represent a group of mostly college graduates with moderate household income. The only exception would be active renters of household goods, with the majority having an income of less than $30,000. Regardless of income, they generally typically reside in population-dense urban areas.

Based on the above there are 51 million potential users in the U.S. But really, we believe anyone will be able to find some value on Rentah. This is why we have already started to develop outreach and marketing campaigns targeting several of our key demographics: 

Our Global Vision 

The world is becoming more populated and more focused on consuming. If something is not done soon we may be leaving future generations a planet less well off. It is our intention to show the world a new way to conserve our goods and services while promoting a healthy local economy. 

It is clear that Rentah's objective is to become the next great P2P platform. However, our work and motivation extend to ideas that we believe will become the core components of a fairer and more inclusive global business and workforce model, that's because: 

  • Rentah will empower underrepresented communities around the world to actively participate in the next stage of the sharing economy.
  • Rentah will become a true advocate of the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle movement by promoting sharing over buying. 
  • Rentah will prioritize collaboration over disruption by building strong relationships with current industry leaders and businesses. 

Rentah's Community

Investors FAQ

Q: How will disputes between Providers and Renters be handled if an item is damaged?

A: We have a system in place where we are the holders of the funds before they get distributed. We also allow Providers an opportunity to charge deposits on the items that they posses. If a Provider receives an item that is damaged by the Renter, we will send them the deposit. We ask Renters when meeting up with a Provider to test out the product before putting it in use. We also ask Providers to show off the product to prove its functionality. This is similar to when renting a car and taking a spin around making sure there are no dents. If the product is not functional, the Renter can immediately tell us and we will send the funds back to them immediately. 

Q: What's your insurance policy? 

A:  We are working on adding insurance. We have spoken with some of the top firms in the country in the peer-to peer lending space and more startups are being formed everyday that can help us. Our only issue was our lack of funding in accomplishing this. It is our goal to offer insurance by this year or by the first quarter of 2019 after we secure additional funds. It is certainly in our minds and something we have been looking into.

Q: Why aren't you including spaces or real estate such as apartments, houses, or vacation rentals? 

A: Once we get insurance, we may consider on moving into real estate (people have already started listing vacation homes as "goods") and cars (someone listed a Tesla in Virginia); however we don't want to focus on that at the moment because of competition in the field. Our thinking is once we get people on our platform renting goods and services, they will organically begin listing their larger and more expensive products - which may include spaces as well. 

Q: What is the % transaction fee taken for rentals on the platform?

A: We collect only 5% on each transaction that is paid by the renter. We are free for all providers, freelancers and businesses. We don't make a nickle until you make a dollar.

Rentah's Journey 

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“Our goal is to make the world a better place,” says Desai, who’s given to expressing such righteous notions as “People need to have a dignified wage” and “We want to create relationships with our neighbors and cut down on consumption.”

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"I think if more people do little things like this, Desai says, and just see what happens, I think more people will be happy as they forge a new path and create some fun." added.

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January 10, 2018

Desai compared Rentah’s business model to a more modern form of Craigslist — one that accepts digital payments, quickly disburses funds to users, facilitates communication between parties and allows users to both build profiles and submit ratings based on their experiences.

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Investment Bonuses

$1,000+ — If you invest $1,000, you will receive an additional 5.0% bonus.

$5,000+ — If you invest $5,000, you will receive an additional 10.0% bonus.

$10,000+ — If you invest $10,000, you will receive an additional 15% bonus.

$25,000+ — If you invest $25,000, you will receive an additional 20% bonus.

The 10% Bonus for StartEngine Shareholders

Rentah, Incorporated will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed, within 24 hours of this offering going live, by StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. shareholders who invested over $1,000 in the StartEngine Reg A offering which closed earlier this year.

StartEngine shareholders who invested $1,000 or more in that StartEngine Reg A offering will receive a 10% bonus on this offering within a 24-hour window of this offering’s launch date. This means you will receive a bonus for any shares you purchase. For example, if you buy 400 shares of Common Stock at $0.25 / share, you will receive 440 Common Stock, meaning you'll own 440 shares for $100. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% bonus is only valid for one year from the time StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. investors received their countersigned StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. subscription agreement.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Salary payments made to one’s self, a friend or relative; Any expense labeled “Travel and Entertainment”; Inter company debt or back payments.

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