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The Ultimate Fitness Platform

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The Ultimate Fitness Platform

Invest in PerFIcT Inc.

Providing a social world that brings trainers and exercisers together. Explore fitness programs. Interact with friends. Become the PerFIcT you.

$15.00/share of Common Stock│When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $1.5M.

Minimum Investment of $120 (8 Shares).


$750+ Through the purchase of 50 shares you will be entitled, as an owner, to have unlimited access to the thousands of fitness programs PerFIcT hosts.

$2550+ With the purchase of 170 shares you will be Invited to the PerFIcT App launch party in Santa Monica, CA. The PerFIcT team and some of our trainers/social media fitness influencers will be in attendance. Cheers!

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

PerFIcT isn't just an app, it's a platform

Every single day millions of people around the world work out. PerFIcT Inc. brings these people together with the first social fitness app that will incorporate a personal training marketplace, one-on-one training, nutrition plans, and much more.

In a nutshell, PerFIcT is a social fitness app that allows personal trainers to run their training business on their mobile phone. Trainers can sell fitness programs, create custom plans for clients, have their own social profile, and more. As an exerciser, you have access to thousands of programs from certified trainers and can filter through them to find the best program to meet your needs. Instead of going to Google trying to find what exercise is next, you can now purchase a plan from a certified trainer at a fraction of the cost that you would pay in the gym. The app guides you through photos, videos, and exercise descriptions. Simply swipe to the next exercise and when you're done the app automatically records all your results in a journal!

There are almost 1,000,000 personal trainers on Earth ( PerFIcT is the first app that allows any certified personal trainer to sell their fitness programs and one-on-one training all on their mobile phone through our revenue-share model. Personal trainers are constantly turning down clients due to time and travel. Now, a trainer can add clients within seconds and PerFIcT receives a 22% cut on each additional client or program sold.

A customized fitness program can cost anywhere from $50-$500 dollars and with the capacity to hosts tens of thousands of trainers, we believe the sky is the limit for PerFIcT. Our team is already working with over 325 certified personal trainers and plans on launching in February with over 500. We have planned updates for the next several years and don't plan to stop growing until this app is truly the PerFIcT app. Our beta test begins in December with over 1,500 excited testers signed up.

We are currently beta-testing the web back-end functionality of the app. We are making sure that the back-end website can host the 1200+ exercise photos/videos we’ve taken and making sure it can support thousands of programs that will be transferred into the app. We will begin testing the IOS functionality mid-December with the Android testing soon to follow. The $30,000 of app development will go towards paying StartupSoft to complete their development of the back-end website for personal trainers and will complete the development of the iOS/Android apps. The funds will also be used to add additional features needed for our launch, ensure a proper launch come February (the month we look to launch), and will provide funds for continued development work after the launch of the app.

"Taking The 8.4 Billion Dollar Personal Training Industry And Putting It On Your Phone"


Post & Interact With Friends

Through Our Social feature, users can interact back and forth with friends. Read through the news feed, post photos/videos/status updates, and tag fitness programs you love.

Follow Other Users

Now users can follow personal trainers and friends from around the world. You can purchase programs from trainers, buy the same plans your friends are using, and stay up to date on what people are posting.

Fall In Love With Fitness

Our app features hundreds of personal trainers who create programs from our database of over 1200 exercises!  Exercisers can dive into a new program and see how easy-to-use our interface is.

How PerFIcT Makes Money

Revenue-Share Model

PerFIcT works side-by-side with personal trainers to make sure that they are selling programs and adding clients. PerFIcT receives a percentage of every program, one-on-one online training session (Spring 2018), and nutrition package (Late 2018) sold. Every time a personal training program is sold, PerFIcT receives a 22% cut. Each trainer will have a handful of programs attached to their profile, and we hope to see a lot of clients, for example, purchasing 'Bodyblast 1' and coming back to buy 'Bodyblast 2', 'Bodyblast 3', & 'Bodyblast 4'.

The one-on-one online training is what our trainers are really excited about. Once we launch this update in the spring, personal trainers will be able to work directly with their clients through our app for a premium price and PerFIcT will receive a 10% cut of each session. We're confident they'll love this concept so much more than simply sending Excel documents, and we hope to convert their entire online clientele into our app. Trainers who convert clients will receive a higher percentage of earnings than trainers who don't, so we're optimistic that a lot of client onboarding will occur in the months following our launch.

Why would you use PerFIcT?

Benefits For Trainers & Exercisers

Why do trainers love us?

We believe that the PerFIcT app is the ultimate platform for personal trainers to sell fitness programs and work with clients all from their mobile device. PerFIcT removes the hassle of trying to create your own online training website, building PDF documents, and having to answer countless texts and phone calls from clients asking how to do each exercise. Now, trainers use our training back-end website that allows them to simply click and choose which exercises to use in their program and helps them write up to 12 month-long programs in a quarter of the time it used to take them. After the trainer creates the program, the exercise photos and videos that we've already taken are automatically attached to their plan and are uploaded to the app. We believe that it saves the trainers so much time, makes the program look 1000 times better, and allows them to focus on growing their business using our interactive and social app.


Creating The Number One Fitness Platform On The Planet

People have been purchasing fitness programs, nutrition plans, and personal training for decades. The best part of our business is that we're not creating a new concept. PerFIcT transforms an already existing business by taking it from websites and Word documents and putting it right on your phone.

Market Strategy

We want to put our pennies to work. We will still be doing the traditional Instagram/Facebook/App-store type ads, but we want to think outside the box. We have an app that's completely new to the fitness world, so why not market in a new way? We'll be embracing the power of our personal trainers to grow the app. We hope to have 500 personal trainers by our launch this February. As long as our platform is ready to go then our trainers will be making money and will be happily marketing the app to their clients, friends, family, and social media. 

As a company, we plan on doing a lot of in-person marketing; e.g. trade shows, sponsoring teams, weightlifting competitions, fitness events, and so much more. 

Our Plans For Your Investment

Use Of Funds

We've noticed a lot of companies in our space spend hundreds of thousands of dollars designing/developing an app. Even after the money is spent, they still don't have a product that the people want. This is why our team has spent the last two years designing our app from top to bottom, with the goal in mind to have every gym-goer, gym owner, and personal trainer love the platform. Every small tweak to our early-stage designs saved us tens of thousands.

Our first order of business is to finish off the app development. Our development contract with our development team, StartupSoft, has been covered until this point and we just have $30K in additional payments to finish off the web, Android, & IOS. Our next funding goals are to cover legal documentation, server costs and then marketing. Any remaining funds from then on will go towards future app development, salaries, and additional marketing/design costs. 

Future Updates

Over the next several years, PerFIcT has plans to expand our app to touch the nutritional world, corporate wellness, in-person training, and so much more. Some of our personal trainers are nutritionists, some have worked in the corporate wellness field, and all of them have worked 1-on-1 in-person with clients. With the experience of our trainers and our revolutionary app, we're optimistic that PerFIcT will become the number one platform for all fitness and nutritional needs.


We have a lot of competitors and our team has done a great job creating an app that stands out in a crowded room. PerFIcT stands as the only app that let's personal trainers sell fitness programs. Personal trainers sign up for our app and instantly get to work selling plans and working with clients.

PerFIcT also is the only real social fitness app out there. A couple of apps let you post status updates to the world, but no app really allows you to add friends, follow each other, direct message, and more.

Finally, there is no other platform (app or website) on the planet that allows a personal trainer to work with current and new clients. Our app completely transforms the personal training industry by letting our trainers interact with a world of exercisers, sell them fitness programs, and create custom plans for them.

Financial Projections

EOY Projections 2018-2021

In the Press

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Cory Faulkner’s efforts to muscle into a very crowded fitness market have begun to pay off.

Get More Fit, Even a Bit with Indiegogo Fitness App
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Offering Summary

Maximum 7,133 shares of common stock ($106,995)

Minimum 700 shares of common stock ($9,990)

PerFIcT Inc.

Corporate Address
1942 Overland Ave, Apt. #3, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Description of Business
PerFIcT Inc. is a social personal training platform. PerFIcT is a social fitness app that allows personal trainers to run their entire business on their phone.

Type of Security Offered
Common Stock
Purchase Price of Security Offered

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor) 
$120 (8 Total Shares)


$750- Through the purchase of 50 shares you will be entitled, as an owner, to have unlimited access to the thousands of fitness programs PerFIcT hosts.

$2550- With the purchase of 170 shares you will be Invited to the PerFIcT App launch party in Santa Monica, CA. The PerFIcT team and some of our trainers/social media fitness influencers will be in attendance. Cheers!

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The company will not incur any irregular use of proceeds.

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We've launched a 2nd Start Engine campaign

almost 2 years ago

After a successful Start Engine campaign this past winter, we launched the PerFIcT App on IOS & Android in June. Since the launch, we've been working on creating a new revenue stream by adding online private training to PerFIcT. Our trainers have been asking for this update for years and we're excited that it will be released soon. 

Our new private training system will allow personal trainers to onboard all of their clients and work with them via the PerFIcT website & mobile app. The competition in this space is outdated and has left thousands of trainers frustrated. We're planning on changing the face of personal training by giving trainers and clients a platform built in their image and with tools they actually want/need.

The new update will not only bring in new trainers in droves but it will bring on an entirely new revenue stream. Trainers will subscribe at a rate of $25/Month to use the private training tools.

If you want to be a part of the future of personal training, invest now at

PerFIcT Update 02_15

over 2 years ago

First off, thanks again to everyone who invested so far. We've raised over $20K from over 50 investors and have just a couple days left before the campaign ends. If you're interested in investing more funds or are interested in investing for the first time, please, don't hesitate to email us at with any questions. You can also comment on this StartEngine page with questions as well. We look forward to embarking on this journey with all of you!


-We've just about wrapped up the YouTube videos for our channel, we filmed over 1200 exercise videos that will be short/informative videos linked directly to exercises in the app.

-The designs for our updated interface are looking absolutely incredible. We've updated nearly every page so that the app is more convenient, better looking, and creates a more enjoyable experience. We've also just finished updating the back-end website where trainers can upload programs, get paid, and eventually track their clients. PerFIcT Trainers can now add Supersets, Circuits, and over 1200 exercises to any program and quickly upload that program into the app.

PerFIcT App Update 02_05_2018

over 2 years ago

Thanks again for your interest/investment in the PerFIcT App. We should have a working prototype within the next two weeks. Here's another update on how the new PerFIcT App is going to look. It's amazing how much better the app is looking. Our whole team can just feel the functionality/interface changes and we are confident that it's going to make a huge difference with downloads, purchases, flow, and just overall user happiness. More updates to come, thank you all again for all your continued support.

Complete Design Update

over 2 years ago

Thanks again for all the support! Our design team has decided to completely update the design of the app before we launch. This might set us back a few weeks and our team knows it will be worth it. Each page has been evaluated by our lead designers at StartupSoft to make sure that the functionality, flow, and attractiveness is the best it can be. Below is an example of our home page. We've moved everything all to one page so you don't have to swipe to go to the news feed. The settings/my-friends tab has been moved together to the top right, more emphasis has been placed on the 'find my program' option, and colors have been updated to make the app look a little more professional. We look forward to updating everyone again very soon!

Notice of Funds Disbursement

over 2 years ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, PerFIcT has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in PerFIcT be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


App just a few weeks from testing

over 2 years ago

Thank you to everyone who's invested so far! Our development/design team is so excited about all the support that they've decided to put more time into re-designing the app and we should have a completed updated app before launch. 

At this point,

-The IOS testing should begin late January

-IOS app should be ready for launch late February

-We are now up to over 350 certified personal trainers

-Android app will be ready for testing mid-February

-Android app should be ready for launch early March

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