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Our Military Travel

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Bringing Patriotism to the Travel Industry

Invest in Our Military Travel Inc.

OurMilitaryTravel.com proudly offers the entire military community and patriotic Americans outstanding travel value paired with discounted leisure travel rates for a wide range of travel needs. These include: 

  • Hotels
  • Airline tickets
  • Rental cars
  • Vacation packages
  • Travel Insurance
  • And more

This is not your ordinary travel booking website, with OurMilitaryTravel.com, being patriotic is paramount! We give back to the military community by contributing a percentage of our profits to veteran and military-related nonprofit organizations. Plus for all qualified hotels stays, you receive a “Free Patriotic Gift” that’s branch specific and 100% Free.

As a true startup, Our Military Travel wants to honor the 45M+ military community and patriotic Americans. We were founded by Robert Rogener, a serial Entrepreneur, Chief Executive Officer, and the proud son of a WWll Veteran. He saw the need for more comprehensive and innovative travel options tailored specifically for veterans, military personnel, military families, and patriotic Americans. 

Estimates based on various sources, including, Data from the DOD Defense Manpower Data Center, Statista.com, Department of Veteran Affairs, and Pew Research.


We are very excited about this unique opportunity and honored that you are considering joining us. Before you look into the “offering documents,” and its terms, there are a few items we would like to discuss. 

OurMilitaryTravel.com is not your ordinary booking travel website, for us Patriotism is paramount! As an innovative travel booking company, we proudly offer our entire military community and patriotic Americans outstanding travel value, by offering discounted leisure travel rates, on hotels, airline tickets, rental cars, and vacations, in addition we contribute a percentage of our profits to veteran and military-related nonprofit organizations. 

However, there are risks and/or rewards to investing with us. Before you invest, you should understand that our Military Travel Inc., is a very early stage company that is pre-revenue. The JOBS Act has made it possible for you to invest earlier than ever before. Historically, this stage of investing was reserved for angel investors or VC’s - venture capitalists.  Being a start-up, we are inherently risky, historical facts indicate most start-ups fail. But some start-ups become successful, changing history in a way they can be proud of.  

We believe our dreams are worth fighting for, and hope to build our company from the ground up, owned by our community and Patriotic Americas. We would be honored if you make our dreams your dreams. Life is a journey… make the best of it!

Founder & CEO

Robert Rogener

Invest in Our Military Travel Inc. today!

The Offering


$0.25/Class A Common Stock│When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $3.3M.


$500+ Honor – Duty – Service Special Starbucks gift card for $5 inviting you on board with a hot cup of coffee. (Free Shipping)

$1,000+ Above Perks PLUS: We will Donate “In Your Name” a “Deployment Kit” that will get shipped to a service member: This kit helps ensure our service members have everything they need to start their deployment, as they prepare to leave for the front lines.

$5,000+ ALL Above Perks PLUS: "Brotherhood of Veterans" Ring with Black Onyx Inlay. Handcrafted solid stainless-steel ring. Sculpted portrait of 3 vets, genuine black onyx center stone, patriotic motifs, engraved sentiment. (Gift box & Free Shipping). 

$10,000+ ALL Above Perks PLUS: Commemorative Engraved Men's Chronograph Watch. Limited edition of 5,000! Engraved chronograph watch that honors military history. Precision quartz movement. Officially licensed, and wood case. Either Army, Navy, USMC, or Air Force (Free Shipping).

$25,000+ ALL Above Perks PLUS: If any subscriber purchases $25,000 or more shares of Class "A" Common Stock, then that Subscriber will receive 10% more shares of Class "A" Common Stock PLUS Hotel Stay for two at Any U.S. City. Choose from over 78,000 hotels in over 5,000 destinations worldwide. Choose from many “top branded” hotels. Plus, FREE admission to a nearby Military Museum of your choice.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed

For details on the bonus, please see the Offering Summary below.

Our Mission

Help Our Military Community and Veterans Plan and Book the Perfect Trip! At the core of our DNA is Patriotism, travel value, and the commitment to enrich the lives of our community. Through our websites, apps, and curated content, we are focused on reshaping the way our well-deserved community searches, compares, and books great travel deals.

Life is a Journey Make the Best of it…

We know how important it is to book the perfect trip, at the right price. However, it can be tedious sorting through online travel websites, or going through a traditional travel agency. That’s why we created OurMilitaryTravel.com - your one-stop-shop for all leisure travel needs.

Booking leisure travel for the military community is broken, with few quality options for those who have served their country. We provide meaningful TextToTravel concierge services, information on over 1,000 military museums at MilitaryMuseum.org, Free Gift Rewards program, an easy mobile experience, and all of our content is written by veterans or military spouses.

We value each and every member of our military community and give back. We always strive to hire veterans or military spouses for part-time or full-time employment whenever we can.  Our Military Travel Inc. is a patriotic business. Our dedication to our nation’s defenders, veterans, and their loved ones is of the utmost importance to us. As such, we currently contribute yearly to the following organizations:

  • American Legion
  • Army Emergency Relief
  • DAV.org
  • Fisher House Foundation
  • Gary Sinise Foundation
  • KofC – Knights of Columbus
  • HillVets
  • Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
  • NGAUS – National Guard
  • The Wounded Warrior Project
  • USO – United Service Organizations
  • VFW – Veterans of Foreign Wars

We aim to help military community facilitate their travel dreams all in one place. To do this, we increase our military community’s access to the wealth of specials and promotional rates, and available military discounts. We alert them of what is readily available and give them the resources to enhance their trip.

Going Above and Beyond to Offer the Best of the Best to Our Military Community & Patriotic Americans

Our hotels selections is vast. With the capacity of over 700,000+ hotels in 20,000+ cities and over 100,000 promotional rates, millions of hotel reviews are available for our community to choose from. 

Our domestic and international flights inventory is immense. We have a vast selection of domestic and international flights, from and to over more than 150 countries, with round trips, one-way or multi-city options.

Rental car options, from top brands, when you need them, where you need them. Booking a rental car was never easier, with no cost cancellations, a book now and pay later feature, optional collision coverage, vendor promotional codes and discount codes.

Bundled Vacation Packages, to help you plan that complete vacation of a lifetime. Our vacation travel packages include offers of more than 35,000 hotels operating in over 7,500 cities. Discounted rates are offered by bundling airline ticket, hotel and rental car to various domestic and international destinations.

Our travel app makes things easy for mobile users. Such users want to easily book trips and find out information on vacationing, and our app makes it all too simple to do just that.

Our unique TextToTravel feature includes a phenomenal concierge service. This lets our community engage with a personal concierge, giving them that five-star experience. This concierge can help with booking trips, gathering information about a destination, considering options and amenities, all while addressing questions or concerns that may come up.

Free Gift Rewards Program. Travel loyalty programs are a highly successful element of the modern travel industry. Our Free Gift Rewards program is one of the cornerstones of our travel offerings, rewarding customers on qualified hotel stays with free, military themed gifts. Our premise is simple: Book with us, stay at a hotel, and get a hand-picked patriotic/military themed gift, sent to you, 100% free. 

We know we can add optimum travel leisure benefits and commitment to enhance the lives of our military community. Our team possess years of technological and travel industry experience and is equipped with an advisory board that provides insight and objectivity. We believe that managerial qualifications are as equally as important as patriotism.

Providing value and variety are at the core of what we do. For this reason, we plan on continually improving the technological aspects of our platform, improving the experience of everyone who interacts with our brand.

A Brand Apart from the Rest - OurMilitaryTravel.com

As we build our brand, we want to maintain our independence as well as maintain a positive reputation within the military community. Wide selection, feedback, and one-on-one care are important to us, and it’s about time that we show our appreciation for members of the military community.

Planned Use of Funds

Investments will help us to improve in many areas: primarily marketing, advertising, web enhancements, operations, and legal fees.


Affinity marketing will be necessary to demonstrate to our audience and to show that we are prepared to cater to their demographics’ needs. Currently, we utilize MilitaryMuseums.org, a website we own and operate. It offers the largest selection of U.S. Military Museums in the world! It has two long-term objectives. First: it can be used to create ancillary revenue from advertising placements on the website. Second: it can help us to provide incoming, pre-qualified traffic to OurMilitaryTravel.com. 

We’d like to acquire new customers through paid social media, influencer marketing, PR, strategic video ads, strategic mobile advertising, direct mailers, paid searches, blogging, online promotions, and more. These marketing elements are key for optimal success of the platform and bringing the military community together.

Upgrading Our Technologies


We want the ability to upgrade our technology as it is made available. This will help us to provide the highest of quality service at all times. Keeping things up to date will drive more traffic to our site, especially in the realm of UI and UX design.

The Paperwork

Our intellectual property rights, including our trademarks, domain names, and common law copyright, are vital to our business. We filed a trademark application, and have successfully received a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

Our Market and Competitive Edge

We’re pursuing an alternative in the travel arena by focusing solely on active and retired military, their families, and patriotic Americans. OurMilitaryTravel.com is the first travel company of its kind of which we’re aware. We are the first to focus on this untapped and neglected market and to commit to giving back a percentage of our profits to military-related nonprofit organizations and veterans’ charities.

Compared to our competitors, we provide a unique, tailored value proposition especially for our military community: 

  • Great travel deals
  • Free, patriotic gift rewards for qualified hotel stays
  • Curated content created by veterans and military spouses
  • TextToTravel hotel concierge service
  • Upcoming seasonal hotel rebate program
  • A percentage of profits go to military charities and nonprofits

These perks are custom tailored around the lifestyle of members of our community, and we feel they will enjoy these unique features. Personalization paired with personable service will make the OurMilitaryTravel.com experience awesome for everyone involved.

Estimates based on various sources, including, Data from the DOD Defense Manpower Data Center, Statista.com, Department of Veteran Affairs, and Pew Research.

Help us create the best ecosystem for Military, Veterans, their families, and patriots, for maximum travel value and memorable experiences.

Invest in Our Military Travel Inc. today! Empower and help build a brand that is dedicated to providing better alternatives tailored to the military community.

Offering Summary



Our Military Travel, Inc.

Corporate Address


20955 Pathfinder Road #100, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Offering Minimum



Offering Maximum



Minimum Investment Amount

(per investor)




Offering Type



Security Name


Class A Common Stock

Minimum Number of Shares Offered



Maximum Number of Shares Offered



Price per Share



Pre-Money Valuation





Honor - Duty - Service: 

You will receive a Starbucks gift card for $5, inviting you on board with a hot cup of coffee (free shipping).


Above Perks PLUS: 

We will Donate "In Your Name", a "Deployment Kit" that will get shipped to a service member. This kit helps ensure our service members have everything they need to start their deployment, as they prepare to leave for the front lines. 


ALL Above Perks PLUS: 

You will receive a "Brotherhood of Veterans" Ring with Black Onyx Inlay. The ring is a handcrafted solid stainless-steel ring with a genuine black onyx center stone, featuring a sculpted portrait of 3 veterans, patriotic motifs, and an engraved sentiment (gift box & free shipping). 


ALL Above Perks PLUS: 

You'll receive a Commemorative Engraved Men's Chronograph Watch, limited edition, one of 5,000! The engraved chronograph watch honors military history. The precision quartz movement watch is officially licensed and in a wood case. You choose between Army, Navy, USMC, or Air Force (free shipping).


ALL Above Perks PLUS: 


You'll receive a hotel Stay for two in any U.S. City. Choose from over 78,000 hotels in over 5,000 destinations. Choose from many "top branded" hotels, plus receive FREE admission to a nearby military museum of your choice. 

Irregular Use of Proceeds

Example - The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments and salary made to one's self, a friend or relative; Any expense labeled "Administration Expenses" that is not strictly for administrative purposes; Any expense labeled "Travel and Entertainment"; Any expense that is for the purposes of inter-company debt or back payments.

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Net Income
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A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.


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