The Mr. Wonderful
Supported Way to

Find Investors

Now your company can raise up to $5m via Reg CF or $75m via Reg A offerings.

Access a community of 760,000+ investors today.

Apply for free in less than 2 minutes.

StartEngine’s Strategic Advisor Mr. Wonderful encourages the companies in his portfolio to raise on StartEngine. You can join them.

The Mr. Wonderful Supported Way to Find Investors

Now your company can raise up to $5m via Reg CF or $75m via Reg A offerings. 

Access a community of 600,000+ investors today.

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Funding rounds done right.



StartEngine has raised its companies over $500,000,000 in funding to date.



StartEngine has hosted more than 500 successful raises on its platform.

Prospective Investors


StartEngine has a community of over 760,000 users.

Leading the Industry:
$71M Raised in Q4

StartEngine set a new all-time quarterly record in Q4, surpassing the previous record of $66M.


We believe our strong finish in Q4 continues to solidify StartEngine as the market leader in equity crowdfunding, helping companies raise more funding than any other platform via Reg CF and Reg A+.

How we're different.

We help with the administration, compliance, and recordkeeping to make your job as easy as possible.

Maintain your control

We make raising capital easy by giving you control. No board seats and no term sheets. Your raise, your company, your control.

Complete solution

Start with your seed & continue with your Series A, B, & C. We'll be with you every step of the way as you continue to grow your business.

Two great plans*.

Whether you're looking for your seed round or have an extensive fundraising history, StartEngine has a plan just for you.

Seed Round

$0 upfront

A full-service plan to raise up to $5M from everyday investors.

Good for companies with <$3M ARR

Top Features

An industry leading investment platform

Aligned incentives - you succeed, we succeed

600,000+ investor community

Full pricing details -->

Series A (to C)

Contact Us

A robust plan that supports larger businesses. Raise up to $75M.

For companies with >$3M ARR

Everything in Seed Round, plus

Raise with a registered Broker-Dealer

Raise up to $75M

Additional StartEngine marketing opportunities

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What Mr. Wonderful Thinks About StartEngine

Renowned businessman and investor Kevin O’Leary is StartEngine’s Strategic Advisor, a shareholder, and a paid spokesperson. See what he has to say about StartEngine and why he is encouraging the companies in his portfolio to raise capital using StartEngine. Read more about Mr. Wonderful’s partnership with StartEngine.

Refer founders and earn $5,000

Know a founder looking for capital? Refer them to StartEngine and earn $5,000 once they begin their raise.

We cover everything you need.


Dedicated Account Manager

You receive a dedicated account manager to help prepare your offering, which will then be reviewed by StartEngine’s compliance team.

Dedicated Campaign Strategist

We’re a leader in customer service for a reason. Our dedicated Campaign Strategist’s will work closely with you for the duration of your campaign. 

SEC Filings

StartEngine will help file all the necessary paperwork to accept funds under Reg CF, so you can get back to what matters most.


Rolling Fund Withdrawals

Withdraw funds when you’re ready to invest into your company or fundraising campaign.

Credit Card Investments

On StartEngine, companies can accept investments via credit cards, as well as ACH, bank wire, and cryptocurrency. 

Campaign Perks

StartEngine encourages incentivizing investors by offering perks to investors. This could be a lifetime discount, a product, or even a time-based incentive. 


Real-Time Analytics

Use the StartEngine analytics dashboard to view all investment data, from visitor conversion rates to investment history.

Investment History

View and follow the number of investors and followers your campaign has week over week. 

Investor Information

Access your investor community’s contact information for updates or promotional purposes.

It's simple to get started.



StartEngine reviews every company application internally to determine whether it meets our compliance and eligibility requirements. If it's a good match, we move forward!

Note: StartEngine can only service US-based entities.



Tell your story in your own words. Work with our team to build and design your campaign page to attract investors. Our creative team will help you!



What's your valuation? How much control do you want to keep of your company? it's all up to you.

"Equity Crowdfunding is a powerful way to raise money,
but more importantly to gain the trust of your customer,
which obviously gains an investor as a result."

- Ron Wilson, Co-Founder & CEO, Hylete
"Working with StartEngine has been great.
I'm amazed by how accessible everyone is,
including all the way up to the CEO, Howard."

- Jesse Woolmer, President & CEO, Cannco Brands
“I like the ease of use of StartEngine and that I
didn’t have to handhold the investors through the process
because of how smooth the platform is.
It’s like going to Amazon and buying something,
but you’re investing in a company.

- Dawn Dickson, Founder & CEO, PopCom
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