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The Mobile App That Instantly Identifies Plants, Trees, and Mushrooms

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"Just take a photo of the plant, and PlantSnap immediately tells you what it is, where it comes from, etc. We're the first mobile app to harness machine learning technology to recognize specific plant species—and the more you use it, the smarter the app becomes. As a result, we've built the largest, most comprehensive plant database in the world with over 316,000 species and 90 million images in our database."

- Eric Ralls, CEO and Founder

PlantSnap helps users determine what plants they're looking at, and answer the questions they may have:

  • Is it poisonous or medicinal? 
  • Is it beneficial or intrusive?
  • Can this grow in my region? 

Invest in PlantSnap, and be a part of the world's first mobile plant-identifying app. PlantSnap can identify over 103K types of plants worldwide, but can also gather data from users that can be used for education, gaming, safety, gardening, landscaping and much more. Our algorithm analyzes a picture of a plant and uses images in our library of 90M images and 316,000 species to match the new photo submitted with every image in the database. It all happens instantaneously. Our successful Wefunder and Kickstarter campaigns have raised us over $140K. Help us make the world interested in nature again. Let's grow!

Learn more at

With tens of thousands of images taken every day of most known plant species, PlantSnap is the largest plant database in existence.

The Opportunity

$12 / share of Series B Common Stock│$120 minimum investment.

When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $10.4M.


$240+ PlantSnap tote bag 

$420+  PlantSnap embroidered baseball cap (+ previous perks)

$600+ We will plant a tree in your name (+ previous perks)

$1200+ Universal Smartphone Camera Lens Kit (+ previous perks)

$1800+ Planet Earth II Blu-Ray + 4K (+ previous perks)

$2400+ National Parks Annual Pass (+ previous perks)

$3600+ We'll donate $150 to the Environmental charity of your choice (+ previous perks) 

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.


PlantSnap Brings People Back To Nature

Most people are so busy they rarely take a moment to stop and smell the flowers. We aim to be the go-to app for gardeners, hikers, landscape designers, teachers, students, foragers, and anyone who enjoys nature. With over 316K plants already catalogued, we're well on our way. We'll expand our database and market reach to Europe and Asia. Powered by our machine learning tech, we believe PlantSnap will become indispensable to scientists and hobbyists alike. At PlantSnap we’re reigniting interest in the plants that surround us every day and empowering scientists and enthusiasts alike with the technology to compile their discoveries.

What PlantSnap Has Done So Far

  • Our app was launched in June, 2017.
  • We've garnered over 75K downloads as of October, 2017.
  • We raised over $28K on Kickstarter with over 1.9K backers.
  • We've Built a database of over 316K plant species and are adding and are training 1k+ species daily to our artificial intelligence algorithm
  • PlantSnap can currently identify 103,000 plants
  • We've Implemented the PlantSnap deep learning API.
  • We've raised over $127K with a successful WeFunder campaign.
  • In addition to our mobile app, users can access PlantSnap on their laptop or desktop with our web-based option

"The curious now will be able to satisfy their appetite for plant knowledge."

-Telluride Daily Planet

Recently #1 on the Paid App Store!


Consistently #1 In The Education Section!

When in Doubt, PlantSnap It!

Take A Photo

Snap a pic of any plant, tree or flower. In the wilderness with no internet? Just save the photo and upload once you're connected.

Learn And Discover

Upload, and instantly identify your plant. Learn facts such as where else you can find the plant, its growth habit, its edibility and more.

Keep Track Of It All

Compile your discoveries in one place—never forget where you found a plant or what it's called. Be prepared to find all the plants in your area!

What People Are Saying About PlantSnap

"We will be able to spend more time assessing the ecological health and status of an area and less time trying to identify plants using field guides. This app will certainly help us be much more effective."

John Black 


" I'm a plant ecologist currently finishing up my Master's at Texas Tech University, and I'm super excited to start using your app! I think it will be a great tool to botanists, and amateur plant lovers! "

Erik Lindberg


"At some point, we've all asked the question, 'what is that plant'? The thought of having access to that knowledge on my mobile device is what piqued my interest in PlantSnap, but when I realized its enormous potential due to its global reach, the choice to invest became obvious. PlantSnap is filling a need in the marketplace not only for the casually curious, but also for educators, landscape designers, gardeners, and botanists around the world. The time tis right, the technology is available, and in capable hands like Eric's, this app is going to be a game-changer." 

Dan Johnson


"It's a great idea - could have been thought of a long time ago."

9News, NBC Colorado

We Are Building the Biggest Plant Database in the World

In the fall of 2012, after 3 months of work with a development team funded personally by our founder, Eric, he discovered the technology wasn't poised to accomplish PlantSnap on a global scale, at least, not yet. Until he discovered a system called "machine learning" in 2016, and realized that technology had caught up to his idea. Now, every image taken by a PlantSnap user will be added to our database and be used to train the machine learning algorithm. With every new image submitted, the algorithm gets smarter! If an alien species ever came to Earth, they'd go to PlantSnap to learn all about our native flora.

90K Known Vascular Plants in the US (Source: USDA)

All known plantlife in the U.S. is already available on the PlantSnap app. From Alaska to Florida, use PlantSnap anywhere to identify plants.

316K Species Known Worldwide (Source: GBIF)

Our goal is to compile information about every known plant in the world to build the world's largest, comprehensive database.

"PlantSnap... works like a charm."

-Herald Independent

The Market and Industry

In the future, we'll have two streams of revenue, both direct and indirect. Our indirect revenue will stem from a free version of our app which will rely on advertising for revenue, while our direct  revenue stream will come from a paid version of our app which allows users to pay and remove ads. We'll promote our app via social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as on major websites such as Our audience will expand and grow!

Competitive Comparison

Target Market

What's Next

We currently charge $3.99 for each download. We plan to have the PlantSnap algorithm fully trained to recognize all 316K species at the end of 2017, PlantSnap will be global. At that time, we plan to switch to the freemium model. Next, we plan to add a gaming component, like Pokemon Go, but for plants. In this game, users will be able see how many different plants they can identify. Every time someone takes a picture of a plant, the picture is added to our database. As our database grows, the algorithm will get smarter and more accurate. Our idea is to get people walking around in nature and looking at real things, taking pictures of real things, and learning about those real things as they go. Additionally, we plan to translate our app to Spanish, German, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese. Plus, we plan to spend money completing the database of 316K plant species.

A Letter From Our Founder

"In July of 2012, I was at a BBQ at a friend's house playing corn hole when I noticed a large plant with beautiful flowers in her backyard. I asked my friend, Christine, what kind of plant it was. She said she didn't know, and no one else at the party had any idea. At that point, I searched the internet trying to determine what type of plant it was. I started by describing the plant in the search box, to no avail. I then tried to find a website listing plants in that region, but that didn't work either. Then one of my friends asked if there was "an app for that," so I searched for plant identification apps, and there were none. That was my "eureka" moment...there wasn't an easy way to identify plants, so I was going to solve that problem.

At that time, I still owned, which I founded back in 2002. I asked my development team to find a way to build an app that would instantly identify a plant, flower or tree with a photo taken from your phone. After three months and tens of thousands of dollars spent, we determined that the technology just wasn't there yet to accomplish this on a global scale. Fast forward to 2016. I was reading about a new form of technology called deep learning, or machine learning. This was a form of computer programming whereby a computer can "learn" to recognize objects through a complicated training process. Further research convinced me that this was the perfect technology for PlantSnap, so I hired an outside group of programmers to explore whether machine learning could be used to instantly identify plants. The initial results were very promising, so we built a beta version of the app in august of 2016, and since then we have been training the algorithm to ultimately recognize every known species of plants around the globe.

Now, almost five years since inception, PlantSnap has launched. With PlantSnap, I hope to bring people back to nature by putting an application on their phones that will allow them to instantly identify any plant, flower or tree simply by snapping a photo. Earth is the only planet we have, and it is our responsibility to take care of it for future generations. Life is so hectic for most of us that we rarely stop to smell the roses anymore. It is very important for us to understand that we are all a part of nature, not apart from it. I hope that PlantSnap can play a small part in helping people around the world rediscover the beauty and wonder that surrounds them every day. We’re coming to Startengine in hopes that other like-minded individuals will join us on this journey to complete our growing global plant database in a timely manner, and further our goals of stirring up excitement about getting re-acquainted with the great outdoors. By bringing people back to nature and helping them feel like they are an integral part of this amazing planet, together we can help them understand that we are stewards of the Earth, not owners.

Here’s to the future."

-Eric Ralls


In the Press

PlantSnap – Identify Several Plant Species in a Snap | NewsWatch Review
September 1, 2017

When you walk outside and look around, how many different types of plants can you name? Personally, I’d be lucky if we could name 2 or 3. With over 400,000 known species of plant on this planet, there’s plenty of room to learn.

Apps for Gardening are Getting Better All the Time
August 10, 2017

Mobile gardening apps are getting better all the time, supplanting manuals and magazines as the way people dig for information

What's that plant called? Take a photo and this new app can tell you.
July 1, 2017

Ever see a flower on a hike and think "That is beautiful, what's it called?" Well there's an app for that now. It's called PlantSnap. You can take a picture of a plant or flower and the app can tell you its name.

App Of The Week: Plantsnap
September 27, 2017

Have you ever walked through a garden or forest and thought, "What kind of plant is that?" If so, this week's App of the Week is for you.

New phone app lets you ID plants with a picture
August 2, 2017

KREM 2's Jane McCarthy checks out a new app on her phone that lets people take a picture of a plant and it identifies it.

This app can tell you what flower you're looking at
July 29, 2017

Ever see a flower on a hike and think "That is beautiful, what's it called?" Well, there's an app for that now. It's called PlantSnap. You can take a picture of a plant or flower and the app can tell you its name.

The green network
May 26, 2017

Have you ever been on a hike and seen an interesting flower, and thought to yourself, “I wonder what type of plant that is?” Well now there’s an app for that.

View from the Pier: PlantSnap app makes caring for rain garden much easier
August 1, 2017

Native plants are the best species for rain gardens, and a lot of them look like weeds, so it’s hard to know what to pull...But I found a new tool over the weekend: a $4 phone app called PlantSnap. You just take a picture of a plant, and the app tells you what it is.

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New StartEngine Campaign off to a Fast Start

24 days ago

What an amazing response from our StartEngine investors!

We have now raised over $125,000 in the first 4 days of this new campaign...thank you and please keep spreading the word!

Thank you also to France's Techologie Intelligente for the field test and for calling PlantSnap "ingenious".

Our investors agree! We encourage all of our past investors to please join us in this new fundraising round and help PlantSnap continue to grow at this tremendous pace. Thank you very much for your past, present and future support!

All the best, 

Team PlantSnap

PlantSnap is Booming -- New StartEngine Campaign

30 days ago

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to inform you that PlantSnap is booming! We are now ready to introduce new products and continue our rapid global expansion.

To achieve this growth, we are excited to announce that we have opened another equity crowdfunding raise on 
StartEngine. This will allow us to continue to scale globally and launch our new apps into the 200+ countries where PlantSnap is currently used every day.

Since our last successful fund raise in March 2018, we have grown from roughly 250,000 installs to over 32 million installs and generated over $5 million in revenue.

And we're just getting started!

Because you are one of our early investors, we built a specific perk into this campaign which gives you 10% bonus shares on top of your investment, any amount you choose, if you invest within 24 hours of this new StartEngine campaign launch. This special perk ends tomorrow, October 22, at 5pm US mountain time.

Click here to learn more about our progress and our immediate and future plans at PlantSnap.

Thank you in advance for your support as we continue to expand and grow PlantSnap, Inc., launching more apps, adding more users, and generating more revenue and profits while solidifying the PlantSnap brand across the globe.


Eric Ralls
PlantSnap, Inc.

PlantSnap StartEngine campaign closing in 7 days

almost 2 years ago

Hello everyone,

This is an update letting you know that Plant Snap will be closing their campaign due to exceeding their target funding goal. The Plant Snap campaign will officially close on Friday, February 23, 2018 . Investors who have not been included in previous disbursements have up until 48 hours prior to this date to cancel their investment.

If you have any questions about your investment, please contact StartEngine at


Eric Ralls

Notice of Funds Disbursement

almost 2 years ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, PlantSnap has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in PlantSnap be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


PlantSnap #1 Google Paid App

almost 2 years ago


February 1, 2018

Ranked #1 in Google Play

Thank you to all of our Android users who have made PlantSnap the #1 paid app in the Google Play store!

Download today for Apple or Android:

StartEngine campaign goes viral

Our StartEngine campaign raised in $140,000 in only 14 days thanks to our investors who continue to share PlantSnap with their friends and family.  We are thrilled about the future of PlantSnap!  

Welcome to all of our newest investors, and thank you for continuing to spread the word:

Why did Apple buy Shazam for 400 million?

In the press

Thank you to South Africa's SA Forestry Magazine for the wonderful write-up on PlantSnap.  

We are so proud to be worldwide!

About PlantSnap:

PlantSnap is the most innovative, quickest and accurate plant identification app in the market. Many plant identifying apps use crowdsourcing, where it takes a few days, or even weeks, for an “expert” to offer their opinion. With PlantSnap, once you snap a photo, we instantly provide you with detailed information of the snapped plant with no guess-work involved.

Follow us on Facebook:

Check out our YouTube channel: PlantSnap - YouTube

"Apple buys Shazam for 400 Million"

almost 2 years ago


Apple buys Shazam music recognition app for 400 million

As the press anointed "Shazam for Plants", PlantSnap is excited to be recognized as the next big thing in recognition apps!  

Why is PlantSnap a great opportunity?  Read why Apple is buying Shazam and recognition app investments "make a lot of sense."

PlantSnap is growing quickly!

- Version 1.14 is now LIVE along with an important update to the algorithm. PlantSnap recognizes over 90% of all plants and trees on the entire planet!

- Sales of PlantSnap recently surpassed 150,000 downloads in only 6 months consistently pushing us to the top of the Paid App rankings for all apps

- Engaged in talks with six international companies to distribute PlantSnap in multiple new countries

- Translation of PlantSnap into 10 languages is underway

- A free, trial version of the iOS app is being finalized, along with freemium, ad-supported version for Android users. Both will launch in the next few weeks

- Plans to launch a massive, global marketing campaign will follow release of the free versions

We have a winner in our Costa Rican sweepstakes!

Thank you to all who entered, and keep your eyes open for more contests in the future!

If you are an investor, we continue to ask for your support here at StartEngine!  We have already been dubbed the Shazam of Plants, and now it is time for us to continue to build a company with that type of potential.

About PlantSnap:

PlantSnap is the most innovative, quickest and accurate plant identification app in the market. Many plant identifying apps use crowdsourcing, where it takes a few days, or even weeks, for an “expert” to offer their opinion. With PlantSnap, once you snap a photo, we instantly provide you with detailed information of the snapped plant with no guess-work involved.

Amending our Securities Offering

almost 2 years ago

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the PlantSnap offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of that change:

PlantSnap Inc. is extending their campaign for 60 days.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

21 Days 'til Christmas - and PlantSnap's the gift that keeps giving!

almost 2 years ago

Christmas is just around the bend - and just beyond that - New Year's Eve, and the end of our StartEngine campaign! There's just 27 days left to invest! We can't believe how quickly time's flown - and we've got lots of new updates for you!

Rising in the App Store ranks and growing on social!

This weekend we hit #2 in the App Store! And we've hit another milestone - we've surpassed 150,000 downloads! Thanks for spreading the word about our app. We couldn't be happier to get folks out in nature and snapping away! 


We've had quite the facebook uptick too! In just the past month we've gone from 11,000 Facebook followers to over 26,000! How's that for spreading the word? With growth like this...maybe it's time to think about being a part of what we're doing over at StartEngine. We've reached 92% of our minimum raise, and we'd love your help getting to our goal! 

Introducing Version 1.12 - and say hello to the iPad app! 

The newest version of PlantSnap includes 75,000 new species! If you haven't been snapping this week - go check it out and see how the species update has improved accuracy! This brings our species count to 200,000 plant species available for instant recognition. And we're on track to complete all species training by the end of December! We're also excited to announce PlantSnap is finally available in the iPad store!

PlantSnap makes a great gift!

Know someone who loves plants? Got a buddy who's trying to start a backyard garden? Does your mother-in-law have a green thumb to rival the best growers? Give the gift of PlantSnap this holiday season! Don't know how to gift an app? Click here for a how-to guide

So much to be Thankful for!

almost 2 years ago

As we recently surpassed 100,000 downloads, we thought this would be a great time to share some exciting news about the app, a new website, and a huge giveaway we're running! 

Talk about growth!

Our growing database and machine learning algorithm can already recognize 125,000 species worldwide - and we're happy to announce we'll have 200,000 species available for instant recognition by the end of the month!

This update comes on the heels of our most recent improvements -  we released version 1.10 last week! We've given users the ability to use their Facebook accounts to login to the app, and added 50,000 new species - including 2300 species of mushrooms! There's lots of new succulents and cacti as well - plus we've improved our current database. So if you haven't snapped in a while, take the app out for another test drive - and watch for version 1.11 later this month! 

A new way to PlantSnap! 

PlantSnap has a new companion website.  You can now login, view your account, and analyze plant images from any internet connected device!  Simply visit to get started. This is a great new way to utilize PlantSnap's functionality. If you're a photographer and have tons of plant images stored on your computer that you'd love to ID - now you can. Found a cool flower photo on Pinterest and want to know what it is? Just login, and upload or drag & drop your photos

Costa Rica Vacation Giveaway!

Feeling lucky?  Enter our big giveaway to win a 5 day, 4 night trip to Costa Rica's beautiful Manuel Antonio national park with airfare and accommodations for two.  Explore beaches and jungles as you go about PlantSnapping tropical flowers, plants and trees! Just click here to enter! 

Amending our Securities Offering

about 2 years ago

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the PlantSnap offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of that change:

PlantSnap added a Shareholder's agreement as an exhibit G to their offering document. They also adjusted their minimum investment amount to $120.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

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