Pulse Protocol

Medical Travel Platform for Hospitals & Doctors

Pulse Protocol

Medical Travel Platform for Hospitals & Doctors

Venice, CA
Health Tech
Software & Services
Pulse's mission is to help create a world where everyone will have access to quality healthcare, transparent pricing, and patient advocacy. Following the disruptive platform business model of companies like Uber and Airbnb, Pulse provides a comprehensive software and marketing platform for doctors and hospitals enabling them to professionally manage their medical travel businesses and generate predictable revenue. This market is projected to reach $207.5 billion by 2027.


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Reasons to Invest

Founded by 3 industry leaders: Pulse’s leading executives have a combined 50+ years of experience leading the medical travel industry.
Compelling business model: Pulse earns recurring revenue both from (1) licensing its software and (2) providing marketing services. Pulse also charges transaction fees for every (3) booked procedure or (4) lead procured.
Backed by Institutional Investors: Amplify, Afore Capital, Kima Ventures, Cherry Tree Investments, Street Edge Capital.


Run by experts with deep and wide connections throughout the medical travel industry

CEO & Co-Founder Robert Page has published 3 industry books and has 20 years of industry experience building and managing medical travel technology companies, successfully facilitating more than 10,000 international procedures.

Co-Founders Jonathan Edelheit and Renée-Marie Stephano have each had 16 years of experience building the industry’s prominent organizations, including the Medical Tourism Association (MTA) and Global Healthcare Resources.

  • MTA: industry thought leader, the MTA maintains a global audience of over 800,000 industry professionals, hosts the industry’s annual conference, and publishes the industry’s journal.
  • GHR: actively consults with a half dozen major governments all around the world on their medical travel growth strategies and has built multiple countries into successful medical travel destinations, including S. Korea, Puerto Rico, and the UAE. 

We are confident our co-founders’ involvement and influence within these organizations put us in a strategic position to quickly grow the Pulse audience.

Medical Travel could one day save your life - or the lives of your loved ones

In 2014, Pulse founder, Robert Page’s father, a US physician, was diagnosed with cancer and given a grim prognosis. Thanks to his family’s network of connections, years of experience in the medical field, and persistence, they were able to find the care he needed. The best option was to seek medical care outside the United States, which proved to be extremely difficult, even with their vast experience and connections.

The difficulties they encountered along the way, and the lessons they learned, led them to build the Pulse platform, the key to unlocking the full potential of the medical travel industry.

CRM software tailored to the medical travel industry: Pulse technology bridges the gap between medical professionals and patients. 

Its suite of software and marketing solutions allows a doctor or hospital to quickly become relevant in the medical travel industry and customize their spending to generate a predictable level of revenue from patient bookings. 

Patients get access to a network of world-class doctors, transparent pricing, secure engagement, and certified care coordinators. 

With more than 100 medical providers, 11 clinics and 21 hospitals already live on Pulse—as well as founder connections to major industry players within this space — we are confident we have the leadership, partnerships, and business model to completely disrupt and bring medical travel into the mainstream.

In spite of its sizable $100B annual revenues, medical travel is difficult to access and thus continues to be a niche market. Pulse technology will not only make it easier for patients and doctors to connect, but its transparent pricing and high standards will motivate patients to increasingly shop the global market for care that fits their needs. 

The Problem

The medical travel industry is virtually untouched by technology

Based on our research and experience, beyond WhatsApp, email, and spreadsheets, providers lack centralized technology to the field, convert and manage patient prospects outside their domestic markets.

This often leads to missed or mismanaged connections….and when connections do happen, the lack of a cohesive path, formal practices, and intuitive user experience often turn away the more risk-averse patients.

Because of this, the market is vastly underachieving.

*The above information is based on internal research and management's experience.

The Solution

A centralized software that provides scalability, marketing resources, and streamlined patient-provider relationships

As far as we are aware, Pulse is the first technology platform of its kind. We give medical professionals a plug-and-play solution, almost eliminating the learning curve and enabling them to get to market with a minimal investment of time and money. 

Online marketplaces have energized and reshaped many sectors of the economy. Pulse endeavors to build the leading marketplace for global medical travel, providing patients with a safe and secure environment in which to search, engage, and book with world-class providers

Leveraging the power of platform technology, Pulse enables multiple stakeholders in the supply chain to add value to the ecosystem and in return receive commensurate value or compensation. 

Pulse assists providers at any point within the patient management process, whether they’re looking to break into the industry, increase patient volume, or manage existing patient populations.

The Market

More than 23 million patients are seeking medical care internationally

The medical travel industry has grown dramatically over the past decade and is expected to continue expanding at a CAGR of 12.8% over the next several years. The global industry is projected to reach a market size of nearly $273.72 and service 70 million patients by the year 2027.


Our Traction

Each Pulse user adds to and gains value from the existing ecosystem

Hospitals / Dental Clinics

  • 11 clinics live on Pulse

  • 2 clinics run leads through Pulse

  • 21 hospitals live on Pulse

  • 3 hospitals run leads through Pulse

  • 1 stem cell center runs leads through Pulse


  • 103 providers live on Pulse

  • 2 orthopedic surgeons run leads through Pulse

  • 3 plastic surgeons run leads through Pulse

Patient-Care Coordinators

  • 9 coordinators on Pulse

  • 2 coordinator run leads through Pulse

Marketing Partners

  • 1 marketing partner on Pulse

  • 1 marketing partner runs leads through Pulse

What We Do

With Pulse, your patients get all the support they need to confidently book

In addition to an on-demand team of multi-lingual, trained patient-care coordinators, you and your patients get access to technology solutions specifically built to make the medical tourism process efficient and hassle free.

Network benefits of an existing Pulse provider

When a new patient is introduced into the Pulse ecosystem, they are immediately paired with one of the certified, independent coordinators on our platform. The coordinator assists in obtaining necessary medical information, gauges patient readiness, and acts as a patient advocate.

Only after the patient and coordinator have completed the onboarding process do they connect with a potential provider within the platform. This streamlined process allows providers to dedicate the bulk of their time to patient care, and only engage when absolutely necessary - when a patient is ready for consultation.

The Business Model

We make money when our doctors and patient coordinators make money

Any qualified medical professional or patient-care coordinator can join our platform, reducing the barrier to entry and allowing us to onboard customers quickly.

Procedure Revenue

  • Pulse earns a pre-negotiated transaction fee, which equates to a percentage of the total procedure cost. Current average is $350.
  • Typically, Pulse also charges a $112.50 Trust & Support fee for every transaction.

Lead Generation

  • When Pulse sources a lead, we earn an additional fee. Current average is $350. 

Marketing Subscription 

  • Pulse offers a marketing service for providers to accelerate their patient traction. This involves a one-time setup fee up to $3,000 and a monthly subscription of up to $1,500 per month.

Software Licensing Revenue

  • Fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis with leading hospital systems, financial institutions, insurance companies, in addition to others.

How We Are Different

A business-to-business solution to strengthen the supply side of medical travel

Before founding Pulse, we had come to realize that doctors & hospitals lack the technology, marketing assets, trained sales team and general understanding of how to succeed in this market.

Our unique B2B solution targets the supply side of this industry, giving them a plug-and-play technology and marketing solution to help them efficiently engage and capture a greater number of patients.

Our Competitors are all B2C Travel Agencies for Medical Travel

…but this model has not generated any winners, because:

*The above information is based on internal research and management's experience.

The Vision

Pulse’s vision is to offer a truly global community of healthcare resources

Just as Uber does not own taxis and Airbnb does not own hotels, Pulse aims to become the largest platform for global healthcare - without owning any hospitals. 

Beyond our niche in the medical travel market, we see how Pulse software can be applied to service other healthcare communities, such as domestic healthcare communities, private insurance, self-insured companies, and government healthcare agencies. 

As Pulse grows, we will increasingly use our influence to promote equitable, transparent, and qualitative healthcare services across the planet.

Beyond our original niche in the medical travel space, we believe the applications of this software are limitless. In addition to vastly expanding the user base on our original platform and streaming connections between international patients and providers, we will serve both the self-funded business and domestic healthcare communities.

Why Invest

You - or your loved ones - might need to search beyond your zip code for life-saving medical care

We believe there are few industries that can generate as impactful a change as the medical travel space. This technology connects patients across the world with innovative and life-saving treatment options that have historically been too difficult for most to access. 

Until this moment, we don’t know of any company that has had the tools, background knowledge, and extensive user research critical to bringing about this healthcare revolution. We have everything in place to make this change—now, all we need is you.

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91.5 KJZZ

Valley Startup Facilitates Process Of Getting Medical Treatments Abroad

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*All perks occur when the offering is completed.

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This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are canceled or fail.

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September Update

12 days ago

Hello everyone, we've had a busy month onboarding new partners, negotiating new business relationships, and helping international doctors, clinics and hospitals manage their medical travelers.

A Business with Purpose
One of the many medical businesses that are thriving in our program is Trinity Stem Cells. Trinity was founded by a US family that helped their autistic son get stem cell treatments in C. America with remarkable results. They wanted more people to have this outlet, but realized that the prohibitive cost and distance would be insurmountable for many. So, they decided to build a clinic along the US-Mexico border and are now opening multiple clinics in Mexico to provide mesenchymal stem cell treatments to patients with different medical needs with a focus on treating autistic children. They offer costs at about 1/3 of what is offered with competitors, donate treatments to children in Mexico, and allow parents 0% financing options. They authentically believe in what they do and are committed to making this available to as many autistic children as possible. Pulse nurse coordinators booked 4 treatments in the past 24 hours for Trinity following social postings from parents reporting significant improvements in their children following treatments. As you can imagine, helping patients .... and especially the very young ones gives everyone on the Pulse team great purpose and boosts company morale.

In addition to the above we have plenty going on, a lot on the way, and much to celebrate:

  • We're helping open two additional Trinity Stem Cell centers in Mexico this month.
  • We have 5 other business deals in diligence, one of which is an enterprise contract to license a white-labeled version of Pulse.
  • Q3 still has one more month and we have already passed 30% growth over Q2. Q4 hasn't even begun and it has already surpassed Q3 in booked revenues, so we expect it to be BIG.
  • We hired 3 new partners in August - Chief Security Information Officer, Full-Stack Developer, Customer Success Manager.

Thank you all for your support

Robert Page
Pulse CEO

July 2021 Update

3 months ago

I'd like to post a quick update to all of our supporters and followers:

  • Our revenue grew from Q1-2021 to Q2-2021. by 43%
  • We recently requested a disbursement. The funds are being used to hire a senior-level product leader with 20 years of experience.

Please look here for more updates soon. 

Notice of Funds Disbursement

3 months ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, Pulse Protocol has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in Pulse Protocol be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


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