Osiris Media

Connecting people through the power of music

Osiris Media

Connecting people through the power of music

Washington, DC
Osiris is a media company that produces podcasts, videos, and live events for passionate and engaged music fans We’re making it easier to help fans connect with their favorite artists, while giving brands access to a community of hard-to-reach consumers who will love their products.


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Be an Osiris Ambassador!
Osiris T-shirt and Swag & Shoutout on an Osiris Podcast
Limited-Edition Osiris Print
Osiris Poster Signed by Tom Marshall (Lyricist for Phish) and Previous Perk
Come hang out with us in New York!
Osiris Hosted Happy Hour in NYC and Previous Perks
Want to join an Osiris podcast? Now's your chance!
Guest Appearance on an Osiris Podcast and Previous Perks
Join us for a unique live podcast experience
2 Tickets to see a live Osiris Podcast recording, Previous Perks and 5% Bonus Shares
Have dinner with us and get 10% bonus shares!
Private dinner with RJ and Tom in LA or NYC (Transportation and accommodation costs covered by the investor), Previous Perks and 10% Bonus Shares

Reasons to Invest

100K+ fans in the first year alone
30+ podcasts in production
2M listens

Creating content and experiences to delight and inform music fans

Artists, consumers, and brands are struggling to make meaningful connections with each other

Consumers are bombarded with too much content, and yet they still have a hard time finding authentic connections to the topics they care about. Companies are left struggling to form relationships with their target audiences. Artists are looking for new and different ways to engage with their fans. That's where we come in...

Creating and curating music and culture podcasts for passionate fans

We’re helping like-minded advertisers get in front of engaged customers. In the same way that ESPN provides passionate sports fans with content deeply aligned with their interests, Osiris will connect passionate fans with the music and culture content they crave. We offer audio podcasts, video, and live events that delight and inform fans, and we help companies connect with their demographics in an authentic way.

100K+ fans in the first year alone

Osiris began by appealing to passionate fans of niche musical tastes: jam bands, indie rock, bluegrass, folk, and classic rock. Now that we’ve proven our theory that our fans will flock to content they care about, we know there is a larger fan base of passionate consumers that can find an authentic connection through Osiris. In 2017, the top 200 performers sold 50M concert tickets. If we capture 5% of these fans we’ll have a community of 2.5M people that can generate an estimated $3M+ per year in revenue through advertising, sponsorships, and events. 

One year. 30 podcasts. 2M listens.

From podcasts about Phish and The Grateful Dead, to talks shows about culture, parenting, health, and art, we’re constantly adding new and exciting programming to grow our audience base. We average 200K listeners per month. 

We’re rolling our two new product lines this year. 

  • Osiris Creative: telling the story of music-related companies 

  • Osiris Limited: connecting high-profile artists to the podcasting world

Unique experience delivered via podcasts, video, and interactive live events

  • Podcasts: We immerse people in the topics they’re passionate about - from classic rock to craft beer. In one year we’ve doubled the amount of podcasts we produce.

  • Video: We create a series of “Couch Report” videos wherein we provide analysis before and after live concerts 

  • Live Events: We’ve produced live events where we interview artists at existing festivals, and host live podcast recordings

Trustworthy sources serving ads to engaged listeners

Brands are trying to find increasingly difficult-to-reach audiences: young, passionate, highly-educated individuals with high household incomes. Our listeners consume our content because they’re passionate about our subjects. Through promo codes, special offers and other deals, our consumers form meaningful relationships with our users. 

Here’s our revenue roadmap: 

  • CPM based advertising (100% of current revenue)

  • Podcast sponsorship (Q3 2019)

  • Content creation for corporate partners (Q3 2019)

  • Video advertising/sponsorships (Q3 2019)

  • Event tickets/sponsorships (Q3 2019)

We’ve successfully identified passionate consumers in a niche market, and we’ll continue to expand

We have high-profile members on our network who bring their own audiences to the table including: Bob Crawford of The Avett Brothers, Geoff Rickly of Thursday, Jon Barber of The Disco Biscuits, comedian Mike Finoia, and others. Our co-founder Tom is the primary external lyricist for Phish, and is uniquely positioned in the space to bring his expansive network to Osiris. We’ve proven that our content appeals to fans, and we’ll continue to expand to make more podcasts, videos, and live events that do the same. 

The go-to music and culture podcast, video, and live-event network

We’ve started by cornering the market of passionate folk, bluegrass, jazz, indie and classic rock fans. Now, we’re expanding into genres of music with larger numbers of passionate fans. We’re confident they can find authentic connections to the music they love through Osiris. As we continue to grow our genre coverage, we’ll expand our consumer numbers, and be able to offer more advertising opportunities to larger companies. 

Joe, with Jim Lauderdale (American country, bluegrass, and Roots singer-songwriter)

A lyricist for Phish and a business and communications expert create the go-to platform for fans

Tom and RJ founded Osiris because of their passion for music. Tom, an entrepreneur, was also a lyricist for Phish and is deeply rooted in the music community. RJ has spent the last 10 years building a communications firm, and is an operational and marketing expert. They joined forces and brought in a few key advisors, including Steve Martocci, founder of GroupMe and Splice, and Andy Weissman of Union Square Ventures. Osiris now has a robust advisory team of musicians, entrepreneurs, and legal and digital experts. 

Christina Collins, Operations Director

Christina comes from the media and advertising world, where she gained expertise in managing efficient and effective advertising campaigns across all media channels, as well as a thorough understanding of media offerings in both the traditional and digital realms. As Operations Director at Osiris, she is responsible for managing overall business operations, advertising operations, podcaster community relations, and events. She also assists with content production & strategic partnerships. Christina graduated from Georgetown University with a BS in International Business & Marketing. Originally from Miami Beach, she now lives in NYC and is a passionate live music fan who takes full advantage of the city's offerings. 

Nate Tobey, Production Consultant

Nate is a veteran public media producer, editor, executive and show creator. Most recently, he led the national programming and podcast development teams at American Public Media, where he was responsible for new show creation, a slate of national podcasts, and two nationally distributed NPR radio shows, The Splendid Table and Dinner Party Download. Nathan was previously the Executive Producer and co-creator of both the GroundTruth podcast distributed by WGBH News and the Masterpiece Studio podcast at WGBH. At Osiris, he’s helping to develop original content with high-profile musicians and companies that have stories to tell.

Adam Caplan, Development & Partnerships Director

Adam's joins Osiris with a background in startup strategy and development. He has advised early-stage companies in the US and abroad, and spearheaded new investment initiatives in established nonprofits. A lifelong music junkie, Adam leads our corporate and content partnerships, and oversees strategic growth of the Osiris network. Adam has an MA in International Business from The Fletcher School at Tufts University and an insatiable wanderlust.

Matt Dwyer, Production Consultant

Matt has spent over 13 years in the software industry, leading Product Management for several SAAS platforms. His products have helped companies of all lifecycle stages from startup to enterprise in the retail, franchising, QSR, and service industries gain efficiency through streamlined processes, all while delivering engaging user experiences. Since 2016, Matt has served as Producer and Co-Host of The Helping Friendly Podcast, the top ranked fan-created Phish podcast. Matt is working to create a portfolio of amazing podcasts for Osiris by blending his experience in technology, audio, product management, and his endless passion for music. Matt holds a B.S. in Management Information Systems from The Pennsylvania State University. 

Nick Cejas, Communications Director

Nick is a social media and digital communications expert, creating content that engages and drives traffic for all Osiris podcasts and initiatives. Nick has worked with a wide range of clients before Osiris, and has a knack for bringing a voice to brands and exposing new audiences to new content. At Osiris, Nick leads all external communications and outreach, and helps develop strategies for audience growth. 

The podcast advertising business is expected to reach $1B in annual revenue by 2021*

As we grow our network, we’ll connect our fans with the music they love and advertisers to the consumers they desire. We’ve built our business from the ground up - with minimal investment - and in just a year we average 200K listens per month. With more money, we’ll scale our sales, marketing, and content production efforts, and expand into more genres, increasing our ability to monetize our content to more listeners. 

We’re creating the future of music fan engagement, and we hope you’ll join us.


In the Press


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Interview: Tom Marshall and RJ Bee on New Podcast Network Osiris


Podcasts startup Osiris Media wants to be ‘ESPN for music’

January 1, 1970

JamBase & Osiris Media Announce Partnership

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  • $600+ - Osiris T-shirt and Swag & Shoutout on an Osiris Podcast
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  • $2,500+ - Osiris Hosted Happy Hour in NYC and Previous Perks
  • $5,000+ - Guest Appearance on an Osiris Podcast and Previous Perks
  • $10,000+ - 2 Tickets to see a Live Osiris Podcast Recording, Previous Perks and 5% Bonus Shares
  • $25,000+ - Private Dinner with RJ and Tom in LA or NYC (Transportation and Accommodation Costs Covered by the Investor), Previous Perks and 10% Bonus Shares

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

The 10% Bonus for StartEngine Shareholders

Osiris Media Corp. will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. shareholders who invested over $1,000 or made at least two investments in StartEngine's own offerings.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Common Stock at $0.41 / share, you will receive 110 Common Stock shares, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $41. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

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The Company will not incur any irregular use of proceeds.

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Notice of Funds Disbursement

3 days ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, Osiris Media has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in Osiris Media be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


Osiris launches original podcast After Midnight

about 1 month ago

Today, Osiris Media released episode one of After Midnight, an original narrative podcast. At the end of the last millennium, Phish built a city for 80,000 people in the Everglades for their Big Cypress festival. In the midst of Y2K mania, Phish created a sanctuary for fans, far away from everything, and wrapped up the festival by playing a seven-hour set that lasted from the final minutes of the 20th century into the literal dawn of the new millennium.

Not only was Big Cypress the biggest millennium concert in the world, it also changed the way many people saw live music festivals. After Midnight will address the legacy of Big Cypress, along with the planning and execution. It will feature interviews with band members Trey Anastasio and Jon Fishman, members of Phish’s crew, festival organizers, journalists, and many fans. 

This series will explore how Phish invented their own musical language, built an independent concert industry, and how both came together in the Florida Everglades for a performance that landed a 15-foot-long hot dog with headlights in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. After Midnight is hosted and narrated by renowned music journalist Jesse Jarnow. 

Episode 1 highlights include: 

“I just always was very proud of the fact that we never had any sponsors or never allowed any corporate interests to align with our brand to try to leverage the special mojo we had with our audience for their own purposes. It was too sacred and special to ever allow any corporate interests to participate in that.” —John Paluska, former manager, Phish

“The idea was to play in the continental United States outside all night until the sun comes up. It’s the year 2000. Y2K was supposed to happen at the time. All the computers will be off. The world will come to an end. But we will all be together. Having pulled an all nighter. Planes will have fallen out of the sky. You won’t be able to get your money out of the bank. Remember? People actually thought that.” —Trey Anastasio, guitarist, Phish

“When Big Cypress came up it was like, oh my God. This is our opportunity to [play] outdoors, on New Year’s Eve. We’ll go from whenever the last set starts till sunrise—you know we were gonna go from dusk to daylight.” —Jon Fishman, drummer, Phish

“We’re thrilled to pay tribute to one of the most unique concerts in the history of rock music,” said RJ Bee, CEO of Osiris Media. “Jesse’s storytelling and knowledge provides the perfect foundation for bringing a diverse set of voices together to reflect on this monumental festival. We admire Phish for their legendary ability to ignore what everyone else in music is doing, and to blaze their own trail. After Midnight encapsulates that state of mind perfectly.” 

Osiris announces new podcasts with David Crosby and Chris Pandolfi—and a unique live music experience

2 months ago

Osiris Media, a leading network of music podcasts, has announced the production of five original shows. These new shows help to bring more diverse music content to more listeners.

Inside the Musician’s Brain. Banjo virtuoso Chris Pandolfi of The Infamous Stringdusters will dive in deeply with artists from bluegrass and beyond. The first episodes feature Paul Hoffman of Greensky Bluegrass, Billy Strings and Sierra Hull. Premieres October 29.

Let Creativity Flow. This three-episode miniseries will tell the story of how technology is affecting the evolution of music collaboration. The series features interviews with experts from Splice, Union Square Ventures, Downtown Music, and members of The Disco Biscuits. It will be hosted and narrated by Amar Sastry. Premieres November 5.

After Midnight: Phish’s Big Cypress Festival. In December 1999, Phish drew 85,000 people to the Big Cypress Indian Reservation in Florida’s Everglades, making their music festival the largest Millennium Eve celebration on earth. As we look back at the festival, 20 years later, we’ll pay tribute to this unique festival—and examine the legacy for Phish and the music world. Hosted and narrated by renowned music journalist Jesse Jarnow, this five-episode series will draw on interviews with members of Phish and its crew, fan memories, and conversations with other people across the music industry. Premieres November 14.

Jam Just Happened. A first of its kind show, Jam Just Happened will bring together the intimacy of a podcast and the uniqueness of a live music experience. Every month, guitarist Scott Metzger (Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, WOLF!, Rana) will host a jam session with a different group of high-profile musicians. Recorded in front of a live audience, the show will include audio and podcast components after each event. Premieres December 6.

David Crosby: In Conversation with Steve Silberman. NeuroTribes author Steve Silberman will be hosting a four-episode series with his good friend David Crosby. As Steve says: “For 50 years, David Crosby has been a major force in music, whether providing shimmering harmonies for the Byrds, transforming pop by turning the Beatles on to Indian music, penning haunting melodies like ‘Guinevere’ for Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, or exploring the outer reaches of folk and jazz-influenced rock for his own Sky Trails, CPR, and Lighthouse bands. I’m thrilled to be able to dig in deeply with one of the seminal architects of modern music to hear his inimitable take on his own famously tumultuous history, play some previously unheard deep cuts, and look ahead to the future of where music and the music industry are going.” Premieres December/January.

“Our listeners tell us that they want more podcasts and experiences that bring them closer to the artists and bands they love,” said Osiris Media CEO RJ Bee. “We are incredibly proud of all of these new shows, as they will bring our audiences new content while helping us to expand our focus to new artists, genres and important topics in music.”

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