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Tesla Motors introduced its first production vehicle a decade ago, and the electric revolution was born. Tesla has experienced massive growth and the company's market capitalization has exceeded both Ford and General Motors.

Today, Quad Marine has introduced a revolutionary catamaran that brings clean, quiet, and reliable electric propulsion to the marine industry.  We are well-positioned to participate in this rapidly expanding market, and we invite you to join us!

The catamaran was originally popularized in the sixties by beach-cat pioneer Hobie Alter, and it became the nucleus of a very successful worldwide business.   The catamaran offers many advantages over traditional monohull boats, and is now the industry-standard marine recreation platform in vacation destinations like the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.

Charter operator Virgin island Sailing points out that "the popularity of catamarans has grown in recent years for several reasons.  The multihull design provides a fast, smooth sailing experience with maximum comfort and space."

BVI Yacht Charters explains that “Catamarans are extremely stable, allowing for more freedom to move and play on deck. They are favored for family trips particularly with younger children.”

The Moorings is one of the largest charter operators in the world, and they enthusiastically endorse the catamaran as "the ultimate charter vacation platform offering stability and extraordinary ease of handling."


Catamarans have also proven to be very effective for commercial use as water taxies, ferries, and tourist excursion boats.  Power cat manufacturer Alloy Cats notes that the proliferation of catamaran ferries in service all over the world is a result of their increased efficiency and lower operating cost.

As the marine industry transitions to electric power there is an excellent window of opportunity to produce the next generation of clean, quiet, and reliable recreational watercraft. We anticipate that the majority of established boat builders will simply retrofit their existing designs to replace the outdated diesel technology. Quad Marine plans to jump ahead of the competition by introducing a 100% new design that we believe is fundamentally superior to traditional designs in seven key areas.

The Quad 44 Catamaran

The company’s flagship product is the culmination of a 10-year R&D effort to create a cruising catamaran without the flaws and compromises of traditional designs, and without the reliability and maintenance problems of diesel engines. The groundbreaking raised-cabin configuration of the Quad 44 is designed to exceed the performance and specifications of competing boats in seven key areas:

• Much larger accommodation space with quieter cabins
• Improved performance (more  efficient / higher speed)
• Eliminates diesel reliability and maintenance problems
• Boarding and disembarking is much easier and safer
• Smoother, more comfortable passage in rough weather
• Much better visibility from enclosed forward helm station
• Storage for two dinghies with safe and easy boarding

The dramatically increased accommodation space is an extremely compelling feature of the Quad 44 and we anticipate a major disruption and redistribution of market share in the industry. Compared to the industry-standard Lagoon 450 catamaran (overall length 45+ feet) the Quad 44 (overall length 44 feet) provides an astonishing 42% larger interior accommodation space (see chart).

Optional Sailing Rig

An advanced sailing rig will be offered as an option to supplement the Quad 44's electric drive.  Quad Marine again applies advanced technology and innovative design with the introduction of the Aerolite rig (patent pending), which offers much easier sail handling and trimming than the traditional Bermuda rig.  When equipped with the Aerolite rig the Quad 44 will offer essentially unlimited range without the cost, maintenance, and environmental impact of internal combustion engines.  An electronic autopilot system is planned that will provide automated control of both the sails and the helm, a unprecedented breakthrough feature for a production recreational watercraft.

Press and Public Response

The Quad 44 electric catamaran was officially announced at the Annapolis boat show in October 2016.  Feedback from the show, press, and social media confirms that the Quad 44 is the right product at the right time:

"I would love to see the Quad 44 at the next boat show!"
"I've been waiting for someone to do a boat like the Quad 44."
"Your design really makes sense and has a lot of advantages."
"Looks like a great charter boat for the Caribbean."
"Wow, that's a lot more space compared to other catamarans."
"This would be a really nice boat for a live-aboard situation."

"It's a new concept, I love it!"

"Something I'm going to be keeping an eye on for sure."

"I think your timing with the Quad 44 is quite good."

"We may want to upgrade...we really love your Quad 44"

"Wonderful design, looking forward to seeing more pictures"

"Clearly you have a very innovative boat!"

Design Methodology

The Quad 44 was developed using modern computer design techniques that are more efficient and accurate than traditional methods. The Quad 44 design model is a computer file containing a 3D representation of all mechanical components, and provides a direct path to production using CAM (computer aided manufacturing) technology. The digital model helps to eliminate design errors as all components can be visually evaluated in 3D space, and the amount of paper documentation and printing is substantially reduced.

In addition to the digital design model, Quad Marine has implemented a custom relational database to track every component in the boat. The database automates design and production by storing the specifications of each component such as dimensions, weight, cost, vendor, etc. The design database and the 3D digital model are the two critical tools already in place that will allow us to enter production in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

Target Market and Strategy

The electric vehicle market has experienced growth of over 1000% from 2011 through 2015, and could increase to over 6 million units a year by 2020 (source: US Department of Energy).  Tesla Motors has played a big part in the surge in interest and sales of electric vehicles, and the company's market capitalization has exceeded that of both Ford or General Motors.

Government funding programs and incentives, coordinated by the US Energy Department's Vehicle Technologies office, are contributing to the development and expansion of the market.   Battery costs have been reduced by 50 percent in the last four years, which has led to lower vehicle costs for the consumer.  According to a recent Bloomberg report, the cost of electric vehicles is projected to drop below that of combustion vehicles by 2022.  By 2040, electric vehicles are projected to account for 54% of all new vehicle sales.

As the automotive industry benefits from massive R&D investment and volume growth, so will the marine industry.   Growth will also be stimulated by increasing restrictions on the use of internal combustion engines.  Developing legislation in Europe, India, and other countries is expected to lead to a complete ban on internal combustion engines in the not too distant future. 

According to CleanTechnica.com, local bans against internal combustion boats are becoming more commonplace around the world, and recreational boats will see the largest growth among electric boats as a result.

Total world market for hybrid and electric boats and ships (commercial and recreational) is projected to rise to over $20 billion wordwide within 10 years.  Unlike the situation with Tesla in the automotive industry, there is currently no established dominant player in the marine industry focusing solely on electric watercraft.   Quad Marine is positioned to take advantage of this window of opportunity with a product that offers not only the benefits of electric technology, but is designed to provide superior performance, safety, and accommodation space.

The target market for the Quad 44 is recreational day sailors, live-aboard boaters, extended cruising sailors, and charter operators.  The world-wide market for recreational cruising catamarans (sail and power) is estimated at over $500 million/year (source: Cruising World Magazine). Based on the strength of our flagship product we anticipate capturing a substantial share of this market within the first few years of operation.  Our long term marketing plans include an expansion of the Quad Marine product line to both larger and smaller watercraft,  and production of a passenger-optimized version to address the market for water taxis and sightseeing excursions.  We believe these plans will greatly expand Quad Marine's market share and overall revenue.

The company plans to achieve its market share goals through targeted advertising, participation in trade shows, and a strong internet / social network presence. Advertising will be facilitated by the use of the Quad 44 digital design model which we will use to create effective graphic presentations for print and online advertising.

Invest Now!

The trend towards electric technology in the transportation industry is abundantly clear.   R&D investment, performance, and market share are all increasing at a steady pace.   Quad Marine is committed to exploiting these emerging technologies and combining them with superior design and innovation to establish a leadership position in the marine industry.   We invite you to join us as we build the next generation of clean, quiet, and reliable electric watercraft!


$10/share of Common Stock | Minimum Investment: $250.00

When you invest you are betting the company's future value will exceed $5M.


$10,000+  Invitation to launch party of first hull, and listing as backer on Quad Marine web site.

$50,000+  Dinner cruise on board Quad 44, listing as Gold backer on web site. 

$100,000  Overnight cruise for two on Quad 44, and listing as Platinum backer on web site.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

Offering Summary

Maximum 100,000 shares of common stock ($1,000,000)

Minimum 1000 shares of common stock ($10,000)

Quad Marine, Inc.

Corporate Address
P.O. Box 1434, El Segundo 90245

Description of Business
Quad Marine will manufacture a line of electric-powered watercraft that exploit emerging technologies from the electric vehicle industry .  Our products will offer the benefits of clean, quiet, electric propulsion, combined with industry-leading performance, safety, and accommodation space.

Type of Security Offered
Common Stock
Purchase Price of Security Offered

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor)


$10,000+  Invitation to launch party of first hull, and listing as backer on Quad Marine web site.

$50,000+  Dinner cruise on board Quad 44, listing as Gold backer on web site.

$100,000  Overnight cruise for two on Quad 44, and listing as Platinum backer on web site.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments and salary made to management; Expenses labeled "Travel and Entertainment" for the purpose of trade conferences, exhibitions, and customer meetings.

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