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Green-tech nano-ceramic coatings for sustainable infrastructure


Our green-tech nano-ceramic coatings for concrete and steel stops corrosion, creating extreme durability and lifespan for our infrastructure. This revolutionary advance in surface protection is necessary to preserve infrastructure from decay, lower lifecycle costs and lessen environmental impacts.
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Zirconia Inc.


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Positioned to disrupt the $2.8 trillion annual steel and concrete corrosion market.

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Ceramic coating that cures at room temperature, no kiln needed, applied like standard paints.

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A "green infrastructure" solution for climate change resilience.


Our Technology Permanently Protects Steel and Concrete Infrastructure

Zirconia solves critical problems in water and food infrastructure globally, using the unique nature of our green-tech nano-ceramic coatings which repair, strengthen and preserve concrete and steel infrastructure.

Our revolutionary technology can make infrastructure made of concrete and steel virtually immortal.  

We have invented a ceramic coating that reacts with the surface of concrete and steel, encapsulating them in an ultra-durable, inert surface, all at room temperature. 

The Zirconia Difference


America's Drinking Water Infrastructure is Failing

The USA wastes 15.4% of purified water through cracked and deteriorated water pipes and reservoirs, enough water to supply 60 million homes daily. Water infrastructure suffers from long-term neglect and a lack of investment in long-term solutions. And, until now, no durable solutions have been available.

Concrete is used throughout the water holding and transport systems, but it is chemically unstable and very porous. Like a sponge, it absorbs contaminants, then cracks, corrodes, and dissolves.

This problem is made worse by the chlorine used to sanitize our drinking water. Chlorine dissolves concrete and corrodes steel reinforcement, slowly destroying the water pipes and storage tanks. 

Worse yet, this porosity absorbs food and water and creates habitat for bacteria and other unwanted microbial life. The ceilings and floors at our food producers are filled with bacteria and mold, which too often ends up in our food.


Our Technology Strengthens, Protects, and Preserves Concrete with our Innovative, Patented Industrial Ceramic Coating 

Zirconia’s Ceramic Surface Treatment consists of a water-based ceramic “paint” (a patented mix of alumina and zirconia silicates) to renew, strengthen, and preserve concrete by eliminating inherent weaknesses and by stabilizing the surface. 

Our Ceramic Surface Treatment forms a barrier layer that eliminates all surface porosity and chemically stabilizes the concrete. Chemical instability and porosity are the root causes of concrete asset failure. Our technology eliminates these failure pathways, giving the concrete an indefinite lifespan.  

The resulting ceramic surface is not affected by environmental weathering and is immune to ultraviolet light, salts, and microbial decay. 

Zirconia’s elimination of porosity (microbial habitat), along with the natural antimicrobial characteristics of our coating, means reductions of harmful bacteria in our food and water supply. 

This is the critical solution Food and Water infrastructure need to preserve public health.

To start, Zirconia is focusing on the following applications in the US and UK:

  • Water infrastructure for fresh water including concrete pipe and large municipal tank applications
  • Stormwater, and sanitary sewer applications
  • Floor, wall, and ceiling coating for food manufacturing and food storage
  • Floor, wall, and ceiling coating for animal husbandry and animal processing 


A Revolutionary Product Applicable Across Multiple Massive Markets

Zirconia addresses the global $2.8 trillion-dollar concrete and steel corrosion problem, with the first coating system that solves corrosion.

Our technology has direct applications in the $1.8 billion food manufacturing and protein market, the $3.5 billion commercial construction market, and the $14 billion infrastructure market.  

Total Addressable Market (TAM)

Current technology is failing us...

Our competition is low functioning, engineered-to-fail technology (epoxy, polyurethane) that was invented in the 1950s and has not substantially improved since. 

Organic coatings such as epoxy and polyurethane cannot permanently treat inorganic surfaces like concrete and steel. They only stick temporarily, then peel off, leaving the concrete more vulnerable than before. This allows infrastructure to decay to the point of collapse, causing the loss of our freshwater resource, and allowing our food supply to be infected with pathogens.

As far as we know, we are the only company to develop an inorganic coating to protect an inorganic surface, giving us a monopoly on our Ceramic Surface Treatment technology.  


Patented Technology and Enthusiastic Adoption

Our Ceramic Surface Treatment for concrete (CeramycGuard) and steel (GeoPrimer) were finalized in late 2018. Our scientific breakthrough is patented, and we have three patents pending for new products for additional markets that build on the first patent, which were filed in May 2020.  

Sales began in early 2019 with small proof of concept projects. Several of these opportunities have now resulted in repeat business.

By 2021 we have landed major opportunities like Tyson Foods, the largest poultry producer in the USA, and Stantec, the world’s 3rd largest water infrastructure engineering firm.

In January 2020, Zirconia’s Ceramic Surface Treatment (CST) technology became part of the global Platinum Brooding Standard for raising broiler chickens without antibiotics or hormones.

In March 2020, Zirconia was selected as the concrete restoration technology winner of the Yorkshire Water District’s Asset Management Plan. 

As of May 2021, Zirconia has successfully passed the first phase of laboratory testing for WRAS Approval (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme Ltd, UK), for use in freshwater systems. We are now approved for water fittings and applications in drinking water plumbing in the UK. 

Currently we are moving to the second and final phase of review by the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) for freshwater infrastructure. 


Building Better Infrastructure for a Sustainable Future

Our goal is to make our technology available to people around the world for water and food infrastructure in both new construction and renovation markets.

We also have a pipeline of new patent-pending, eco-friendly coating products that we will be strategically introducing to new markets, including:


1. CoolColors solar reflective Ceramic Surface Treatment, which cools buildings reducing the need for electricity from burning fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


2. GeoPrimer Ceramic Surface Treatment for steel that solves corrosion. This technology strengthens, protects, and preserves bridges and heavy infrastructure.


3. GalvaGlass Ceramic Surface Treatment coatings for galvanized steel that solves corrosion. This technology strengthens, protects, and preserves electric grid infrastructure.

We will continue to develop other related new technologies for infrastructure that lead to reduced pollution, lowered greenhouse gas emissions and increased climate change resilience.


We will revolutionize a $2.8 trillion market with our monopoly of ceramic surface treatments, which creates a new healthier standard for food and water infrastructure. 

Climate Impact

Zirconia's Ceramic Surface Treatments extend the lifespan of concrete and steel infrastructure significantly, reducing the need to remanufacture and remake concrete and steel structures, which cumulatively emit 18% of global climate change gases.


By preserving infrastructure, we are converting existing fragile, short-lived, run-to-failure infrastructure into durable, long-lived, Green Infrastructure that has a much lower impact on our environment.  In general, our technologies improve durability and functionality, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution, making infrastructure more sustainable.

Why does "Green Infrastructure" matter? Because, we are preserving more than concrete, we are preserving our limited natural resources, the environment, and our health.  

Help us strengthen, protect and preserve the world’s infrastructure by making our green technology the standard for concrete coatings. 


4611 S 134th Pl, STE 240
Tukwila, WA 98168

Our green-tech nano-ceramic coatings for concrete and steel stops corrosion, creating extreme durability and lifespan for our infrastructure. This revolutionary advance in surface protection is necessary to preserve infrastructure from decay, lower lifecycle costs and lessen environmental impacts.


Benjamin T. Cook
Benjamin T. Cook
Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman

Benjamin is a serial entrepreneur with exit experience and an angel investor who focuses on breakthrough technologies that positively impact global sustainability. As a senior business executive, Benjamin has been developing businesses for 30 years. His businesses have included environmental labs, environmental consultancies, import of green building materials, and development of green chemistry for large-scale infrastructure applications. He last founded GeoTree Technologies Inc., a green-tech infrastructure repair firm which was sold to Milliken. Benjamin has worked on various boards of directors, including currently as the Board Secretary at Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies, an agriculture technology firm. Additionally, Benjamin has experience in marketing and sales, product development, and strategic thinking, as well as a deep knowledge of construction and agricultural, Zirconia’s main markets.

Balamuralee V. Balaguru
Balamuralee V. Balaguru
Chief Technology Officer

Muralee is an engineer and businessman, working on product and business developments at Zirconia. Muralee has a dual degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Michigan, and a JD from Miami School of Law, focused on Intellectual Property. This unique combination of engineering and legal experience has led to the successful patent for Zirconia’s technology, and also the extraordinary engineering of new product designs and high-level of experimentation that has made Zirconia’s technology market ready. Muralee’s experience at Parsons Brinkerhoff on bridge design and inspection of structures gives Zirconia significant insights into real world structural and corrosion issues.

Michael Riley

Michael Riley

Board Director

Mike is a materials scientist and serial senior executive of geopolymer ceramics firms. He has extensive experience commercializing material technology in infrastructure and military markets. He is currently the CTO of S3 Surface Barrier Solutions, which focuses on creating novel materials for sustainable infrastructure, and green building. He holds an M.S. in Material Science and Engineering from John Hopkins University.

Thomas Miesner

Thomas Miesner

Board Director

Tom was the President of Conoco Pipeline, prior to the merger with Phillips, and has managed contractors and businesses for over 25 years. Tom’s high-level management, communication, and negotiation skills have been much appreciated. He has been helping us with fund raising, as well as assisting us with core board functions as an active advisor.

William Boone

William Boone

Board Director

Former President of Rodda Paint, Bill has managed sales teams for 30 years and understand the intricacies of the construction market. Bill is a serial executive with M&A experience. He is assisting us with sales team organization and execution, and has assisted us with accessing independent sales representatives in Washington and Oregon.


Zirconia Inc.
Nov 1, 2022
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Last Chance to Invest! Zirconia Campaign Ends at 11:59 PM Tonight!

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Thanks to everyone that invested in Zirconia’s anti-corrosion nano-ceramic coating technology for more sustainable infrastructure!


For those that may wish to invest, but have not yet done so, I wanted to let you know that this is the last chance to invest in Zirconia’s Campaign.  


Just a few hours left.


Don’t miss out!


Last Day to Invest!!!

Zirconia’s crowdfund is wrapping up!


Now is the last chance to invest in Zirconia Inc.’s crowdfunding campaign before it closes.  Don’t miss out!


For all of you who have invested, we are grateful for your support and look forward to big things ahead! 


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Thanks to everyday investors like you we've been able to position our startup for success!




4 Reasons To Invest - Only 2 Days Left!!!

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Reasons to Invest: Intellectual Property, Market Size, Environment & Business Model


Zirconia is a green technology startup with a great deal of intellectual property for such an early-stage company.


Intellectual Property:  We have an issued patent which covers our anti-corrosion coating technology CeramycGuard and its usage on concrete and steel surfaces, which is good till 2031.  And we have an additional three filed patents.  Improvements to our existing anti-corrosion coating technology are divided in these patents for use over concrete, steel, and galvanized steel.   Our CoolColors coating technology, for reflecting heat and light, is also covered in these filed patents.


Market size: This amazing, patented coating technology addresses the 2.8 trillion-dollar concrete and steel corrosion market.  


Environment: For every project, Zirconia’s nano-ceramic coating technology has positive effects on climate and the environment by increasing asset durability and reducing CO2 emissions.


Business Model:  We are working through independent sales agents and distributors that have direct access into markets which they service.  This model has the lowest cost, and highest profitability.  Our current markets focus is on the following market sectors:


  • Floor coatings due to Zirconia coating’s extreme durability and non-slip features
  • Water, vapor, and air barrier coatings for cement block walls and concrete vertical walls
  • Concrete wastewater infrastructure 
  • Concrete salt corrosion on industrial infrastructure


I am particularly excited about this opportunity in the Middle East dealing with salt corrosion on industrial infrastructure because of its large scale and the fact that we have access to big players that own and operated massive infrastructure in 5 countries on the Saudi Arabian Peninsula.  


We welcome new investors who are interesting in making concrete and steel infrastructure more durable, and more sustainable.  Of course, our lives and lifestyles are tied to the quality of our infrastructure, so by saving infrastructure from corrosion, we are preserving our own future.  


2 Days remaining. Don’t miss out!


Zirconia’s Green Coatings for Green Energy ( Only Three Days Left!!! )

One of Zirconia's leading investors, Adam S., shared with me his idea that our technology could be used to good effect for concrete floats and anchors used in massive offshore deep water wind farms.  The size of the wind turbine sructures is going up, and so is the need for truly massive supporting structures that float and are tethered to the ocean floor via cable. 


The increased wind energy in the open ocean promises more sustainable energy, which is great.  Building durable structures in a storm-prone, corrosive environment like the North Sea is, however, is a big challenge.  So, folks are being creative with floating systems and anchor weights of various design.  All using concrete in some form.  


After reviewing several of the designs, I have reached out to two companies that are manufacturing floats and anchors to recommend our nano-ceramic coating technology.  I share these companies in the images and links below: 


3D-printed concrete suction pile anchor for connecting floating wind turbines to the seabed via mooring lines. (RCAM Tech.) 


(1) RCAM Technologies makes 3D printed floats and anchors, and other novel technologies.  3-D printing will expand as both the printing technology and the concrete chemistry gets better.  Zirconia’s coating technology is ideal for expanding the lifespan and functionality of their different inventions. 



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TRIWIND Platform, Powered by Beridi


(2) TRIWIND is another company that makes a novel design for floating surface platforms used in deep water.  Again, our coating technology would enhance both performance, durability, and worker safety (non-slip).



Great to see brave entrepreneurs with new ideas pushing materials science and design in the direction of sustainable energy.  Zirconia is perfectly positioned to improve the performance and long term durability of these structures.


Also, it’s always great to get good ideas from our investors.  We are trying to change the world and working cooperatively with our investor community is more effective and more fun.  Please keep good ideas coming our way!  – Benjamin, CEO


Only 3 days remaining in our crowdfunding campaign!





Mile High View ( Only 4 Days Remaining!!! )

Zirconia is wrapping up its fundraising campaign on StartEngine October 31st.  We want to thank our investor community for their incredible support!  We now have 569 investment community members, and growing!


I wanted to share some summarizing ideas on making infrastructure last longer, and where Zirconia's technology fits into this mix of ideas.


Our infrastructure “system” is broken.  In my experience with government entities in charge of infrastructure, I have heard a lot of excuses, but not a lot of good long-term strategic planning.


For one thing, the US infrastructure system does not have clear metrics, which makes competing interest confusing, consider:


  1. All of our bridges, dams, water treatment facilities and other key infrastructure elements are basically permanent.  So, there is no good reason to invest in old short-lived technology and a lowest-cost-bid strategy.  All assets need to last for 100 years minimum, or longer.  Sound rational?


  1. Except...our municipalities are trying to stretch limited dollars, and make lots of construction and renovation happen with limited resources.   Sounds rational?


Ugh.  We are reacting rather than leading on technology goals and metrics.


(1) We need a clear financial guide in the form of Life Cycle Analysis to guide us in decision making.  At least for infrastructure elements of a certain value, say > $1 MM.  I was told recently by at top official in Washington State in charge of transportation infrastructure, that, “We don’t look at lifecycle costs yet, we are not that evolved”.  Yet? Really? 


Basically, we don't know the actual cost of the bridge, including maintenance over a 100-year lifespan.   Some bridges cost nearly as much to deal with a single 20-year painting and corrosion repair cycle as they did to build.  So, bad decision to build this type of structure in the first place! Environmental impact? Currently, our spending does not equate to long-term value.


(2) We need to better understand material science and make key pieces of infrastructure with improved materials that have both longer lifespans, and which can be renovated easily (e.g., Zirconia's nano-ceramic coatings).


(3) We need to build elements of structures with more Lego-like, prefabricated elements that can be mass produced, and replaced in sections, with greater ease and less expense than old ways of renovation.


(4) We need to factor in future stresses like climate change into 100-year infrastructure plans, where resources like fresh water may have more value in our decision making and goal setting.


Zirconia’s advanced nano-ceramic coating technologies allow future generations to make infrastructure virtually immortal, allowing for low initial lifecycle cost. AND, Zirconia's technology can help adapt maintenance practices to allow for early repair and preservation of key assets in a more long-term durable manner, reducing the cost of long-term asset ownership.


Every piece of infrastructure made of concrete and steel can last 100 years or longer!  And, if it does not, we will be pumping enormous volumes of CO2 into the air, in order to manufacture and replace concrete and steel components, increasing climate change pressures.  Nobody wants this future!


Zirconia's nano-ceramic coatings make long-lasting greener infrastructure and a greener environment possible for our children and future generations.


Help us grow this company and get more salespeople selling, and more engineers and architects trialing this technology!




Only 5 Days Left to Invest !!!

Inventing Tomorrow at Zirconia


At Zirconia, our visionary team believes that the world's infrastructure is in bad shape, and some amazing green chemistry can make a big difference for these reasons:


  • We are solving a 3-Trillion-dollar annual corrosion market 


  • We are improving the durability and lifespan of infrastructure


  • We are lowering the ownership cost, and lowering the externalized environmental impacts of infrastructure, at the same time


  • We are creating green jobs and inspiring a new, greener economy


  • We are fighting climate change, creating new coating technologies that allow the entire planet to thrive and still maintain infrastructure services at scale


We can do this great work because of our investors who believe in making their dollars work for a future defined by green technology and a broader set of environmental and social sustainability goals.


Zirconia continues to push the boundaries of green chemistry and solve root cause problems that undermined infrastructure durability.  


We are restoring, protecting, and preserving the future of our infrastructure and our planet.


Our campaign ends in just 5 days. Don’t miss out!




New Amazing Technology for an Old Problem


Biogenic corrosion in Sewer & wastewater treatment plants – solved by Sika  MonoTop®-4400 MIC


We are working on a new technology for water recycling, and sanitary sewer systems.  It solves a multibillion-dollar problem.  A short explainer below:


There is a severe problem with our water and sewage treatment systems that has never been solved.  The issue is with "Microbially Induced Corrosion".  Never heard of it?  You are not alone.


Water treatment and sanitary sewer systems have severe problems with a specific type of concrete corrosion, called “Microbially Induced Corrosion” or MIC, which is caused by bacteria. Very special bacteria called "acidophile" bacteria can produce sulfuric acid from consuming hydrogen sulfide gas (the rotten egg smell in sewage pipes).  These clever bacteria create a habitat surrounding them at a pH less than 1 (very acidic), inhibiting the growth of other competing bacteria, which cannot grow below a pH of 1.  This type of "competitive inhibition" is common in the microbiological world.  


The problem here, is that concrete does not survive at a pH of 1.  It dissolves completely.


So, now there is a hole where you don't want one.  In this case, at the top of the entire length of the sewer pipe, where the hydrogen sulfide gas was floating just before it got eaten…and, just before the pipe dissolves, and collapses (under the road or bridge?).  If this was not bad enough, the bacterial also pump out enough sulfuric acid to dissolve the massive concrete bunkers where large sewer lines join as they enter the main line at the sewage plant.  Bacteria can dissolve 10 inches of concrete per year of concrete bunker.  Its really quite impressive, and disturbing at the same time.


And, curiously, these acidophile bacterial are super sensitive to their environment.  We can't grow them in laboratories very well.  We need to create the “ideal” environment for them to grow.  Our sewer system. Ironic?  What if we could change their habitat so that it was not ideal? 


The problem is not necessarily the sewage or the H2S gas, it is the "habitat" created by the concrete itself.  Concrete has porosity that provides space to grow, captures H2S gas, food stuffs, and humidity (water), which in sum creates "habitat" for acidophile bacterial to grow and create a biofilm within which the bacterial proliferate.  You can think of biofilm like bacterial blue jeans.  Biofilms are made of chemistry similar to cotton cellulose, which is really tough, just like your blue jeans. It is tougher than the concrete, which leads to the unfortunate result of being impossible to clean or wash away.


Zirconia is working to make a new coating system that eliminates any bacterial habitat in concrete.  This new type of polyurea two-part coating system will chemically bond into the CeramycGuard nano-ceramic coating, which is bonded into the concrete, forming a durable composite coating system. This coating system will have no grow-space or porosity for capturing H2S gas or food stuffs and creating habitat.  It will be basically immune to sulfuric acid.  It will also be chemically bonded to the concrete, which has not been possible previously, and has been the reason other coating systems failed.  Bacterial will not be able to grow well, and H2S gas can simply dissipate into the air, or be captured, without causing MIC. 


We will begin experiments next month.  This technology will allow for water and sewer treatment systems to function without the persistent destructive presence of MIC.  And, it will stop sewage spills into municipal rivers and lakes, some of which are used for drinking water.


We feel this will be a game changer and will lead to the next level of resilience in water infrastructure.  This is also good timing as the American west recycles more and more water to fight climate-change-induced drought.


Just a few days left now of Zirconia’s campaign.  Don’t miss out!




Delay? Only 6 Days Left of Zirconia's Campaign

Delaying maintenance in highly salt-corrosive areas?  Bad Idea.  But, it happens regularly…

We have heard it all before…


“Just wait a little longer…”

“No time now…”

“We have other priorities at the moment…”


Oops…no more concrete, corroding rebar and questions about structural integrity…



Bad maintenance is good for boosting market demand for Zirconia’s Ceramic Surface Treatment coating technologies.  And, well, “delay till you pay” seems quite a common maintenance practice.

The massive cooling towers we are currently planning to repair are 75m tall (246 ft), 127 m (416 ft) in diameter at the bottom, and 72m (236 ft.) in diameter at the top.  The concrete is experiencing salt corrosion over its entire surface, inside and out…old organic coatings have failed, and remain cracked and deteriorating at the surface.  Of course, they were never meant for this challenge.

What is a Cooling Tower Water Treatment? - Sensorex



There is a cost to operations that cannot be recovered once a tipping point has been reached when it comes to salt corrosion in concrete.  Repair and maintenance costs become extraordinary, and massive intrusive repair is required to preserve the asset.


“Catch it early. Fix the problem before it gets bigger?”  Heard this from you dad right?


To be fair, previous engineering folks did not have Zirconia’s nano-ceramic coating technology, so there was no way to seal concrete surfaces against the forces of salts and weathering.  Now there is.  Zirconia’s alumina-zirconia-silicate coatings and related technologies create durable solutions for fixing salt corrosion problems permanently.


We are growing to meet the scale of this challenge and change the way salt corrosion repair is performed in the oil processing and chemical manufacturing sectors in the Middle East.  And, we are looking to be the global standard for concrete salt corrosion coating and repair technology, generally.  


The market is massive, and I believe we can own it with Zirconia’s nano-ceramic coating technology.


There are just 6 more days to join the campaign before it ends.  













Amazing Tech, assisting the human race for nearly 5,000 years...

Zirconia's geopolymer nano-ceramic coatings are truly amazing technology!  They have the ability to preserve most of this planet’s infrastructure made of concrete and steel, stopping corrosion, and protecting our way of life and our environment in the process.


This geopolymer chemistry has been assisting the human race for nearly 5,000 years!


Zirconia's geopolymer coating technology, like many scientific discoveries, is a vast improvement over past versions of geopolymer science (cement mortars).  But, we stand on the shoulders of giants, as the saying goes...Truly, this technology formed the foundation of both the ancient and the modern civilized world.


A statue of a person

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Roman Cements are famous for their long lifespan and durability...but the story of geopolymer cement mortars goes back further in time, to 2700 BC, to the priest Imhotep (image above) before the great Pyramids of Egypt were built.


Imhotep ( meaning "he who comes in peace") was one of the original inventors of geopolymer science. The great pyramids of Egypt, which are made with blocks of his geopolymer chemistry, are imbedded into our collective human memory as extraordinary achievements in architecture and human endeavor.




And, yes the "Mummy" movies abducted his name for their main nemesis. However, Hollywood’s fake Imhotep is not nearly as interesting as the real one.  Consider, Imhotep was an engineer, a physician, a politician, astronomer, and a priest. He designed not only the materials science, but the construction methodology for the world's first pyramid (Step Pyramid of Saqqara) and the architectural design, which would be improved to build later pyramids.  He then left designs for temples that would be built generations after his death.  Curiously, he was mostly noted for his work in medicine.   A true "Renaissance Man" long before the Renaissance, and one of the first recorded genius minds in human history.


The Romans took his chemistry and continued to improve it.  The cisterns, baths, ports, aqueducts, Colosseum, Pantheon, and other critically important infrastructure were all built with geopolymer technology. Geopolymers have a durable dense, acid-buffering, and flexible nature, so they last a long time in the environment.  This made them excellent for Roman water infrastructure (aqueducts), which allowed large scale cities and civilization to get started.  The Pantheon is almost 2000 years old, and still standing - a testament to the durability of this technology.


FYI - no portland cement structure is even close to this age.  Worthy of note, hydrated concrete (portland cement) was only invented in the 1824 AD, so geopolymer types of concrete mortal have been around a great deal longer, creating works of infrastructure, art, and architecture.


Zirconia's technology is powered by nano- and micro-scale ceramic particles that Egypt's Imhotep and ancient Roman engineers could not imagine, but the basic chemistry behaves similarly.  (Zirconia has made the first geopolymer coating, however, which is something quite special !)


Certainly, the potential of Zirconia's geopolymer coating to impact the modern world is no less dramatic than ancient geopolymer mortars in their respective time in history.  


We would like to make note, with awe and reverence, that of that an African scientist, doctor philosopher and priest, invented our field of science 5,000 years ago in Egypt (27th century BCE).   Amazing. (FYI, Imhotep makes for a very interesting google search.)


Zirconia's geopolymer coating technology is early in its journey to preserve global infrastructure made of concrete and steel in the 21st century.   Help us with this mission by becoming and investor today.


Only 10 days left!





So beautiful at night from a distance...like a massive, gilded halo

Cooling seawater


Light reflects off a massive cloud of steam like a halo over this oil and chemical processing plant in Kuwait.   This is what lit ocean salt-water cooling towers look like at nighttime.  


The cool ocean waters are pumped up to the top of these huge concrete cooling towers, then they drain down the interior walls as large fans blow upward cooling the water. This chilled water then cycles back into the factory to cool the chemical processing equipment.  


During the day, however, the concrete's salt corrosion, spalling and rusting rebar are painfully apparent (image below).  Ocean saltwater cooling towers are used for cooling the oil processing and chemical manufacturing that the world relies on for gasoline, lubricants, chemicals, plastics, fertilizer...the list goes on.  BUT...Salty ocean water is a relentless destroyer of concrete and steel.


Concrete deterioration at upper section of the cooling tower for Unit #3 in 2010, including removed concrete from “de-spalling” efforts.


Chemical refining requires cooling various chemical processes to keep them from reaching explosive temperatures.  Also, keep in mind the outdoor temperature can reach 140ºF in this region, which only adds to the need for cooling.  Bottom line, cooling is critical to success.


Lucky for us, there are many hundreds of these huge corroding concrete towers that are aging and in need of repair, before they lose structural integrity. Zirconia's CeramycGuard coating is immune to ocean water salts, heat, UV, and sand erosion.  Zirconia's inorganic ceramic polymer can also flex with the thermal expansion and contraction of the concrete during the hot summer months.  So, in short, this corroding concrete represents a potential for tens of millions of dollars in sales.  Keep in mind we can coat these structures inside and out, which equates to literally millions of square feet that need our nano-ceramic coating! 


Our recently signed middle east distribution contract is truly a company-making opportunity!  And, our investor community has helped us secure this opportunity, for which we are sincerely grateful! 🙏🏻


There are only 11 days remaining!  If you would like to be part of our mission, please join our investor community, and share in the value of this opportunity!  Time is running out...



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