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The first ICO 2.0 Summit (November 10) was a sold out success at which the industry discussed security tokens for the first time. Come discover the next phase with the path to liquidity, and learn how security tokens are going to be traded.

What To Expect This Year

In addition to hearing from ICOs who are disrupting the largest industries, you will have the opportunity to network with top investors, advisors, and founders over an entire day. Enjoy catered breakfast and lunch that all culminates in a legendary cocktail party by the ocean.

Book your tickets now before it's too late, and join us for the most exciting crypto event of the year.

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Patrick Byrne

Founder & CEO, tZero &

Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio

Tai Lopez

Investor, Entrepreneur, Author

Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio

Gil Penchina

Investor in Brave, Ripple, Filecoin, Civic, Paypal, Polychain, AngelList

Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio

Lou Kerner

Partner, CryptoOracle

Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio


Howard Marks

CEO, StartEngine

Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio

David Moss


LinkedIn | Bio

Jill Richmond

SVP, Sparkchain

Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio

Nathan Latka

Host of "The Top" Podcast

Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio

Trevor Koverko

Founder & CEO, Polymath

Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio

Sara Hanks

CEO, CrowdCheck

Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio

David Siemer

Co-Founder, Wavemaker Partners

LinkedIn | Bio

Mahbod Moghadam

Co-Founder, Everipedia

Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio

Jay Samit

Independent Vice Chairman, Deloitte

Twitter | LinkedIn Bio

Jeff Marks

Partner, Alliance Legal


Joe Cammarata

President, tZERO

LinkedIn | Bio

Sona Karakashian

Associate, Inventus Law

Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio

Chris Champion

Founder, Crypto Dinner Club


Brian MacMahon

CEO, Expert Dojo

LinkedIn | Bio

Israel Idonije 

Former NFL Athlete + Entrepreneur

Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio

Marissa Kim

Partner, Ark VC

Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio

Ahmed Hasan

Associate, Inventus Law

LinkedIn | Bio

Justin Wu

Head of Growth, CoinCircle

Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio

Andrew Torba

Founder & CEO, GAB


Sheri Kaiserman


Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio

Ralph A. Daiuto, Jr.


LinkedIn | Bio

David Gosselin

Partner, DBB McKennon

LinkedIn | Bio

Darren Marble

CEO, Crowdfundx

Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio

Chris O'Brien

Partner, Venable LLP

LinkedIn | Bio

Stephen Wink

Partner, Latham & Watkins

Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio

Steve Obie

Partner, Jones Day

LinkedIn | Bio

David Concannon

Partner, Latham & Watkins

Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio

Anil Advani

Partner, Inventus Law

Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio

Marc Boiron

Associate, Rutan & Tucker

Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio

Nick Morgan

Partner, Paul Hastings

Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio

Douglas Yatter

Partner, Latham & Watkins

LinkedIn | Bio

Scott Purcell

CEO & CTO, Prime Trust

LinkedIn | Bio

This Year's Panel Discussions

State of Regulation

The SEC has made itself clear regarding utility tokens. How will federal and state regulation  affect the ICO market, promoters and exchanges? A distinguished panel of attorneys and former regulators opine on the shape of the marketplace and its future.

Path to Liquidity (Secondary Marketplace)

Existing exchanges are not listing security tokens. This panel composed of future regulated exchanges and ICO experts explains how regulated trading will work and how it will enable an even larger marketplace.

Is Airdrop the Next ICO Model?

Out of nowhere, a brand new token distribution idea has taken hold of the cryptocurrency marketplace. What is the airdrop, and what does the future of this financing structure look like? A panel of experts discusses and debates.

Structuring an ICO 2.0

The ICO 2.0 has arrived. But how does a business go about structuring such an offering? A panel of leading securities attorneys discuss the how one structures an ICO to meet state, U.S. and even international regulations.

How to Market an ICO 2.0?

Marketing is the key to a successful ICO. However, regulation will necessarily affect the manner in which ICOs can be marketed. The panel holds a frank discussion about advisors, promoters, bounty programs and more.

Are ICOs Disrupting Venture Capital?

In 2017, ICOs raised close to $6B. 2018 has started with a big bang, with over $1B raised through ICOs in January. Will ICOs disrupt traditional VC investors?  How are ICOs changing finance altogether?

Secrets to Managing an ICO 2.0

Regulated ICOs require advisors with deep expertise and a number of other services in order to meet SEC regulations. A panel of regulation gurus explain the key elements of successfully launching a regulated ICO.

ICO Litigation Update - Rescission - Class Action

The marketplace has begun to see class action lawsuits brought by investors against ICOs.  Will this continue in 2018?  Hear from former regulators and leading litigators about SEC subpoenas, plaintiff lawsuits and how ICOs can  use rescissions to get past legal liabilities.

Crypto Whales Unchained

This panel of crypto whales, top investors with over $1B in crypto combined, will explore what they're looking for in a regulated ICO.  What are they seeing in today's environment and how should entrepreneurs approach them? You won't want to miss this!

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Distributed Ledger for Capital Markets

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ICO 2.0 Summit

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Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows

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