RED Mountain Resort is currently in the Test the Waters Phase for Title IV investments.

RED Mountain Resort

Fight the Man. Own the Mountain.

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Rossland, BC
US Investors Only
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8/14/17 Update: We've Launched Phase II LIVE IN CANADA on

We'll continue to take reservations here for the U.S. until our planned launch around November 2nd.

Fight The Man. Own The Mountain.

Become an Owner of RED.

RED Mountain is an Endangered Species within the ski resort world. We have the snowfall, vertical drop, world-class terrain and 4-season fun to go boot-to-boot with the Big Guys, but have consciously maintained our mom ’n’pop/weird uncle feel for over 100 years. We’re tired of seeing families priced out of a premier ski vacation by Mega Resorts. It’s time for a change…

RED Mountain’s preservation as a fiercely independent, non-corporate entity is beyond worthwhile and now you get to be apart of it: “Fight the Man. Own the Mountain.” 

Through this campaign, we're giving you the chance to actually own a piece of this place. That’s right – OWN:  The mountain, the chairlifts, the lodge, condos, snow making, you name it. Every asset we’ve got, man. (Think of it as “Shred Equity”…)

This is your chance to actually be an owner of an extraordinary mountain that many consider a true sanctuary in a complex world. This is the investment opportunity of a lifetime — and it's not just an opportunity for the 1-Percent.

**Important Note to US Residents: No money or other consideration is being solicited at this time, and if sent in to Red Mountain will not be accepted. No offer to buy securities of Red Mountain can be accepted and no part of the purchase price can be received until Red Mountain’s U.S. offering statement is qualified with the SEC and a Canadian offering memorandum has been delivered to potential investors. Any such offer to buy securities may be withdrawn or revoked, without obligation or commitment of any kind, at any time before notice of its acceptance is given after the qualification date. Any indications of interest in Red Mountain’s offering involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.**

The Current Industry

We now live in the land of Mega Resort mergers and acquisitions, a world where the independent spirit of skiing is being peeled away, piece by piece, and traded for Starbucks outlets at the base, covered escalators to the lift line, and investment bankers’ hands in your pockets everywhere you turn. 

Did you that about 50 ski resorts are owned by just 4 corporations? And 60% of those acquisitions happened in the last 10 years. The most recent  — and potentially the biggest acquisition in the history of skiing — Vail Resorts acquired Whistler Blackcomb August 8th, 2016 for over $1 billion and Aspen SkiCo/KSL acquired 10 resorts in 2017 (Mammoth Resorts and Intrawest). It continues to happen and it won't stop. We’re aiming to buck this trend. And for good reason.

If you live for skiing and snowboarding, you should know that every waterpark and golf course that gets built will be reflected in the price of your lift ticket — whether you’re “fore” it or not.

At RED we like to do things differently. Always have. Always will. We’re like the Green Bay Packers of the resort world – the NFL team owned by its community since 1923. And, just like The Pack, you could own a piece of us. When we say "us" we're talking a resort that's Top 20, size-wise, in North America; a resort coming off its best fiscal year yet; a resort that was listed by The New York Times as a "Top 10 Place to Go in the World". Not bad for independent, eh?

But it’s not just about “stickin’ it” to the man. (That's just the fun part…) It’s about acknowledging the importance of this lifestyle and culture that we all have grown to know and love from a young age and doing our part to keep it thriving. Times like these don’t come around too often… We're making history here, folks! 

As CEO Howard Katkov puts it, “Why not join us on this big mountain, big community, love-driven adventure... Well keep investing in this community and these fantastic people with or without your help, but dropping in on this could change your life—just like it changed mine.”

RED, Western Canada’s oldest ski resort, began its life as a community-owned entity when many of the skiers were crusty Scandinavian miners who whittled their 300cm skis out of lightning-struck trees. Now, through the power of the internet and the magic of equity crowdfunding, RED Mountain would like to reboot the community-owned SkiClub model—before it’s too late.

We know that you could invest your money in that biotech company trying to engineer sweeter children. Or that new app that puts your face on your favorite breed of dog. But by owning a piece of this mountain, what we’re offering is of an entirely different order. This is as analog as it gets:

Face shots. Crisp mountain air. Four generations of skiers and snowboarders racing down our storied slopes together and then fighting over a mountain of nachos at Rafters. Rosy cheeks. Full body smiles. Cold beer. Simple pleasures. And in a hectic world where everything moves too fast and all at once, you are acknowledging that this "back to the basics" simplicity is back to what really matters. A community of like-minded individuals and adventurists can be one of the most powerful forces ever. This is why we’re offering you the opportunity to join us. And own us.

See, RED Mountain is a Keystone Species in the larger ski resort world:

A species on which other species in an ecosystem largely depend,

such that if it were removed the ecosystem would change drastically.

We’ve always chosen to do things differently—for over a century. While “they” focus on more “shopping opportunities,” we focus on the adventure and revel in the fact that we have Rossland, a real, historic, Gold Rush-era town at the bottom of the hill. They sell you a side of fries for $10 and we offer $10/run cat-skiing. It’s like this at every turn on RED. Surprise & Delight, yo.

This is serious. That’s why we claim Keystone Species. We believe that keeping a place like RED thriving betters the sport for everyone in a time where families that love this mountain lifestyle are getting priced out left and right. Skiing and snowboarding should never become elite sports like polo or Formula 1.

Watch the Video About Ownership Perks Below:

So What's In It For Me?

What we are offering here on StartEngine is truly the opportunity of a lifetime. We sincerely hope you’ll join us to “Fight the Man. Own the Mountain.” We’ve been at this for 12 years and could use your help at this juncture to stay fierce, independent, proud, and a little bit odd. 

This campaign to raise money is to keep us stable moving forward, supported by those who love this sport and this way of life the most. It’s about building and growing this community and this love for the sport. Think about it. Whether you’re in for “dimes or dollars” we’ll make it worth your while. By buying into this campaign, you'll actually own real equity in this company. We're not talking a "Thank You" certificate, we're talking legitimately owning an actual piece of this place.

This current "Test The Waters” stage allows parties to express interest in the investment without handing over any actual loot  now or later. (Imagine a hyper-convoluted “Like” Button that is 100% risk-free. Drop $1,000 or $10,000, no commitment necessary.) If Test the Waters gains sufficient traction from people like youRED will will move on to the next round with offering actual equity in the company, unique tiered perks and rewards with each investment sure to appeal to ski and snowboard enthusiasts especially (take a look at the list over to the left!), and a $1,000 minimum buy-in, all fully regulated by the SEC and in accordance with Canadian securities laws. 

Where’s your money going, you ask? The money raised in this campaign will go toward improving the adventure here at RED. Think of this as investing in your own happiness, like a cold craft beer or getting your car detailed at the end of a long winter. Plans include:

  • Remodeling and expansion of the Paradise lodge including a new kitchen, 40% more seating, and new washrooms.
  • Additional run development for expanded cat skiing on Mount Kirkup
  • Building a new clubhouse and overnight on-mountain cabins on either Grey or Granite Mountain.
  • A brand new high performance centre, which will double our fleet of skis and boards.
  • Expanding our Piste Off Retail store and expanding our parking lot by roughly 200 spaces to accommodate the growth of our visitation.
  • For spring and summer activities, we’ll be building a multi-use trail for hiking and mountain biking from the base area to the top of Grey Mountain, connecting to the Seven Summits trail system.
  • Supporting the creation of an annual local academic Scholarship fund for higher education.
  • After all of the improvements above have been completed, remaining funds from the offering may be used to make additional on-mountain improvements and/or to reduce institutional debt, ahead of schedule, as set forth in the offering memorandum.

You can be a part of all of this - and more importantly, an owner of all of this.

“We’re gonna be the Green Bay Packers of the ski world!” jokes Katkov. “And, just like The Pack or whichever underdog inspires you, we’re really looking to our hardcore fans to throw down here – we’re talking ownership after all.

We’ll happily take the big bucks–bring it!–but we have intentionally set our minimum at a very low $1,000 to entice hardcore skiers and snowboarders who might not have a High Net Worth–even if some of them have the ‘high’ part on lockdown...”

What we’re asking of the larger snow-sliding community is as straight-forward as pointing those planks downhill: Buy in now. And bow out of the side of skiing that is quickly becoming a pursuit for 1-percenters. Oh yeah, and more importantly - become an owner of a ski mountain!

General FAQ

If I say yes to a certain investment in the "Test the Waters" phase, am I obligated in any way or can I change my mind? 

No, you are not obligated at this time - this phase is to gauge interest in and traction of an equity offering, and your "reservation" at this point is in no way an obligation - expressions of interest help us gauge whether we move to Phase II or not.

If I decide to invest after "Test the Waters", when will I get the opportunity to do so?

If it is determined that there is enough interest, we anticipate an offering will be made approximately 4 months after the “Test the Waters” phase has closed.

What happens if there isn’t enough interest in Test the Waters?

If there isn’t enough interest then we will not advance to Phase II with an equity offering.

What are the Tiered Investment Rewards? 

When the "Test the Waters" Phase moves to the next level, your investment will come with bonus rewards to better enjoy the adventure, lifestyle, and culture that you're helping preserve. There are 6 Tiers of investment rewards detailed above.

What is the membership clubhouse? What's in it? Can I bring friends?

The clubhouse will be a small cozy space for members only at the top of Grey Mountain connected to the public restaurant. It will include a fireplace and a few different social gathering areas, and will have a bar with snacks. Yes, you can sign in a guest.

Is my information shared when I pledge in "Test the Waters"?

You will get updates from RED via StartEngine after you“reserve” your investment in the Test the Waters phase. No information will be shared publicly when you “reserve” your investment.

Need more answers? We've consolidated a lot of questions since Day 1 of our launch that you can check out right here.

The Last Great, Unspoiled Resort

Located in Rossland, BC—the first stop along the famous “Powder Highway”—RED delivers 2,877 lift-serviced acres (4,200 total!) of pristine skiing unfettered by overdevelopment. With epic vertical (2,919 ft/890m!), in-bounds cat-skiing, wide-open groomers, 360-degree descents, a rich tradition, and—phew!—the BEST gladed tree runs in North America, this best-kept secret has been let out of the bag.

Once you're here, it's hard to imagine ever wanting to go anywhere else. Just ask some of the locals - they used to be visitors themselves!

Get Lost Adventure Centre opens

to expand 4-season activity options and provide effortless access to incredible Kootenay community resources such as river guides, fishing outfitters, and fat bike rentals.

Legacy Training Centre opens

to preserve RED’s reputation as a breeding ground for kick-ass ski racers including Olympians and National Team members.

Expansion to adjacent Grey Mountain. Terrain increased by ~1,000 acres. 
RED joins Top 20 resorts, size-wise, in N. America, comparable to Breckenridge or Jackson Hole. 

Mixed-skill groups rejoice. Americans insist “Grey” misspelled

Revitalization of historic downtown Rossland,

a Gold Rush town with stately stone buildings and a lively main street

Big bronze statue of Olaus Jeldness,

the godfather of skiing in Rossland, installed, promptly pooped on by pigeons.

Renovated 1948 base lodge with a sustainable approach
that maintained original beams from the 1860s and iconic red lockers that the community had come to love. 

Changed out urinal pucks

Howard Katkov and partners form RED Mountain Ventures and purchase the resort from the first owners outside the original community Ski Club. 

Between 2004 and 2016, RMV has put their focus toward sustainability and preservation by enhancing the experience and the adventure and investing in modernized infrastructure, renovated lodging, new housing, installing new lifts, expanding terrain, adding snowmaking, and more.

RED Mountain Resort Manifesto

  • We believe that a day on the mountain is always better than a day on your phone.
  • We believe that kids who grow up shredding naturally become free thinkers, risk takers, lifelong outdoor enthusiasts, and perhaps the kind of smack-talking bon vivants the world needs more of.
  •  We believe that skiing and snowboarding are “lifestyles” rather than “sports” because they change lives. RED Mountain owes its very existence to this passion and has run on it for over a century.
  •  We believe, as entrepreneurs, that skiing has taught us how to make the most of what the day gives you, how to trust our instincts, and how to value what we have instead of constantly lusting after more.
  • We want families priced out by corporate resorts to rediscover the simple joys of snow, gravity, and fresh air without having to sell a kidney in the process. 
  • And, yeah, we kind of want to stick it to the corporate ski resorts.
    They don’t own skiing and snowboarding. YOU do.

The Vision of RED

Passion:  The desire to have or be part of a mountain lifestyle.

Community:  Strong integrated community of diverse yet like-minded people.

Adventure:  Exciting, extraordinary, challenging experiences.

Youthful & Fun:  An ageless desire to embrace and enjoy life in a lighthearted way.

Simplicity:  A relaxed lifestyle; freedom from complexity.

Quality:  Meet or exceed expectations on all levels.


Join CEO Howard Katkov for a Live Online Q&A Session

6 days ago

Join me, RED CEO Howard Katkov, on September 27th at 12:30pm PST for the first ever Live Online Q&A Session answering questions about the "Fight the Man. Own the Mountain." Equity Crowdfunding Campaign!

You can register now and join other skiers, snowboarders, investors, and other like-minded individuals to ask your questions about the campaign. Want more specifics on the rewards? Expansion projects? Details about equity? Ask your questions and get the answers on September 27th, 12:30pm PST

We’ve set up this 1-hour Q&A session to help those that may still be looking for clarity with this campaign offering. We understand the Offering Memorandum released for the Canadian Launch is a lot of detail and we want to be as clear as possible to all of you interested in this opportunity. We sincerely hope to see you there! In the meantime, you can also click here to read my letter breaking down and highlighting some key areas of the Offering Memorandum into just 2 pages.

Click Here to Register Now For the Session >

Don’t forget, if you’re Canadian, you can invest now! Click here to head over to our FrontFundr page to begin your investment.

Thanks as always for your support, hope to speak with you soon!
Howard Katkov, CEO

Closing in on $1 Million!

12 days ago

Hi everyone. It's been just under a month since our Canadian launch and we couldn't be more thankful for the outpouring of support and a great start we've had so far! As of today, between completed and processing investments, we've raised nearly $850,000 with more coming in daily - and it's not even winter yet! 

We're very excited to continue this momentum into November for the planned U.S. offering launch! We are currently assessing Australia, England, New Zealand, and France as new countries to also bring into the live offering.

For those of you that still may have questions about this investment opportunity, we're launching our very first online LIVE Q&A session with yours truly on September 27th. Registration details and other information will be sent out soon. We hope you can make it and I would love to answer as many questions as possible that you may have. For any locals in the area of Rossland, we'll be hosting an in-person session at RED Mountain Resort September 21st that we would love for you to attend if you're in the area. Details will be posted soon!

Also, if you hadn't read my letter yet breaking down this investment in easy to digest points - you can take a look here.

Don't forget - Canadians can invest NOW on our FrontFundr page right here.

Thanks and hope to see you soon as part of the new RED family,

Howard Katkov, CEO
RED Mountain Resort

Launch Day Update from CEO Howard Katkov

about 1 month ago

To our RED friends,

We started working on the “Fight the Man. Own the Mountain.” campaign nearly a year and a half ago. It's been live for your eyes and the rest of the public world for a little under a year. It has been a platform for those to support, for those to doubt, and for those to give amazing feedback along the way. The outpouring of your pledged support since the launch last year on August 22nd, has been gratifying and important, knowing that there are others who feel just like we do about the importance of the independent spirit and this valued lifestyle that this campaign represents. Yesterday marked Day 1 of our Canadian live equity launch.  Around November 2nd, will be Day 1 of the US launch and potentially a few other countries. The second leg of this journey started yesterday and we couldn’t be more excited to have turned on the switch in Canada.

Yesterday we closed the first 24 hours with $25,500 completed and another $483,000 currently in processing. According to FrontFundr COO Sean Burke, this broke the previous equity crowdfunding record in Canada by 20% and is now considered the largest Canadian equity crowdfunding pledge in a 24 hour period! We will continue to push this momentum each and every day into our planned U.S launch. Your early support has meant the world to us.

For those of you that may be on the fence or still have a lot of questions, don't forget we have built out an extensive FAQ section that you can find on and if your question still hasn’t been answered, you can send it to us at the bottom of that page and I will personally respond to you. If you're Canadian and you're ready to take that step and join the RED family, simply click here to start your investment.

Thanks again for your support and welcome to the RED family. This is an exciting time for all of us.


Howard Katkov
CEO, RED Mountain Resort

Watch our Launch Video from yesterday >

Blizzard & RED team up to give you one incredible ski >

Lib Tech & RED team up to give you one incredible snowboard >

Less Than a Week Till We Go Live!

about 2 months ago

It's been BUSY around here! If you missed it before, did you hear we're now less than 1 week out from the official  "Fight the Man. Own the Mountain." Canadian equity offering? (Don't worry Americans, you're next soon!) We've been preparing, prepping, primping, pre-reading, re-reading, and...well, you get the picture. Check out what's been happening in the last few months with our new video below. (That Josie Hotel is lookin' good too!)

So if you're Canadian and haven't yet signed up on our FrontFundr campaign page- our Canadian Partner to launch our equity offering - be sure to do so now. Rest assured, Americans will still receive their later planned November 2nd offering launch on StartEngine, and at no disadvantage to this earlier Canadian offering.

Watch Our New Update Video Here >

We couldn't be more excited for next week, so be sure to mark your calendars and be ready to throw down for independent skiing and snowboarding for our Canadian offering this Monday on August 14th! 

Wine Festivals and New Investor Launch Dates!

3 months ago

New Video!
If you didn't hear, we just wrapped up the first ever Red Teeth Mountain Wine Festival here at RED Mountain on our beautiful base lodge deck overlooking Red and Granite Mountains. This sold out event was packed with amazing wines, ciders, food, live music and good times. This is just one of the many new events happening in the summer as we continue to grow. Click here to watch the new video, and see all the photos!

Fight the Man Investor Launch Dates
Now that we continue to get closer to the exciting launch of Phase II, we have solidified our launch dates for the offering - so mark your calendars! The Canadian launch with our Canadian partner platform, FrontFundr, is expected to happen August 14th. And the U.S. StartEngine launch is planned for November 2nd. But don't worry, regardless of which launch you're a part of, you can still get your pass and ticket perks at the start of the 17/18 season!

Thanks, and talk soon,
Howard CEO, RED Mountain Resort

It's Busier Around Here Than Chuck Norris @ a Meme Convention

4 months ago

From Crowdfunding to Expansions to Epic Summer Adventures. It's All Right Here.

Hope you didn’t forget about us because the lifts stopped turning. Right now at RED Mountain we’re a hive of activity as the boss makes us pay back all those office days we skipped to ride powder in 2016-17. (Turns out he has his own “15 cm rule” that involves dropping 15 cm stacks of spreadsheets on our desks to alphabetize by EOD. That’s mean, man; just mean…)

FTMOTM Hits 12MM in Reservations

"Fight The Man. Own The Mountain." has officially surpassed $12 Million in Reservations—and our goal was $10 Million! We couldn't be more excited our momentum continues because of people like you. Stay tuned to make sure you don’t miss your opportunity to throw down some green to own a bit of RED with the real offering planned for mid August for Canadians (through our partner at FrontFundr), and the US offering expected in November because, uh, governments are, like, different and stuff.

WTF is "Infrastructure"?

Now that Mother Nature finally stopped turning every work day into a powder day, we’re tackling some of our biggest upgrades full-force to get ready for winter of 2017 - and we're pretty excited about it:

  • The Josie Hotel is moving out of its awkward rebar-and-concrete phase and is blossoming into a real beauty of a boutique hotel. Slated to open December 2017.
  • Paradise Lodge is getting plastic surgery. Expect some parts to be bigger, some smaller, but don’t worry they know not to touch the chili.
  • Day Parking is well along the way to becoming a lot better. We’re talking about a parking lot you can bring home to meet the parents, a parking lot you’d be proud to call home. (Some do actually...)
  • High Performance Rentals will finally have a room worthy of all that next-level gear. Please refrain from pushing the red ‘Nitrous’ button on the wall.
  • Our Piste Off Supply Co will also be getting bigger and better with more gear and enough room for sweepstakes-like shopping cart runs through the aisles

Hey, there's nothing "Off" about our "Off Season".

Summer is the perfect time to get your feet wet on a new sport or to reacquaint yourself with an old flame. Get Lost Adventure Centre is your one-stop shop for fun activities. You can’t ride a unicorn down a deserted white sand beach in slow motion yet, but GLAC pretty much has every other activity on lock. Get a taste with our new video for a quick blast of what’s on offer, from fly-fishing our mighty rivers to mountain biking on our world-class trails, all of it with the best guides and gear in the region.

Hit up RED this summer and try our new GET LOST Adventure Centre. Activities at your fingertips - not to mention some killer lodging deals when you book your next activity at GET LOST (and private hot tubs? Yes please).
It's time to Get Lost this summer.

Watch the Video >


As always, if you have any questions about our StartEngine campaign, you can direct all of them to the page, at the very bottom. And the big man himself will get back to you. (but not the bad "man", he's the cool one). 

Thanks again. You'll be hearing from us soon, no doubt.

- The RED team. 

Our 16/17 season wrap up video straight from the CEO.

5 months ago

As we transition into spring and summer with the close of the 16/17 winter season, followed by the announced launch dates of our formal Phase II offering documents for the "Fight the Man. Own the Mountain." campaign, there's never a dull moment (just how we like it)! Thank you to everyone who's been with us in this campaign, whether it was since Day 1 or even just the other week. We couldn't be more excited for what's in store this year. With multiple events and incredible activities launching at RED this spring, summer, and fall; we don't doubt you'll get a good idea why RED and Rossland really are a 4-season paradise. Stay tuned for more updates and videos throughout the year while we track the progress and update you on the campaign! Have questions? We'll answer them for you right here at the bottom of the FAQs.  

Launch Dates for Official Phase 2 Offering

6 months ago

Hello everyone,

As the winter season comes to an official close April 2nd, I wanted to reach out personally and thank you for our best season ever. I’ve been CEO here since the spring of 2004 and, thanks to you, 2016-17 had deeper days and a deeper sense of community than any other year than I can remember.

The biggest reason this year felt different was this sense that everything great about RED and Rossland got “turned up” by our “Fight The Man. Own The Mountain.” campaign. This community crowdfunding campaign reminded everyone just how special this place is and that special is worth standing up for.

The success of “Fight The Man. Own The Mountain.” surprised everyone—even me. We cleared Phase I on StartEngine well before the deadline and are proud to inform you that work has begun on Phase II in Canada and the US. We plan to have formal Phase II offering documents ready for Canadian investors around July 15th and for US investors around October 15th (due to the differences in securities regulations, the US offering documents will take longer to finalize). This will still allow all investors to have at the very minimum their lift tickets and/or season passes in hand when the lifts start running at RED in the winter of 2017! No matter when you invest though, you will get your tiered rewards as set out on RED’s StartEngine webpage. For international investors, we will be getting back to you in the summer after reviewing the number of reservations in your jurisdiction, and where appropriate, the legal requirements for investing in that jurisdiction. For all Canadian investors, StartEngine and RED Mountain will be officially partnering with FrontFundr, a registered dealer in Canada, in order to collect subscriptions (your investment) in Canada. More details will be provided in the near future, stay tuned!

And again, thanks to all of YOU who reserved your slice of paradise on StartEngine. You believed in RED and RED believed in you and that’s why we’re in this enviable fiscal position heading into spring and summer: Proud. Independent. Strong. While we’re sad to say goodbye to the many, many powder days we enjoyed this year, we also know how much fun this region is in spring and summer. If you’re a serious recreator or power relaxer, the Koots are unbeatable on both fronts. Our new video series being released each coming month will give you a better idea of just how great it can be.

We hope you’ll continue to track our progress on this vanguard initiative and continue to support independent skiing and snowboarding. If you have any questions not covered by the extensive FAQ, I will be able to respond to them personally at the bottom of the page here:

Many thanks,
Howard Katkov, CEO
RED Mountain Resort

We've Hit Our $10 Million Goal!

8 months ago

Dear Friends,

To all of our friends, old and new, we wanted to let you know that we hit our goal of $10,000,000, and YOU are the reason.  It’s one thing having an idea and reaching out to our skiing community to see if it resonates.  It’s another thing entirely to have you all respond in such a positive way. This campaign has always been and will continue to be about your passion for skiing and your love and respect for RED Mountain. You are standing up for independent skiing and the preservation of a place and a lifestyle that must be protected – and celebrated – for generations.  We thank each and every one of you for stepping up and supporting our efforts.  We have now commenced our Phase 2 legal and accounting process and expect to be complete this Fall to launch with our equity offer.  In the meantime however, this is definitely not the last you’ve heard of us – this is only the beginning! We’ll be keeping you engaged throughout the next several months with exciting news along with showing the beauty of Rossland and RED for all seasons.  As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

Thanks again,

 CEO, RED Mountain Resort

PS. Check out our announcement video here! >

New Announcement Regarding Ownership Details

8 months ago

We've surpassed 90% to our $10 Million Goal!

First off, we're thrilled to announce we just passed the $9 million mark! We thank you for your support and couldn't be more excited about our progress today. The countdown to 10 Million has officially begun!

Second, we recently just launched a new update video on the campaign with new details regarding ownership of RED to help answer some repeated questions. We have some very good news to announce so we hope you'll watch the video and continue to spread the word with this historic campaign! 

 Learn about New Ownership Details Here >

Howard Katkov, CEO
RED Mountain Resort

Over 75% to the Finish Line!

8 months ago

This winter at RED has been nothing short of incredible. With packed lodging, countless powder days, and more happy faces than I can even count - winter is in full swing here and we couldn't be more excited to have this crowdfunding campaign be a part of it all.

We marked 2 new milestones as of this morning - reaching over 2,000 reservations(!) as well as officially surpassing 75% of our goal to the tune of $7,518,500! We can't tell you how excited we are each and every day seeing more and more of you jump on board knowing you see how special this all is - just as much as we do.

Also, stay tuned for a new video we're releasing over the next week or two with some new announcements and exciting investment details about your reservation! We'll also be following up the video announcement with an even more detailed letter sent to any current reservation holders.

Lots of exciting things happening here at RED and you 2,000+ are right now at the front and center of it all. Thank you for shaking up this industry and being a part of something truly groundbreaking. Time to go shred some powder this weekend!

- Howard Katkov, CEO

We've Passed the Tipping Point!

10 months ago

We're Over Halfway There!

A few weeks go, we hit a very important milestone, tipping the campaign past the halfway mark towards our $10 million reservation goal. We couldn't be more excited at not only what you've been able to help us accomplish to date, but that our message and stance against a growing trend in this industry has resonated so strongly with so many of you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and have enjoyed every day of this journey, answering your questions, and taking your feedback, concerns, and comments to heart. It's been nothing short of incredible.

While nearly $5.5 million and over 1,400 reservations is absolutely a huge voice of support with this campaign - we are far from finished and still need your help every step of the way. It's important to know that we need to hit our $10 million mark to reach "Phase 2" where we can then offer actual equity shares of the company, release financial statements, concrete perks, company details, and more.

We'll need you more than ever as we approach our 2016/17 winter season. We hope that you continue sharing our campaign, video, and content with your friends, friends of friends, your mailman, your relatives, and your new neighbor that just moved in who happens to have a snowboard rack on his car. We can't wait for the season to kick off and hope you're just as excited as we are!

Your friends at RED

Nearing $4.5 Million + You Could Win Up to $40,000!

12 months ago

We've almost hit the $4.5 million mark with nearly 1,200 of you reserving shares - we couldn't be more grateful for what this movement has become! 

If you've visited our StartEngine page recently, you may have noticed there's been a blue "Share" button added on the top right corner of our campaign page. This is part of StartEngine's newly launched contest where you could win $40,000 and a new Elio Vehicle!

All you need to do is share the link with your friends - helping spread the love for our Fight the Man. Own the Mountain campaign - and you'll receive one point for every user you get to sign up for StartEngine. The person with the most points will win $20,000 and an Elio Vehicle! If the first place winner receives more than 50,000 signups, StartEngine will double their cash to $40,000. Talk about a lot of ski trips with that one, eh?

To Compete In the contest just do the following:
1. Go to our campaign page (
2. Sign up or log in to your StartEngine account.
3. Click the "Share" Button in the top right corner and start sharing with friends.

We are very excited for the next few months as winter approaches and promotions like these can only help us get to where we need to be to make this campaign a reality. We would absolutely love for you to share this with your network. 

Thank you again, snow is coming!
RED Mountain Resort

Another First.

about 1 year ago

As of last week, we officially hit the $4 million mark with over 1,000 reservations! Thanks to everyone for jumping aboard this historic campaign. We still have some serious climbing to hit our goal of $10M to clear “Test the Waters” but with your continued enthusiasm we know it can be done.

And now we have yet more incredible news to shout from the mountain: The Josie Hotel, under construction located at the base of RED Mountain—owned and operated by independent developers—has cleared its own necessary financing and is on schedule for the 2017-18 Winter opening. We’re honoured that William Cole Company chose RED as their first development at a ski resort.

This hotel is truly groundbreaking news in both senses of the word. The Josie will be one of the first architecturally unique hotels to be built at a major ski resort in over a decade: a modern, 106-room boutique hotel, right at the base. Josie will encompass a restaurant, bar, conference and meeting rooms, a large function deck and a spa including an outdoor slope-side pool—just for style points. 

Now, if you’re imagining some cookie-cutter MegaResort hotel dropped out of the sky, stop right there. The hotel design, while contemporary in nature, has pulled together subtle elements and motifs from Rossland's heritage of mining and commerce. The result is a cohesive development, which is fully integrated into the landscape, that emphasizes the pedestrian experience, and takes full advantage of views and light. 

The Josie Hotel will be one of the most significant economic drivers for the community in several decades. The hotel will increase tourism visitation, boost commerce for our region and create additional four-season employment that is vital for sustainable growth. You can read this announcement in its entirety here:

Howard Katkov
CEO, RED Mountain Resort

$3 Million in 10 Days!

about 1 year ago

Hello Everyone,

Earlier this afternoon we officially hit $3 million with over 760 reservations in just 10 days, and we could not be more thankful for your support. It is so gratifying that our campaign speaks to you in a way that we hoped for: your love for RED Mountain. I have personally talked to many of you in the last 10 days, discussing your excitement, as well as your questions and concerns. Your feedback has been critical if we take this campaign to the next phase. All comments are constructive and we sincerely appreciate them. Having said that, we will continue to listen to all of you as we move forward. Today we are at 30% of our goal in just 10 days. Most importantly though, this story is about you, RED Mountain, independent ski resorts, and the power of social media. If you believe in our campaign, we only ask that you continue to spread the word! This is as grassroots as it gets and people like you are what will get us to our goal. Thank you again, and we will continue onward!

Howard Katkov
CEO, RED Mountain Resort

More Questions? We've got it covered.

about 1 year ago

As we approach $2 million in reserved shares since our launch on Tuesday, we've had the absolute pleasure of hearing your feedback, questions, comments, and kind words. We couldn't be happier seeing how this has resonated with so many in the ski and snowboard communities near and far. Since Day 1, we've worked on consolidating all of your questions (and our answers) from Facebook, email, and phone all into one location. You can access those answers (as well as see all campaign assets and outside press coverage) here:

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can submit it on that page and we will personally respond back to you as well as add it to the list.

Thank you all again, we are very excited for what's ahead!


And So It Begins...

about 1 year ago

Thank you everyone!
As of this morning - in just over 24 hours - we hit the $1 million mark of reserved shares and couldn't be more excited for your interest! Thank you everyone who jumped on board so soon validating the importance of our mission in the midsts of the current ski industry. We know we have a long road ahead towards the $10 million mark - so please continue to share this campaign with all your friends!


Howard Katkov, CEO
RED Mountain Resort