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Escape The Ordinary. Own Your Spirit.

ONE ROQ Spirits

Escape The Ordinary. Own Your Spirit.

Buffalo, NY
Advertising and Marketing
ONE ROQ Spirits is the maker of ONE ROQ Vodka and the, a next-generation lifestyle adult beverage brand, concierge, and membership community focused on building the next success story inside the 300B global spirits industry.


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Get rewarded for investing more into ONE ROQ Spirits:

StartEngine Owner’s Bonus
This offering is eligible for the StartEngine Owner’s 10% Bonus program. For details on this program, please see the Offering Summary section below.
Silver Membership (Invest $100 to $449)
Receive up to 233-1,044 shares of equity, all Privileges of the Club, and up to 10% back in shopping credits at
Gold Membership (Invest $450 to $2,499)
Receive up to 1,125-6,248 shares of equity, all Privileges of the Club, and up to 10% back in shopping credits at
Black Membership (Invest $2,500+ )
Receive up to 5,814+ shares of equity, all Privileges of the Club, and up to 10% back in shopping credits at

Reasons to Invest

Over 2700+ global Member Investors have joined the Club, committing over $1M in capital to the Company's vision.
In 2020, ONE ROQ became the industry cover story of Food & Beverage Magazine, received 95 pts from The Proof Award Podcast, and became the No. 1 Selling Vodka on a US online spirits retailer,
Launched 9 Event Partnerships, including the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival, The Hamptons Luxury Escape, The Elite New York, The Emmy's Gifting Suite, The New York Motorcar Auction, The South Open, Art Basel Miami, 2020 Aspen X Games and Sundance Film Festival Utah.

ONE ROQ Spirits is the maker of ONE ROQ Vodka Club (, a next-generation lifestyle adult beverage brand, concierge, and membership community leveraging technology, law, and brand strategy within the 384 billion distilled spirits market. Our Offering II builds on the momentum of the Company's initial, over-subscribed round of SEC-Regulated Crowdfunding where it raised over  $1.07M in commitments from 2,700+ Founding Member-investors from around the world, allowing us to launch one of the market's first, consumer-owned lifestyle adult beverage brands. 


When award-winning product developer and serial entrepreneur, Garrett Green, entered the spirits market in 2012, he knew he wasn't going to be able to beat the giant brands at their own game.  So, for three years, he invested to learn the industry, refine his spirit, and develop an innovative business model designed to break through their barriers. Today, you can join our journey to expand our pioneering business model to capitalize on the potential of building a globally recognized, lifestyle adult beverage brand. Invest now to join our family and become a privileged Member of the Club (


In the mid 2000s, Garrett became inspired by the success of French luxury vodka brand Grey Goose Vodka after selling to Bacardi Ltd. for $2 billion, and wondered why the market didn't have an iconic American luxury brand equivalent? Engaging his entrepreneurial spirit, he saw the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a new category inside the global distilled spirits market. 

Garrett began his process by scouring US farms and distillers in search of the perfect ingredients to create an iconic, American recipe. Eventually, he chose a blend of artisanal mountain water from the Colorado Rockies and sweet corn from the American Midwest, and discovered a proprietary resting process that resulted in its signature taste and mouthfeel. From there, he let envisioned brand values inform the design and name.


Garrett knows that success requires immense physical and emotional strength to overcome the constant challenges of life. With this, the idea of being reliant upon one self to consistently find strength led to the notion of  "a rock" and "ONE ROQ" was born.


With a finished product, Garrett launched ONE ROQ's initial market test and within 120 days of its introduction, it won the first-place gold medal for taste and design in the 2012 International SIP Awards In San Francisco - the world's largest, consumer-judged tasting competition - validating ONE ROQ's superior quality, taste, and diverse consumer appeal.


Over the course of three years, the Company invested the foundational capital to refine ONE ROQ's packaging, learn about traditional distribution networks, and gain first-hand exposure to several industry barriers that routinely blindside new brands.  From this initial investment, Garrett concluded that to be successful in the industry, a brand cannot stand on award-winning credentials alone. The industry's 3-Tier System, pay-to-play culture, and exhaustive use of lifestyle advertising schemes deployed by establishment brands are key barriers  that will need to be surmounted with strategy of a new realm."


"Lifestyle Marketing" is a widely used practice wherein large companies  conceptually place their brands inside the advertisements of successful or attractive lifestyles. This method is used in an attempt to have us believe that if we buy those brands, we in turn acquire the status or success we see in those advertisements. ONE ROQ believes this is deceptive because it knows that real lifestyle and financial rewards are enjoyed by - and only by - the owners of brands. 


Jaded by inferior lifestyle promises made by virtually all other luxury brands, ONE ROQ abandoned the industry marketing mold, transformed its brand values, and redeveloped its business model through the ONE ROQ Vodka Club, an industry-first, membership platform redefining brand experience through equity, lifestyle and reward.


We've invested heavily to develop an award-winning product, establish deep expertise in the market, and innovate a working strategy that we believe is already positioning the company for an exciting and promising future.


By investing today, investors have the outstanding opportunity of acquiring equity at the earliest stage of the Company's life cycle, enjoy highly unique  Club Privileges, and impart real influence over the destiny of their investment simply by aligning with ONE ROQ, and sharing the spirit and Club with others.

Equity / Stock

Become an owner of the award-winning, luxury brand on a mission to pioneer a new lifestyle category. Enjoy the potential of upside as we grow together.


If the Company becomes profitable, Members may receive a future dividend.


Influence Company direction by casting votes on future initiatives such as: new products, packaging, club privileges, and more. 

24/7 Ordering & Gifting Concierge 

Use our on-demand ordering and gifting concierge via the app for home delivery -  or tasteful gifts to friends, family and colleagues.

Member Discount

Receive up to 40% off ONE ROQ bottles through monthly discount codes, and on over 20 premium lifestyle apparel items in the Member Gift Store

VIP Event Invitations

Enjoy complimentary access to exclusive social events sponsored and produced by the Company, coast to coast.

These are in development per the FAQs and not currently available.

Monthly Content 

Receive exclusive monthly content developed by our team of writers covering breaking company news, event recaps, member spotlights, and ONE ROQ inspired lifestyle tips including travel, home entertaining, dating & relationships, and more.

Carry Requests 

Use to request ONE ROQ be made available at your favorite neighborhood bars, restaurants or retailers. Restrictions will apply based on location. 

These are in development per the FAQs and not currently available.


Share The Club 

Once a member, build the value of the Company by inviting friends to join. Simple.

 "Perk" Shopping Credits

Receive up to 10% of your investment back in Gift Shopping Credits 12 months after you invest.

The above video depicts company performance resulting from the Company's previous offering.

Foundational Investments by the Founder (2012 to 2015) were critical to developing a differentiated strategy. The Founder invested $1M  into comprehensive market analysis and development. Through this investment, we were able to develop an award-winning product for taste and design, establish an academic understanding of the industry, become the beneficiary of several accolades from renowned international organizations verifying the outstanding quality and potential of our brand. Some of these organizations include: Robb Report Magazine, the International SIP Awards, Bentley Motors, Elite Traveler Magazine, Black Book Magazine, BIN Magazine.

Over this period, we leveraged the initial capital investment to improve our knowledge  of the barriers and develop an overall marketing strategy that would provide a means to overcome them. Candidly, we endured numerous industry lessons which routinely defeat the most promising of brands. 

Instead, ONE ROQ methodically paused, reflected on its learnings, and redeveloped its model with a paradigm-shifting marketing approach. From 2016 through 2017, we vetted and prepared the new plan, and in October of 2018, we partnered with StartEngine to begin and capitalize. The results after our first year are showing exceptional promise, and we are so excited for the future of ONE ROQ and our Members.

Our New Approach Is WORKING (2019 to 2020)

In Q4 2018, we launched our first equity campaign to fund our new vision, and by 2020, ONE ROQ successfully launched as one of the world's first and only Member-owned, luxury adult beverage brands, raising $1M+ in commitments and validating its industry-first marketing approach with over 2700 initial Members from across the world. Some of our outstanding achievements include: 

  • Successfully developed, tested and launched envisioned Member-experience and lifestyle platform for Members
  • Built and refined technology, methods and processes driving website, e-mail, social, advertising and mobile platforms to achieve desired user experience
  • Increased Company value by 10%+ post money for Round I investors
  • Launched 7 National Sponsorships, Member Events and Partnerships including: Tribeca Film Festival, The South Open, The Elite NY, The Emmy's Gifting Suite, The New York Motorcar Auction, The Hamptons, Art Basel Miami, Aspen X Games, and Sundance Film Festival Utah
  • Established Distribution Relationships with (8) wholesalers
  • Became the  No. 1 Selling Vodka SKU on, a top 10 US online retailer of wine and spirits!
  • Earned 95pts from The Proof Awards! - distinguished tasting competition hosted by Food and Beverage Magazine and Delta Airlines Sky Club. 
  • Earned the Cover of Food & Beverage Magazine for industry innovation and thought leadership 

Recent Announcements


ONE ROQ Vodka's superlative recipe is characterized by these unique facts and features: 

  • 95 Point Rating  - 2020 The Proof Awards Podcast - a division of Food & Beverage Magazine 
  • 1st Place Gold Medal for Taste & Design -  International SIP Awards (the world's largest consumer judged tasting competition)
  • Distilled from 100% non-GMO, American corn and a blend of native and Colorado Mountain water 
  • A proprietary resting process hydrates ONE ROQ Vodka's ethanol molecule, giving it a smooth, flowing mouth feel.
  • No additives are used to create the illusion of a synthetic mouthfeel
  • Palette: clean and silky, with a subtle hint of sweetness at the finish.  
  • Gluten Free • Sulfite Free • Sodium Free
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO

Taste ONE ROQ by ordering your first bottle today at: Be sure to check for monthly promo codes available on the website or our social pages as a Prospective Member. When you Join, receive up to 40% off on bottles and merch every month for the life of your Membership!

The Vodka

  • ONE ROQ is a first of its kind gluten, sulfite, and sodium-free recipe,  serving the increasing health and allergy-conscious consumer.
  • ONE ROQ has developed a proprietary blending and resting technique resulting in signature taste and smoothness that we believe competes with - or beats - the best vodkas in the world.
  • Internationally award winning - for taste and design - from largest consumer judged competition in the world.
  • 95 pts awarded by the Food & Beverage network in 2020 !

A Revolutionary Business Model

  • ONE ROQ has created paradigm-shifting brand experience platform that allows its end-users  to take a financial position in the Company, and control the destiny of that financial position simply by aligning with the brand by utilizing the platform and its privileges.
  • Proprietary App Tool (Carry Request) enables Members to request ONE ROQ availability at their favorite locations/venues, allowing them to create their own personal supply chains of ONE ROQ.
  • Innovative Cultural Strategy:  ONE ROQ's lifestyle platform is meant to positively stimulate dialog regarding consumer rights and equity, brand values,  and the historical privileges of the wealthy that have kept early stage opportunities away from main street investors.

The Traction 

  • $1M+ invested by Company in industry experience and foundational assets.  We are an experienced  startup that is ready to navigate and sustain the industry terrain.
  • $1M invested into commercialization of industry-first platform resulting in month over month Member and Sales growth. 
  • Initial Members have demonstrated the market interest and viability of ONE ROQ's unique approach.
  • ONE ROQ has become the  No. 1 Selling vodka on its partner platform, 1-877-Spirits ahead of plan.

The Marketing Innovation

  • Brand-positioning that will capitalize on the yet-to-be-established 'Super-premium American' vodka category. 
  • Innovative Marketing Platform & Membership Club is allowing the brand to distinguish itself from every major brand  in the market as the first lifestyle brand owned and guided by the end-user.

Direct-to-Consumer Communication

  • Traditionally, distilled spirits companies believe they must work with wholesalers to communicate their brand's unique value propositions to the end users. However, the use of the wholesaler under traditional practices brings significant communication and cost challenges to new brands, as the model promotes three degrees of separation between producers and their end users (i.e., supplier --> wholesaler -->retailer--> end-user), as well as a 'diffusion of responsibility' on behalf of wholesalers and retailers who sell hundreds, if not thousands of other brands owned by "more important" suppliers. 
  • So, we asked the logical question: How can we truly rely upon a wholesaler to accurately and passionately communicate the unique selling features of our brand to retailers, who then would turn around and accurately represent that same messaging to consumers? The answer we realized: we can't. 
  • Instead, we deploy direct-to-consumer methods using proven digital marketing and face-to-face activation via tastings and events to reach and communicate with our end-users who are invited to Join the Club and Own Their Spirit. Through this approach, ONE ROQ is controlling its destiny.

Legal : ONE ROQ is required to sell through a federally regulated supply chain, known as the three-tier system, and lawfully uses this system to carry out the retail availability and home delivery of its products. 


ONE ROQ will launch print, video and ground promotional assets bearing the "Escape The Ordinary," and "Own Your Spirit,"  trademarked slogans driving focus to our company's purpose for being.


ONE ROQ aims to acquire market share by building itself as the Luxury-American Vodka alternative to current Value-American vodka options.


With its proven marketing and technology platform built, the Company is seeking to aggressively scale its model  and  establish broadline distribution agreements to open all 50 US states by 2022.


ONE ROQ will initially focus with its line of award-winning luxury vodkas. Additional product introductions, in and outside of vodka, will be considered based on the interest and demand of its Members.


Presently, we believe ONE ROQ is the first-of-its-kind, gluten, sulfite and sodium free recipe targeting the growing health and allergy-conscious consumer.


Garrett has 15 years of professional startup and marketing experience. Garrett has committed the initial risk capital that has allowed the Company to establish a command of the industry's barriers and architect the Company's differentiated approach to break through.


( Club & App Features) 

Own Your Spirit

Align -- at the owner level -- with an internationally Award-winning spirits company redefining what a spirit can be. 

Financial Reward 

If the Company is profitable, Members may receive a future annual distribution.


Influence company decisions by casting votes on future initiatives such as: new products, packaging, campaigns, and more. 

Carry Requests

Request ONE ROQ to be carried in your favorite neighborhood bars or restaurants via the App. These are in development per the FAQs and not currently available.

24/7 Home Delivery & Gifting Concierge

Stock your personal bar or use to send gifts. Perfect for tasteful thank yous or thoughtful gifts to friends, family and colleagues.

Members Discount 

Receive up to 40% off monthly on bottles and merchandise offered through the Club.

VIP Events   

Receive invitations to local and national events events. Enjoy discounted drinks, mingling, and entertainment. These are in development per the FAQs and not currently available.

Original Content 

Receive personalized, monthly content on home entertaining, dating & relationships, travel, and more.

Share The Club 

Once a member, build the value of the Company simply by inviting others to join the club. Simple.

 "Perk" Shopping Credits

Receive up to 10% of your investment back in Gift Shopping Credits 12 months after you invest.

ONE ROQ's Competitive Advantage

ONE ROQ's competitive advantage centers on its differentiated Membership platform,, offering consumers a superior brand experience and value system.Consumers who desire to be part of building an original American-luxury vodka by "Owning Their Spirit," are able to so by investing to join ONE ROQ Vodka Club (, whereby becoming a privileged, equity shareholder in the Company and brand. Membership includes a unique set of Club Privileges to accentuate Membership experience and aid Company goals. 


ONE ROQ desires to cross culturally unify consumers by promoting the importance  - and opportunity -  of ownership in one's life. ONE ROQ stands by offering this experience to all consumers regardless of age, race and income. The brand's Ethos "Own Your Spirit" underscores  the principle  of owning  what you drink  and drinking what you own as a symbol of owning who you are, what you do, and what you believe; a higher standard of consumption and financial consciousness.


Digital, event, print, outdoor, point-of-sale, cross promotions, endorsement, and broadline distribution  marketing will be our primary communication  and marketing methods used to reach vodka drinkers around the US and world.

Member Demographics

Membership represents a diverse range of age, gender and ethnicity across the US and the world.   This means ONE ROQ is succeeding in its aim to promote a culturally inclusive brand that celebrates ownership and exclusivity as  a common thread among principle-minded drinkers.

Destination Member Events

We sponsor exclusive events at top destinations around the world and extend red-carpet access to Members 

The Hamptons 2019

Sundance Film Festival Utah 2020

X Games Aspen 2020

Future Plans We Look Forward To

New and exciting marketing initiatives are poised to take ONE ROQ where no lifestyle brand has gone before. 

Formal development schedules on these projects are to be announced...

The 384 billion global beverage alcohol market has been undergoing two macro trends: enormous industry consolidation into five international majors and an explosion of small, premium craft brands driven by skilled marketing and consumer demand. As a category, Vodka accounts for approximately 31% of total distilled spirits volume, with the high-end premium vodka growing at just under 11% per annum.  The alcohol beverage market is driven by an increasing shift away from beer and wine towards spirits and in particular premium spirit brands as part of an overall movement towards “high-end” consumption. This macro industry trend has led to the creation of numerous start-up  brands over the last ten years seeking to establish themselves as credible niche players to position themselves as acquisition targets for major industry giants.  This market environment has led to consistent demand by major suppliers to acquire successful niche brands that are able to breakthrough with unique and scalable marketing strategies. Acquisition multiples are observed ranging from  5x to 20x sales with acquisition candidacy triggered at the 30-100k cases per annum in gross sales, which can be referenced in the “Historical Acquisitions” exhibit and diagram.


Market Highlights

  • Vodka maintains a dominant market share among all distilled spirit categories, with a 10+ year track record of continuous positive YOY growth.
  • Vodka is the preferred spirit of consumers for ease of drinking, mixability, and price.  (Source:
  • The total number of vodka consumers in the US is approximately 51M adults.  (Source: IWSR 2018)
  • 40M people on Facebook (alone) have a confirmed interest in vodka, and about three times this number in alcohol as a general interest. (Source:
  • The global alcoholic beverage industry is recognized as being among select industries able to sustain itself in strong, weak, and uncertain economies. 
  • Until now, the opportunity of owning your own luxury spirits brand was a privilege reserved only to the ultra wealthy. 
  • ONE ROQ aims to build the first premium brand owned and guided by the end-user, whereby creating a new cultural and consumption standard for luxury and lifestyle.

This Historical Industry Acquisition chart is generated internally based on Company research. Potential Investors should be aware of the corresponding Yearly Expenditures that accompany meeting these projections. For more information, refer to the Financial section (Financial Milestones) of this offering.  

The Historical Industry Acquisition trend illustrates that ONE ROQ needs to establish 30-50,000 cases to enter salable territory. Here are some averages we researched below: 

  • Common denominator of break-through brands: 30,000 cases per year
  • Avg. Acquisition Multiples: 5-20x cases sales
  • Avg. Years in operation at sale date: 3.5-4 years
  • Avg. Topline Sales: $10-20 million

ONE ROQ will aim to generate 30,000 cases in sales within 4.5 years, and case sales of 50,000-100,000 cases thereafter.

The Company’s trailing 12 months of operating history since launching the ONE ROQ Vodka Club (ORVC) have established an internal Member Acquisition Cost (MAC) of $77 and an annual Average Member Purchase (AMP) trend of 3 1L bottles per annum per Member (where 1 Member = 1/2 case per year), for the Company’s direct to home business only. Therefore, through its online sales (in home) business solely,  the Company is projecting to spend approximately $4,620,000 to enroll 60,000 Members and generate 30,000 in case sales; $7,700,000 to enroll 100,000 Members and generate 50,000 in cases sales; and $15,400,000 to enroll 200,000 Members and generate100,000 in cases sales. Once again, this model uses the Company’s digital channel solely and does NOT account for contract sales that are expected to be generated through distributors to service “out of home” (bars & restaurants), which represents another 50% of the overall market. For this reason, the Company has conservatively added 3 additional bottles per member to account for these anticipated sales.  Finally, as the Company expands its marketing and becomes more well-known in the market, the Company expects its MAC to decrease and AMP to increase.

MAC(Member Acquisition Cost):  total ad spend divided by total Members enrolled

AMP (Average Member Purchase): total sales divided by total Members

The above projections are only projections and are not a guarantee of future success. These projections assumes the Company will be able to raise the required funding to support the corresponding yearly operating and selling expenditures it needs to generate the required sales velocity (specifically 30,000 + cases annually) through its marketing to achieve a target valuation where investors could expect a return on investment through a brand sale or other liquidity event in the future. These Projections are not a guarantee of future success and projections may change based on factors out of the Company’s control. Even if these projections are reached, there is no guarantee that a strategic exit will occur. Achieving sales velocity will depend on the performance of distribution contracts, online sales campaigns, and Member-contributed sales and promotions to support company goals. Due to the 3-tier system and the unique business model, the Company reserves the right to measure and define performance of distributors and members as potential factors for future sales . Potential growth rates and future corresponding valuation ranges for potential liquidity events are estimated using industry case studies over the last ten years and are not a guarantee of future valuation. Potential Investors should be aware of the corresponding Yearly Expenditures that accompany meeting these projections. The Company’s historical sales and Member Acquisition Costs are used to establish a reasonable basis for generating the target projections if the company is able to meet current and future financing hurdles. For more information, refer to the Financial section of this offering and the Forward Looking Legend in the Terms section.

ONE ROQ Spirits was founded and developed by American entrepreneur, and award-winning product developer, Garrett Green. As CEO, Garrett leads ONE ROQ's brand strategy with unique insight and operational talent from 15 years of immersive consumer marketing and advertising experience having Founded, Co-Founded and consulted for several uniquely positioned consumer packaged goods startups. Prior to ONE ROQ, Garrett was an inside marketing consultant that contributed to the successful National launch of non-dairy milk brand, Elmhurst Milked, as well as the lead investor and launch director for the indulgent, quick-service restaurant franchise, My-frii, formerly #getfried, which was acquired in 2019. 


  • Prior to a career in marketing and entrepreneurship, Garrett was a competitive amateur golfer that trained with and competed along side globally ranked golfers such as Paula Creamer and Justin Rose while attending Leadbetter Golf Academy at IMG Academies in Bradenton, Sarasota. 
  • Garrett is of the same family descent as American History war hero, General Nathaniel Greene, General George Washington's Major General, whose battle record sealed the fate of the American Revolutionary War, and the future of America.

What is ONE ROQ Vodka Club?

ONE ROQ Vodka Club is the lifestyle platform of ONE ROQ Vodka.  When you join, you're purchasing ownership in the Company, and in return, receiving stock and Club privileges.

Why ONE ROQ Vodka Club?

ONE ROQ believes that genuine lifestyle spirit brands should offer genuine lifestyle privileges - this includes the opportunity to reap both lifestyle and financial reward.

How does the Club work?

  1. LEARN: Prospective Investors are required to read all club offering material made available through the ONE ROQ Club website and our funding partner website,

  2. TASTE: Before, during or after joining, prospective or enrolled members are able to order the product at their leisure through our 24/7 Concierge service via 1-877-Spirits.

  3. INVEST TO JOIN: When you are ready to join, proceed to our FINRA – registered funding page (via StartEngine), and click “Invest” to start your Investment. Your “investment” will secure your commitment until StartEngine approves and accepts your investment to be released to the Company. This process can take 7 to 20 days until you receive a confirmation email to confirm your investment. Once you confirm, your investment is made official. From there, be sure to follow additional email prompts directly from ONE ROQ to create your account and download the app. From there, sit back, relax, and enjoy the Privileges of the Club.

For more information, visit our website at: 

What is the difference in Memberships?

The difference in Memberships are reflected based upon the amount you have chosen to invest. There are no other differences. All Members receive the same access to Club Privileges. Please refer to our membership levels in the Terms section of our Offering Memorandum.

What are the Club Privileges?

The Club Privileges include:

  • Equity: Invest and own equity in an internationally award-winning brand.

  • 24/7 Concierge: Order or gift ONE ROQ Vodka anytime via the club. Perfect for stocking the home bar or gifting for special occasions. (Delivery restrictions may apply.)

  • Carry Requests: An app tool designed to allow you to request ONE ROQ at your favorite retailers. (In Development)

  • VIP Events: Receive VIP access to local and regional events sponsored by ONE ROQ (In Development)

  • Voting Rights: As an owner of Membership Units in the Company, you have voting rights to influence company direction and strategy such as new product offerings, package design, marketing & ad campaigns, club privileges, and the potential future location of our destination distillery(s). Please refer to Exhibit F of our Offering Memorandum which contains the Company’s current Operating Agreement and a discussion on all rights of members. 

  • Quarterly Lifestyle Magazine (In Development)

  • Distribution: If the Company is profitable, Members/Investors may receive a future annual distribution. Investments in startups involve a high degree of risk. There is no guarantee of future dividends. Please refer to our Offering Memorandum for more information and an overview of the risk factors related to our business.

  • Share The Club - Once a member, build the value of the Company simply by inviting others to join the club. 

Is investing in ONE ROQ legal?

Yes, ONE ROQ Spirits LLC is conducting a Regulation Crowdfunding offering with StartEngine, a FINRA regulated funding portal. Regulation Crowdfunding lets private companies raise up to $1.07m annually by selling securities such as membership units, as in this offering, to the public online.  Please note that as a liquor business we are also regulated by State and Federal Tied House laws, please be aware of these when reviewing our offering and making an investment decision.   

How much can I invest?

These offerings are open to any investor over 18 years of age. With Regulation Crowdfunding, non-accredited investors with an annual income or net worth less than $107,000, are limited to invest the greater of $2,200 or 5% of the lesser of their annual income or net worth. For those with an annual income or net worth greater than $107,000, he/she is limited to investing 10% of the lesser of the two amounts. Accredited investors do not have restrictions. Please review StartEngine’s resource here regarding investments. 

Where can I try ONE ROQ?

ONE ROQ can be purchased through our website for home-delivery at: In the future, the product will be made available in select retailers of your selection by using the "Carry Request" app tool. The availability of this feature is determined by the status of our distribution in your market. 

Can I buy ONE ROQ in markets, too, or just online?

If ONE ROQ is not available at your desired retailer already, we have designed an app that allows you to submit Carry Requests to place ONE ROQ in preferred retailers and venues of your choosing. Once you've submitted the request, we work to place the product in that location within 7-30 days on your behalf.  Note, if Requests are made inside a market that we have yet to set up an agent network, Carry Requests can take as long as 120 days+. Again, this feature is currently in development and not available Nationwide. (Patience will be required in our early development stages.)

I ordered product online. When will I receive my first bottle?

Deliveries take 3-7 business days from the time you order (delivery restrictions may apply based on location). Orders fulfilled by 3rd party platform by law. 

Can I cancel my Membership?

Investors are able to cancel at any point throughout the campaign up until 48 hours before an issuer conducts a rolling close ("Notice of Disbursement" is sent with deadline to cancel). If the issuer does not close on your funds during the campaign, you will be able to cancel your investment up until 48 hours before the closing of the offering. Please refer to StartEngine’s investor information center on their website for further details. Once the live offering has closed, you may choose how to handle your shares. Investors will be introduced to the company’s selected transfer agent, or cap table management service, who will be responsible for the transfer of your shares after the close of the offering. There is not currently an established secondary market for shares, and membership units sold under this offering have a one-year period before becoming unrestricted and are able to be freely sold. Please read the offering memorandum for further details specific to this offering. 

Can I sell my member units back to the company or to anyone?

Please refer to the Offering Memorandum for further details about this raise. In general, for Regulation Crowdfunding offerings you are generally restricted from reselling your shares for a one year period after they were issued, unless the shares are transferred: (i) to the company that issued the securities; (ii) to an accredited investor; (iii) to a family member (defined as a child, stepchild, grandchild, parent, stepparent, grandparent, spouse or spousal equivalent, sibling, mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, or sister-in-law, including adoptive relationships.); (iv) in connection with your death or divorce or other similar circumstance; (v) to a trust controlled by you or a trust created for the benefit of a family member; as part of an offering registered with the SEC. Please review StartEngine’s investor information here for more details. 

What makes ONE ROQ mine?

When you invest in ONE ROQ Spirits LLC, you're buying a piece of the company and its brand in the form of equity.  Equity represents a financial interest in the company, which allows you to accept financial rewards as we grow, have a vote in company decision making, and align with the brand on a more intimate level compared to other brands you have bought in the past. More details as to unit holders' votes are included in the Operating Agreement and discussed above. 

What are the commitments of the club?

There are no commitments of the club after you join, but we do hope you find features of the club helpful in supporting the company's mission and growth objectives, such as our 24/7 Concierge, Share The Club, and Carry Request tools.

Why would I join ONE ROQ?

Our commitment to principled drinking and counter-culture ethos is everything. We align ourselves with like-minded members who see through the veil of mass advertising and the dysfunction of big industry. We encourage everyone to be free, independent thinking consumers. If you enjoy the privilege of alcohol, why not form a deeper relationship with a brand you own, guide and benefit from along the way?

What makes ONE ROQ better than Grey Goose, Ciroc, Titos?

ONE ROQ is a hand-crafted vodka of unparalleled quality and taste - developed with over half a decade of meticulous ingredient sourcing and disciplined recipe creation. Our first place gold medal in the largest consumer tasting competition in the world, as well as our 2020 95pt rating the Food & Beverage Network, is a testament to this claim. What makes us this good? Some say it is a secret recipe made from two of the purest and most iconic ingredients in the country: Mid-Western, American Corn and artisan Colorado Rocky mountain water. Others say it is because it may be one of the first and only gluten, sulfite and sodium free vodka in the world. But if you asked us, it's our unwavering belief that an authentic lifestyle spirit should offer authentic lifestyle reward. 

Is ONE ROQ better than Titos Vodka?

ONE ROQ and Titos have a lot in common. We both are made from corn. We both have won first place gold medals in large competitions. We both promote our American-made values.  We both come from small beginnings. And we both represent an underlying resistance to foreign-owned brands. However, ONE ROQ and Titos differ in that we invite our drinkers to become more intimately connected with our spirit; to own our brand; to guide its direction; and benefit beyond the glass.

What kind of events will ONE ROQ sponsor / produce?

ONE ROQ will focus on sponsoring and producing events for its members that include social mixers, concerts, sporting events, creative events and even galas. Members will be given VIP access to all events which may include complimentary food and drink. Covid-19 is currently affecting Company event schedules in 2020 but we look forward to evolving this platform in the "Post-Covid" era. 

What laws govern alcohol businesses in the US?

The two important laws governing our operation include the securities law, Regulation Crowdfunding  (this is how we are able to accept money in exchange for equity in our company direct from the public);  Tied House, which seeks to prevent intermingling between suppliers, wholesalers and retail operators, and the Three-Tier System, which governs the flow of ours goods through the supply chain.

The Three-Tier System is a federally regulated supply chain requiring that all alcoholic producers sell their products to a licensed wholesaler, who in turn must sell to a licensed retailer, who in turn are able to sell to you. Because it could jeopardize our operations, it is important we state that ONE ROQ does not sell its products direct to its members, as this is would be in violation of the Three-Tier System. In lieu, the company partners with industry approved, online fulfillment portals that work with your local retailers to deliver our products to you. Currently, our partner is 1-877-Spirits, a trusted online delivery service of alcoholic beverage for over 30 years - otherwise known as our Online Concierge.

For more information, please refer to our Risk Factors which discuss these laws.

Do I need to invest to buy ONE ROQ?

No, you do not need to invest in ONE ROQ Spirits LLC to buy ONE ROQ Vodka. However, Investing in ONE ROQ Spirits LLC provides you access to all our unique Club Privileges, described above.

What are the benefits of joining?

See Club Privileges above or by visiting us at 

Do I need to invest to join the club?

Yes, when you become an investor you are also becoming a member of the Club.

What is ONE ROQ's valuation? 

Please refer to the terms of our Offering located in our Offering Memorandum and on our Campaign Page below.

What if my store/bar doesn't carry ONE ROQ?

In the future, you can use the ONE ROQ app to submit a Carry Request. Our aim is to place ONE ROQ within 14 days in the retailer of your choice, provided we have active distribution in your market, there is retailer acceptance and Covid-19 is not disrupting the business of your desired retail establishment, bar or restaurant. This app feature is currently in development and available with limited coverage. 

Do I get a discount buying ONE ROQ if I invest?

Yes, as an investor you will receive an Owner/Membership discount of up to 40% product when ordered through  Discount codes are posted to your Member dashboard monthly. Note, due to Federal and State laws, ONE ROQ cannot guarantee pricing or discounts in the market (i.e., in liquor stores, bars, etc). However, it is acceptable to ask your retailer if they would consider applying an Owner's discount, should they carry the product. 

How do I buy ONE ROQ right now?

You can buy ONE ROQ through our Online Concierge and have ONE ROQ home delivered to you. All orders are fulfilled through 1-877 To buy, head to and click "Taste." Alternatively, you can also check local retailers. If the product is not available in local retailers, once this feature is available, in your area, you can submit a Carry Request using your app and request it with the store owners or manager. (Note, fulfillment delays may apply based on your location and the status of our distribution in your market.)

Can I get a free sample before I join?

Due to the cost of our product, as well as liquor laws prohibiting free alcoholic goods to consumers, we currently do not offer free samples.

Will the cost of ONE ROQ come down over time?

The company cannot guarantee any cost changes but our hope is to be able to continue to improve our margins and pricing.

What is the corporate structure of ONE ROQ and what is the difference between a Membership "Unit" and a "Share" of Stock ? 

ONE ROQ Spirits is currently structured as an LLC and you are purchasing Membership Units in this offering. "Units" are used to describe the measure of ownership when a company's legal structure is a LLC. "Shares" are used to describe the measure of ownership in a C-Corp or an S-Corp. The company will evaluate the advantages of converting to a C-Corp but this is not planned at this time.

For more information, please refer to the SEC guidance in relation to Regulation Crowdfunding investing.

In the Press

ONE ROQ Vodka To Launch Lifestyle Platform For Spirits Lovers
September 1, 2017

We announce for the first time our intention of launching a new platform poised to change the game.

ONE ROQ Founder Interviews at Rand Luxury Review - Manhattan, NY
January 1, 2013

ONE ROQ Vodka is invited to showcase at the Luxury Review

New Vodka Brand Uses Patriotism As Marketing Angle
August 9, 2011

LA's top rated trend and lifestyle magazine latched onto our vodka's story right before we entered the market for the first time the year following.

ONE ROQ Serves Up A Taste With Masarati In Hamptons
August 12, 2014

ONE ROQ Serves Up A Taste With Masarati and Company In The Hamptons

ONE ROQ Vodka Serves Up Brunch With Bentley Motors
September 1, 2016

ONE ROQ Vodka Serves up Brunch and Entertainment in SouthHampton alongside of Bentley Motors and Rand Luxury

ONE ROQ Features in Robb Report Magazine Best of The Best
July 16, 2013

Robb Report Invites ONE ROQ Vodka To Be Recognized Inside The World's Best of Luxury

The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, The Bubbles Club – Cocktail Party
October 31, 2013

ONE ROQ Appears in Elite Traveler from Sponsorship at The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

ONE ROQ® Wins Spirits International Prestige (SIP) Awards: Gold Medals and Special Distinction for Bottle Design and Flavors
August 14, 2012

ONE ROQ Receives First Place Gold - for Taste & Design - In World's Largest Consumer-Judged Tasting Competition

The Flavors of Vodka
July 3, 2012

ONE ROQ highlighted in prominent industry publication, Beverage Media Group, for quality and flavors.

Food & Beverage Magazine

ONE ROQ Vodka - How this innovative brand is re-imagining what the spirit can be.

ESPN Press Room

ESPN Unveils Sponsors for X Games Aspen 2020

Style Utah

ONE ROQ VODKA, A Luxury Experience During Sundance

Chilled Magazine

Cheers to Dads: Fathers Day Gift Guide

Offering Summary




Corporate Address


430 Virginia Street, Ste 401, Buffalo, NY 14201

Offering Minimum



Offering Maximum



Minimum Investment Amount

(per investor)




Offering Type



Security Name


Membership Units

Minimum Number of Shares Offered



Maximum Number of Shares Offered



Price per Share



Pre-Money Valuation



COVID Relief

This offering is being conducted on an expedited basis due to circumstances relating to COVID-19 and pursuant to the SEC’s temporary COVID-19 regulatory relief set out in Regulation Crowdfunding §227.201(z).

Expedited closing sooner than 21 days.

Further, in reliance on Regulation Crowdfunding §227.303(g)(2) A funding portal that is an intermediary in a transaction involving the offer or sale of securities initiated between May 4, 2020, and August 31, 2020, in reliance on section 4(a)(6) of the Securities Act (15 U.S.C. 77d(a)(6)) by an issuer that is conducting an offering on an expedited basis due to circumstances relating to COVID-19 shall not be required to comply with the requirement in paragraph (e)(3)(i) of this section that a funding portal not direct a transmission of funds earlier than 21 days after the date on which the intermediary makes publicly available on its platform the information required to be provided by the issuer under §§227.201 and 227.203(a).

*Maximum Number of Shares Offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See Bonus info below.

Investment Incentives and Bonuses*

Early Investors

Friends and Family - First 72 hours | 15% bonus shares

Super Early Bird - Next 72 hours | 10% bonus

Early Bird Bonus - Next 7 days | 5% bonus shares

Silver Membership (Invest $100 to $449)

Receive up to 233-1,044 shares of equity, all Privileges of the Club, and up to 10% back in shopping credits at

Gold Membership (Invest $450 to $2,499)

Receive up to 1,125-6,248 shares of equity, all Privileges of the Club, and up to 10% back in shopping credits at

Black Membership (Invest $2,500+ )

Receive up to 5,814+ shares of equity, all Privileges of the Club, and up to 10% back in shopping credits at

*Club Privileges begin once your investment clears into the Company. (Clearing can take 7 to 21 days from time of investment.) Perk Credits are issued approximately 12 months from your investment date. Perk Images are for display purposes only. Merchandise may vary. 

The 10% Bonus for StartEngine Shareholders

ONE ROQ Spirits LLC will offer 10% additional bonus units for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any units they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 membership units at $.43/ unit, you will receive 110 membership units, meaning you'll own 110 units for $43. Fractional units will not be distributed and unit bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole unit.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are cancelled or fail.

Investors will only receive a single bonus, which will be the highest bonus rate they are eligible for.

*Club Privileges begin once your investment clears into the Company. Clearing can take 7 to 20 days from time of investment. Perk Shopping Credits are issued 12 months from the date your investment clears with the Company. Perk Images are for display purposes only. Merchandise may vary.

Forward Looking Information


Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Salary payments made to one’s self, a friend or relative.

Show More
Most recent fiscal year-end:
Prior fiscal year-end:
Total Assets
$195,936.00 USD
$256,082.00 USD
Cash And Cash Equivalents
$72,376.00 USD
$64,455.00 USD
Accounts Receivable
$21,180.00 USD
$7,820.00 USD
Short Term Debt
$97,681.00 USD
$48,287.00 USD
Long Term Debt
$130,540.00 USD
$142,011.00 USD
Revenues And Sales
$64,510.00 USD
$18,461.00 USD
Costs Of Goods Sold
$66,742.00 USD
$68,236.00 USD
Taxes Paid
$0.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Net Income
-$462,201.00 USD
-$489,207.00 USD


A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.


ONE ROQ To Serve At Global Event For Queen's Birthday

20 days ago

ONE ROQ to Mark Queen’s Birthday

ONE ROQ Spirits, makers of ONE ROQ®, has been invited to be featured at major event to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s 95th birthday.  

March 5, 2021. New York, NY. America - This year, royal correspondent Robert Jobson, the International Club for Rolls-Royce & Bentley Enthusiasts (also known as the RREC) and publisher St James’s House will publish a commemorative book to honor the Queen and celebrate the enduring relationship between the British Royal Family and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. The club’s official launch event will take place in London UK, where the ONE ROQ® luxury spirit will be served.    

Titled ‘Strive for Perfection: The Royal Edition’, this unique publication will tell the compelling story of Queen Elizabeth II and feature some of the world’s finest motor cars. It will also provide members of the RREC with a luxury lifestyle guide that showcases carefully selected brands from around the world – all chosen for their unique editorial fit. 

“We are pleased to share that we have recently accepted an invitation to be featured in ‘Strive for Perfection: The Royal Edition’,” says Garrett Green, Director of ONE ROQ. “ONE ROQ and its original luxury experience through caught the attention of the RREC’s official publisher, St James’s House, and our spirit will be showcased and served at the exhibition and book launch to take place later this year.” The event date, time and location will be announced in the coming months.

“As a luxury American spirits company looking to reinvent what a spirit can be, ONE ROQ was an obvious choice for inclusion in this publication, and the RREC would like to thank ONE ROQ for its support of this project,” says Ian Dorward, CEO of the RREC. 

Copies of the book will be distributed to all members of the RREC and made available to a wider audience of Rolls-Royce and Bentley dealerships around the world. A limited number will also be retailed. 

St James’s House has been an official publisher to the RREC since 2007. It has also produced a range of publications about the British Royal Family including licenced commemorative albums for The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration at Windsor Castle and the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant.


ONE ROQ is an internationally award-winning vodka known for its superlative taste and global online membership community. For those interested in escaping their ordinary, your journey begins at 


About St James’s House

Based in London, UK, St James’s House is part of a world-leading creative media group that delivers bespoke solutions for a global client base, including leading consumer brands, governments, and campaigning bodies.



About the RREC

The RREC is one of the largest dedicated-marque car clubs in the world and a leading authority on these revered international brands. Through its high-end events and publications, the club informs, inspires and connects owners, while also safeguarding and celebrating the heritage of Rolls-Royce and Bentley.


ONE ROQ Weekly Round Up...

21 days ago

ONE ROQ Weekly Round Up...

It's been just over a full year since the Pandemic beared down on the US. And with Texas and Florida taking lead in a push towards normalization, we are hopeful that freedoms we once new may be just around the corner.  Until then, ONE ROQ will proudly position its brand as a symbol of escape, exclusively to its Member-Investors.

With that shared,  here is this week's round up of Company Updates for ONE ROQ Spirits, makers of ONE ROQ Vodka and Together, the spirit like no other. 

We've Passed $400k In Investments

In just a week after extending our maximum funding goal (reopening the club), we have already returned to healthy investment flow comprising both new and existing investors. We are looking forward to March 15th where new Reg CF rules will allow for the option to acquire new growth capital as we aim to transition from concept to commercial player in  2021.

Michigan Launch Is Live. Enter Carry Requests Now. 

On March 1, ONE ROQ conducted its General Sales  (Kick Off) Meeting with its Michigan based sales & marketing arm, Benchmark Beverage. The sales team at Benchmark is now live in Michigan introducing ONE ROQ to the trade! By Wednesday March 10th, our Carry Request tool (a white glove placement service for Members) will be activated in the Member dashboard.  Carry Requests and word-of-mouth on retailers will be key to our initial attacks on market. Michigan Members: look out for updates specific to your launch coming soon to your inbox. And don't forget to check out the new "Michigan ROQs SWAG" now available in the Gift Shop.

ONE ROQ Flavors to Return in Spring

2021 Production is currently scheduled for late March/early April and will replenish our ONE ROQ Vodka and ONE ROQ Loganberry inventories to supply our direct-to-home (online sales) and distributor (retail) launch opportunities.  After choosing to post pone the release of additional flavors in the 4th quarter of 2020, we feel optimistic about returning to  introducing one of our limited release flavors this spring!  The mystery flavor is TBA.   

New Privileges Launching Soon

As part of focus to continue to create new and engaging member experiences that will drive value-added growth strategies to the Company, we are planning to unveil two new Club Privileges. One, the activation of the "Vote" as a new open feedback and survey loop for Members to impart insight, opinions and influence on the Company's future activities. And two, a new monthly Member-generated content platform that will allow Members to share stories, content and their professional profiles within the ONE ROQ Members Community via  inclusion in our  public and private monthly newsletter and social channels! More TBA.

An International Recognition To Be Announced

ONE ROQ has received invitation from an internationally recognized government organization to partake at a historic event celebrating 100 years of luxury. A official release is TBA.

Talk Soon,

The ONE ROQ Team

Happy St Patricks Day!

Members Enjoy 32% Off Bottles and 35% off Merch in March. 

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Notice of Funds Disbursement

22 days ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, ONE ROQ Spirits has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in ONE ROQ Spirits be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


You Are Part of History - SEC Drastically Improves Law For More Opportunity

25 days ago

ONE ROQ Raises a Glass To Congratulate Investors and Partners For Being Part Of US - and Spirits - History

Yesterday, the SEC officially raised the annual funding limits for Reg CF and Reg A+ issuers, drastically improving rules to allow greater access to capital for issuers and more importantly, investment opportunity for investors. The Key Improvements to the regulatory framework includes a significant increase on the annual financing limits from $1.07M to $5M  (for Reg CF issuers) and $50M to $75M (for Regulation A+ issuers).  

As an event, this change marks a landmark legal and cultural shift in the US financial industry, and Democracy at large.  Prior to the Jobs Act,  equity investing in start ups was a privilege reserved only for the wealthiest classes in America. The government's rationale: "protecting average, uneducated people from the risk of early stage investing." And incidentally, the opportunity of them as well. For the first time, people regardless of age, race and income are partaking in investment opportunities that have the real potential of generating life-changing wealth, with as little as $100.00.

"As one of the equity crowdfunding industry's most original and consistently funded spirits start ups, these new rule adjustments will now allow ONE ROQ // to accelerate the growth of its global Membership community and pursue exciting initiatives  that will support our aim of becoming a disruptive player in the US and global vodka category..." states Garrett Green, Founder. "This is also further opportunity for our investors to increase the value to their own investments by continuing to bring more and more of their friends, family and colleagues into the Club."


ONE ROQ Spirits is the maker of ONE ROQ Vodka and the - brand experience re-imagined.  ONE ROQ is currently raising its 2nd Seed Round at. 43c/share.  Investments include an equity stake in the company's financial future and access to the ONE ROQ Club, featuring a suite of Member-only privileges.


In March, claim 32% Off ONE ROQ and 35% off Merch (Members only) 

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A Year In Review | 2020

about 1 month ago

A copy of this update is posted in the Reading Room

2020 caught the world by surprise, forcing  many industries to confront the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of their businesses and business models.  In the alcohol industry, we saw both hardship and boom as Pandemic induced shutdowns shuttered bars & restaurants across the nation, but bolstered bottle sales through liquor stores and e-commerce platforms.  Even so, only staple brands, and unique digitally-savvy brands benefited from these abrupt industry transformations.  We are excited - and humbled -  to share we were one of these unique brands. 

 Key Performance Stats of 2020 

Due to our early stage, and unique business model, the Company uses a variety of factors in which it measures past, current and future performance. It is worthy to note that these figures were achieved during just (7) months of active offering time, and in highly unstable economic conditions created by global Pandemic.

  • 150% increase in sales (includes booked and open orders, and does not account for merchandise) in our first operational year*
  • 50% increase in Club Membership 
  • 166% increase in Member Carry Requests (Total Requests on Accounts compared to prior year)
  • 148% increase in Member Referrals (Members referring new Members to the Club)
  • 45% ($200k) decrease in annual operating losses (total sales minus total expenses)
  • Over $544,123 raised in capital commitments combining prior and current round at a pre-money Company Valuation of $23.2M respectively (a 129% increase in valuation compared to previous round). 

*The first formal year of operations which starts after the completion of the Company's initial funding round

These numbers are prepared on a pro-forma basis with finalized reports to be published through the Company's 2020 Annual Report.

The Company's brand valuation is independently determined by the Company and validated by the market.

2020 Highlights 

Here are some of the key moments that contributed to our successes last year.

ONE ROQ Becomes Sponsor of X Games Aspen!

  Event Video Recap / Press Release 

 ONE ROQ Throws Luxury Members Party during Sundance Film Festival! 

Coverage From Style Utah   /     Event  Video Recap     

ONE ROQ Hits its 2000th Member!


ONE ROQ Completes $1M Offering !

ONE ROQ Raises 1M -

ONE ROQ Lands Cover of Food & Beverage Magazine for Innovation!

Read the Article!

ONE ROQ Receives 95pts Live from Industry Veterans on the Proof Podcast

Listen to podcast

ONE ROQ Becomes No. 1 Selling Vodka on!

Read on

ONE ROQ Becomes Chilled Mag's Fathers Day Gift Guide Go-TO

ONE ROQ is mentioned in Chilled Magazine for Fathers Day

ONE ROQ Launches Public 2nd Offering with Record Investments

ONE ROQ Launches Offering II - reaching over $250k in commitments in 1 week 

SEC approves landmark  equity crowdfunding laws  (that will allow ONE ROQ to spread wings in 2021)

"A New Dawn For Start Ups "  - Forbes

ONE ROQ Wins Gold Medal at The 2020 Proof Awards

Official Results publishing February, 2021

ONE ROQ is named a top 20 Instagram account to follow in 2020, with Kevin Hart, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Anthony Mendez

Press - LA Wire 

ONE ROQ Launches Special Ordering Program Through Virginia ABC

Press - NBC 

ONE ROQ Secures Distribution Agreement to service Members in Michigan in 2021

Read Below in Start Engine Updates

ONE ROQ Launches Monthly Delivery Amid Pandemic

Reading Room  (Must be a Member to access)

ONE ROQ fights global shipping delays and finishes year with record e-commerce sales

Reading Room (Must be a Member to access)

ONE ROQ Founder Recognized by Yahoo Finance with top 10 Leadership of 2020

 Yahoo Finance

Important Updates

New Hires

ONE ROQ is pleased to announce its first two US National sales hires, Jack Delaporte and John Mulvey. Mr  Delaporte and Mr Mulvey will deploy a combined 50 years of industry sales experience to support ONE ROQ's plan to 50 US states of distribution by 2023!  If you missed the update, check it out today through the Reading Room. 

Accessing the Club

To access the Club (, enjoy privileges, and gain company insights, your initial investment must first be fully cleared. Once cleared, you will then receive a Welcoming email from ONE ROQ within 1-2 days inviting you to create your unique Member profile, and download the ONE ROQ Vodka Club (ORVC) app. While the Club can be accessed via desktop or your mobile phone browser, the ONE ROQ app allows you to receive additional communications from the Company via push push notifications to alert  you of pertinent news and updates.  We encourage investors to download the app via the Apple App (IOS) or Google Play (Android) even if your investment is in pending status. 

Investor Communication 

Stay in the know - make sure you are following all of our company communications channels to receive updates. To be completely plugged in, be sure to click the heart icon on our offering page to receive updates like theses; join our newsletter at the bottom of for important monthly content from the Club,  and follow us on social. Simply search for "ONE ROQ Vodka" on your preferred social media platform to find our official pages.  We are most active on Instagram: @oneroq_vodka !

Claiming Perks 

Investor Perk Shopping Credits  - up to 10% of your investments -  are normally issued to your Member dashboard  between 10 and 12 months from the date your investments clear.  As you may have observed, the events of 2020 caused delays in our processing schedule. We have been successfully catching up perk disbursements in recent months and will continue to do so as we are able!

Next Steps | Our 2021 Outlook 

We are hard at work finishing year end reporting requirements and mapping our plans to execute bigger and better in the upcoming year. To support these goals, we are planning on conducting a 2021 Prospectus Event by the end of the first quarter which will summarize where we have been, what we are doing and where we want to go. The tenants of the 2021 Outlook include:  Inventory Production, New Hires, Distributor Development, Expansion of Direct to Home (E-Commerce), Carry Request Infrastructure, New B2B Technology,  and the introduction of new, visionary Club Privileges poised to take ONE ROQ where no lifestyle beverage brand has gone before.

We look forward to seeing all of our Members at this upcoming virtual event in planning.



ONE ROQ Vodka Club 

Members: Get 32% off bottles In March. [ Login For Code ]

 Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit 

Notice of Funds Disbursement

about 1 month ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, ONE ROQ Spirits has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in ONE ROQ Spirits be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


In The News: ONE ROQ Mentioned by NY Weekly!

about 2 months ago

"perfect vodka..."  

On Friday, February 20th, NY Weekly's Founder & Chief Editor, Ryann Pierre, published a feature on ONE ROQ, calling it the "perfect vodka of American pedigree." The the article summarizes, with remarkable precision, the compelling problem/solution of the Company, and its near perfect timing within current trends.

Read It Now.

ONE ROQ Vodka Club 

 Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit 

Notice of Material Change in Offering

about 2 months ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the ONE ROQ Spirits offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

One Roq Spirits, LLC provided audited financials and increased their maximum funding goal.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

Michigan Is Coming!

about 2 months ago

ONE ROQ Announces Launch Date of Distribution Agreement with Benchmark of Michigan

2-18-21 San Diego, CA - Today, ONE ROQ® // announces final agreement and launch date with Benchmark of Michigan. The agreement, inked last month, will provide ONE ROQ Vodka passage and comprehensive brand representation throughout the state through Benchmark. Initial inventories are being moved into place for official go-to-market launch activities to begin starting March 1, 2021.  Retailers are encouraged to reserve their inventories by contacting Benchmark, and Members are encouraged to begin spreading the word to their favorite bars, restaurants or retailers,  while also making sure to enter their Carry Requests through the ORVC Member portal, to be serviced by Benchmark agents!

"We are very excited to be one of the first states to launch ONE ROQ's new member model, which we believe will change the way liquor companies go to market," stated Auday Arabo, President of Benchmark Beverage Company.  "In addition to having a perfected super premium vodka in a beautiful package at a reasonable price, the consumer ownership model is a game changer."

The focus of the Company's launch will be  servicing Michigan Member Carry Requests, a signature tool of the ONE ROQ Club permitting Owners to request placement at their favorite bars, restaurants or liquor stores. In addition, ONE ROQ and Benchmark will work together to introduce the ONE ROQ brand platform to new retailers who see unmatched value in providing the brand experience to their existing customers of fine spirits and premium vodka.

"In a time when brands are struggling to find distribution & retail acceptance, we are proud of the opportunity to enter and grow our retail footprint in Michigan," shares Garrett Green, Director of ORVC.  "This will be the first time we launch with a outside sales team with proven clout in the market...we are excited to see the potential of the ONE ROQ Club platform in full operation with timely and consistence placement successes on behalf of Members."

Additional Markets for Update 

The Company is actively pursing Distribution Agreements in: Texas, Georgia, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Arizona, Colorado, California, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia, Alaska, Alabama, Louisiana, North/South Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Illinois in 2021.

ONE ROQ Vodka Club 

 Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit

~~~ Members Receive 30% off Bottles in February. Login for Code ~~~ 

Notice of Material Change in Offering

about 2 months ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the ONE ROQ Spirits offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

One Roq Spirits, LLC extended the length of the campaign.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

ONE ROQ Announces New Hires To Lead Development in 2021

2 months ago

A copy of this update is available in the Reading Room 

ONE ROQ Announces Industry Veterans, John Mulvey and Jack Delaporte to Lead US Distributor Development in 2021

The announcement marks a key milestone as ONE ROQ Vodka Club begins transition from conceptual start up to promising disruptor.

February 2nd, 2021 - Today, ONE ROQ Spirits is announcing John Mulvey and Jack Delaporte, two senior hires, that will lead distribution development in the US for ONE ROQ Vodka and its growing international community of brand owners. The announcement comes hand-in-hand with the Company's announcement to achieve distribution programs in all 50 US states, and more, by 2023.

The target distribution infrastructure is part of the Company's requirement to successfully fulfill the vision of Carry Requests, a white-glove placement service that enables Club Members to have ONE ROQ made available through specific establishments of their choosing in their local markets. 50 States will also allow the Company to expand its e-commerce capability by adding more retailers who can reach more households throughout the country. 

" John Mulvey and Jack  Delaporte have a combined 50 years of successful brand launch and distributor programming experience working for some of the most successful suppliers and distributors in the world," shares Green, CEO/Director.  "Together, their job will be to develop and manage a National distribution network we require to advance our unique strategies and plan. "  

Meet John and Jack 

John Mulvey Bio


John is a highly demonstrated sales professional with a 35-year track record in driving successful brand introductions and market sales for top supplier brands within the US adult beverage industry.  John began his career as a regional manager at Bacardi Limited, a top 5 global supplier of beverage alcohol, serving from 1990 to 1997. Following, John was recruited by the Kautz Ironstone Vineyards Company where he directed and managed an 8-state mid-west territory overseeing 15 US distributors.  With a burgeoning track record in sales, John was finally hired by Imperial Brands, the US subsidiary of Belvedere SA (France), a top 10 global supplier, to be part of the National Team that led the Sobieski US brand launch to over 1 Million Cases in just 4th years, the fastest brand to reach 1M cases in the US ever.  

John's focus will be in developing, overseeing and managing new distributors, the marketing processes that support the fulfillment of Member Carry Requests, as well as traditional retailer activations.

We are looking forward to working with John to create the same confidence and success he has grown accustomed to creating for world-class brands.

Jack Delaporte Bio


With over 15 years of experience in the alcohol beverage industry, Jack’s dynamic background in both field sales and regional sales management roles for leading supplier and distributor companies, Sovereign Brands and the Young's Market Company,  offers ONE ROQ an immediate opportunity to create valued distributor partnerships with valuable distributors that will help bring ONE ROQ into the mainstream US adult beverage market. Jack's focus is to support distributor processes thatL successfully activate accounts requested by ORVC Members through ONE ROQ's Carry Request tool; and also to activate retailers that have an interest to enroll in the superior brand experience of ONE ROQ.

Through his company, Blank Slate Beverage, Jack's sole focus will lie in creating new distribution partners to advance Company sales, market share and member experience.  In addition to new distributor development, Jack will also work to support distributors by helping to authorize chain retailers, national accounts, on-premise, and independent liquor outlets.  

We look forward to working with Jack to creating winning distributor partnerships that will introduce and grow ONE ROQ's next-generation experience brand into a systemic success story inside the US spirits market, and beyond.


ONE ROQ Vodka Club 

 Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit 

In The News - ONE ROQ Recognized by Yahoo! Finance

2 months ago

ONE ROQ Vodka Founder Recognized by Yahoo Finance for Top 10 Leadership in 2020 

 The Rankings included Elon Musk (Tesla) and Sara Blakely (Spanx) !

On December 29, 2020 -- Yahoo! Finance brought  good news to ONE ROQ Members and Owners just as 2020 closed out, when ONE ROQ's Founder, Garrett Green,  was honored as one of 2020's top 10 entrepreneurs. In the rankings were household names like Elon Musk and Spanx Founder, Sara Blakely.  A full length version of this article is provided here.  

"Thank you Yahoo! but this recognition is really owed to our Members," wrote Garrett Green, sharing the news on his Linked'In page this month.

ONE ROQ Vodka Club 

 Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit 

Company Milestone, Industry News, and New Deals

4 months ago

Company Milestone

ONE ROQ Passes 1000 Investors In Round 2 and 3,000+ Total Investors / Club Members since beginning. Congratulations, ROQs!

ONE ROQ has officially surpassed 1000 Investors and 98% of its funding goal in the first leg of Offering 2.  Proceeds from the offering have gone towards the Company's operational requirements in 2020 including: cost of goods sold, software development and maintenance, general marketing & advertising, sales, perk disbursement, as well as legal & administrative expenses for annual reporting requirements under Reg CF.  While an end-of year report as well as 2021 outlook will be presented in the New Year, we are pleased to share that 12+ months of performance and data, unique to our model, will support key strengths & opportunities in the ONE ROQ venture, and the requirements to continue on a successful path.  With a proof-of-concept in hand, the pursuit of a National distribution network; scaled member growth; inventory building; new products and business segments; and over-the-top brand marketing initiatives will be the core tenants of 2021. We simply cannot wait to present the battle plan, which will contain the key basis for our continued company growth and market break-through. 

Industry News

Wine & Spirits Off Premise/Online Booming

According to recent reports, Industry Sales of wine, beer and spirits are up across the board with consumers actually continuing to trade up to premium brand purchases; majority of volume is being consumed through off-premise and direct-to-consumer.  Some key quotes were extracted from a recent article that ran with the New York Times on Dec 18th, 2020 summarizing the environment for wine & spirits in 2020. 

"The pandemic has been a boom to retail alcohol sales of all kinds. Beer sales are up, as are those of wine and vodka. Even the lowly vermouth - the anonymous mixer that blends with the name-brand spirits in martinis and Manhattans - has seen a spike in business as consumers substitute drinking at home for visits to local bars or restaurants."

"A trend we see is an accelerated rate of buying premium brands," said Danelle Kosmal, vice president of beverages and alcohol at the research firm Nielsen. "Consumers are trading up and spending more, and it's a trend that's been accelerated since the pandemic started."

"Only spirits - led by vodka - have surpassed their pre-pandemic volume, with overall retail sales up 24 percent since March. Retail sales of wine are up 16.6 percent since the lock-down and 13.4 percent for beer."


New Deals

ONE ROQ Lands Agreement with Bench Mark Beverage to Open Michigan in 2021 

The  agreement, made between ONE ROQ and Bench Mark Beverage through MHW LTD, will provide ONE ROQ passage and comprehensive brand representation throughout the State of Michigan in 2021. The focus of the relationship will be on servicing Member Carry Requests as well as introducing ONE ROQ to new retail accounts.  Inventory to support the roll-out of the market will be included in ONE ROQ's 1st quarter production runs, along with other markets it is expected to announce during the Company's year-end and future outlook conference. A formal release outlining the battle plan for Members of Michigan is to be announced!

Please stand by as we wrap up and - happily - bid farewell to 2020. 

Yours in Health,

The ONE ROQ Team

ONE ROQ Vodka Club 

 Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit 

ONE ROQ passes 94% of funding goal In Round II

4 months ago

ONE ROQ  Successfully On Pace to Reach Initial Funding Goal 

Investments that are committed after the funding goal is reached will be waitlisted. 

Dear Investors Members of the ORVC,

ONE ROQ has officially raised over 900 investments in just a few months in Round II, pushing it over 94% of our initial permitted funding goal, which allowed us to eclipse 3,000 total Club Members in 2020. We want to congratulate  our existing investor community, and let our  first-time investors know we look forward to welcoming them to the Club.  

As we all know, 2020 has been a wild year, but we are really looking forward to sharing all that we've learned - and proved - about our exciting brand and venture. In the meantime, here are some trailing updates that may be important to you.


  • New and Existing Investors with pending investments: please plan for 2-4 more weeks for Start Engine to process your funds and issue your subscription agreements.  If you are a new Investor, this is when you will receive your official invitation into The ORVC . If you are an existing Investor this is when you will see your dashboard readings update.
  • We are working with Start Engine to improve the time of processing investments and look forward to seeing those restore to normal 7-14 day processing speeds next month.
  • Our first ever ONE ROQ Holiday Gift Guide just dropped in the Reading Room (must be confirmed Member to view)
  • Minor delays with holiday orders have occurred due to online holiday surges with 3rd party carriers + Covid19 
  • 2 National Sales hires to be announced will lead charge for 50 states of distribution by 2023.
  • Results of Year 1 of operations will underscore ONE ROQ Vodka Club's strengthening business case and provide exciting outlook for continued growth in 2021. End of year conference call will be posted. 


The ONE ROQ Team

ONE ROQ Vodka Club 

 Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit 

Now Disbursing Perks for...

4 months ago

Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce perk disbursement for Members who invested between April 1st, 2019 and June 30th, 2019 (Quarter 2). If you invested between those dates, you can claim your perks by logging into your account at


The ONE ROQ Team 

ONE ROQ Vodka Club 

Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit 

  Members:  Claim 42% off Bottle + 35% off Merchandise   //   Prospective Members: 35% off bottles 

Only at 

Give The Ultimate Gift

4 months ago

A copy of this communications has also been provided through our Newsletter and the Reading Room (Members Only)

To Order or Gift Bottles, Head to ONEROQClub.comTo Purchase Shares, Click "Invest Now" on the Offering Page

As Always, Please Drink and Invest Responsibly 


The ONE ROQ Team

ONE ROQ was just called "The Bitcoin of the Adult Beverage Industy"

4 months ago


ONE ROQ Vodka was just called 'The Bitcoin of the Adult Beverage Industry' and named a Top 20 Global Instagram Account by

12-2-20 (Los Angeles). Just last month, @ONE ROQ_VODKA was named a 'Top 20 Instagram Account to Follow' alongside the likes of A-list celebrities, Kevin Hart and Cristiano Ronaldo by  In the same article,  called ONE ROQ the 'Bitcoin of the Adult Beverage industry,'  referring to the decentralized nature of its business model where end-users are also the financial stakeholders, and whom stand to realize the upside benefits should ONE ROQ continue to be adopted by consumers.  

In November, the Company reports another record month in 'direct-to-consumer' sales through, compared to the previous year period, and total membership eclipsed 3,000 total members with new member growth back on pace at 200-300 new members a month.

While ONE ROQ is not a cryptocurrency, nor does it accept or issue ‘crypto’ as a security, the Company agrees that striking similarities between Bitcoin’s democratization of currency and ONE ROQ’s democratization of beverage alcohol are warranted, and should serve as a harbinger for the Company’s future success. 

"This unique recognition by the Los Angeles Wire demonstrates the beginning of percolating cultural adoption of the ONE ROQ brand, an innovation that is naturally satisfying a growing desire by consumers to create more equitable relationships with  the products they consume - an experience that we believe consumers rightfully deserve," states Garrett Green, Founder and Architect of ONE ROQ. “It is a bonus that ONE ROQ also happens to be winning top awards for its taste and design as well.  Given the sheer size of the $300B global beverage alcohol market, a business model that is now past concept stage, and our ‘first-mover’ position with that model, ONE ROQ could easily present  Bitcoin-like growth potential, without the regulatory ceiling.”

The Company congratulates its Members  and looks forward to supporting their gifting and entertaining needs for the fast approaching Holiday season, only at

About ONE ROQ 

ONE ROQ is an internationally award-winning, super-premium, luxury vodka from America. Proceeding initial trial market launches where it became jaded from industry stone walls, ONE ROQ reemerged through an innovation pivot in late 2018 where it successfully raised over $1M from 2500+ initial consumer investors. By May of 2020, ONE ROQ landed the cover of Food & Beverage Magazine for innovation and thought-leadership, won 95pts from the Proof Awards, and rose to the No. 1 selling vodka on a top US online retailer, 1877, its current fulfillment partner for online purchases.

ONE ROQ offers Members of the ONE ROQ Club world-class privileges and digital amenities including foremost, company equity, a 24/7 ordering and gifting concierge, monthly reading content, referral rewards, VIP invites to special events, Members-only discounts, and the potential of future financial reward from their Membership investment.

ONE ROQ Vodka Club 

ONE ROQ's Holiday Delivery & Gifting Services are just a click away

  Members  Get 42% off Bottle + 35% off Merchandise   //   Prospective Members: 35% off 

  Claim now at: 

Notice of Material Change in Offering

5 months ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the ONE ROQ Spirits offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

ONE ROQ Spirits extended the length of their campaign.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

ONE ROQ Launches Monthly Delivery !

5 months ago

ONE ROQ Launches Monthly Delivery 

The Company's latest Product Offering Introduces New Ordering Conveniences For Regular Purchasing & Sharing Members of ONE ROQ Vodka //

Regular ordering Members and Non-Members now have the option to enroll in  reoccurring Monthly Delivery where monthly discounts are automatically applied to each shipment.  Monthly Delivery allows Members to alleviate monthly manual ordering while locking in exclusive monthly discounts it creates for Members and Prospective Members.   The new, branded Monthly Delivery options include The Connoisseur (1 Bottle Monthly), The Savant (2 Bottles Monthly) and the Entertainer (3 Bottles Monthly).  Members can expect to save an average of 35% on orders throughout the year.

To enroll, enter the current month's discount code provided via and use during checkout for any of the Monthly Delivery items now listed in the bottle store.  Subscribers can cancel and renew at anytime.

"ONE ROQ's latest product introduction creates an expected convenience to our growing community of regular ordering and gifting ONE ROQ Members who love to drink and share their spirit while driving value to the Company and their investments" shares Green, Director.  "Reoccurring monthly delivery options is a small but important feature underpinning our focus on service excellence to Members, and our aim to build a dynamic  'direct-to-consumer'  adult beverage brand as part of our overall strategy."

RelatedONE ROQ's flavored vodkas, Dark Chocolate Truffle and Magenta Raspberry are expected to release late in the first quarter with special limited production availability.

ONE ROQ Vodka Club 

ONE ROQ's Holiday Delivery & Gifting Services are just a click away

  Members Get 35% off Bottle + Merchandise   //   Prospective Members Try ONE ROQ 25% off 

  Only at: 

New Investments, Perks, Industry News, Q4 Initiatives

5 months ago

  Updates: Investments, Perks, Industry News and Q4 Initiatives

 ------  Let's Rise   ----      

To our Founding Members who  continue to upgrade their positions in Round II, we raise a glass. To our newest Members, we welcome you to the Club. 

We applaud all of you as early movers in our latest round, and affirm  your investments have provided the Company important resources to recharge key marketing activities that we believe will continue to grow the ONE ROQ brand through our novel lifestyle and membership platform,

Whether you are getting familiar with the Club for the first time, or continuing to enjoy  your array of Owner amenities through the Club,  here are few important updates we wanted to share with you as we head into the holiday season and focus on completing the year during a global pandemic.

This Week

  • NEW INVESTORS: last week we sent out your welcoming e-mails.  Be sure to use this e-mail to create your ORVC Member profile and download the app to access Privileges of the ORVC. 
  • EXISTING INVESTORS: updates to your Member dashboards should now reflect your most recent investments. We applaud your upgrades and look forward to our continued success together.

This Month

  • INDUSTRY:  The SEC  has officially approved new raise limits across the industry for Regulation CF  issuers from a $1.07M annual limit to a new, $5M annual limit. This is a landmark change to the securities industry's legal framework that officially lays the road for ONE ROQ's near and long-term growth potential through its unique business model. And as ONE ROQ demonstrates  Pandemic-proof insulation through our business model, the community should be very excited about where we are destined to go. 
  • INVESTOR PERKS: With our merchandise suppliers gradually establishing stable Covid-19 manufacturing practices,  and our second offering now live, we will be  reactivating perk disbursements this month for investors. A detailed announcement will be supplied in coming days for the  investor groups we will focus on catching up. 
  • LET'S GROW: 
    • We encourage Members to always exercise their power to drive value to their investments by Sharing the Club 
    • We are recommencing digital marketing activities in Q4 to renew Member growth and launch our direct to home holiday sales campaigns. Effective through November 30th: 
      • Prospective Members: use code Own Your Spirit for 25% off through
      • Members:  receive 35% off bottle and merchandise through the end of the month by Logging into your ORVC dashboard to retrieve your code.

Future Investments: All future investments in our offering will now process on our normal 4-6 week time schedule. 

As always, be well and stay safe.

The ONE ROQ Team


 ONE ROQ Vodka® Club

ONE ROQ Holiday Delivery & Gifting Services are just a click away 

 Go to or login to claim the latest in Member Privileges 

~~~ Members, Enjoy 35% off In November ~~~

Notice of Funds Disbursement

5 months ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, ONE ROQ Spirits has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in ONE ROQ Spirits be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


Home Delivery Launched for Wisconsin & Maine

5 months ago

We're pleased to announce the addition of two new US States to our National Home Delivery & Gifting service capabilities. Congratulations and Welcome: Wisconsin and Maine!

The recent additions of Maine and Wisconsin to our direct-to-home capabilities continues to build exciting infrastructure that expands service to Members and prospective Members while supporting our objective to build ONE ROQ into the preferred vodka for home bars across the country, through 

For Members (especially residing in No-Ship states) desiring retail placement, we will continue to queue your Carry Requests based on distribution coverage and retailer participation.  New Members: you will soon be able to submit CRs through the ORVC Member dashboard.

Congratulations to our Maine and Wisconsin Members - and Club Members at large! 

Updates on horizon: status of Offering II, Club Access, Perks, Product Launches and more. 


The ONE ROQ Team

 ONE ROQ Vodka® Club

ONE ROQ Delivery & Gifting Services are just a click away. 

Go to or login now to claim the latest in discounts and rewards.


6 months ago

Virginia Members!

For those of you wanting to enjoy a ONE ROQ cocktail at your local bar, lounge or other cocktail serving establishment, your time has finally come.

Thanks to your Carry Requests submitted in the first quarter of 2020, ONE ROQ and the Virginia ABC have officially made it possible for any cocktail-serving establishment in Virginia to order and stock ONE ROQ for you.  And we are actively working on the same arrangement for the 16 additional US Control States for our Members residing in those States. 

To take advantage of this opportunity, simply talk to your preferred bar or restaurant location(s) about bringing in ONE ROQ, and why you feel they should carry it.  You can mention things like our unique and growing membership community via, our unique Club privileges, superior taste, or of course, that you are an Owner.  Most importantly, be sure to let them know that their initial order must go to our ABC special order agent, Todd Neeter, and his contact is available on our Wholesalers by State link. 

Additional States where Members can have their local bars, restaurants or liquor stores carry ONE ROQ include:  CA, FL, NJ and GA.   Note, all Ordering contacts for retailers interested in Carrying ONE ROQ are always provided on our Wholesalers by State page.  

For questions or tips to get your local bar,  restaurant or liquor store selling ONE ROQ, contact us at 



 ONE ROQ Vodka® Club

ONE ROQ Delivery & Gifting Services are just a click away. 

Go to or login now to claim the latest in discounts and rewards.

Notice of Funds Disbursement

6 months ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, ONE ROQ Spirits has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in ONE ROQ Spirits be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


For Release - ONE ROQ Reports 3rd Consecutive Quarter of Positive Sales

6 months ago

ONE ROQ Luxury Vodka ( reports 3rd consecutive quarter of positive growth in 2020, despite Pandemic, highlighting pioneering business model in adult beverage industry

Oct 9, 2020, San Diego, CA - Today, ONE ROQ Spirits, makers of ONE ROQ Vodka (ONE, reports its 3rd positive quarter of online sales growth as it runs its first year of operations in Pandemic and industry-wide market transformation. 

“While we have not been immune to the effects of Covid-19, this unprecedented period in the beverage alcohol  market – and US retail as a whole -- has given us the opportunity to observe and validate the positive timing of ONE ROQ and its business approach," states Green, Director.   “While the stage of the company and pandemic should be kept in perspective, we are pleased to report organic community bottle sales were up 366% in the 3rd quarter compared to prior year, not including non-alcohol merchandise sales.” 

ONE ROQ credits its business model for growing sales while providing a superior vodka for the connected and financially minded consumer. It also credits the model for insulating it from becoming another start-up causality of the industry. 

“Traditional beverage company models essentially force sell a year’s worth of inventories into distributors and hope those distributors generate sales to retailers, whereas ONE ROQ’s sales are currently driven and measured directly by the end-user," states Green.  "We believe this brings a new component to the brand valuation model  that we are just beginning to see the potential of. ”   


ONE ROQ reemerged through an innovation pivot in early 2019 and is showing major promise as the industry’s first true technology-enabled, adult beverage company which is shipping to consumers in 42 US states through a network of retail fulfillment partners. The Company offers Members of the ONE ROQ brand world class privileges and digital amenities including real company equity, a 24/7 ordering a gifting concierge, monthly reading content, referral rewards, VIP invites to special events, Members-only discounts, and the potential of future financial reward on  their Membership investment. 

The Company congratulates its Members-Investors and looks forward to supporting their gifting and entertaining needs for the fast approaching Holiday season.

 ONE ROQ Vodka® Club

Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit ™ 

Follow Us On Social

6 months ago

 Follow Us On Social 

Whether an Investor or Prospective Investor, be sure to find ONE ROQ on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Linked'in  for additional updates and content from the world of ONE ROQ.  

To find us, simply search "ONE ROQ Vodka, or take our official links below:



 ONE ROQ Vodka®

Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit ™ 

Pending Investments & General Updates

6 months ago


Pending Investments & General Updates

If you are an investor in our current offering, it is important to be aware of internal activities that are causing minor delays in our investment and onboarding process. Presently, ONE ROQ is waiting for a routine audit required under Regulation CF to be completed to permit us to accept and finalize your new investments. In the interim, your investments have not yet been withdrawn from your account.


This minor delay will effect timing to begin marketing and advertising the current Offering/Club to the general public.  This means that ONE ROQ's  current Offering growth is still largely attributed to our current community of investors, their families and their friends.  And this speaks volumes of the confidence of the ONE ROQ community. 


Based on recent updates from the Team, it is currently projected that the Audit could complete in approx 2-4 weeks, which will then allow us to confirm and clear your investment, and launch our advertising activity to return to growing Membership.  While this is an estimated time of completion only, we are optimistic of the proposed schedule. 

Our Thoughts

The benefits and restrictions of Regulation CF is still an the infancy stages as a new securities law governed by the SEC. Annual financial review and audit requirements are routinely burdensome to early stage companies trying to keep momentum on their campaigns and business planning. Covid-19 has not helped the processes establish any efficiencies with regards to time and costs required to complete these requirements. However, improvements are around the corner, at least insofar as the allowable raise limits. 

For example, ONE ROQ's second offering is capped at a small $369k due to current maximum thresholds held under Regulation CF. However, it is currently anticipated that new rules will issue by the SEC that will raise the annual 12-month limit from the current $1.07M, up to $5M, with industry advocates demanding Washington ratify as early as by end of year. With that happening, ONE ROQ is extremely confident to be planning in anticipation of these new and likely limits, which will be timely in allowing us to drive sales towards 2021 expectations.


Last week the media began to confirm Covid-19 case reporting flaws,  as well as amendments to "at risk" persons guidelines, which in our opinion created hope that the US may see Covid-19 market effects begin to dissipate towards and after the conclusions of the US election.  Whether this plays out accordingly or not, however,  relevance of the US and global beverage alcohol market will continue to be defined by consumers who are now using liquor store and online solutions for a majority of their consumption needs. With regards to the latter, ONE ROQ plans to become novel and even dominate through forthcoming campaigns that are in development. 

While online continues to be a "blue ocean" of opportunity for ONE ROQ, we also continue to recognize the importance of being available at retail through local bars and restaurants requested by Members using the Carry Request tool. At the same time, we expect Covid to continue to play a major factor in retail & distributor participation. To counteract these effects, new investments are being planned into Carry Request  & distributor onboarding processes to speed and optimize the value of this platform and its strategic purpose.  Simply, the Carry Request concept is there, but the infrastructure to optimize the platform has months of building ahead.  A nation-wide distributor network, inventory to fill pipeline, new staffing, and a raise on the maximum investment limits of our offerings are part of the plan for 2021.

In the meantime, we are focused on the completion of the audit in progress so we can finalize & accept our latest investments, return to perk issuance schedules, and begin battling for (in-home) market share against industry giants for the fast approaching holiday months. 


The ONE ROQ Team

 Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit

Prospective Members, claim 25% at through Oct 1st.

Official Members: claim 35% on your next purchase by Oct 1st through the ORVC Dashboard

Already a Member?  Share The Club to Support Company Growth and Value!

Community Update: copies of this update are provided via the Members Reading Room and our Monthly Newsletter via

7 months ago

Lets Fly, Together.

A copy of this update can be found in the Member's Reading Room and through  our Monthly Newsletter via

ONE ROQ is a superior drinking vodka from America, and our brand membership platform is already redefining marketing in the adult beverage industry.  A superior taste, exclusive Club privileges, and the focus of future financial reward are the hallmarks offered to our connoisseur investors. ONE ROQ’s slogan says it all: Own Your Spirit.  And its when we embrace both sides of its meaning that our destiny will be realized. 

ONE ROQ's approach has earned important credibility in just the last year from sponsorships at top media events like ESPN’s X Games;  to cover story of the Food & Beverage industry; to rising as the No. 1 selling vodka on a top 20 online  US retailer of premium wine & spirits!  And if you are ONE ROQ Member, your initial investment is already realizing attractive growth at the earliest stage of the company’s journey.

With our working business model in place, we are proud and excited to continue building our sales, marketing partnerships, new products and Club features through Offering II.  

So, let’s raise a glass, and fly together.     


J. Garrett Green, Director & The ONE ROQ Team

Important Company Updates

Congratulations. Early-movers set the tone with $200k+ committed in in just our first few weeks. Congrats to existing Member upgrades, and welcome new Members!  

Investment Processing.  We are currently waiting for an Audit to complete in order to accept investments and  begin advertising the  offering to the Public. Current estimates from the team are 3-4 weeks but this timeline could extend. We are working everyday to speed the process to the extent we can. 

Offering Progress.  We've raised in 2 weeks what it took our first offering to raise in 3 months, and without advertising to the public. That is community strength and we believe its only going to get stronger. Note, current offering growth is currently still exclusive to the immediate community and their referrals until our audit is complete,  investments can be accepted, and we begin advertising to the public.  Lets keep momentum by continuing to share the Club with friends, families and colleagues.  

Offering Cap of $369k is currently due to our annual raise maximum set by the  SEC.  It is anticipated a new Reg CF $5M annual raise maximum could be approved by SEC by the end of the 1st quarter.  When it does, ONE ROQ plans to increase its offering maximum accordingly to increase its sales and marketing activity. 

ORVC Carry Request fulfillment in distributed markets remains delayed from recovering retail sector but expected to resume Q1, 2021.

Community Initiatives: we’re getting our home bars and gifting ideas ready for a ONE ROQ Holiday Season! Growing online sales via, new products and holiday campaigning will lead Company and Member growth in the 4th quarter. 

New Launches 

  • ONE ROQ launches public facing Gift store on home page, allowing the public and Prospective Members to purchase and outfit themselves with select ONE ROQ lifestyle apparel and gifts. The decision was made to expand ONE ROQ's advertising and merchandise sales. Extended catalog items remains exclusive to Members at up to 40% discount. 
  • ONE ROQ partners with boutique Cocktail Mixer brand, Fever Tree, to offer premium cocktail mixers  to its current product offerings as a convenient "add-on" to its budding direct to home business for Members.

Key Marketing Partnerships set to highlight exciting 2021/2022 outlook. Details expected in upcoming community webinar.

 Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit

Invest to Join The Club or Upgrade Your Membership, Today.

Members and Non-Members, claim 25-35% on your next bottle purchase, only at 

Milestone! 50% Funding Goal Reached in 1st Week!

8 months ago

ONE ROQ Hits 50% of Funding Goal, In Its First Week. 

ONE ROQ has raised over 500 new investments in 1 week, driving us over 50% of the funding goal. We want to congratulate the early-movers from our existing community, and welcome our first-time investors to the Club, and journey!  Investors: please plan for 4-6 weeks to receive your Investment Confirmation email from Start Engine, which you will need to confirm to prompt your official Member onboarding to The ORVC


The ONE ROQ Team

 Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit

Members & Prospective Members:  Get 30% off through the end of Aug, only at

Announcing 7 Days For 5% Bonus Rewards

8 months ago

 5% Bonus Rewards

Announcing 7-day countdown for 5% in bonus rewards 

This will be the last of our Exclusive Offerings For Members, Friends and Family Before we Begin Advertising to Public

The early momentum continues with $150,000+ committed from 400+ Existing and New Member-Investors in less than 1 week! We'd like to take the time to welcome our new investors to the journey.   

If you haven't already, we recommend inviting friends, family or colleagues to join in.  Inviting others to join not only helps us reach our financing goal, but it is also a great way for Members to ensure Brand and Company value continues to rise!

To invest for the first time, or upgrade your stake as an existing Investor, simply click "invest now."


The ONE ROQ Team 


ONE ROQ Vodka 

Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit

Claim 30% off your next purchase of ONE ROQ at

Over $150,000 from 400 New Investors in 4 Days !? ONE ROQ is On Fire.

8 months ago

Now Offering 10% In Bonus Rewards  For Next 3 Days

Exclusive Early Investment Offer Continues For Members, Friends and Family Before we Begin Advertising to Public

The Online alcohol market is booming and we believe ONE ROQ's business model is positioned for attractive growth. We've now raised over $150,000 from 400 New Investors in just our first 4 days to continue our epic journey.  If you haven't already, now is the time to invite your closest  friends and family to join our burgeoning brand.  To invest for the first time, or upgrade your stake as an existing Investor, simply click "invest now." Lets rise!


The ONE ROQ Team 


ONE ROQ Vodka 

Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit

Claim 30% off your next purchase of ONE ROQ at

Less Than 1-Day Left For 15% Bonus Rewards

8 months ago

15% Bonus Reminder

 Less than 1 day to claim 15% in bonus rewards

An Exclusive Offering For Members, Friends and Family Before we Begin Advertising to Public

We've raised over $100,000 from 250 New Investors in just our first 2 days!  If you haven't already, now is the time to invite your closest  friends and family to join our burgeoning brand.  To invest for the first time, or upgrade your stake as an existing Investor, simply click "invest now." Lets rise.


The ONE ROQ Team 


ONE ROQ Vodka 

Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit

Claim 30% off your next purchase of ONE ROQ at

100+ New Investors and $83k+ Raised in Just the First 24 Hours of Launch!

8 months ago

ONE ROQ Vodka Announces Its Second Offering To Expand Innovative Business Model and Company Sales. Early Investors Receive Bonus Rewards Through Aug 31. 

San Diego, CA. Aug 19, 2020 - Yesterday, ONE ROQ Spirits, makers of ONE ROQ American luxury vodka, announced its 2nd SEC registered Public Offering to continue to expand its category pioneering Lifestyle and Membership platform,  Early investors are invited to take advantage of bonus rewards being offered through Aug 31.

"We just reopened the Club for Membership and are elated by the support  of the community in just the first 24 hours,"  states Garrett Green, Founder.

The global beverage alcohol market is valued at over 300B, with Vodka presenting 30% of spirits market consumption, making it the drink of choice by hard alcohol consumers.  Despite Covid-19, industry acquisitions continue to highlight attractive exit values. Just this week, Ryan Reynolds’s Aviation Gin was acquired for $610M by Diageo, the world’s largest spirits producer. 

“These acquisitions typically benefit very small groups of wealthy investors backing them, while the consumers who buy and build the brand receive nothing,” states Green. “ONE ROQ is recognizing the full value of the end-user and inviting them in to enjoy an epic journey of privilege and reward."

In recent months, Covid-19 bar and restaurant shutdowns and shelter in place mandates have caused online alcohol to surge, an opportunity, the Company states, "to introduce ONE ROQ’s experience to more and more vodka drinkers."

The Company plans to use proceeds from the new offering to grow its community of members,  increase sales, commence new partnerships, and introduce exciting marketing initiatives that will continue to drive company value for investors and position the company for future success.

About ONE ROQ 

ONE ROQ Spirits is the maker of ONE ROQ Vodka and, a next-generation adult beverage brand, concierge, and membership community leveraging technology, law, and brand strategy to build the next success story within the 300+ billion global distilled spirits market.  In 2020, earned the cover of Food & Beverage Magazine, won 95pts for taste from the Food & Beverage network, launched 7 initial Member events, and became the No.1 Selling vodka on

ONE ROQ Vodka is distilled from mid-western American Corn and purified water blend sourced from the Colorado Rockies using continuous column distillation.  The ONE ROQ Vodka recipe is Certified gluten, sulfite, sodium and GMO free, Kosher, Vegan, and 100% American-made.

The ONE ROQ brand promotes the importance of ownership of ones beliefs, actions and of course, drink of choice.  


Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit.

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