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Clean Marketing for Clean Energy

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Clean Marketing for Clean Energy

'This (clean energy) Revolution is going to come from the people.' --Elon Musk

Ovanova was created by a few friends connected through a strange series of events spanning decades. 

During our journey we met a lot of real human beings and learned to support them in reaching their goals.

We believe listening creates the possibility of solving 'impossible' problems.

We listened to solar companies.

We listened to homeowners.

We listened to leaders of causes, communities, and organizations.

We combined what those three groups shared with us about what mattered to them and created Ovanova to support them in reaching their goals.

Ovanova is a free service that organizations and causes use to raise funds by raising solar awareness within their community of supporters.

We believe when nobody cares who gets the credit, there's no limit to what can be accomplished.

Our mission is to add as much value as possible to as many lives as possible. 

With love,

The Ovanova Team


Invest in Ovanova   

$1 / share of Common Stock | Minimum $100 investment.

When you invest, you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $8.9M. 

Or you're saying you love to support great causes and don't care about your return. 

Or you're saying you believe Ovanova is both and you want to not only support the team, but be a part of it and join the movement. 

This isn't a donation, you will actually own real stock in Ovanova, a real company.

People seem to like things that are simple, transparent, and perform an obvious social good. 

In a world of #activism, Ovanova's technology makes raising funds for causes as simple as a social media share.

We earn money when we give money away. Magic.

For those of you who don't yet believe in magic, here are some numbers about how Ovanova earns money.  From just our current partnership agreements, Ovanova earns from $2.50 to $125 each time we give away $5 to $600 to organizations when one of their supporters uses our service to explore and/or adopt renewable energy.  

Our focus is on giving away as much as we can to trust-leaders in order to spread awareness of solar energy's potential as quickly as possible while creating 'Wow!' experiences for their supporters.

From a "boring business standpoint", we are a potentially cost-disruptive, socially responsible lead generation company for the entities within the solar industry who have created the most transparent, simple, service-oriented methods for people to explore solar energy.

From a dollars and cents perspective, we feel our valuation is very fair given that companies who found ways to connect people interested in going solar with the solar industry have historically been quite valuable. 

Our mission is to add as much value as possible to as many lives as possible.

What We've Accomplished So Far

  • We have bootstrapped until we had the results we needed to be able to feel great about asking our friends, family and fans to invest.
  • We've built a scalable platform, website, and database without incurring company debt or taking on outside investment.
  • We have been invited to speak in Denver at October's Solar Decathlon on a panel with the executive director of the American Solar Energy Society.
  • We have partnerships with organizations in the solar industry aligned with the simple, transparent, no-pressure, education-based methods who also provide the marketing dollars to make this possible.
  • We have a large and well-respected environmental/human rights non-profit and an LA-based public radio station (with several sister stations waiting to see how it works out) who just launched their campaigns.
  • We have formed relationships with high-level influencers and are generating celebrity interest in our service. 
  • The data from the small testing rounds show this what we believe to be first of its kind business model is viable and potentially exponential.
  • We have recently gained the ability to serve renters in all 50 states through our current relationship with Arcadia Power.

Unleashing the Power of the Sun to Create Funds for Causes People Care About

'A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits.  They will be embarrassingly large.' --Henry Ford

We see ourselves as servants.  

Where many may see numbers, we see real people.  

Our path allowed all three founders of Ovanova to meet countless thousands of families across America.  We've sat on the living room floors, around the kitchen tables, and on the front porches of real people. Back in college, we all used our summer breaks to knock on doors eighty hours a week and sell educational books to pay for college while training and leading other students working in the same program. 

Many strangers have been kind to us for no reason at all for a long time, and Ovanova is our way of saying thank you for the kindness. 

The sun shines on all of us.  Like the Sun, we believe in radical inclusivity and invite any organization, cause, initiative, endeavor, or group of humans to register and use our free service to raise funds by raising solar awareness.

So far we've been able to support a school, a church, a few different non-profits, a political campaign, a baby shower, a Burning Man group, a Youth Baseball Team, and a musical career.  This list will soon expand to a public radio station, a fantasy football league, and funding for a movie project.  

Here's what people are saying about their experience:

"Wonderful company. They do what they say. Our school Westchester Seconday Charter School has already received the benefits both financially and product-wise. One of our board members is thrilled by their new solar panels. Thank you Ovanova." - Judith F., Westchester Secondary Charter School, CA

"Thanks Ovanova for making this such a painless process. I learned a lot about solar energy production and the subsidies that my state offers for converting to solar. In the end, the benefits did not necessarily outweigh the costs in my particular state, but never once did I have a sales person try to pressure me and sell me on it. It was purely educational. Glad I took the time to learn about solar with Ovanova." - M. Skalka, NC test user.

"Using Ovanova to raise money for our organization has been a refreshing experience.

It was easy for me to get information on going solar without the stress. Instead of dealing with a pushy salesman trying to close a deal, I was contacted by a customer service agent who collected information one time and supplied me with three proposals I could compare and choose from.

This made me feel more in control while saving me time and hassle. I know I will get the best installation because of your partner's contractor vetting process and I know I will get the best quotes out there because of the bidding process the contractors do to get my business.

The customer service agent was polite, treated me with respect, made sure I knew what to expect, and made sure all my questions were answered without trying to sway my decision. She also emailed me a few times after our initial call to update me and to be sure I knew what was happening with the process.

I will definitely recommend this service. The bonus is that no matter what I decide- to go solar or not, an organization I care about will benefit just from my finding out what solar might look like for me."--Raechel K., California

How Our Process Works

Here's an Example of a Creative Marketing Alliance We Are Forming, and That Your Investment Will Support:

When an organization registers, we create a link, like this one. Using their own words in campaigns like the ones below, they invite their supporters to support them by exploring solar energy. 

Combining Clean Energy and Cause Marketing 

'No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.' --Albert Einstein

Significant Market Finding

We believe the customer acquisition cost in solar is completely out of line with the value that adopting solar energy represents to home, building and property owners.

You no longer have to be wealthy to go solar--energy created by sunlight is now a less expensive option than old fashioned energy in many places. By driving down soft costs, it will be less expensive in many more.  

One of the reasons we started in the states where we are is because people are losing money by not going solar.  We're not asking community organizations to sell solar panels to their supporters, we're asking them to invite their supporters to explore what they could save by going solar.  It's more like a community service announcement. 

It's now possible for a person to go solar for zero down and finance to own their system, all for a monthly payment less than their current energy bill. 

And no matter how much of an environmentalist you may or may not be, it's just kinda cool to know that your phone is charged by energy no human had to work to make that day. 

Knowing these things about solar, we believed people would be lined up outside of solar company offices, for the chance to save money by going solar, but instead the solar industry is spending $3,000 per person who adopts solar energy.

Our personal research shows some companies are spending in excess of $5,000 per person who goes solar.  

This money is being spent on lead generation channels like advertising on billboards, radio, television, click ads, or high sales commissions for direct salespeople.

We thought it made more sense to give that money to causes, so we created Ovanova.  

As difficult as it may be to believe, even after accounting for the money we're giving away, if only one in twenty people go solar, this service is financially viable in current market conditions.

Our early data shows we have potential to massively exceed that mark.

The solar industry wins and is willing to use our service because it is a less expensive way for them to connect with potential customers.  Reducing what they call 'soft costs.' 

As this report states, the biggest cost-decline opportunity in the solar industry exists in soft costs.  

That is exactly what we are addressing.  

Trust always reduces customer acquisition cost in any industry. Ovanova is built on a foundation of giving and trusting, not profit-maximization and branding.

We create connections via trust-networks which an emerging, exponentially-growing, potentially multi-trillion dollar industry wants, and we do it in a heart-touching, socially responsible, cost-disruptive way. 

Societal transformation always come from grassroots--the organizations in communities who serve people. Those are the organizations we serve.

From Greentech Media Research on Solar Trends:

What Differentiates Ovanova From 'Competitors' Besides Its Purpose and Mission?

First of all, we don't see any organization working in solar energy as a competitor.  Everyone has their own way of doing things, and people respond to incentives and methods differently.  Some people enjoy having someone knock on their door and sit at the table with them to talk solar because it's where they feel most comfortable.  

Some people enjoy haggling and negotiating personally for the best price instead of having it done for them.  

Even after being fully educated, some people prefer to go solar via a lease instead of choosing ownership for unique and peculiar reasons we'll never understand, but to each his or her own. 

We don't claim to know what's right for everyone, and choose to not disparage our 'cousins' in the solar industry whose methods may not be ones we'd use, but may be exactly what someone needs to experience in order to adopt solar energy.  

There are over 100,000,000 housing units in the U.S. not including office, commercial buildings, apartments, etc.  There is plenty of room for everyone.

With that said, this is our eight page deep-dive analysis of tangible distinctions between Ovanova and some of the companies and programs people may think of as 'competitors.'  We're including it because we're aware entrepreneurs who generally claim to 'have no competition' are in actuality admitting to 'having no understanding of the marketplace.' 

So with all that said, what differentiates Ovanova from 'competitors' besides its purpose and mission?

Nothing. Everything that seems different about our service stems from our sense of purpose and dedication to our mission.  If you like supporting mission-driven companies, we invite you to join the movement.

With Love,

The Ovanova Team

In the Press

American Solar Energy Society

Invited as speakers to represent ASES on panel with their executive director in October.

Offering Summary

Maximum 107,000 shares of Ovanova common stock ($107,000)

Minimum 10,000 shares of Ovanova common stock ($10,000)

Ovanova, Inc.

Corporate Address
5822 Waring Ave, Hollywood, California 90038

Description of Business
We provide lead generation for the solar industry.  We believe it's a first of its kind concept designed to redirect billions of dollars in solar marketing to organizations people love to support. A catalyst for the solar movement.

Type of Security Offered
Common Stock
Purchase Price of Security Offered

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor)

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company does not anticipate incurring any irregular use of proceeds.

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Notice of Funds Disbursement

over 4 years ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, Ovanova has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in Ovanova be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


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