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Play DFS: Disrupting the Daily Fantasy Sports Industry

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Decentralizing fantasy sports and making games for everyone

The world of Fantasy Sports is a monopoly rife with problems: lack of transparency, high barriers to entry, lack of diversification in contests, and more. The problem with the competition is they only allow tokens to play--there is a huge problem on-boarding and off-boarding with tokens. Having the option to pay with fiat gives our players a HUGE advantage. At Play Fantasy Sports, we’re providing a new alternative to players: a platform with a decentralized, transparent blockchain system, games that anyone can play, and high, efficient returns. 


Daily Fantasy Sports (“DFS”) is a fun, skill-based game where groups of participants compete to build the best fantasy sports team. The statistical performance of athletes playing in the games determines the winning or losing of these participants. At the end of a period, the players that construct the teams with the most points win prizes.

We’re using blockchain technology to make the whole experience more transparent and reliable. No longer will players have to trust a third-party mediator. We’ll introduce lower commissions, and we’ll ensure that winners get maximum returns. We believe this is an easier, faster, and more reliable way for consumers to trade products and services than what currently exists in the market.  

Play fantasy sports is building a daily fantasy sports platform for people to play their favorite sports. If you’re unfamiliar with Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), please take a look at or   


Our unique platform will have contests which the major DFS companies do not offer. For instance, our MLB contest will have a $1 million prize, and this contest will attract many new players. By hitting one button, all players will be able to access a competitive line-up, and this feature will enable people to play whether they are familiar with major league baseball or not! 


Right now, our platform is being tested, and we expect to be “Live” by the end of March 2019. Our innovative platform will enable DFS enthusiasts to play NBA, MLB, and NFL. In 2020, golf, soccer, hockey, and cricket will be added. 


During the second quarter of 2019, we will introduce a cryptocurrency token which will be a rev-share token, and with this introduction, token holders will share in the revenue of our company. We are currently developing an algorithm program that will automatically let Play Fantasy Sports know what dollar percentage should be paid out to our investors, depending on the revenue taken in. Our program is going to be licensed, and if other companies would like to use it for their rev-share token they will be able to do so. 


Peter Schoenke, one of our advisors, is the chairman of the Fantasy Sports Association and he is the owner of was the main lobbyist to get DFS approved by various state governments in the U.S. Additionally, Peter has been elected to the hall of fame for both the Fantasy Sports Trade Association and Fantasy Sports Writers. Peter is a valued advisor to Play fantasy sports.  

We believe that our security tokens will facilitate sharing a portion of the $8B DFS industry and its 57M users.

The statistics above are from the Fantasy Sports Association

The Offering

$0.65 per share of Common Stock│When you invest you are betting the company’s future equity value will exceed $1.4M.

All perks occur after the offering is completed.

Our Platform and Development Stage

Current Development Stage: The play DFS platform is in the third stage of development. Our platform is now live for you to test drive.  A player will be able to select an NBA, MLB and NFL contest for the 2019 season. Our developer created a player-friendly Interface for our Play fantasy sports platform. The new, modern UI was designed by a leading UI team with the support of our dedicated community of fantasy sports players. We spared no expense in designing our new website, so they are the absolute best they can be.

NBA platform launch is lived and in beta. We will be running many large daily contests. We plan to launch MLB daily contests in Q1 of 2019. Our mobile app is set to launch in Q3 of 2019 as well. Play fantasy sports will venture into the mobile domain and have a separate app for both Android and iOS. All the features of our website will be optimized for mobile use to provide a premium mobile experience. Play fantasy sports plans to launch a Debit Card in Q2 of 2019. We plan to run the first beta test with our very own Play DFS powered debit card. Golf and Cricket Launch in Q3 of 2019.

Images are computer generated demo versions. Product is still currently under development and in testing phase.

We intend to introduce a Security Token as a part of our blockchain ecosystem so that gamers can not only play fantasy sports games but also participate in profit generated by the business. 

Join us as we revolutionize the fantasy sports landscape.

We’re bringing American Fantasy expertise to the Crypto and blockchain space. We’re ready for everyone to play. 

We've assembled an amazing team of sport, business, and media technology experts to help propel our one-of-a-kind vision forward.  Funds from this investment round will be used for marketing materials,  technology development, and revenue generation.

The Daily Fantasy Sports Landscape

As the industry currently exists, there are two major players: DraftKings and FanDuel. Their massive marketing budgets make them a tough empire to break. But, we’ve got more to offer. We’re changing the way the industry exists and tackling current problems plaguing their platforms.

Major Challenges Facing the Industry:

  Unfair Advantages

Some participants and organizers speculate that players may exploit the industry with an advanced algorithm. We will cut this down by offering some non-salaried cap contests. This means that you could play any player on a given day and be competitive with your opponents.

Large Bankrolls

Professional DFS players with large bankrolls can enter up to 150 lineups in a contest. This is an advantage for the professional player.

We will limit this to 50 lineups giving the casual player a better chance of cashing.

High Commissions Fees

Fan Duel and Draft Kings charge high commission fees, 10-18%. We will offer a contest with commission fees from 3-8%. This increases the win percentage by almost 50% To see % percentages please visit and for the rules and commission structure.

   Delays in Withdrawals

Cash withdrawals are time consuming and can take up to 7 days to process. Please visit  for payouts on Draft Kings

Potential for Fraud

Third-party payment processors are expensive and vulnerable to account security breaches. We will be using fiat and tokens for play. Please visit  for a full explanation

Our Solutions:

  No Algorithms

The average player in our Daily Contests does not have to use advanced algorithms or spend lots of money to win a 50/50 game.

No Salary Caps

Small entry fees mean more players can play regardless of bankroll

Low Commission Fees

We’re reducing our transaction fees by utilizing the blockchain so that savings can be passed on to members.

Efficient Withdrawals

Utilizing the blockchain means that we can issue payouts in a matter of minutes.


Blockchain methods allow us to operate with transparency, meaning players never have to wonder where their money is.

Our users will get an authentic fantasy sports experience while enjoying rewards for their efforts. We’ll use fantasy football, baseball, and basketball contests to drive our business – and statistical analysis suggests that our contest games act like traditional number-style contests such as Powerball and Mega Millions.


We have created a non-salary cap game that offers a small entry fee, a huge grand prize, and a 50/50 element with reduced commission. The average player does not have to use advanced algorithms or spend lots of money trying to win a 50/50 game while having a chance at life-changing money. We hope to gain their business while leveling the playing field between the advanced and novice players. Creating a tokenized ecosystem, we ensure instant, or near-instant payments of bonuses and rewards, as well as an attractive real-time affiliates payment model.

The Market

We’re entering an established market that’s rich with players who are willing to spend real cash on games. Fantasy sports players are younger, better educated, with higher household incomes and are more likely to have full-time employment meaning our market is sustainable

59.3 million people play fantasy sports

- The Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA)


Fantasy sports is a $7.22 billion industry

- The Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA)


Platforms Bring In An estimated $3B annually in entry fees 

-  Awful Announcing

Why Play DFS?

Our team has over 20 years of experience in American Fantasy Sports. We’re positioned to offer unique fantasy games that FIAT Fantasy Providers don’t typically offer – along with high-stakes games. 

Our Play DFS fees are a low 5-8% compared to our competitors near 18%

figures. We offer easy transactions and faster resolutions of payment.


We're Building a Community

We’re building a community space that will drive people to play – knowing that their support of our company means higher returns on their gameplay. We make more money by getting people to play contests rather than by raising money in our ICO. We aim to deliver stability to the token market by encouraging our players to play, rather than speculating on token values. We’re giving tokens actual value.


We’ll build out a VIP club of users: creating a community of committed players. Plus, we’ll leverage successful FIAT Fantasy player ambassadors to draw more participants. We’ll engage the community through a living and breathing supportive group that eats and sleeps Play DFS. 

Invest in DFS

We're one of the few crypto-focused companies with a rev-share security token.


With the funds raised from this campaign, we’ll continue building out our platform until it’s perfected, and we will create our seamless app. Additionally, we’ll use these funds to cover the registration and licensing needed in 37 states. We will hire a customer service department to handle all customers inquiries.  Play DFS  will venture into the mobile domain and have a separate app for both Android and iOS. All the features of our website will be optimized for mobile use to provide a premium mobile experience. Some funds will be used for marketing to bring on new players. We will have an affiliate program in place in 2019.


Join us – be part of the team!

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Investment Bonuses

Day 1-7 get a 20% Bonus Shares

Day 8-14 get a 15% Bonus Shares

Day 15-21 get a 10% Bonus Shares

Day 22-28 get a 5% Bonus Shares

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments; Salary payments made to one’s self, a friend or relative; Any expense labeled “Administrative Expenses” not strictly for administrative purposes

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Our Platform will be live

about 2 months ago

We plan to be live in September 2019 with the NFL. 

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