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Overland Automated Trasportation System

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The Future of Highway Travel

Invest in Overland ATS

We believe that the Overland Automated Transportation System is a novel and universal answer to the problem of severe traffic congestion that plagues American cities today. The Overland ATS solution uses Integrative Transportation Engineering, which takes into account the technological, environmental, social, cultural, and transportation components within the complete surface transportation landscape.


The plan for the Overland system is to be an elevated skyway onto which various types of vehicles – single-operator, autonomous, manually operated, multi-passenger, and heavy-freight transports – will accelerate to 150 miles per hour up on a ramp and then merge onto this skyway, eventually being able to travel coast to coast.


It will be comprised of a system of dual-mode transportation that will allow users a variety of options: 

  • Ride sharing
  • Trip rental
  • Hourly leasing 
  • Private vehicle ownership

We believe that the Overland system is the most energy-efficient solution to the problem of urban gridlock in terms of both cost and the use of natural resources. Our goal is to build this system here in the United States and to then implement it globally.

If you want to help realize the future of transportation, while also helping to save the environment and to relieve urban gridlock, then invest in Overland ATS today!

The Offering

$10/Membership Unit│When you invest you are betting the company’s future equity value will exceed $11M.

Overland Plans to utilize your investment to build and engineer a proof of concept test track in South Central Florida. (Near Disney World)


  • 250USD+ A Swag Bag with Overland ATS T-Shirt and small-scale superstructure Model
  • 1,000USD+ Invited to Annual Presentation and Board Meeting at the Overland Test Facility
  • 5,000USD+ Invited to Annual Event which will consist of Investors, Founders and Transportation Experts from every field.
  • 10,000USD+ All Previous Perks and will receive confidential progress reports that will not be available to the public.
  • 50,000USD+ All Previous Perks and will be invited to be a Technical Advisor
  • 75,000USD+ All Previous Perks and will be invited as a member to the Executive Board of Directors.
  • 100,000USD+ All Previous Perks and will be given the option to invest in additional funding rounds at a fixed rate.

*All perks occur after offering is completed.

For details on the bonus, please see the Offering Summary below.


What Overland Has Accomplished So Far...

A cargo container truck merging seamlessly onto the Overland Skyway.

  • Overland has received multiple patents (9 Granted, 2 Pending).
  • Scaled-down prototype models have proven some components.
  • A faster smart city display is available for trade shows.
  • Overland has been published by online and traditional print technology publications.
  • We believe that The Overland System is the only thoroughly researched and comprehensive transportation solution.

Market Traction & Previous Successes

  • Overland was recently invited by the Advanced Transportation Research Board (FHWA) to present its technology.
  • Overland is a fully-devised and patented transportation solution.

Model of the Urban Skyway network in a futuristic city.

Development Stage of the Overland System

Overland is currently a conceptual infrastructure, however, the money raised on this platform will go towards making it a reality. The Overland ATS is already protected by nine patents and has two more pending on the overall structure. Overland ATS, LLC expects to move from Gainesville, Florida, to South-Central Florida in order to build a full-scale Overland ATS prototype/proof of concept in early to late 2019 and 2020. Overland then plans to pitch and sell the Overland ATS infrastructure to corporate and government entities for private and public use. Coming off of this fundraising round, Overland ATS will hire transportation, civil and mechanical engineers to begin to work out the more technically challenging aspects of the infrastructure. From there, we will purchase land in South Central Florida and begin construction on the proof-of-concept test track. Contemporaneously, Overland consultants will bid on local transportation studies and submit proposed projects to local transportation agencies for approval. An approved project can be submitted to investors. Projects paid for with private capital can be easier to obtain approval.

The Road Ahead for Investors

Futuristic city layout with Overland Transportation Infrastructure above.

Electric vehicles, on-demand ride sharing, and autonomous vehicles are partial transportation components. Excessive hype and investor exuberance (in our opinion) has driven equity participation in these ventures into unjustifiable valuations.

Crowdfunding allows an opportunity to invest before venture capitalists have run up valuations. Overland plans to control its cash flow so it lasts two years and enables construction of a complete demonstration facility.  

The current capital raise (including subsequent capital raising plans outside of this Offering) is for this two-year period. Beyond that, Overland expects to maintain a positive cash flow until it receives development contracts. Look at the Overland technology. Do due diligence, and decide if you really believe in it. 

A Closer Look at Overland ATS Technology

A Streetscape Along a Major Thoroughfare

Cross Section of a Overland ATS Piling

Patented Triangular Support Structure

Key Details of Overland ATS

An Overland Network needs no stations whatsoever.

Vehicles can truly travel non-stop indefinitely at full planned speed.

Overland is located throughout an urban area to relieve traffic congestion.

Electric vehicles are charged while operating on the skyway.

It is located on both sides of the National Strategic Highway Network to provide high-speed travel and relieve overcrowded roadways.

There is no need to have range anxiety or to stop for refueling.

Overland is adaptable to most of the likely future technological developments on the horizon.

How is Overland ATS Different?

Overland is a DUAL MODE OPEN System. This means vehicles on the system are free to leave the system. 

Dual Mode vehicles use the same propulsion system for operation on the system or on conventional roads. Vehicles can access the Skyway seamlessly, and locally originating traffic can accelerate onto and off of the high-speed skyway without the vehicle occupants having to change vehicles. 

One physical transportation embodiment serves all transportation classifications. We believe this provides enormous economic advantages, because there is no need to have any additional infrastructures for transit, commuters, heavy freight, airports, sea ports, downtown people movers, personal rapid transit systems, or any other kind of infrastructure.

4-Way intersection, where vehicles will never have to cross the path of another vehicle.

Overland is an intermodal, autonomous, elevated, high-capacity, dual-mode, all-electric, clean-energy sourced transportation infrastructure. Vehicles are privately or publicly owned and operated. The singular Overland Skyway supports all categories of intermodal transportation, offering a number of benefits:

  • Overland provides an overwhelming motivation for vehicle owners to purchase electric vehicles.
  • On the skyway, on-demand ride-sharing vehicles will be able to earn greater revenue, while riders arrive faster and for a lower cost.
  • Overland will be optimized for efficiency and is a pollution free system.
  • Vehicles on the skyway are protected from all the vehicle hazards and issues that are inherent to roadway travel.

The transportation infrastructure industry is one with high barriers to entry. Very few investors are investing in futuristic or advanced infrastructure technology. We believe investors have preconceived ideas about transportation infrastructure because of how it is currently perceived. Any company wanting to enter the transportation infrastructure industry has to first come up with a viable transportation concept & patent protection. Overland's goal is to create a high barrier to entry. Once Overland is implemented in an urban area, it becomes extremely clear to other urban centers that they should have cross-platform compatibility. We believe that it's unlikely adjacent cities in the same region would build competing systems, because it doesn't make sense for consumers/citizens. Once Overland has built many systems, in many different urban areas, we believe that it is more likely to become the industry standard.

Once systems are established in some cities, then other cities will feel compelled to use it to have compatibility. We believe that states will need the skyway in order to remain competitive with other states. 

A more condensed 4-way intersection, where vehicles will never have to cross the path of another vehicle.


We believe that a positive cash flow from established Overland infrastructure can be used to leverage the initial investment with a large share of debt and a minimal equity investment, if any at all.

The dynamics of an urban network are such that adding additional lengths of skyway to existing skyway brings more vehicles to the existing skyways from the new portion, and the new portion receives traffic from the existing portion. Once the expansion process is established, we believe it will become a self-perpetuating process. In our experience, at any given time there are always new infrastructure projects.

Business Description & High Level Plan

Overland ATS, LLC is a new startup. Past expenses have been absorbed by WFK Associates, LLC.  WFK & Associates LLC has exchanged its patents, technology, and accumulated expenses for 1,000,000 membership units in Overland ATS, LLC.   There are currently two million total membership units authorized for issuance in the LLC.  Sometime in the future, the company plans to issue additional units for key management personnel. This is equity participation to reward long-term achievements and to retain management. WFK & Associates and any related persons will not be allowed to participate.

Once the initial 2,000,000 Membership Units have been issued, and excluding the future issuance of units for key management personnel, our plan at that point is to cease offering equity ownership, in order to limit dilution, and capitalize the business through other means.  However, this plan may change in the future due to unforeseen circumstances and capital requirements.  At that point, our goal would be for outside investors to only have an opportunity to invest in Overland ATS by purchasing existing Membership Units.

You will be a minority membership unitholder, and our plan for the foreseeable future is for WFK & Associates to maintain control.  We currently do not plan on Overland ATS LLC being acquired by another corporation.

To really learn all there is to know about Overland ATS would require several weeks of study.  In this presentation, we can only address what we think you want to know.  Ask questions, because we always enjoy an opportunity to brag about our system.

Our current plan is that when Overland ATS LLC becomes profitable (if ever) the LLC election will be converted to a C Corp.

Overland ATS LLC estimates that it needs approximately $10,000,000 dollars to complete a proof-of-concept demonstration facility, including some cushion.  We believe that the facility will be be able to stay within this projected budget.

Overland ATS LLC is restricted by Crowd Funding regulations to raising an Offering Maximum of $1,070,000 in this round.  Afterward, Overland ATS LLC plans to initiate a subsequent Reg A+ offer to raise attempt to raise an additional $8,930,000 to bring total funding to approximately $10,000,000.

We believe that the initial $1,070,000 will enable Overland to develop an accurate skyway construction cost and begin consulting engineering to establish a cash flow.  We believe that the additional $8,930,000 will enable Overland ATS LLC to purchase and construct a proof-of-concept facility.

Our plan is for the land and facility to be owned by a second corporate entity wholly owned and funded by Overland ATS LLC. This second corporate entity may authorize and issue additional shares to management and outside third-party investors.

We believe that the entities that invest in and own the actual individual physical Overland Skyway Infrastructure Installations will usually be global investors, and that they would likely want to be passive investors. Our initial plan is to sell these systems to them and take no ownership, at least early on. This may be subject to change upon adoption of the technology.

Our plan is for Overland ATS LLC to own all the technology, the plans, the rights, specifications, and bill of materials. Overland ATS LLC plans to form a general contracting entity to enter into a construction contract and to hire bonded contractors to provide steel fabrication, concrete structures, electronic components, and complete erection of the skyway.

A general contractor typically quotes a cost-plus-price and a fixed overhead and profit fee.  If it is 5% and 5%, it means if total cost and contingency of a small system is $220 million, then the contract will be $244,444,000 with $12.2 million profit and $12.2 million overhead paid to Overland ATS.

We also plan to have a command-and-control entity that will operate the infrastructure; handle all the software, do all the billing, collection and distribution of toll revenue to the owner. Command and control may charge 3¢/vehicle mile to the vehicle owner.

We believe our expertise will allow Overland to provide electricity and insurance more economically than individual infrastructure owners. Each of these products are typically distinctive businesses requiring specialized expertise. Overland plans to create separate entities to provide electricity and vehicle insurance for all skyway networks.

Finally, there is the matter of vehicles. At least initially, Overland ATS LLC plans to have standard chassis platforms designed with a variety of basic SUV bodies.  Complete plans and component sourcing specified with negotiated prices.  Overland plans to contract with manufacturers to build Overland’s plans.  Overland's plan is to contract with ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft to purchase these vehicles.  Overland intends to charge a royalty or marketing commissions as middlemen.  Later on, we plan for vehicles will be sold for leases and ownership.

We intend to create agreements between Overland ATS LLC and each additional entity which generates some form of revenue for Overland ATS LLC.

Analysis of Competitive Concepts

Overland is competing for investment funds with super-hyped transportation technology consisting of battery-powered electric cars, autonomous vehicles, and Hyperloop. All of these are very familiar to Overland ATS, but the general public only sees an occasional mention on television or in magazines.

This is a summary of Overland’s own observation of some issues we think could be problems for these competitors in the future:

Electric Vehicles

Electric-powered vehicles have not been anywhere near as successful as the EPA expected.  Overland believes that in part this is because electric powered vehicles present no advantages over gasoline-powered vehicles.  Consumers are all too familiar with charging telephone batteries and running out of charge during significant conversations.  EV batteries are expensive, require lengthy charging and lose their charge rapidly.[1]  Charging is an issue for any trip that is anything more than local.  Overnight charging is not available to multi-family residents who have no personal garage for charging.  Public non-subsidized charging stations when available must charge 75¢/KWH[2] and more.  This is more than twice the equivalent cost of gasoline.  Charging stations still cannot be profitable at that price.  Electric vehicles, in their present form, are simply not sustainable.  Overland dual-mode electric vehicles provide overwhelming advantages to motivate the use of its electric vehicles.

Autonomous Vehicles

The success of autonomous vehicles is grounded in the claim they will prevent traffic congestion and reduce accidents.  Completely autonomous vehicles, currently not available, will have to fight traffic congestion along with manually operated vehicles.[3]  Widespread use and fully operational vehicles are not expected for another 50 years.[4]  Even then, despite the hype, autonomous vehicles will still sit at traffic signals, stop signs and wait for pedestrians.  Autonomous vehicles are likely to reduce accidents, but there is no indication they will ever be safe from malicious cyber-attacks.


Most significantly autonomous vehicles have no intrinsic ability to travel faster than today’s traffic.  Mixed in with a majority of manual vehicles they will be limited to existing traffic flow and traffic congestion.  Autonomous vehicles will face the same limitations as manual vehicles in cities and on today’s highway infrastructure.  Autonomous vehicles cannot safely travel 150 MPH[5], maintain a constant speed, avoid having to stop, avoid pedestrians, pets, wild animals, intersections, flash flooding, snow, ice, hydroplaning, skidding, high jacking, and other issues while on a highway.  Autonomous vehicles will be found most useful for providing first and last mile access to Overland Access Ramps.  Overland vehicles will escape from traffic congestion and gridlock by traveling above the crowd.


 Hyperloop has generated an enormous amount of publicity even though it is still a pre-revenue concept.  Hyperloop is pushing the technology envelope.  Overland believes Hyperloop has several obstacles that are difficult to ignore.


Hyperloop can only load 60 vehicles per hour at best through the double airlock system recently demonstrated.  At 50 persons per pod, this is 3,000 passengers per hour at maximum capacity.[6]  This is nowhere near enough traffic to support operating expenses and reimburse the capital cost.  By contrast, the Overland infrastructure can carry up to 26,800 individual private vehicles and many more passengers per hour.


The Hyperloop system may require 24 hours per day vacuum pumping to maintain the low pressure irrespective of traffic.  If there is an onboard medical emergency there is no apparent way to get the affected passenger out of the tunnel until it reaches the other end.  If an airlock is opened or the tunnel is punctured air will rush in and quickly every pod in the tube will likely stop with no way to get them out.


Hyperloop wants to haul freight.  However, any single freight truck or shipping container must be unloaded and manually loaded into multiple pods on each end of the tunnel.  This is a lengthy delay and significant additional cost.  Freight also must displace passenger traffic.


Each Hyperloop tunnel begins at one place and can only end at one place.  If the 3,000 maximum capacity is maintained for 10 hours per day the entire year there will be 11 million passengers traveling in each direction, or a total of 22 million passengers per year.  By way of comparison, Orlando International Airport, the busiest in Florida, and 9th busiest in the U.S. handles about 45 million arrivals and departures per year.  These passengers are traveling to and from hundreds of cities throughout the world and not just 2 cities. 


The conclusion is that even if Hyperloop could increase maximum capacity there is not enough travel demand between any two cities.  Traveling in a Hyperloop pod may feel like riding in the drum of a front loading washing machine.  Some travelers may be disgusted by the thought of breathing recycled air that has just been in someone else’s lungs and could contain contagious disease-carrying organisms.  The fact is no surface vehicle has ever traveled 700 MPH before unless a rocket motor was attached to the back of it.


[1] Electric Car Batteries, Harrison Enright, Nov. 30, 2016, Stanford University 2016

[2] The Ultimate Guide to Electric Car Charging Networks, Fred Berman, Plugin Cars

[3] Intel Starts Testing Self-Driving Cars in Jerusalem, Megan Rose Dischay, Techcrunch, May 12, 2018

[4] You May Not Live Long Enough To Ride A Driverless Car, Jeremy Gelbart, April 1, 2017, Newsweek

[5] The Autonomous Car Company That’s Selling Safety First, Max Chafkin, May 16, 2018, Bloomberg

[6] Hyperloop pictures illustrate an airlock at the end of the tube, a second airlock several feet further in, and a transition chamber in the middle for a pod.  For a loaded pod to be launched into the Hyperloop the first airlock must open, the pod enter, the first airlock close, the second airlock closes, the cycle is ready to restart. The length of this cycle establishes the maximum capacity.  The cycle may be several minutes.  For example:  Assume one (1) minute cycle time, 720 MPH cruise velocity, 50 passengers per pod, and 2400 miles tube length.  In the one minute, a pod travels 12 miles in the tubes. There will be 12 miles separation between pods.  With one minute cycle, the capacity is clearly 60 pods per hour and with assumed pod capacity that gives the 3000 passengers per hour.

In the Press

Overland Wants to Beat the Hyperloop with Super-Fast, Car-Carrying Skyways Watch out, Elon Musk.
November 20, 2017

Overland, a Florida-based transportation startup, is not impressed with hyperloop. Elon Musk’s proposal for a vacuum-sealed train system, first outlined in 2013, promises travel at speeds of 700 miles per hour. The system has been criticized as an expensive fantasy, though, and it relies on all ...

Not just self-driving cars, but autonomous transport infrastructure
August 30, 2017

Autonomous vehicles are considered the next major innovation in technology. Several car manufacturers and Silicon Valley tech companies are competing to come up with an ideal self-driving car that can replace the conventional vehicles.

Overland ATS wants to build 150-mph Skyways above US highways
April 12, 2018

Yet another company believes it has the solution to rid American cities and highways of congestion. Overland ATS (Automated Transport Systems) has debuted what it calls the Skyway in an effort to completely rethink transportation.

Overland ATS: An Ambitious Autonomous Transportation Solution that Improves Upon Existing Infrastructure
April 12, 2018

Overland ATS is a company aiming to revolutionize the way roadways are constructed, taking advantage of current infrastructure in order to provide a transportation system that is retrofitted to the future of driving. By creating elevated skyways which cater to the vehicles of the future, they hope t

Overland ATS - Changing the Future of Urban Transportation.
April 20, 2018

A Trade Publication listing Overland ATS as one of the Fastest growing smart city solutions in America.

Offering Summary

Maximum 107,000* shares of Membership Units ($1,070,000)

*Maximum subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See 10% Bonus below

Minimum 1,000 shares of Membership Units ($10,000)

Overland ATS, LLC

Corporate Address
3600 NW 43rd ST. Suite C-1, Gainesville FL, 32606

Description of Business
Designing and Marketing the Overland Skyway - A new, inter-modal system of travel that utilizes high-speed autonomous vehicles and integrates seamlessly with existing road infrastructure.

Type of Security Offered
Membership Units
Purchase Price of Security Offered

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor) 
$250.00 USD


250USD+ Swag bag with Overland ATS T-shirt and small Scale model, as well as a copy of our new white paper!

1,000USD+ Invited to Annual Presentation and Board Meeting at the Overland Test Facility

5,000USD+ Invited to Annual Event which will consist of Investors, Founders and Transportation Experts from every field.

10,000USDAll Previous Perks and will receive confidential progress reports that will not be available to the public.

50,000USD+ All Previous Perks and will be invited to be a Technical Advisor

75,000USD+ All Previous Perks and will be invited as a member to the Executive Board of Directors.

100,000USD+ All Previous Perks and will be given the option to invest in additional finding rounds at a fixed rate.

*All perks occur after offering is completed

The 10% Bonus for StartEngine Shareholders

Overland ATS, LLC will offer 10% additional bonus units for all investments that are committed by StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. shareholders (with ≥ $1,000 invested in the StartEngine Reg A+ campaign) within 24 hours of this offering going live.

StartEngine shareholders who have invested $1,000+ in the StartEngine Reg A+ campaign will receive a 10% bonus on this offering within a 24-hour window of their campaign launch date.  This means you will receive a bonus for any units you purchase.  For example, if you buy 10 Membership Units at $10 / unit, you will receive 1 bonus unit, meaning you'll own 11 shares for $100.   Fractional units will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole unit.

This 10% Bonus is only valid for one year from the time StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. investors receive their countersigned StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. subscription agreement.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The company will not incur any irregular use of proceeds.

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