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Investor Snapshot

About StartEngine

Founded in 2014, StartEngine is the largest equity crowdfunding platform in the US. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams by democratizing access to capital. We have launched more Reg CF offerings than any other platform and have successfully funded 275+ companies. In June 2018, StartEngine closed its first Reg A round, raising nearly $5 million from 3,425 investors. Investors in StartEngine can earn an owner's bonus and receive a 10% bonus in shares when investing on our platform (see "The StartEngine Owner's Bonus" below for more details).

StartEngine Highlights

  • $4.6M+ in revenue for 2018, demonstrating year over year growth of 129%
  • $100M+ raised on our platform
  • 200,000+ registered users
  • 22% of investors participate in more than one offering
  • The average investment amount on StartEngine is $1,300

View our offering circular.

Offering Type*

Common Stock

Price Per Share


Minimum Investment




This offering is only available through StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc., which is neither a broker-dealer, investment advisor, nor funding portal.

*The minimum investment amount for Preferred Shares is $200,000.

** Valuation reflects the 14,337,698 preferred and common shares (which includes all shares currently issued as well as estimates of shares that the company anticipates selling through a private placement and a Regulation CF offering) and 1,520,000 granted options.

Product / Service

We are an equity crowdfunding platform and broker-dealer, with a planned expansion to become an Alternative Trading System offering a secondary market where investors can trade their securities.

Ownership Structure

Founders (common and preferred): 42%

Employee Option Pool: 9%

Preferred Seed Round: 43%

Reg A+ common shares: 6%


Once we become a registered Alternative Trading System, the shares you purchase in StartEngine will be immediately tradeable (though we cannot predict when this will happen or how much market interest there will be).

Why I Invested in StartEngine

"StartEngine is on the cutting edge of capital democratization. I invested in StartEngine because of the vision and integrity of its founder. My faith in StartEngine has been justified as it has catapulted to the forefront of online equity investment. I am confident that the early success of StartEngine will continue into the future." - Stephen Drimmer, CEO & Chairman of the Board, SkyBell

"We proudly invested in StartEngine because of our trust in their proven leadership team. Since our investment four years ago, we've closely followed StartEngine's success. They continue to innovate faster than the competition and remain a pioneer in the growing sector." - Greg Klein, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Tartuvall Klein Capital

"StartEngine is the leading product in this space and is instrumental in giving startups with limited resources a means to get funded." - Robert Leff, Director, Forefront Telecare

In the Press

New Crowdfunding Rules Let the Small Fry Swim with Sharks
May 14, 2016

If you’ve always dreamed of being Mr. Wonderful from “Shark Tank,” now is your chance.

Is This the Proposal That Can Save Crowdfunding?
June 1, 2016

These are not risquée fly-by-night enterprises; they’re part of the crop of startups that have joined StartEngine, one of the first approved equity crowdfunding portals. Thanks to Title III of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, which went into effect in mid-May, they can now raise money

Equity Crowdfunding Platforms Go Live, One Deal at a Time
May 16, 2016

Anybody with a little bit of pocket money to invest could log onto StartEngine and buy shares in the first U.S. companies seeking to raise money under Title III of the Jobs Act.

Today's Best Crowdfunding Platforms — By the Numbers
June 9, 2018

Of the nearly 1,000 companies that have registered to raise money online, 50 percent chose to register on either StartEngine or Wefunder. And, according to the data, it is a tight race, with StartEngine leading.

Equity Crowdfunding Platform StartEngine Now Accepts Bitcoin
July 21, 2018

StartEngine, a U.S. based equity crowdfunding platform, has announced that it has started accepting investment contributions in bitcoin.

The Next Generation of Companies Will Actually Have to Follow the Rules
March 22, 2018

Each company named above hopes to take advantage of crowdfunding rules that steam form the Jumpstart Our Business Startup Act, which Barack Obama signed in 2012.

Overstock: $250 Million tZERO Offering Under SEC Review
March 1, 2018

tZERO transitions its offering to StartEngine's platform.

Private Money Now Rules Silicon Valley, So Where Does That Leave Wall Street?
September 20, 2018

StartEngine's CEO Howard Marks goes on NPR's Marketplace to discuss equity crowdfunding.

Reg CF Dips in November Following Strong October
December 8, 2018

Crowdfund Insider analyzes the monthly StartEngine Index.

Equity Crowdfunding: A Primer
December 4, 2018

Equity crowdfunding gives startups an opportunity to raise more funds, and it gives the public an opportunity to invest in a startup's passion project or area of interest with little to no hassle.

3 Unique Ways Small Businesses Can Increase Cash Flow
July 10, 2018

One of the ways businesses can increase cash flow is by leveraging equity crowdfunding platforms like StartEngine.

Companies Can Raise Up to $50 Million Now Taking Advantage of 2015 SEC Regulations
November 24, 2018

Here's how companies are leveraging the JOBS Act on platforms like StartEngine.

For Regulation Crowdfunding, a Glass Half Full
May 16, 2018

LocaVesting takes a look at the StartEngine Index.

"Equity-based crowdfunding startups like StartEngine are taking advantage of the passage of the JOBS Act to help startups get real money in the door. That real money comes from real people, not just the elite at Sequoia or Kleiner-Perkins." - Melanie Curtin, Inc

The Problem With Raising Capital Today

There are nearly 6 million businesses in the US, yet the majority of these companies have a difficult time accessing capital, whether through public markets or venture capital. Furthermore, from the investor's perspective, the average individual has limited opportunities to invest in those businesses because most are private companies. Opportunities to invest in private business are often limited to wealthy accredited investors.

At StartEngine, we've witnessed the difficulty of accessing capital firsthand. Beginning as a tech accelerator in Los Angeles, our founders grappled with an environment that often seemed at odds with small businesses. Although StartEngine found numerous successes, the entrepreneurs we worked with found that breaking the mold didn't always mean breaking down barriers to capital: they had trouble raising more money after they graduated our program.

The US small business economy is one of the most robust in the world, but it is still a difficult market for entrepreneurs to navigate.

StartEngine's mission is to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

StartEngine's Solution

With the passage of the JOBS Act in 2012, suddenly there was a path to create more opportunity for both entrepreneurs and investors. For the first time, anyone, regardless of wealth, could invest in private businesses and buy shares of stock, debt, revenue share, and more. Entrepreneurs no longer needed venture capitalists to bring their ideas to life; they just needed other like-minded visionaries willing to take a chance on something novel.

We imagined a platform that could help companies raise millions of dollars from thousands of people, and those people, in turn, could buy and sell those shares long after the initial raise was complete. We imagined a liquid market for private shares.

We imagined StartEngine.

CEOs Explain...

Why Raising Money Is Hard

What It's Like to Find Investors in the Crowd

Why They Chose StartEngine

Our Business Model

Regulation CF

StartEngine charges companies $10,000 and 9-14% of the total capital raised via Regulation CF, 2% in equity and 7-12% in cash. The amount varies due to the method of investment (international & credit card investments are charged more).

Regulation A

StartEngine charges companies $10,000 and 9% of the total capital raised for Regulation A offerings, 2% in equity and 7% in cash.

Full Service Support

StartEngine charges a fee to those who elect to have full on-boarding, consulting, and creative services.

Investor Management

StartEngine charges a fee to companies who wish to enroll in our investor management system, StartEngine Secure.

The Journey So Far

We aspire to help entrepreneurs because we share their risk-taking spirit and their willingness to be first. That's why StartEngine has:

  • Launched the first Regulation Crowdfunding raise.

  • Launched the first Reg CF Digital Security Offering.

  • Launched the first Regulation A raise.

Our investors' belief in StartEngine's mission fueled an incredible 2018. Over the course of the previous year, StartEngine hit milestones that would've seemed impossible back when we launched the first Regulation Crowdfunding offering in 2016. In 2018:

  • Over 250 offerings launched on StartEngine, more than any other crowdfunding platform.

  • Nearly 17,000 people invested in an offering on StartEngine.

  • Companies raised over $31 million on StartEngine.

Our Vision for the Future of Finance

The StartEngine platform, through which we offer equity crowdfunding under Regulations CF, D and A, has grown significantly. On average, 20 campaigns were launched per month last year. To build upon this growth, we intend to launch StartEngine Primary, our planned broker-dealer, and StartEngine Secondary, our planned trading platform.

StartEngine Primary

With our wholly-owned subsidiary, StartEngine Primary LLC registered as a broker-dealer, we can offer our investors all the brokerage services that companies need to raise capital through Regulations A and D.

StartEngine Secondary

When we are also permitted to operate an Alternative Trading System (ATS), we anticipate launching StartEngine Secondary as a marketplace to trade securities efficiently between buyers and sellers.

StartEngine Cash Account

Through our banking partner Prime Trust (a Nevada Trust Company), StartEngine investors will be able to open custodial accounts on StartEngine's platform. This will allow investors to instantly purchase and sell shares instead of waiting days for transactions to be completed.

StartEngine Secure

When an investor sells shares on StartEngine Secondary, StartEngine Secure, a registered transfer agent, will help record the transaction. We also plan for StartEngine Secure to be able to integrate with other ATS platforms to process transfers outside of the StartEngine ecosystem in the future.

The StartEngine Owner's Bonus

When you invest $1,000 or more in this offering, or are investing for the second or third time in StartEngine, you will receive a 10% bonus on all participating Reg CF offerings on StartEngine within a 24-hour window of their campaign launches. In the past year, StartEngine Owners have reaped these benefits:

  • Over 225 companies participated to date.

  • Over 855 investments were made with the StartEngine Owner's Bonus.

You will have a bonus for any shares you purchase on participating campaigns. For example, if you buy 100 shares at $1 per share in a company, you will receive 10 bonus shares, meaning you'll hold 110 shares for $100. This bonus is valid for one year from the time you invest.

As of May 29th, 2019, you will receive the 10% bonus when investing at any point during a company's raise. You no longer have to invest within the first 24 hours.

Secondly, with the Owner's Bonus you will now have priority if you are on a waitlist to invest in a company that has surpassed its maximum funding goal. You will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available in the event of failed or canceled investments. Note: these two changes apply to all future launches and not to companies currently raising capital on StartEngine.

Issuers under Regulation CF choose to include this term; this bonus is not available for Regulation A or Regulation D offerings. This bonus will be valid for one year from when StartEngine accepts and countersigns the subscription agreement, which could take some time after an investor completes the subscription agreement. StartEngine is under no obligation to accept any subscription agreement. So long as the investor holds the requisite number of shares (134 shares for new StartEngine investors in this offering, or 67 shares for previous investors who invested in this offering), this bonus will be applied when such investor submits an investment commitment for a Regulation CF offering. The company reserves the right to discontinue this incentive if required for regulatory purposes. Investors are only entitled to one owner's bonus (meaning the total bonus is 10% regardless if you have invested in our previous offerings).

StartEngine's Milestones

A Letter From The CEO

Dear Investor,

Fostering small business is the backbone of the US economy, and the very root of that support lies with capital. All businesses need funding. As an entrepreneur of 35 years, it's something I understand acutely.

The problem is that most businesses do not have access to capital and the means to grow. When StartEngine began as a tech accelerator in Los Angeles, I invested in 60 businesses and witnessed how difficult the road to funding can be.

Many great entrepreneurs with unusual ideas couldn't secure capital because they didn't fit into the particular vision and growth standards set by venture capitalists.

At StartEngine, we are building a system to bypass all of that.

We believe that any entrepreneur should be able to have opportunities to raise capital, and we believe that the wisdom of the crowd can dictate which offerings are good investment opportunities and which businesses ultimately receive funding.

If you believe in making investments in early-stage promising companies, leveling the playing field, and creating more economic opportunities for everyone, I invite you to join our mission and invest in StartEngine.


Howard Marks

CEO, StartEngine


How do you justify the increase in StartEngine's valuation within a single year?

In terms of valuation, we've built a strong team of just under 30 employees in nearly 5 years, launched more raises than any other funding portal, and doubled in revenue from 2017 to 2018. Our valuation also takes into account our future plans to launch an investor trading platform, called StartEngine Secondary.

We believe that creating a marketplace where investors can trade securities previously purchased in companies on StartEngine will increase investor activity on our platform: with Secondary, they will have the possibility of achieving a return on their investment faster than they would have otherwise. As a result, we believe investors will participate in more raises on StartEngine, which in time will help boost the strength and activity on the secondary trading market as well. At the center of all that activity, we see StartEngine.

StartEngine has proven itself to be an emerging FinTech company, set on disrupting the financial market by offering an alternative way of financing companies. Our valuation takes into account the FinTech industry as a whole. According to FinTech Global, investments in the global FinTech industry have increased year over year since 2014, culminating in $54B raised in 2018. FinTech companies in North America have accounted for nearly half of that deal activity. Both of these trends indicate investors' bullish opinions on FinTech as a whole. Furthermore, the growth of companies such as Stripe ($22.5B valuation), Square ($30B market cap), Robinhood ($5.6B valuation), and Carta ($1.8B valuation), all point to a bullish market for FinTech companies that are digitizing finance (though this is not to imply that we will replicate those results).

To ground these industry statistics in the context of StartEngine, we raised our last $5M Regulation A round in 2018 at a $65M valuation. At the time, we had publicized our $2M revenue in 2017, and we had helped companies raise around $50M on our platform in the three years since we had started. Now? We are approaching $100M raised for companies on our platform (we crossed $90M a few weeks ago). We have helped over 265 companies raise capital to date, and in 2018 StartEngine generated $5M in revenue, nearly doubling our revenue from the year before.

Previous funding certainly plays its part in our valuation as well. To date, we have raised capital in 3 separate rounds of funding, which is common practice for startups. As you can see in our Form 1-A, prior to this offering, StartEngine has 7,430,310 shares of Common Stock outstanding, as well as 6,873,309 shares of Preferred Stock outstanding. For context, in this current offering, StartEngine is offering a maximum of 1,200,000 shares of Common Stock and a maximum of 133,333 shares of Series T Preferred Stock.

We have a long way to go, but we see all of this as a very promising start both for equity crowdfunding and for where StartEngine is positioned within the space. We are now raising capital to continue StartEngine's growth, and these factors all played into setting our current valuation.

How do I make money on my investment?

Traditionally, you would have to wait until StartEngine went public or the company was acquired by another business to receive a return on your investment (a process that took anywhere between 5-10 years), but once we are approved to operate an ATS, you will be able to sell your shares on StartEngine's website to other investors by posting the price per share you are willing to sell at, as well as how many shares you're selling, and see if there are any takers on the market. However, having a platform to sell your securities does not guarantee that there will be any purchasers for those securities at your desired price (or at any price).

What will the money be used for?

Investments made through this offering will go towards funding marketing StartEngine's platform to increase our brand awareness, building out our platform to make it easier to use for both companies and investors, and hiring top talent to grow our team while providing excellent customer service.

What is your growth plan?

With our recent registration as a broker-dealer, the priority for the rest of 2019 is getting registered as an ATS (Alternative Trading System). Once registered, we will launch StartEngine Secondary, our planned trading platform, where investors can buy and sell shares that were originally issued by companies raising capital on StartEngine. StartEngine Secondary will use StartEngine Secure, our registered transfer agent. It is our intention that StartEngine Secure will allow StartEngine Secondary to function with the speed and efficiency expected by today's investors. The full implementation of StartEngine Secondary, though, is ultimately dependent upon the SEC's and FINRA's approval of StartEngine as a registered broker-dealer and an ATS.

Who are your competitors?

Our competitors include Wefunder, SeedInvest, and Republic, all three of which are other FINRA-regulated funding portals and/or broker-dealers. However, we believe we have the following strengths:

  • We are first-movers to market and launched offerings in both Regulation A and Regulation Crowdfunding before our competitors.
  • We are the only platform to put on our clients' shoes: we have also used public equity crowdfunding for ourselves.
  • We allow rolling disbursements, meaning companies can receive funds raised while the campaign is still on-going.
  • We offer internal marketing services, StartEngine Promote, that help our companies raise capital by creating their marketing campaigns.
  • We have increased the percentage of investors who invest in more than one offering from 4% to 22% in 2 years.
  • We offer StartEngine Secure, which provides cap table management and communication tools to help companies manage their investors after closing their offering.
  • As mentioned in the previous question, we are also working to become registered to operate an ATS, which would give our investor community an opportunity for liquidity.

I invested in StartEngine in an earlier funding round. What does this offering mean for my investment?

Our current offering does not impact your previous investment. The shares you purchased are still yours. There are just now more shares out there, meaning you now own a smaller percentage of StartEngine as a whole than you did before (and this is true for all StartEngine shareholders, including the founders). This is a process called dilution, which is normal for a growing startup. If a company is doing well, its valuation increases in future funding rounds, so that the value of individual shares stays the same or even increases. If you invested in our last Regulation A offering, you invested at $5 per share. While your shares are diluted, you paid less for them than investors in the current round.

What are the risks?

A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority.

The company is subject to all the same risks that all companies in its business, and all companies in the economy, are exposed to. These include risks relating to economic downturns, political and economic events and technological developments (such as hacking and the ability to prevent hacking). Additionally, early-stage companies are inherently more risky than more developed companies. You should consider general risks as well as specific risks when deciding whether to invest.  For specific risks related to the Company, its Business, its Financial Condition, and the planned Offering, please read our Offering Circular.





StartEngine’s First Company Files to Go Public on NYSE

13 days ago

We are excited to announce a huge milestone in StartEngine’s history. Hylete, the fitness apparel company, has filed their Form S-1 and applied to list their stock on the New York Stock Exchange. Hylete is the first company to have raised capital on StartEngine and gone on to file an S1, gearing up to go public on the NYSE.

Hylete raised $1M on StartEngine in the spring of 2017, and went on to acquire GRACEDBYGRIT, another apparel company that also raised capital on StartEngine.

Filing a Form S-1 is the first step towards listings shares on a national exchange. If all goes well, this opportunity may provide those who invested in Hylete on StartEngine an opportunity to sell the shares they purchased back in 2017 and see a return on their investment.

We are happy for Hylete and wish them the best as they enter the final stretches of preparing to go public. We also want to thank all of you, our StartEngine Owners, who were able to see the future of funding from the very beginning.

StartEngine Now Has Broker-Dealer Approval

about 1 month ago

As you may have already heard, we’re excited to announce that StartEngine is now a broker-dealer! It took us 18 months of work, but we have finally established StartEngine Primary, a broker-dealer that is registered with the SEC and a member of FINRA.

This is very exciting news for us as our broker-dealer will allow StartEngine to provide additional services to companies raising capital under Regulation A on our platform.

Through StartEngine’s broker-dealer, we can

  • Increase StartEngine’s revenue because we can now accept commissions for Regulation A offerings in exchange for the additional services we can provide through the broker-dealer.

  • Help more companies raise capital under Regulation A. More business means more investment opportunities for our community.

Becoming a broker-dealer is StartEngine’s next step to disrupt a fundraising process that has historically been facilitated by traditional and well-funded financial and banking institutions. At StartEngine, we believe companies should be able to raise capital from main street investors, and anyone should be able to invest in ideas they believe in. This announcement represents the first of two big steps towards building our investor trading platform and our ultimate goal of becoming a marketplace for private investments.

To learn more about StartEngine Primary and what it means for the platform, please read this blog post. Thank you for being part of our community and coming on this journey with us.

StartEngine Had 6 of the 10 Largest Reg CF Raises in June!

about 1 month ago

Every month, our marketing team compiles and analyzes national data on all Regulation Crowdfunding offerings across every funding portal (not just StartEngine). From studying which industries have seen the most success with Regulation Crowdfunding, to the gender of the founders, to the county the company is based in, we report on it all in the StartEngine Index. We have collected data on every single Regulation Crowdfunding offering since it first started back on May 16, 2016. Trust us, there’s a lot of them. 1,698 to be exact.

For the month of June, we’re excited to say that StartEngine had 6 of the 10 largest active Regulation Crowdfunding raises in the country! It’s an achievement that speaks to the hard work that the StartEngine team has put in to build our crowdfunding platform, the size of our community, and our market momentum. In 2019, the average raise on StartEngine has increased 39% compared to the average raise in 2018.

 A big thank you to those that have invested in entrepreneurs on our platform and helped them achieve their dreams, and thank you also to those that have invested in StartEngine itself.

If you haven’t already, we invite you to invest in StartEngine and join us as we reshape the way startups get funding forever.

Why These Entrepreneurs Chose Equity Crowdfunding

about 2 months ago

As part of the StartEngine community, you have the opportunity to read about and invest in all kinds of businesses raising capital on StartEngine. Hopefully, you've learned a bit about us in the process too.

You've probably heard about StartEngine's company mission before, which is to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, and it's something that we are proud of and talk about a lot. But how often do you get to hear from the founders themselves about the impact equity crowdfunding has had on them?

Watch the video below to hear entrepreneurs talk about the power of equity crowdfunding and building relationships with you, a new kind of investor.

Join us and support more entrepreneurs and small businesses like those in this video by investing in StartEngine. With your funding, you can help us grow, develop our platform and create more resources to help other startups grow too.

Updates to the StartEngine Platform and the Owner’s Bonus

3 months ago

This week, we rolled out some changes to the StartEngine platform, and we wanted to share those updates here as well. First and foremost, we revamped the StartEngine Owner’s Bonus.

As of this week, we have changed the StartEngine Owner's Bonus in a significant way: for all upcoming campaigns, investors will be able to earn their 10% bonus on their investment when investing at any time during the course of all Reg CF campaigns. Previously, investors could only earn that 10% bonus when investing during the first 24 hours of companies that participated in the bonus program. Note: this change only applies to upcoming launches and does not apply to the companies that are currently live and already raising capital on StartEngine.

Secondly, we have also updated our platform to give investors with the Owner’s Bonus priority if they are waitlisted on a company that has surpassed its maximum funding goal. This means that they will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available, in the event of canceled or failed investments. Similarly, this change only applies to upcoming launches and does not apply to the companies that are already live and raising on StartEngine.

The third update we made to the platform is that you may now notice badges next to usernames in the comment section of campaign pages, which you can see in the example image below.

We have introduced three badges, and those are:

  • “Invested,” which means that the user has invested in the company whose page they are commenting on

  • X Investments,” which signifies how many investments that user has made on StartEngine

  • “SE Owner,” which means that the user is a StartEngine shareholder

We made these changes to improve both the experience on StartEngine’s platform as well as that of StartEngine’s shareholders. We hope you like them. If you aren’t a StartEngine investor already, we encourage you to look at our campaign, invest in us, and earn your bonus to take advantage of its new features, including earning a 10% bonus on your investment when investing at any point during a Reg CF campaign and receiving priority on the waitlist.

200,000+ StartEngine Users!

3 months ago

At the beginning of 2017, we had 65,000 users on the StartEngine platform. It took us two years of building and marketing the StartEngine platform to reach that point. Yesterday, on May 23th, StartEngine’s 200,000th user joined our community!

In the same amount of time it took us to get our first 65,000 users, we grew our community by 3x, bringing us to our community today, now 200,113 users and counting.

Over 4,000 members of the StartEngine community have chosen to invest in StartEngine, whether in our first Regulation A offering or our current raise here. As we celebrate this milestone, we invite you to invest in StartEngine too and become a StartEngine shareholder. Help us continue to build our platform as we work to reach 300,000 users, 500,000 users, then 1 million and beyond.

Recapping the StartEngine 2018 Earnings Call

4 months ago

On the morning of May 8th, the StartEngine team, including co-founder & CEO Howard Marks, Chief Marketing Officer Johanna Cronin, and Vice Presidents of Sales & Business Development Josh Amster and Allen Jebsen, hosted a 2018 Earnings Call to discuss StartEngine’s audited 2018 financials and the future roadmap of the company with StartEngine’s shareholders.

The team discussed:

  • StartEngine’s values and 10-year vision
  • StartEngine’s increased revenue of $4,682,528 in 2018 from $2,046,948 in 2017, a total increase of 129%, and a break down of that revenue: in 2018, StartEngine earned $1.4M in both Premium revenue and platform fees, as well as $596K from events & sponsorships
  • StartEngine’s increased cost of revenues of $2,637,961 in 2018 from $729,108 in 2017, a total of 262%, and a break down of those costs
  • StartEngine’s decreased gross margin of 44% in 2018 from 64% in 2017
  • StartEngine’s marketing strategy
  • The company’s 1-year plan, which includes launching our broker-dealer and secondary trading platform, signing 170 companies, decreasing onboarding time, raising capital for StartEngine, and launching a 3rd sales team
  • The company’s 3-year picture, which includes having 200,000 active investors on the platform, 100 employees, 10+ sales teams, a 10+ team devoted to Secondary, bicoastal expansion, and more

At the end of the presentation, the call opened up for a Q&A with StartEngine shareholders that attended the call. You can watch the call in its entirety here: 

0.0006% of Venture Funding Goes to Black Female Founders

4 months ago

Recently, PopCom closed a $1M Regulation Crowdfunding offering on StartEngine, and the story of PopCom's CEO Dawn Dickson encapsulates StartEngine's mission to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

In just 122 days, Dickson raised $1.07M and even appeared on the Breakfast Club, a nationally syndicated radio show, on March 11 as her campaign caught the interest of the press. The remarkable thing about Dickson's raise is that she broke a significant barrier in funding. Dickson was one of the first 40 black women to raise $1M or more in the US when she raised her first $1M for PopCom in November 2017, and with this raise, she becomes the first black female founder to raise over $1M in a security token offering.

0.0006% of venture funding goes to black female founders, and this story serves as an example that equity crowdfunding can open the doors of funding to everyone.

Her raise is a win for PopCom, for funding equality and for proving that equity crowdfunding is a viable funding model for entrepreneurs everywhere. We are proud to support PopCom's growth, and we invite you to invest in StartEngine and help us become a bigger and better platform that can support more entrepreneurs like Dawn Dickson.

A Successful Summit

4 months ago

On April 12th, we hosted the StartEngine Founder’s Summit, an all-day event for entrepreneurs to learn how to use equity crowdfunding for their business. We had over 150 entrepreneurs attend the event, including 40 StartEngine customers! We are proud to say the day was a success. Check out some of the pictures from Founder’s Summit below:

StartEngine's CEO Interviewed on Cheddar

4 months ago

This week, StartEngine co-founder & CEO Howard Marks did an interview on Cheddar to discuss the difficulties of raising capital and how StartEngine makes fundraising easier for entrepreneurs by providing them access to the crowd through equity crowdfunding.

In his words, “the difference with our platform and what you see elsewhere, like venture capitalists for [that our platform] is open to everyone. You have a main street investor who is looking for an investment opportunity directly into a company, and we provide that.”

Touching on his background in the gaming industry with Activision and Acclaim, Howard said, “I look at the world of finance like a game business. I don’t look at it from a financial perspective where you have all of these hurdles…[and] regulation. I look at it as an opportunity to change how things work.”

Watch his conversation with Cheddar’s anchor Alyssa Julya Smith in full at this link:

Launching Our Second Regulation A Campaign

5 months ago

I am thrilled that our second Regulation A offering has been qualified by the SEC. Last year, we raised $5M from nearly 3,500 investors in our first Regulation A offering. In the first few weeks of this second campaign, we’ve seen a lot of momentum already, and we hope to have thousands of new investors join the ranks of StartEngine Owners.

In the last few weeks, we’ve had a few exciting developments at StartEngine:

  1. We recently increased the maximum investment limit for credit cards to $10,000 on StartEngine’s platform, giving investors greater flexibility in how they invest in companies.

  2. In March, StartEngine achieved a major funding milestone. Companies on our platform have now raised more than $90M to date through StartEngine.

At StartEngine, we feel grateful because we are able to help so many entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. It is the fuel we need to keep going. I just got off the phone with an entrepreneur who raised $1M with us recently. They were excited about their successful raise and kept talking about their new community of investors and the future plans for the company.

With this offering, we are continuing our popular StartEngine Owner’s Bonus program, in which those who invest at least $1,000 in StartEngine, or are investing in StartEngine for a second or third time, will receive for one year a 10% bonus in shares in all participating Regulation Crowdfunding offerings when investing during the first 24 hours of new campaigns.

As we continue our journey together, I hope you will consider making an investment in StartEngine.



Please see our offering circular for additional information. 

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